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Python Course Curriculam

Curriculam Designed By Experts

Navigating Success: Custom Curriculum for Future-Ready Achievement

Industry Oriented Curriculam

An exhaustive curriculum designed by our industry experts which will help you to get placed in your dream IT company

    30+  Case Studies & Projects
    9+  Engaging Projects
    10+  Years Of Experience
  • History and overview of Python
  • Installing and setting up Python
  • Basics of Python syntax
  • Working with variables and data types
  • Understanding control flow and loops
  • Writing and running your first Python program
  • Lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • Working with strings and string manipulation
  • Functions and function parameters
  • User-defined functions
  • Scope and namespace
  • Working with modules and libraries
  • Reading and writing files
  • File and directory operations
  • Exception handling
  • Handling CSV files
  • Working with JSON data
  • File compression and archiving
  • Introduction to OOP
  • Creating classes and objects
  • Class inheritance and polymorphism
  • Encapsulation and abstraction
  • Exception handling in OOP
  • Design patterns in Python
  • Installing and managing Python packages
  • Introduction to popular libraries (e.g., BeautifulSoup, NumPy, Pandas)
  • Interacting with web APIs
  • Parsing and processing data from APIs
  • Creating and consuming RESTful services
  • Web scraping techniques
  • Password Generator
  • Dice Rolling Simulator
  • Temperature Converter
  • Data manipulation with Pandas
  • Data cleaning and preprocessing
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Statistical analysis with SciPy and NumPy
  • Machine learning with scikit-learn
  • Introduction to databases
  • Connecting to databases using Python
  • Performing database operations (querying, inserting, updating)
  • SQL integration with Python
  • Using ORM libraries (e.g., SQLAlchemy)
  • Database performance tuning
  • Introduction to web development frameworks (e.g., Flask, Django)
  • Building a web application with Flask
  • Templating languages (e.g., Jinja2)
  • Handling form data and user input
  • Authentication and authorization in web applications
  • Deploying a Python web application
  • Introduction to testing frameworks (e.g., unittest, pytest)
  • Writing unit tests
  • Test-driven development (TDD) practices
  • Debugging techniques and tools
  • Performance optimization and profiling
  • Code quality and documentation best practices
  • Concurrency and parallelism in Python
  • Multithreading and multiprocessing
  • Asynchronous programming with asyncio
  • Distributed systems with Python
  • Introduction to data science and machine learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python
  • Financial Trading Bot
  • Voice Assistant
  • Deepfake Detection
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    Python Training Projects

    Become a Python Expert With Practical and Engaging Projects.

      Practice essential Tools
      Designed by Industry experts
      Get Real-world Experience

    Password Generator

    Create a robust password generator that combines uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Users can specify the desired password length through input.


    Dice Rolling Simulator

    Create a program that simulates rolling dice. The user can input the number of dice and the number of sides on each die. The program then generates random rolls and displays the results.


    Temperature Converter

    Create a program that converts temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The user can input the temperature and the desired unit for conversion.



    Design a chatbot using natural language processing (NLP) libraries like NLTK or spaCy. The chatbot should be able to engage in meaningful conversations and provide responses based on user input.


    Real-Time Face Detection

    Create a program that uses computer vision techniques to detect faces in real-time using a webcam feed. You can also experiment with recognizing facial expressions or emotions.


    Finance Tracker

    Create a finance tracker app for users to log income and expenses. Summarize financial activities and visualize spending patterns.


    Financial Trading Bot

    Create a trading bot using historical data and technical indicators for decisions. Implement strategies like moving average crossovers or Bollinger Bands.


    Voice Assistant

    Build a voice-activated virtual assistant for scheduling, inquiries, and smart home control. Use speech recognition and text-to-speech libraries for voice interactions.


    Deepfake Detection

    Create a deep fake detection system to identify manipulated videos and images using deep learning techniques and computer vision algorithms.





    Doubt Solving




    20+ Case studies
    & Projects

    Resume Building


    Career Opportunities After Python Training

    Python Developer

    As a Python Developer, you will be responsible for designing, writing, testing, and maintaining Python code to create web applications, software, and other solutions.

    Data Scientist

    Python is vital for data science and machine learning. A skilled Python-proficient Data Scientist analyzes data, builds predictive models, and extracts insights for data-driven decisions.

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Python is well-known for implementing Machine Learning algorithms and frameworks. ML Engineers use it to design and deploy models and systems.

    Web Developer

    Python is frequently used in web development, notably with frameworks like Django and Flask. Skilled Python web developers create dynamic, interactive websites and applications.

    Data Analyst

    Python's data manipulation libraries like pandas are crucial for analysts who extract, clean, and analyze data to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

    Software Engineer

    Python's simplicity and readability drive its popularity in software development. Python-trained Engineers contribute to diverse app and system development.

    Skill to Master
    Programming language
    Data visualization
    Database knowledge
    Design Skills
    Expertise In Core Python
    Good grasp of Web Frameworks
    Object Relational Mappers
    Deep Learning
    Analytical skills
    Communication skills
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    Tools to Master
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    Our Instructor

    Learn from the certified and real time working professionals.

    Python Certification


    Getting certified in Python shows that you’re good at using the language. This makes employers like you more. Certifications can also make you feel more confident, help you find new jobs, and show that you’re serious about getting better at your job.

    There are several recognized Python certifications, such as:

  • Python Institute’s PCAP and PCEP certifications
  • Microsoft’s Python certifications
  • OpenEDG Python Institute’s certifications
  • Certifications from organizations like IBM, AWS, and Google
  • Preparation involves studying Python concepts, practicing coding, and reviewing relevant materials. Many certification providers offer study guides, practice exams, and training courses to help you prepare effectively.

    Yes, there are certifications designed for different skill levels:

  • Entry-level certifications (e.g., PCEP) for beginners
  • Intermediate-level certifications (e.g., PCAP) for those with a solid foundation
  • Advanced certifications (e.g., professional-level certifications) for experienced developers
  • Certification exams typically include multiple-choice questions, coding exercises, and scenario-based problems. Some exams include practical coding challenges or project assessments.

    Yes, many certification providers offer online proctored exams you can take from home. However, the exam environment will be monitored to ensure integrity.

    While certification can enhance your resume, it’s just one factor in the hiring process. Employers also consider practical skills, experience, and how well you fit the role and company culture.

  • Study guides
  • Practice exams
  • Online courses
  • Coding challenges
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    Python Reviews


    Job Opportunities in Python

    More Than 35% Of Developers Prefer Python. Python Is The Most Popular And In-Demand Programming Language In The Tech World.

    Python Training FAQ's

    Master Python: From Fundamentals to Expertise - Ignite Your Coding Journey!

  • Basic syntax
  • Data types
  • Control structures
  • Functions
  • Object-oriented programming
  • File handling
  • Libraries like NumPy and pandas
  • Specialized areas such as web development and data science.
  • Course duration varies widely based on the program’s depth and your learning pace. Some courses are a few weeks long, while others span several months.

  • Most introductory Python courses typically have no prerequisites.
  • For more advanced topics like data science or machine learning, having some programming or math knowledge can be beneficial.
  • Python is free and open-source. You’ll need a text editor or integrated development environment (IDE) to write and run Python code. Popular choices include Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, and Jupyter Notebook.

    Practice is crucial. You can work on coding exercises, projects, and challenges. Some courses provide hands-on projects, and you can explore online coding platforms for practice.

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    Self-paced Python training refers to learning Python at your speed without the constraints of a set schedule. You can study when it suits you and progress through the content at your own pace.

  • Self-paced training provides flexibility in learning.
  • It allows you to tailor your learning to your schedule.
  • Ideal for individuals with busy lifestyles or those who prefer a personalized learning pace.
  • Most self-paced programs are offered on online learning platforms. After enrollment, you’ll gain access to the course materials, which you can access anytime from your computer or mobile device.

  • Some platforms might lack immediate instructor interaction.
  • However, they often offer forums or discussion boards.
  • These platforms enable you to ask questions and receive answers.
  • Instructors and fellow learners contribute to these discussions.
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  • Python fundamentals
  • Data manipulation skills
  • Web development concepts
  • Data visualization techniques
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Exploration of various Python libraries
  • Practical applications of Python in diverse fields.
  • Many online Python courses offer opportunities to interact with instructors through live sessions, webinars, or discussion forums to seek clarification and guidance.

    Yes, many online Python courses include hands-on coding exercises, projects, and assignments to reinforce the learned concepts and apply them practically.

    For beginners, having a computer or device with a steady internet connection is essential. You’ll also need a web browser and any specific software or Python IDE necessary for coding.

    One of the primary benefits of online training is the flexibility to access course materials at the learner’s convenience and learn at their preferred pace.

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  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Data Analysis Capabilities
  • Streamlined Automation
  • Ability to Develop Custom Python Applications for Specific Company Requirements
  • Yes, Corporate Python Training can be adapted to match the company’s field, projects, and the current skill level of the employees. The training material can be personalized to suit the organization’s distinct goals.

    Corporate Python Training can be delivered through on-site workshops, virtual classrooms, or blended learning, depending on the company’s preferences and the availability of resources.

  • Python Fundamentals
  • Data Manipulation
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Relevant Topics for Company Use Cases
  • Depending on the program, employees may receive certificates of completion or achievement for the Corporate Python Training they undergo.

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