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  • Presented by 11+ Years of Certified Spoken English Experts.
  • Excellent Practice for Interview Preparation Methods in Spoken English.
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Weekdays Regular

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Obtain Our Inventive With Spoken English Classes

  • You hone your speaking skills under the guidance of a qualified instructor.
  • All students will receive spoken English program that will meet their expectations.
  • Thanks to our trainers' effective teaching methods your confidence in Spoken English will rise.
  • Begin your journey towards becoming a skilled English communicator who can take advantage of various opportunities.
  • You can interact with students from all backgrounds and cultures in our Spoken English class, encouraging a dynamic language-learning experience.
  • Participate in interactive sessions in our Spoken English class that emphasize real-world conversations, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
  • Spoken English concepts include pronunciation for clear communication and fluency for smooth and effortless speaking, along with building vocabulary for a broader range of words and expressions.
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  • Classroom Batch Training
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  • Customized Training
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Course Objectives

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced job prospects
  • Cultural understanding
  • Access to further education
Fluency in spoken English can take months to years, depending on individual factors and consistent practice.
No formal qualifications are generally required for a spoken English course. Basic English understanding is beneficial, and some advanced courses may recommend a minimum proficiency level.
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Grammar proficiency
  • Speaking fluency
  • Conversation skills
Learn a spoken English course for better communication with English speakers, increased career prospects, and personal growth.
  • Introduction and greetings
  • Everyday conversations
  • Pronunciation and intonation
  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar essentials
Spoken English lessons apply to real situations by providing practical exercises, role-plays, and discussions that simulate authentic conversations, enabling learners to practice and apply their skills in real-life scenarios.

Mention the scope of the Spoken English Course in the future?

  • Global communication
  • Career opportunities
  • Educational pursuits
  • Personal development

Which tools are employed in Spoken English?

  • Audio materials
  • Video materials
  • Role-plays and group activities
  • Speech recognition software
  • Language learning apps

Is a career in Spoken English beneficial?

Yes, a career in spoken English is beneficial due to the high demand for English language skills, providing diverse job opportunities and the potential for flexibility and mobility.

What kind of learning materials are provided in the Spoken English course?

  • Audio materials
  • Video lessons
  • Textbooks
  • Online resources
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Overview of Spoken English Training

Students will get the chance to boost both their spoken English proficiency and self-confidence in our ACTE's Spoken English Class. These courses are offered by language schools, colleges, universities, and other organisations. They put a lot of effort into helping students improve their capacity to read, speak, and write in English in a variety of settings. Classes may cover vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation and can be customised to meet the needs of each student. The use of English in certain contexts, such as business or travel, can also be taught to language learners. Activities like role-playing, discussions, and debates may also be incorporated into lessons. At the beginning of the session, the teacher examines the student's level of English ability before creating a lesson plan. Learn spoken English training with experienced tutors at your own pace. Improve your communication skills and gain confidence in English conversation. It highlights the key points: learning online with experienced tutors, the flexibility to learn at your own pace, and the benefits of improving communication skills and gaining confidence in English conversation.

Additional Info

Benefits of Students’ Joining Spoken English Classes:

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Students improve their speaking and listening abilities, enabling them to express themselves effectively and understand others better.
  • Increased Confidence: Regular practice in a supportive environment boosts students' confidence in speaking English, helping them overcome shyness and fear of making mistakes.
  • Improved Pronunciation: Spoken English classes focus on correct pronunciation, enabling students to speak more clearly and be easily understood by others.
  • Expanded Vocabulary: Students learn new words, phrases, and idioms, broadening their vocabulary and making their conversations more diverse and engaging.
  • Better Grammar and Sentence Structure: Through guided lessons, students develop a stronger grasp of grammar rules and learn to construct well-formed sentences.
  • Cultural Awareness: Interacting with instructors and classmates from different cultures promotes cultural understanding and the ability to navigate diverse social settings.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Students learn communication strategies such as active listening, asking questions, and expressing opinions, making them more effective communicators in English.
  • Real-life Contextual Practice: Spoken English classes often include role plays, discussions, and simulations that simulate real-life situations, preparing students for practical usage of English.
  • Improved Job Prospects: Strong spoken English skills are highly valued in the job market, opening up better employment opportunities and career growth prospects.
  • Personal and Academic Growth: Joining spoken English classes enhances students' overall personal and academic growth, improving their self-expression, critical thinking, and ability to articulate ideas effectively.

Work Opportunities for Spoken English

  • Customer Service Representative: Many companies, especially those with international clientele, require customer service representatives who can effectively communicate in English to assist customers with their inquiries, complaints, or support needs.
  • Language Teacher/Tutor: With improved spoken English skills, you can explore opportunities to teach English as a second language (ESL) either in language institutes or as a private tutor, helping non-native speakers improve their English proficiency.
  • Sales and Marketing: Fluency in spoken English is advantageous in sales and marketing roles where effective communication with clients, presenting products or services, and negotiating deals are essential.
  • Tour Guide: In tourism-related industries, being able to communicate fluently in English is valuable for interacting with tourists, providing information, and conducting tours.
  • Interpreter/Translator: If you have bilingual proficiency, you can work as an interpreter or translator, facilitating communication between individuals or translating written materials from English to another language or vice versa.
  • Content Writer/Blogger: Strong spoken English skills can be leveraged in writing and creating engaging content for websites, blogs, social media, or online publications.
  • Call Center Agent: Call centers often seek individuals with good spoken English skills to handle inbound or outbound calls, assisting customers, or conducting market research.
  • International Business: Fluency in spoken English is highly beneficial for individuals working in international business, where effective communication with partners, clients, and colleagues from different countries is crucial.
  • Event Host/Presenter: With improved spoken English, you can explore opportunities as an event host or presenter, conducting conferences, seminars, or hosting programs that require excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Online Freelancing: Various freelancing platforms offer opportunities for language-related tasks, such as voice-over work, transcriptions, language consultations, or virtual language tutoring.

These are just a few examples of work opportunities where spoken English skills are in demand. The specific opportunities available can vary depending on your location, industry, and personal interests.

The Future Trends for Spoken English:

  • Global Communication: As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, English remains the dominant language for global communication. The ability to speak English fluently will continue to be essential for individuals seeking to collaborate, work, and communicate with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Online Language Learning: The rise of online education and language learning platforms has made learning spoken English more accessible. With advanced technologies, interactive online classes, and virtual language exchange programs, learners can practice speaking skills and receive personalized instruction from anywhere in the world. You can also learn Japanese course online.
  • Focus on Practical Communication: The emphasis on practical communication skills in spoken English classes is likely to continue. Learners will prioritize real-life scenarios and interactive activities that simulate authentic conversations, enabling them to develop conversational fluency and effective communication strategies.
  • Intercultural Competence: Cultural understanding and intercultural competence are gaining importance in language learning. Spoken English classes may increasingly incorporate cultural aspects, encouraging learners to explore diverse cultural perspectives, adapt their communication styles, and navigate cross-cultural interactions effectively.
  • Technology Integration: Technology will continue to play a significant role in spoken English classes. Virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and voice recognition technologies may be integrated to enhance immersive learning experiences, provide personalized feedback, and facilitate pronunciation practice.
  • Blended Learning Approaches: Blended learning, combining online and in-person instruction, is likely to gain more prominence. Spoken English classes may leverage a combination of virtual classrooms, self-paced online modules, and face-to-face interaction to optimize learning outcomes and flexibility.
  • Industry-Specific Language Training: There will be an increasing demand for industry-specific spoken English class. Professionals in fields like business, healthcare, technology, and hospitality may seek specialized spoken English classes tailored to their specific industry jargon and communication requirements.
  • Mobile Language Learning: Mobile applications and language learning platforms accessible via smartphones and tablets will continue to shape the future of spoken English learning. Mobile apps provide on-the-go practice opportunities, quick vocabulary drills, and interactive exercises, making language learning more convenient and flexible.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Spoken English classes may increasingly adopt personalized learning approaches. AI-powered platforms can assess individual learners' strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles, allowing for customized lesson plans and targeted feedback to meet each learner's unique needs.
  • Emphasis on Multilingualism: While English remains crucial, there is growing recognition of the value of multilingualism. Spoken English classes may encourage learners to embrace their native languages and promote bilingual or multilingual proficiency as an asset in an increasingly interconnected world.

Spoken English Makes Better Communication Possible:

  • Language Fluency: Spoken English classes help individuals develop fluency in the language. This fluency allows for smoother and more natural communication, reducing hesitations, and improving the overall flow of conversation.
  • Clarity of Expression: Through spoken English classes, individuals learn how to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively. They gain the ability to express themselves clearly, ensuring that their message is understood by others.
  • Pronunciation and Intonation: Proper pronunciation and intonation are essential for effective communication. Spoken English classes focus on these aspects, helping individuals refine their pronunciation, stress the correct syllables, and use intonation to convey meaning accurately.
  • Listening Skills: Good communication involves active listening. Spoken English classes emphasize the development of listening skills, enabling individuals to understand others' spoken English and respond appropriately.
  • Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions: Spoken English classes expand individuals' vocabulary and introduce them to idiomatic expressions commonly used in conversational English. This knowledge enhances their ability to convey ideas precisely and adds depth to their communication.
  • Confidence Building: Spoken English classes provide a supportive environment for individuals to practice and gain confidence in their English-speaking abilities. Increased confidence leads to better communication as individuals feel more comfortable expressing themselves and engaging in conversations.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Spoken English classes often incorporate non-verbal communication aspects such as body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Understanding and using these non-verbal cues effectively enhances overall communication skills.
  • Cultural Awareness: Spoken English classes promote cultural awareness by exposing individuals to different cultural contexts and communication styles. This understanding helps individuals navigate cross-cultural communication, avoiding misunderstandings and promoting effective dialogue.
  • Active Interaction: Spoken English classes encourage active participation and interaction among learners. This fosters engagement, promotes dialogue, and provides opportunities to practice different communication strategies and techniques.
  • Real-Life Scenarios: Spoken English classes often simulate real-life scenarios, allowing individuals to apply their language skills in practical contexts. This preparation enhances their ability to communicate effectively in various situations, such as social interactions, workplace settings, or academic environments.

Some Prerequisites for Spoken English Training

While there are no strict prerequisites for joining spoken English classes, certain elements can enhance your learning experience. Here are some suggested prerequisites that can help individuals make the most of their spoken English journey:

  • Basic Understanding of English: Having a basic understanding of the English language, including fundamental grammar rules, vocabulary, and sentence structure, serves as a solid foundation for spoken English classes. It allows you to focus more on developing your speaking and listening skills rather than starting from scratch.
  • Motivation and Commitment: A strong motivation to learn and improve spoken English is essential. Commitment to regular practice, attendance, and active participation in spoken English classes will greatly contribute to your progress and success.
  • Willingness to Communicate: Being open and willing to actively engage in speaking and listening activities is crucial. A positive attitude towards participating in conversations, asking questions, and seeking opportunities to practice spoken English will accelerate your learning process.
  • Time Availability: Allocate sufficient time for attending spoken English classes and engaging in independent practice. Consistency and regularity in your learning schedule will help reinforce your language skills and make steady progress.
  • Patience and Perseverance: Learning a language takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself as you encounter challenges and mistakes along the way. Persevere through difficult moments and maintain a growth mindset to continue improving.
  • English Learning Resources: Access to relevant learning resources such as textbooks, online materials, language learning apps, and audio/video resources can supplement your spoken English classes. These resources can provide additional practice opportunities and reinforce what you learn in class.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Surround yourself with a supportive learning environment that encourages and motivates your language learning journey. This can include classmates, language exchange partners, or online communities where you can practice speaking English and receive feedback.
  • Confidence to Take Risks: Building confidence is essential for speaking English fluently. Embrace opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, and learn from them. Over time, your confidence will grow, and your spoken English skills will improve.

Remember that everyone's learning journey is unique, and starting spoken English classes with an open mind and a willingness to learn is the most important prerequisite. The guidance and support provided by experienced instructors will help you progress, regardless of your initial proficiency level.

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Key Features

ACTE offers Spoken English Classes in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,
  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of Spoken English Course Online
Module 1: Introduction to Spoken English:
  • Importance of effective communication skills
  • Building Confidence in Spoken English
Module 2: Grammar and Vocabulary:
  • Sentence structure and formation
  • Parts of speech
  • Verb tenses and their usage
  • Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs
  • Commonly used idioms and phrases
  • Word formation and expansion of vocabulary
Module 3: Pronunciation and Accent:
  • Correct pronunciation of sounds and words
  • Stress and intonation patterns in Spoken English
  • Accent reduction techniques (if required)
Module 4: Conversation Practice:
  • Everyday conversations (greetings, introductions, small talk)
  • Expressing opinions, thoughts, and ideas
  • Giving and receiving instructions
  • Describing people, places, and situations
  • Role plays and simulated real-life scenarios
Module 5: Listening Skills:
  • Developing active listening skills
  • Understanding different accents and speech patterns
  • Comprehending Spoken English in various contexts
Module 6: Fluency Development:
  • Improving fluency through regular speaking exercises
  • Developing natural speech rhythm and pace
  • Practicing smooth transitions between ideas and sentences
Module 7: Group Discussions and Debates:
  • Participating in group discussions and expressing opinions
  • Constructing arguments and debating skills
Module 8: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills:
  • Structuring and delivering effective presentations
  • Overcoming stage fright and improving public speaking skills
Module 9: Listening and Speaking Exercises:
  • Audio-based exercises to improve listening comprehension
  • Speaking drills and exercises to enhance fluency and accuracy
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Need customized curriculum?

Hands-on Real Time Spoken English Projects

Test 1
Public Speaking Practice

Involve yourself in mini-public speaking events where you can give short speeches on topics you are passionate about.

Test 2
Group Discussions

Organise group discussions on various topics and encourage them to express their opinions and ideas in English.

Enhance Your Career With Our Spoken English Placements

Every student or professional who has successfully finished our classroom or online training is provided with career placement Opportunities by ACTE Institute in the top companies.
  • Trainers of spoken English assist learners to create resumes that are relevant to the current job industry.
  • We have a customized placement support team wing that helps students find a placement that goes along with their specifications.
  • We are going to organize simulated examinations and mock interviews to determine the candidates' gaps in understanding and assist them.
  • The interview dates can be accessed on a special student site for Spoken English Placements, where you may also register up for an email notification.
  • We promote establishing relationships with professionals and industry leaders because doing so can increase one's chances of landing a job at a top company.
  • We will schedule students' interview calls once they have completed 70% of the spoken English classes course material and will help them get ready for face-to-face contact.
  • After completing spoken English, you can pursue roles such as an English language trainer, helping individuals enhance their spoken English skills, or work as a customer service representative.

Get Impactful With Our Spoken English Certification

Obtaining a Spoken English certification online provides several advantages for people wishing to enhance their English communication skills. A spoken English course aims to provide students with extensive instruction while placing an emphasis on a variety of abilities, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational fluency. By participating in a reputable certification program, participants can obtain expert guidance and a designed curriculum tailored to their specific requirements. In order to simulate real-world situations and increase overall confidence in Spoken English, these programs commonly incorporate role-plays, interactive sessions, and real-world scenarios. Additionally, it has credibility and can be used to advance one's career, increase one's chances of getting into graduate school, and promote personal growth.
  • Increased credibility
  • Career opportunities
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Academic pursuits
  • Personal development
  • Enroll in a Spoken English course or training program.
  • Complete the course requirements and assessments.
  • Obtain the certificate upon successful completion.
Certainly! Obtaining a Spoken English certification enhances your employability and increases your chances of securing job opportunities that value effective communication skills, making you a more desirable candidate for employers who prioritize strong language proficiency.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • (TOEFL) Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Cambridge English
  • Occupational English Test (OET) Speaking Test
Generally, there are no strict prerequisites to becoming certified in spoken English. However, some certification programs may have placement tests or require a minimum level of English proficiency to ensure that the course content is suitable for your skill level.

Complete Your Course

a downloadable Certificate in PDF format, immediately available to you when you complete your Course

Get Certified

a physical version of your officially branded and security-marked Certificate.

Get Certified

Learn From Our Expert Spoken English Trainers

  • Spoken English Trainers help job seekers get employed by internally or through employee referrals.
  • Our Trainers work for organizations including Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, TCS, and HCL Technologies.
  • We have received several honors for our Spoken English Course Online from major business organizations.
  • Our instructors are subject matter and industry specialists who are adept at running programs and giving the students the best classes in spoken English.
  • Our online Spoken English instructors are qualified professionals with at least ten years of expertise in their fields and are currently employed by top MNCs.
  • Trainers have in-depth knowledge of and competence in language teaching methodologies in order to effectively guide and advise students in improving their speaking talents.
  • Given the fact that all of our Spoken English Trainers are experts with actual experience in the Spoken English field, they will utilize these projects throughout all training sessions.

Spoken English Course FAQs

Looking for better Discount Price?

Call now: +91 93833 99991 and know the exciting offers available for you!
  • ACTE is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students List on our website
  • We have strong relationship with over 700+ Top MNCs like SAP, Oracle, Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM etc.
  • More than 3500+ students placed in last year in India & Globally
  • ACTE conducts development sessions including mock interviews, presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.
  • 85% percent placement record
  • Our Placement Cell support you till you get placed in better MNC
  • Please Visit Your Student Portal | Here FREE Lifetime Online Student Portal help you to access the Job Openings, Study Materials, Videos, Recorded Section & Top MNC interview Questions
    • Gives
    • For Completing A Course
  • Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies
  • ACTE is the unique Authorized Oracle Partner, Authorized Microsoft Partner, Authorized Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorized PSI Exam Center, Authorized Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore
  • The entire Spoken English Classes has been built around Real Time Implementation
  • You Get Hands-on Experience with Industry Projects, Hackathons & lab sessions which will help you to Build your Project Portfolio
  • GitHub repository and Showcase to Recruiters in Interviews & Get Placed
All the instructors at ACTE are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 9-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by ACTE for providing an awesome learning experience.
No worries. ACTE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.
We offer this course in “Class Room, One to One Training, Fast Track, Customized Training & Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule.

Why Should I Learn Spoken English Course At ACTE?

  • Spoken English Course in ACTE is designed & conducted by Spoken English experts with 10+ years of experience in the Spoken English domain
  • Only institution in India with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
  • More than 50,000+ students trust ACTE
  • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
  • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies
Yes We Provide Lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.
You will receive ACTE globally recognized course completion certification Along with National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2009 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training & we have trained over 50,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.
We at ACTE believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Spoken English batch to 5 or 6 members
Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Spoken English. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.
You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by ACTE.in's E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the ACTE branches in India
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