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  • Overview of Cloud Computing and AWS
  • AWS Global Infrastructure
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)
  • Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • Networking basics in AWS
  • AWS Security Groups and Network ACLs
  • AWS VPC Peering and VPN Connections
  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store)
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Architecting on AWS
  • AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) advanced topics
  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
  • AWS Security Token Service (STS)
  • AWS GuardDuty and Security Hub
  • Creating a data pipeline
  • Deploying a web application
  • Building a serverless application
  • Amazon Route 53 (DNS)
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • AWS Transit Gateway
  • Amazon CloudFront advanced topics
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Neptune
  • Advanced architectural patterns
  • High availability and fault tolerance
  • Big Data and Analytics on AWS
  • Serverless architectures
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk advanced topics
  • AWS OpsWorks and Chef
  • Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce)
  • AWS Glue
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon Athena and Quicksight
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • AWS DeepRacer
  • AWS DeepLens
  • AWS Lambda for Machine Learning
  • Building a Serverless Chatbot
  • Implementing Microservices Architecture
  • Building a Highly Scalable Web Application
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    AWS Training Projects

    Become a AWS Expert With Practical and Engaging Projects.

      Practice essential Tools
      Designed by Industry experts
      Get Readl-world Experience

    Building a serverless application

    Create a serverless app with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB for a basic CRUD API, offering a hands-on experience with serverless architecture and AWS tools.


    Creating a data pipeline

    Construct a data pipeline with AWS Glue, S3, and Athena to extract, transform, and load data into a warehouse or lake, providing valuable experience in AWS data processing and analytics.


    Deploying a web application

    Create a web app using Flask or Node.js and deploy it on AWS Elastic Beanstalk to gain hands-on experience with automated deployment and infrastructure management.


    Implementing Infrastructure as Code

    Create a resource template using AWS Cloud Formation or AWS CDK to enable automatic deployment, enhancing scalability and manageability of your infrastructure.


    Implementing DevOps practices

    Establish a CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy for automated application build, testing, and deployment, ensuring faster and reliable releases.


    Creating a Data Analytics Pipeline

    Create a real-time data pipeline using AWS services such as Kinesis, Glue, and Redshift to ingest, transform, and store data for analysis and reporting in a data warehouse.


    Building a Highly Scalable Web Application

    Use AWS services like EC2, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, and RDS to build a web application that can handle high traffic loads and scale dynamically.


    Implementing Microservices Architecture

    Decompose a monolithic app into microservices, deploying them with AWS ECS or EKS to gain expertise in scaling and managing containerized apps.


    Building a Serverless Chatbot

    Utilize AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Connect to create a chatbot for automated customer support, integrating it with messaging platforms or websites.

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    20+ Case studies
    & Projects

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    Career Opportunities After AWS Training

    AWS Cloud Architect

    Cloud architects are responsible for crafting and deploying AWS-based solutions tailored to the needs of organizations, prioritizing security, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

    AWS Cloud Engineer

    Cloud engineers focus on the deployment, management, and maintenance of AWS infrastructure, including servers, databases, and networking.

    AWS DevOps Engineer

    DevOps engineers use AWS services to automate software development, deployment, and operations processes, promoting collaboration between development and IT teams.

    AWS Solutions Architect

    Solutions architects design and present AWS solutions to meet specific business requirements and work with development teams to implement these solutions effectively.

    AWS Developer

    AWS developers create applications and services using the AWS platform, harnessing the capabilities of AWS services such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and various others.

    Cloud Security Engineer

    Cloud security engineers specialize in securing AWS environments, implementing security best practices, and monitoring for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

    Skill to Master
    Amazon S3
    AWS Lambda
    Global Accelerator
    AWS Networking
    AWS Databases
    VPC Networking
    AWS RDS and DynamoDB
    CloudWatch and IAM
    EBS, EFS, and FSx
    ELB, Auto Scaling
    AWS Global Infrastructure
    AWS Command Line Interface
    AWS Security Services
    AWS Logging Mechanisms
    AWS Storage Cost Optimization
    AWS Well-Architected Framework
    AWS EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk
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    Tools to Master
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    AWS Certification


    AWS certifications can enhance your career prospects by demonstrating your knowledge and skills in cloud computing. They are recognized by employers globally and can lead to higher-paying job opportunities.

    As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there are multiple AWS certifications categorized into roles like Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, DevOps Engineer, and more. AWS may introduce new certifications over time.

    You can prepare for AWS exams by studying AWS documentation, taking online courses, using AWS whitepapers, and practicing with sample exam questions. AWS also offers official training courses and practice exams.

    AWS certifications are good for three years. In order to keep your certification status after then, you must recertify.

    Some of the popular AWS certifications include AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.

    AWS certifications have different prerequisites based on the certification level and specialization. Some certifications require prior experience and knowledge, while others are open to beginners.

    AWS certification exams can be scheduled via the AWS Certification website or by getting in touch with a certified testing facility.

    AWS offers both online proctored exams and in-person exams at test centers. Online exams provide flexibility but have specific requirements for the testing environment.

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    AWS Training FAQ's

    Elevate Your Coding Skills - AWS Training for Beginners and Beyond!

    AWS training provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to effectively use AWS cloud services. It’s important because AWS is a leading cloud platform, and trained professionals can leverage its capabilities for various business needs.

    AWS training options include:

  • Online courses
  • Classroom training
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Certifications
  • Workshops
  • Hands-on labs
  • The cost of AWS training and certification exams varies depending on the course or certification level. AWS offers free introductory courses and paid courses with varying price ranges. Certification exam fees also vary based on the level of the certification.

    Prerequisites vary by certification level. Some certifications have no prerequisites, while others may require prior AWS experience or the completion of specific courses.

    Yes, AWS certifications are globally recognized and highly respected in the IT industry. They are sought after by employers worldwide.

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    AWS self-paced training refers to online courses and learning resources that allow individuals to study AWS topics and complete training modules at their own pace. It offers flexibility for learners to access training materials when it suits their schedule.

    Benefits of AWS self-paced training:

  • Flexibility
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Access to diverse AWS courses and materials
  • Convenient online learning experience
  • AWS self-paced training courses are typically accessible through the AWS Training and Certification website or the AWS Learning Management System (LMS). You can enroll in courses, access training modules, and track your progress online.

    Yes, AWS self-paced training is accessible globally, provided you have an internet connection. You can access courses and materials from anywhere at your convenience.

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    Benefits of AWS online training:

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Accessibility from anywhere
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Learn at your own pace
  • AWS online training courses may offer interaction with instructors through discussion forums, chat, email, or scheduled Q&A sessions. The level of instructor interaction varies by course.

    AWS online training resources may include:

  • Video lectures
  • Written content
  • Hands-on labs
  • Quizzes
  • Practice exams
  • Documentation
  • To enroll in AWS online training courses, you typically need to create an AWS Training and Certification account, browse the course catalog, and enroll in the courses of your choice.

    AWS online training is conducted remotely, while in-person training takes place in a physical classroom. Online training provides flexibility for learners to access content from anywhere with an internet connection.

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    AWS corporate training refers to training programs and courses provided by AWS to organizations for their employees. The needs of enterprises to improve their AWS knowledge and competency are especially addressed by the way it is developed.

  • Enhanced technical abilities of employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality of AWS-based projects
  • Employee retention and attraction benefits
  • Group sizes for AWS corporate training can vary. AWS can accommodate training sessions for both small and large groups, depending on the organization’s needs.

    Yes, AWS corporate training can be delivered globally to meet the training needs of organizations regardless of their location.

    Benefits of AWS corporate training:

  • Improved employee skills
  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • Cost-effective cloud adoption
  • Implementation of best practices for AWS usage
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