Robotic Process Automation with Python Tutorial | Learn to Write Python Script Command in RPA
RPA with Python Tutorial ACTE

Robotic Process Automation with Python Tutorial | Learn to Write Python Script Command in RPA

Last updated on 25th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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Jahir Usain is the python developer with 4+ years of experience in Python, NLP, NLTK, IBM Watson Assistant. His articles help the learners to get insights about the Domain.

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    • Introduction to RPA with Python
    • What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
    • Why RPA??
    • History of RPA with Python
    • RPA Component
    • Advantages of RPA with Python
    • 3 Ways to do RPA with Python
    • Pyautogui
    • Pywinauto
    • Strong Features
    • Mechanical Process Automation Tools – At a Glance
    • RPA Tools: Feature Spotlights
    • Profession Scope
    • RPA instruments incorporate
    • Specialized Responsibilities
    • Prerequisites
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to RPA with Python:

      RPA Framework is an assortment of open-source libraries and apparatuses for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and it is intended to be utilized with both Robot Framework and Python. The objective is to offer very much archived and effectively kept up with center libraries for Software Robot Developers. Study RPA at Robocorp Documentation.

      The venture is:

    • 100 percent Open Source
    • Supported by Robocop
    • Streamlined for Robocorp Control Room and Developer Tools
    • Tolerating outer commitments

    • What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

    • The RPA means “Mechanical Process Automation.” It upholds a few manual and dreary undertakings to mechanize like people. We can say that “RPA is a course of creation and preparing of programming bot (computerized programs) to mechanize the business interaction.”

    • “The RPA is the innovation which permits anybody to arrange the PC programming or robot for copying and incorporating the activities of people to interface inside the advanced frameworks to carry out or execute the business cycle.”

    • RPA is the advanced labor force. It connects with the PC framework is equivalent to the human dose. It mechanizes redundant and dreary assignments. Mechanical Process Automation is the arrangement of orders which are executed by the computerized programs under a few characterized sets of business rules.

    • The basic role of RPA is to supplant redundantly and drill administrative assignments into the virtual labor force by robots or machines. We train the bots (computerized programs) on how to treat let them accomplish the work.

      Mechanical: The Robotic signifies “a substance which can be a program to imitate human activities.” The unit or element which is equipped for being modified by the PC for doing the intricate errands is known as a robot.

      Process: Process is the grouping of steps that prompts significant action or assignment.

      Computerization: when any assignment happens consequently without human intercession, it is known as mechanization.

      Why RPA?

    • RPA isn’t essential for an association’s IT foundation. All things considered, it has a place with the highest point of the entire association’s IT framework. In an IT climate, a large portion of the business processes is not brilliant and canny. A significant number of them are subject to different IT frameworks, which seldom cooperate. Such sorts of errands are dull, tedious, and work escalated for individuals. With Robotic Process Automation, it takes huge IT change plans and execution interaction to computerize those kinds of dull, tedious, and rule-based assignments all the more rapidly, precisely, and indefatigably, contrasted with an individual.

    • RPA innovation utilizes bots that collaborate with web applications, sites, dominate worksheets, and messages to computerize the assignments very much like a human. RPA is presently the most productive mechanization arrangement, and it assists individuals with zeroing in on those assignments which require the capacity to appreciate people at their core, thinking judgment, and communications with the clients, rather than simply doing monotonous undertakings.

    • History of RPA with Python:

    • The Robotic Process mechanization is utilized in both IT and Non-IT enterprises. These days, each association have a dull, exhausting, drawn-out task in this way, RPA is important to kill these sorts of assignment by making the computerization of errands. It makes a quick development of the business processes.

    • The AI was the initial move towards the making of Robotic Process Automation. In 1959, it was created by “Arthur Samuel.” He was working in IBM in the field of man-made brainpower. During the 1960s, Natural Language Processing was created, which is consolidated computerized reasoning with the collaborations among PCs and people.

    • In the mid-1990s, Artificial Intelligence was taken over by numerous businesses, particularly for assembling organizations. However, its execution inside the monetary area has abruptly diminished in light of its expenses and execution issues.

    • This was when Natural Language Processing came into the IT ventures. The basic role of NLP (Natural Language Process) was to assist the PC with comprehension and interaction with the human language all the more precisely. Machine Learning and Natural Language handling both should be visible in Robotic Process Automation.

    • RPA Component:

    • The parts of RPA have together formed a stage, which can robotize any redundant errand. Mechanical Process robotization is gainful for the reusability inside the frameworks, work on changes, and so forth
    • It has zeroed in on the business rules with practically no compelling reason to make the connections. The RPA is likewise advantageous to the objective application joining, which can be changed without the danger of changing business rules.

    • There are a few essential parts of RPA which are given underneath:


      The UiPath’s recorder is utilized to record the UI mouse developments and console exercises to produce mechanization scripts. These recorded exercises are produced according to an arrangement or very much kept everything under control. The recorder can likewise be utilized to play back the recorded activities.

      Advancement Studio:

      The Development Studio or UiPath studio is utilized to make or foster the mechanization work processes by which we can computerize the undertaking without any problem.

      There are a few highlights of UiPath studio which are given beneath:

      1. GUI Dashboard

      2. Three Complexity Levels

      3. Types of Recorders

      4. Logging and Exception Handling

      5. Integrate with the OCR innovations

      6. Reusable parts

      Course Curriculum

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      The Reusable RPA modules are the projects that can be included in the RPA apparatus to deal with explicit errands like information extraction from solicitations, controlling the dates in various data sets, and deciphering discourse. This module/Extension is exceptionally valuable because of fewer improvement endeavors, mistake rates, and execution time.

      Bot (computerized program)Runner:

      Bot Runner is the machine where the client can run the bot (computerized program). The client could have numerous bots running in equal. The client just necessities the run permit to run the bots.

      Control Center:

      The Control Center is the incorporated dashboard where the client can undoubtedly plan, make due, control, and scale the action of a tremendous advanced labor force.

      The most effective method to robotize console and mouse with python

      Whenever you have introduced the pyautogui module (utilizing the pip introduce pyautogui order) you can import it utilizing this code.

      Mouse input:

      For moving your mouse you can utilize this code:


      The primary number (280) is the X-position on your screen or how many pixels are on the left, the subsequent number (20) is the Y-position on your screen or how many pixels are from the top. So you can handle your mouse with one line of code!. You can copy mouse clicks with the following code:

      Console input:

      • To type something you can use following code:
      • pyautogui.write(“I am a bot and I am composing”)
      • You can likewise squeeze buttons

      So essentially with these 2 mouse and 2 console orders, you can computerize structure entries, screen capture, monotonous undertakings, etc.

      Advantages of RPA with Python:

      Mechanical Process Automation innovation gives the accompanying advantages:

      Cost Savings:

      RPA assists associations with saving a colossal measure of cost as it is normally less expensive than recruiting a worker to play out a similar arrangement of assignments.

      Less Error:

      RPA chips away at the standard rationale and doesn’t get exhausted, occupied or tired. Consequently, the likelihood of making blunders decreases generally, and that implies less re-work and an upgraded standing for effectiveness.

      Quicker Processing:

      RPA works quicker than human representatives as PC programming needn’t bother with breaks, food, rest, and so forth, and can perform tedious tasks eagerly. With RPA, handling time becomes unsurprising and predictable, which guarantees top-notch client assistance across the tasks.

      Better Regulatory Compliance:

      RPA programming deals with the rationale and information taken care of to it and does what is just required according to the given guidelines. Henceforth, there are negligible possibilities of not consenting to the standard guidelines.

      Better Customer Service:

      At the point when RPA is executed in a business, it liberates large numbers of representatives can invest their energy chipping away at client-related administrations. It is exceptionally useful for organizations that get a ton of client inquiries. It likewise prompts expanded usefulness for representatives.

      Auditable and Secure:

      RPA bots will just access the information for which they are given authorization and make a point-by-point review trail of activity of any kind.

      Low Technical Barrier:

      RPA doesn’t need any programming abilities to design the product robot. Since it is without code innovation, any non-specialized individual can set up the bot utilizing intuitive elements. It likewise incorporates the ‘Recorder’ to record the means of robotization. With this large number of advantages, RPA guarantees an in general more elevated level of value for any association.

      3 Ways to do RPA with Python:

      In this post, we’ll cover a couple of bundles for doing mechanical cycle computerization with Python. Mechanical interaction computerization, or RPA, is the most common way of mechanizing mouse snaps and console presses – for example mimicking what a human client would do. RPA is utilized in an assortment of utilizations, including information passage, bookkeeping, money, and that’s just the beginning. We’ll cover .

    • pynput
    • pyautogui and
    • pywinauto
    • Every one of these three bundles can be utilized as a beginning stage for building your RPA application, just as building UI testing applications.


      The main bundle we’ll talk about is input. One of the benefits of pinout is that it chips away at the two Windows and macOS. One more decent component is that it has usefulness to screen console and mouse input. We should get everything rolling with input by introducing it with pip:

      pip introduce pynput

      When you have it introduced, you can get everything rolling by bringing in the Controller and Button classes. Then, at that point, we’ll make an example of the Controller class, which we’ll call mouse. This will reenact your PC’s mouse to permit you to automatically click fastens and move the mouse around on the screen.

      • from pynput.mouse import Button, Controller
      • mouse = Controller()

      Then, we should check out a couple of basic orders. To right or left-click, we can utilize the Button class imported previously.

      • # left-click
      • # right-click
      • To double tap, you simply need to add the number two as the subsequent boundary.
      •, 2)

      We can likewise move the mouse pointer to an alternate situation by utilizing the move strategy.

      • mouse.move(50, – 50)
      • mouse.move(100, – 200)
      • pynput can handle the console, too. To do that, we want to import the Key class
      • from pynput.keyboard import Key

      To make your console type, you can utilize the suitably named keyboard. type technique.

      keyboard.type(“this is a test”)

      As referenced above, pynput can likewise screen mouse developments and console presses. To dive more deeply into that usefulness and pynput, look at this connection.


      Maybe the most commonly known bundle for mimicking mouse snaps and console sections is the pyautogui library. pyautogui deals with Windows, Linux, and macOS. On the off chance that you don’t have it introduced, you can make it use pip:

      pip introduce pyautogui

      Pyautogui is additionally clear to utilize. For instance, to mimic composing a line of text, simply utilize the typewriter technique:

      • pyautogui.typewrite(“test pyautogui!”)
      • To left-click your mouse, you can utilize the snap strategy. To right-click, you can utilize the RightClick strategy.
      • # left-click
      •, 200)
      • # right-click
      • pyautogui.rightClick(100, 200)


      On Windows, another choice we can investigate is the pywinauto library. The primary inconvenience of this library is that it doesn’t deal with macOS or Linux. In any case, it additionally offers several pleasant benefits for Windows clients. One, its language structure is object-arranged – it’s made to be more Pythonic. Also, in light of its plan, the library can make it simpler to play out specific assignments, such as tapping on explicit fastens or tracking down menu things in an application.

      For instance, how about we start by sending off Notepad, composing some messages, and saving the document. We can do that utilizing the code bit beneath. Here, we start Notepad by utilizing the Application class. Then, at that point, we allude to the Notepad record we just opened by “UnitledNotepad”. We can utilize the Edit.type_keys to begin composing text.

      • 1.from pywinauto.application import Application
      • 2.application = Application(backend=”uia”).start(“notepad.exe”)
      •“Starting notepad…”)
      • 5.sub_app=app.UntitledNotepad.child_window(title_re = “Save As”)
      • 6.sub_app.FileNameCombo.type_keys(“test_file.txt”)

      Strong Features:

    • Without a doubt, the organizations today profoundly request effectiveness. Notwithstanding industry area or market size, organizations search to use on effectiveness to improve usefulness. One of the best ways of making business effective and lean is taking on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into business capacities.

    • Most organizations work on tedious, obsolete, repetitive capacities, and cycles like information passage and getting to records. Organizations that choose to robotize these cycles can set aside both cash and time while improving efficiency.

    • With the coming of RPA, new ways have been opened for the organizations to dominate. Thusly, organizations should be savvy to the point of getting the advantages of these potential open doors. Assuming that you are wanting to take on a RPA arrangement, there are a few RPA elements to search for. This blog plans to introduce more with regards to the capacities of RPA apparatuses that can uphold organizations to work all the more effectively.

    • Course Curriculum

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      • Instructor-led Sessions
      • Real-life Case Studies
      • Assignments
      Explore Curriculum

      Mechanical Process Automation Tools – At a Glance:

    • RPA apparatuses use bots to robotize the commonplace errands inside the application regularly performed by the representatives of an association. RPA robots are sufficiently strong enough to mirror a few human client activities like sign into applications, reorder information, move records and organizers, fill in structures, scratch programs, and concentrate organized and semi-organized information from archives. The three center functionalities of the RPA are:

    • RPA empowers consistent joining of front office bots and administrative center bots. The front office bots backing to smooth out, just as improve on client confronting capacities like deals or client administrations, though the administrative center programming bots robotize foundation or unattended capacities. Instances of administrative center interaction incorporate creating reports, moving documents or observing frameworks. Four Ways to Setup RPA Bots

    • Programming the bot:

      The programming language is a strong point of interaction for executing programming bots. In any case, it requires applicable specialized abilities to achieve a fruitful arrangement. The programming guidelines illuminate the robot which codes to utilize, and what the ways of speaking with the program are.

      Graphical User Interface:

      Most RPA merchants offer answers for program bots with drag and drop interfaces. Indeed, even a representative with less specialized abilities can set up basic bots.

      Recording Macros:

      Like macros highlight in dominate, RPA bots can record activities. Also, the recorded activities can involve quite a few venture programming like the one gets information from CRM and blending it with a report in dominate.

      Self-learning bot:

      It is the simplest method for conveying the bots. This sort of bots notices recorded representative exercises to recognize automatable errands with the help of a human. Whenever bots are executed, a coordination part supports to begin/stop robots and assesses their exercises.

      RPA Tools: Feature Spotlights:

      Mechanical cycle computerization is a wide field and there is a wide scope of RPA apparatuses in the market that extensively differ from one another. Their contributions are very different alongside its assets and shortcomings.

      A report from Forrester on Robotic Process Automation looked at the new contributions of different RPA instruments and offered RPA innovation score, as displayed beneath. A definite look on normal elements of RPA programming:

    • Rich-scientific Suite.
    • Security.
    • Basic Bot Creation Interface.
    • Source Control.
    • Facilitating and Deployment Option.
    • Rules-based Exception Handling.
    • Investigating.
    • Less Script or Script Less Automation.

    • Profession Scope:

      The business accepts that specific piece of work is tedious, rule-based, and can be robotized. Each norm, standard and repeatable assignment in IT can be either halfway or completely mechanized. A large portion of the robotization should be done in the front-end. It includes the heterogeneous idea of use over different specialty units. Consequently, RPA is an incredible fit in such circumstances. There is almost certainly in denying the way that a significant portion of business open doors on the planet will be made in the field of RPA. Computerization is now affecting associations in sending frameworks as of now.

      RPA potential is presently getting its convergence counseling, warning firms. Potential open doors and profession developments in RPA are enormous. The extent of RPA is immense and wide. This is, truth be told, going to be the future and most significant thing before very long. RPA in what’s to come will join the accompanying things:

    • Joining AI for cutting edge independent direction and inferencing.
    • Six region of the bank will get totally computerized.
    • RPA devices are as of now being utilized in the business and a portion of the famous apparatuses.

    • RPA instruments incorporate:

      Computerization Anywhere:

      Knowledge of cycle consistency via robotizing and overseeing work processes in an undertaking.

      Blue Prism:

      Knowledge of Business Operations to be financially savvy and responsive. Empower quick computerization to further develop precision by planning a virtual labor force.


      It is a product application and cycle joining organization.

      Open range:

      Leverage abilities in work area robotization advancements with an attention on driving income development and functional proficiency.

      Specialized Responsibilities:

    • Competitors taking up the Robotic Process Automation position should prevalently chip away at Business Process Automation in accordance with standard RPA standards and shows.
    • Configuration, Develop and Deploy RPA items to worldwide customers in a joint effort with worldwide groups.
    • Comprehend the extension, assemble, and plan of the Business Process Framework.
    • Foster an undertaking plan to execute the To-Be Processes.
    • Creation and Customization of Automation Solutions.
    • Support Continuous Improvement Process according to prerequisite updates.
    • Guide Change Management Process on the side of existing cycles and carrying out refreshes.
    • Help of Process Design, Validation Rules, and reports.
    • Setup of Process streams, Control objects, exemption taking care of, and so on

    • Prerequisites:

      There is no particular essential for this instructional exercise. All you want is constant learning and rehearsing with the apparatuses. Notwithstanding, to stretch out functionalities to match your prerequisites, then, at that point, essential information on programming coding and programming rationale will be advantageous and put you at a benefit.

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    • Specialists accept that inside a limited ability to focus time, the field of RPA will slither up into various areas of businesses, innovative work, banking, medication, IT Sector, and some more.
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