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Get Our Advanced C and C++ Programming Course

  • Master the fundamentals of programming with our comprehensive online C and C++ course.
  • Leading industry professionals created this C and C++ Programming Course to satisfy industry standards.
  • This online course assists you in mastering other ideas, including the C++ Compiler Toolchain, STL Algorithms and Iterators, and Debugging.
  • Through our course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented in C++, Coding Styles and Design Patterns, Generic Programming, and Standard Template Library.
  • Students learn to use industry-standard development tools and integrated development environments (IDEs) for C and C++ programming.
  • Completing our training opens up various career opportunities, from systems programming and game development to embedded systems and high-performance computing.
  • Join our C and C++ online course to take your programming skills to the next level and earn your professional certification.
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Course Objectives

Learning C and C++ is highly valuable in the ever-evolving domain of programming languages. These languages have a rich history and are foundational in various software development domains.
A fundamental understanding of programming concepts is recommended. Familiarity with other programming languages can also be advantageous, although it's not a strict requirement.
C and C++ are relevant in the tech industry due to their efficiency and versatility. They are essential in operating systems, game engines, and hardware development. As such, professionals with expertise in C and C++ can expect a wide range of career prospects and the chance to work on critical projects.
Our C and C++ training programs often contain practical projects that provide hands-on experience. These assignments are designed to reinforce the concepts you learn in the course and help you apply your knowledge to real-world programming scenarios.
  • Visual Studio
  • Code::Blocks
  • Eclipse
  • Git
  • Turbo C++
  • Language syntax and features
  • Data structures and memory management
  • Debugging and error handling
  • File handling and input/output
  • Object-oriented programming in C++
Certainly, undertaking a career in C and C++ programming offers several advantages. These languages are foundational in software development, and demand for C and C++ developers remains steady in various industries.

What are the advantages of enrolling in our C and C++ training?

  • Gain expertise in programming languages that are widely used in industry.
  • Work on practical projects for real-world application.
  • Develop problem-solving skills and the ability to write efficient, high-performance code.

Which industries need professionals with C and C++ skills?

  • Information Technology
  • Embedded Systems
  • Game Development
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Do C and C++ courses provide learning materials?

Yes, our C and C++ training provides comprehensive learning materials, including textbooks, course materials, code examples, sample projects, development tools, and access to online communities and support forums.

What skills can I acquire from our C and C++ training?

  • Proficiency in C and C++ programming languages
  • Memory management and data structures
  • Debugging techniques
  • Writing efficient and maintainable code
  • Problem-solving and algorithmic thinking
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A Comprehensive Overview of C and C++ Coding

Our C and C++ coding course program provides a comprehensive understanding of programming using the C and C++ languages, two of the most widely used software development industries. The program introduces fundamental programming concepts like variables, data types, operators, and control structures. Students learn core syntax, memory management, and file handling as they progress. Memory allocation, deallocation, and techniques to avoid memory-related errors are crucial for efficient code writing. File handling is also covered, enabling students to perform input and output operations with external files, which is essential for real-world applications. The program also includes hands-on coding exercises and projects that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing students to apply their knowledge and develop problem-solving skills.

Additional Info

Tools Used by C and C++ Developer

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs):

  • Visual Studio: Microsoft's Visual Studio is a popular IDE for C and C++ development on Windows. It provides rich features, including code editing, debugging, and project management tools.
  • Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT): Eclipse is a widely-used open-source IDE that supports C and C++ development on multiple platforms. It can be extended with various plugins and has strong community support.
  • CLion: JetBrains CLion is a dedicated C and C++ IDE that offers code analysis, refactoring, and integration with CMake, Gradle, and other build systems.
  • Code::Blocks: Code::Blocks is an open-source, cross-platform IDE known for its simplicity and extensibility. It supports multiple compilers and offers a variety of plugins.
  • Xcode: Xcode is Apple's official IDE for macOS and iOS development. It includes robust C and C++ support for developing applications on Apple platforms.

Text Editors:

  • Visual Studio Code: VS Code is a lightweight, highly customizable text editor that supports C and C++ development through extensions. It's a popular choice for many developers due to its versatility.
  • Vim: A highly configurable text editor with a large following among developers. It can be set up with plugins to provide a powerful C and C++ development environment.
  • Emacs: Emacs is another extensible text editor favoured by some developers. It can be configured for C and C++ development with various plugins and modes.

Compilers and Build Tools:

  • GCC (GNU Compiler Collection): GCC is a widely-used open-source compiler collection that supports C and C++ on various platforms. It's known for its high performance and portability.
  • Clang: Compiler front end for the C, C++, and Objective-C programming languages. It is known for its fast compilation times and support for modern C++ features.
  • Microsoft Visual C++: For Windows development, Microsoft Visual C++ is a commonly used compiler and toolset that integrates with Visual Studio.
  • CMake: Famous cross-platform build system that generates project files for various IDEs and builds tools. It simplifies the process of building C and C++ projects.
  • Make: Make is a classic build automation tool used to manage the build process of C and C++ projects. It's often used in combination with autotools or handwritten Makefiles.

Debugging Tools:

  • GDB (GNU Debugger): GDB is a powerful command-line debugger widely used in the C and C++ development community. It supports various platforms and offers extensive debugging capabilities.
  • LLDB: LLDB is a debugger that is part of the LLVM project. It's designed to be used with Clang and provides a modern and extensible debugging experience.
  • Visual Studio Debugger: Visual Studio includes a robust graphical debugger for C and C++ development on Windows.

Static Code Analysis Tools:

  • Clang Static Analyzer: This tool, part of the Clang project, analyses static code to identify potential issues in C and C++ code.
  • Cppcheck: Cppcheck is an open-source static code analysis tool for C and C++. It checks for various types of coding errors and potential problems.

C and C++ Programming: Future Prospects and Emerging Trends

  • Game Development: C++ is a dominant language in the game development industry, thanks to its high performance and low-level capabilities. Game engines like Unreal Engine and many AAA games are developed using C++. As the demand for high-quality video games rises, C++ will remain a vital skill in this field.
  • Real-Time Systems: C and C++ are well-suited for real-time systems, such as robotics, aerospace, and automotive applications. These industries require precise control over hardware, making C and C++ essential for developing safety-critical and high-performance software.
  • IoT (Internet of Things): With the expansion of IoT devices, there is a growing need for efficient and resource-conscious programming languages. C and C++ are often used in IoT development, providing the necessary control over hardware and memory.
  • Blockchain and Cryptography: Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies rely heavily on C and C++ for their core implementations. Security and efficiency are paramount in this domain, making C and C++ essential for blockchain protocol development and cryptographic libraries.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): Scientific computing, simulations, and data-intensive applications rely on C and C++ for their computational speed and memory management capabilities. Emerging fields like quantum computing may also involve C and C++ for low-level system programming.
  • Cross-Platform Development: C and C++ offer high portability, making them suitable for cross-platform development. As the demand for applications that run on various operating systems and architectures persists, C and C++ will remain relevant.
  • AI and Machine Learning: While Python is the dominant language for AI and machine learning due to its extensive libraries, C and C++ are still used in some AI projects, especially when performance optimization is crucial. Libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch have C++ APIs for integration with existing C++ codebases.
  • Safety-Critical Applications: In aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, safety-critical applications demand robust and predictable code. C and C++ are used with strict coding standards like MISRA C to ensure code safety and reliability.
  • IoT and Edge Computing: As edge computing becomes more prevalent, C and C++ can be instrumental in developing applications that run on resource-constrained devices at the edge of networks.

Career Prospects for C and C++ Programmers

  • Game Developer: The gaming industry relies heavily on C++ for its high-performance requirements. You can work as a game developer, creating video games for various platforms and game engines.
  • Embedded Systems Engineer: C and C++ are essential for building firmware and software for embedded systems in microcontrollers, IoT devices, and automotive systems.
  • Scientific Programmer: C and C++ are commonly used in scientific computing, simulations, and data analysis. You can work in research institutions or industries that require extensive numerical and computational modelling.
  • Network Programmer: Developing network protocols, server software, and network infrastructure often requires C and C++ skills, particularly in telecommunications and networking companies.
  • Blockchain Developer: Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies often involve C and C++ to develop blockchain nodes, wallets, and cryptographic libraries.
  • Robotics Engineer: The robotics industry requires C and C++ expertise for programming robot control systems and developing software for autonomous robots.

Key Responsibilities of a C and C++ Developer

  • Developing software applications and solutions using C and C++ programming languages.
  • Optimizing code for performance, memory usage, and scalability.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting software defects and issues.
  • Implementing algorithms and data structures to solve complex problems efficiently.
  • Performing code reviews and providing feedback to ensure code quality and adherence to coding standards.
  • Collaborating with hardware engineers for embedded systems development or low-level programming.
  • Ensuring software security by following best practices and implementing secure coding techniques.
  • Developing and maintaining software documentation, including design documents, code comments, and user guides.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest C and C++ programming developments and integrating new technologies into projects.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including software engineers, designers, and testers, to design, develop, and debug software projects.
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Key Features

ACTE offers C & C++ Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,

  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of C and C++ Course Online
Module 1: Introduction to C Programming
  • History and overview of the C language
  • Setting up a C development environment
  • Writing a C program
  • Debugging a C Program
Module 2: Fundamentals of C
  • Data types and variables
  • Constants and literals
  • Operators and expressions
  • Input and output functions
Module 3: Control Flow
  • Conditional statements (if, else, switch)
  • Looping constructs (for, while, do-while)
  • Break and continue statements
  • Using conditional operators
Module 4: Functions and Modular Programming
  • Function declaration and definition
  • Function prototypes
  • Passing arguments by value and reference
  • Recursion
  • Header files and libraries
Module 5: Arrays and Strings
  • Arrays and their declaration
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • String manipulation functions
  • Character arrays vs. string literals
Module 6: Pointers and Memory Management
  • Introduction to pointers
  • Pointers and arrays
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Memory leaks and memory management
Module 7: Structures and Unions
  • Defining and using structures
  • Nested structures and arrays of structures
  • Unions and their applications
Module 8: File Handling
  • File operations (open, read, write, close)
  • Sequential and random access files
  • Error handling with file operations
Module 9: Preprocessor Directives
  • Macros and conditional compilation
  • Using #include and #define
  • Understanding header guards
Module 10: Introduction to C++
  • Key differences between C and C++
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts
  • Setting up a C++ development environment
Module 11: Classes and Objects
  • Creating classes and objects
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Member functions and data members
  • Encapsulation and access specifiers
Module 12: Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Inheritance and base/derived classes
  • Overloading functions and operators
  • Virtual functions and dynamic polymorphism
  • Abstract classes and interfaces
Module 13: Operator Overloading
  • Overloading arithmetic, comparison, and assignment operators
  • Creating custom operators
  • Friend functions and operator overloading
Module 14: Templates and Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Introduction to templates
  • Function templates and class templates
  • STL containers
  • STL algorithms
Module 15: Exception Handling
  • Handling exceptions with try, catch, and throw
  • Custom exception classes
  • Exception safety and best practices
Module 16: File Handling in C++
  • File streams (ifstream, ofstream)
  • Reading and writing files
  • Binary vs. text files
Module 17: Advanced Topics
  • Smart pointers (unique_ptr, shared_ptr, weak_ptr)
  • Lambda expressions
  • Move semantics and rvalue references
  • Multithreading with std::thread
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Need customized curriculum?

Hands-on Real Time C & C++ Projects

Project 1
Cryptographic Tools

Implement cryptographic algorithms and tools for encryption and decryption in C.

Project 2
Game Development

Develop a simple 2D game using a C++ game engine like SFML or SDL.

Elevate Your Career With C & C++ Job Opportunities

After finishing the course at ACTE, every student is granted access to valuable job placement prospects, resulting in numerous students obtaining positions at prominent companies.

  • Our career placement services offer expert guidance to help you secure C and C++ job opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations.
  • We have established connections with many companies, including top tech firms, to facilitate job placements for our graduates.
  • Our team assists you in crafting a tailored resume that highlights your Coding expertise and maximizes your chances of landing the right job.
  • We assist our students in securing positions with renowned multinational enterprises, including HCL, Apollo, Dell, Accenture, Google, Flipkart, Philips, and IBM.
  • Prepare for interviews with confidence through mock interview sessions that simulate actual job interviews, allowing you to refine your skills.
  • Stay informed about the latest C and C++ placement openings with our job alert notifications, ensuring you never miss out on relevant opportunities.

Attain Our Skillful C and C++ Certification

Our C and C++ certification program validates a candidate's proficiency in the two programming languages, C and C++. These programs cover language syntax, data structures, memory management, debugging techniques, and best practices for efficient code writing. They also emphasize problem-solving skills, algorithmic thinking, and application creation. Certifications often include hands-on exercises and assessments to evaluate practical knowledge. Achieving a C and C++ certification demonstrates expertise in system programming, game development, and embedded systems. They enhance job prospects, serve as a benchmark for professional growth, and open doors to top-tier companies.

  • Certified C/C++ Programmer
  • C/C++ Developer Certification
  • C/C++ Advanced Practitioner
  • Certified C/C++ Expert
  • C/C++ Master Programmer
  • Validates your expertise in C and C++ programming.
  • Enhances your job prospects and opens doors to career opportunities.
  • Establishes you as a competitive candidate in the C and C++ job market.
The requirements for obtaining C and C++ certification typically include a firm understanding of C and C++ programming languages, familiarity with data structures, and a thorough understanding of programming concepts and principles.
Acquiring a C and C++ certification can significantly enhance your career prospects in software development. Your certification can significantly impact your career prospects by showcasing practical skills, building a solid portfolio, and actively seeking job opportunities.
  • C and C++ Developer
  • Embedded Systems Developer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Game Developer
  • Firmware Engineer

Complete Your Course

a downloadable Certificate in PDF format, immediately available to you when you complete your Course

Get Certified

a physical version of your officially branded and security-marked Certificate.

Get Certified

Enhance Your Coding Skills With Our C & C++ Trainer

  • Our C and C++ trainer deeply understands programming languages, their syntax, features, and best practices.
  • Our experienced instructors are highly skilled in these languages, providing invaluable resources for aspiring programmers.
  • Trainers focus on skill development by guiding students through practical exercises, coding challenges, and projects.
  • They help students understand C and C++ programming fundamentals by breaking complex concepts into manageable information.
  • Our trainers have in-depth knowledge of programming languages and frameworks commonly used in C and C++ development, such as the standard Template Library.
  • Through hands-on practice and coding assignments, c and C++ course online help students develop a high level of proficiency, enabling them to write efficient and error-free code.

C & C++ Course Reviews

Our ACTE Reviews are listed here. Reviews of our students who completed their training with us and left their reviews in public portals and our primary website of ACTE & Video Reviews.



I joined ACTE tambaram branch in OMR for C/C++ course. The training here is very useful and helpful. Staff are very friendly. Placement opportunities are also very good. It is a good environment for people. I really recommend ACTE to everyone especially for those who need good start for IT career.


Software Engineer

Very good institute to start learning C & C++ Online Course. Starts from basics to advance. Trainer is very calm, friendly and knowledgeable, has expertise in C & C++. He focuses on concepts more. ACTE Manager is an amazing person, always understanding and guiding for the best.


Software Engineer

Acte institute in OMR is one of the best and it is more helpful for people who are suffering from jobs. They will help u a lots by teaching and make to learn us more things from this institute and also they will give u a good placements also.



ACTE is one of the best institute for C/C++ course in Hyderabad and the training which they provide is very good and they make it easy to learn.they will clear all your doubts as soon as possible.classes will be scheduled on time and trainers are very punctual.


Software Testing

ACTE is very good platform to achieve knowledge in depth and They are providing placement for getting Job my experience and i have completed C/C+_ course here and ACTE was wonderful not only in terms of understanding the technology but also provides hands on practice to work on technology practically and the faculty is Extremely good and they help students in each and every way possible.

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C & C++ Course FAQs

Looking for better Discount Price?

Call now: +91 93833 99991 and know the exciting offers available for you!
  • ACTE is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students List on our website
  • We have strong relationship with over 700+ Top MNCs like SAP, Oracle, Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM etc.
  • More than 3500+ students placed in last year in India & Globally
  • ACTE conducts development sessions including mock interviews, presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.
  • 85% percent placement record
  • Our Placement Cell support you till you get placed in better MNC
  • Please Visit Your Student Portal | Here FREE lifetime Online Student Portal help you to access the Job Openings, Study Materials, Videos, Recorded Section & Top MNC interview Questions
    ACTE Gives Certificate For Completing A Course
  • Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies
  • ACTE is the unique Authorized Oracle Partner, Authorized Microsoft Partner, Authorized Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorized PSI Exam Center, Authorized Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore
  • The entire C & C++ training has been built around Real Time Implementation
  • You Get Hands-on Experience with Industry Projects, Hackathons & lab sessions which will help you to Build your Project Portfolio
  • GitHub repository and Showcase to Recruiters in Interviews & Get Placed
All the instructors at ACTE are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 9-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by ACTE for providing an awesome learning experience.
No worries. ACTE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.
We offer this course in “Class Room, One to One Training, Fast Track, Customized Training & Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule.

Why Should I Learn C & C++ Course At ACTE?

  • C & C++ Course in ACTE is designed & conducted by C & C++ experts with 10+ years of experience in the C & C++ domain
  • Only institution in India with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
  • More than 50,000+ students trust ACTE
  • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
  • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies
Yes We Provide lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.
You will receive ACTE globally recognized course completion certification Along with National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2009 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training & we have trained over 50,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.
We at ACTE believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each C & C++ batch to 5 or 6 members
Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in C & C++. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.
You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by ACTE.in's E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the ACTE branches in India
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