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ACTE conducted Octopus Deploy training for our team successfully. Even though the initially assigned instructor not available before the training for health reasons, ACTE assigned another trainer immediately from their pool of trainers. We see no issues interacting with ACTE as they are proactive and very responsible. With a motto of qualitative first and comfortable customer satisfaction, ACTE ensure exceptional learning experience. Individuals, and corporates love ACTE.

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Acte Average rating: 5954 reviews

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Data Science

September 10, 2020

I joined the data science course in ACTE in Thiruvanmiyur is the only institute that provides its students with proper guidance and support in addition to quality education. With no time limits, every subject is taught to greater depths which makes learning fun and preparation easier. Overall, this is the right choice for everyone who is in search of a good place to learn.

Avatar for Bavitha

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Python

September 10, 2020

One of the best ACTE institutes I have enrolled for faculty here has experience in their fields. Teachers here believe in practical knowledge than being pedantic. One of the best learning experiences in Python at Thiruvanmiyur. Taking back loads of good memories and a sample amount of knowledge.

Avatar for Aravan

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Web Designing

September 10, 2020

Completed my Web Design course from ACTE in Thiruvanmiyur. One of the best institute, with Instructors having a lot of experience in the latest technologies. The best part is they guide you through every minute aspects, and teach you from basics. The environment here is also very awesome, it felt like I was working in an IT company. Best guidance one can ever get and highly recommended.

Avatar for Ragul

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Artificail Intelligence

September 10, 2020

I completed the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE course from ACTE in thiruvanmiyur. The training was very good. Besant covered every topic in detail with good examples, also discussed real-time scenarios. All the doubts were cleared. Overall very good experience.

Avatar for Prajetha

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Machine Learning

September 10, 2020

I have completed my machine learning course at ACTE in thiruvanmiyur. The need for machine learning towards accurate decision making and business intelligence is known through this course. Trainers are not the only adherent to the syllabus but also redundant to the market challenges. This place has a good infrastructure for the students. I have gained detailed knowledge and thankful to ACTE for the wonderful course.

Avatar for Yokesh

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Microsoft Azure

September 9, 2020

I did my Microsoft azure course in ACTE at Thiruvanmiyur and learned a lot about this technology, the staff was good at approaching the students, infrastructure was good and the best place to get trained.

Avatar for Charli

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Tally

September 9, 2020

I did my Tally course at ACTE in Thiruvanmiyur and learned a lot of things about this course, the staff’s way of teaching was very professional and they also help students by providing study materials.

Avatar for Jithan

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Informatica

September 9, 2020

Great place to learn about the Informatica course at Thiruvanmiyur, ACTE offers the professional way of coaching to the students with the latest syllabus, they help the students to overcome doubts in the course.

Avatar for Preetha

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Hadoop

September 9, 2020

ACTE Branch in Thiruvanmiyur is the best place to get trained in Hadoop technology, they have a good infrastructure for the students to get trained along with well-experienced trainers for coaching the students.

Avatar for Raj

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for DOT Net

September 9, 2020

Gained a lot of knowledge about the Dot net course by getting coached at ACTE in Thiruvanmiyur, the atmosphere and trainer’s way of approach was very good and totally satisfied.

Avatar for Karan

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Jquery

September 7, 2020

I completed my Jquery training in ACTE at Thiruvanmiyur. My Instructor was very friendly to me. I gained more knowledge in project aspects. The tips given by my trainer helped me to be placed in MNC Company. Thanks to my trainer and ACTE team.

Avatar for Swetha

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Data science Machine with Python

September 7, 2020

I had completed my course Data science Machine with Python in ACTE at Thiruvanmiyur. ACTE is the best place to excel in the next phase of your career. The trainers and faculty here were very friendly and comfortable. My trainer had explained each and every topic clearly and he won’t move to another topic until I was clear in it. Thanks to my trainer and ACTE for this wonderful opportunity.

Avatar for Naresh

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Spoken English

September 7, 2020

I completed my advanced Spoken English course in ACTE at Thiruvanmiyur. Excellent place to improve your communication. My Trainer is a very good co-operative. He has conducted activities daily and really very helped me to improve my skills. Completely satisfied with him training and definitely recommend to all.

Avatar for Thenmozhi

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for QTP

September 7, 2020

I have completed my QTP training at ACTE in Thiruvanmiyur. I completed my course at Anna Nagar, I get a continuous call from the ACTE placement office. They arranged so many interviews with me. Finally, I got placed in Flintobox as a junior software developer. Thanks to ACTE for this wonderful training and placement support after training.

Avatar for Jeevan

ACTE Thiruvanmiyur Reviews for Selenium

September 7, 2020

I learn selenium very soon in a short span of time. My tutor is very good at teaching and clarification of all my doubts. I am really very happy to even proceed with another training with this institute in ACTE at Thiruvanmiyur. I will say it’s a good institute overall.

Avatar for Jeganath