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  • Our Juniper Contrail Training course strives to provide high-quality instruction that focuses fundamental knowledge of topics relevant and a hands-on approach.
  • Juniper Contrail Training teaches students how to use Juniper Networks' Open Contrail and Contrail Cloud software-defined networking (SDN) technologies.
  • Students will obtain a thorough understanding of how to conduct the essential activities using the OpenStack, Open Contrail, and Contrail Web UIs, APIs, and CLI.
  • This course also goes through what cloud computing is, how to formulate problems in virtual networks, how to automate cloud technology, how to validate rules, and how to handle security.
  • ACTE Training offers the most up-to-date and industry-relevant juniper contrail training to help you advance your professional career.
  • Our skilled instructors offer the lectures in a more hands-on manner, allowing students to obtain real-world experience.
  • You can get Full support and real-time project assistance from qualified experts during the training term.
  • For each course we offer, we also provide a certificate of completion.
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Course Objectives

The open cloud network automation tool that uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology is called the Juniper Contrail Controller. It puts together a scale-out system and physical infrastructure outside the data center to provide workload mobility in a hybrid environment.
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Engineer Analyst
  • Software Analyst
  • Juniper Network Engineer
The purpose of the Juniper Contrail Controller is to deploy the cloud public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud and to automate network functions virtualization (NFV) with service chaining.
  • There is a great future scope and career growth for the one who opts for this technology.
  • Certification in juniper contrail will show a wide range of opportunities for job seekers as well as for professionals.
  • Moreover, it has a demanding profile and most companies are searching for certified professionals in this field.
The Juniper Contrail Controller aims to deploy cloud, public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud capabilities and to automate network virtualization with service chaining.
For individuals who haven't programmed before, using script-friendly languages like Python, Ruby, and others could be the best way to go. They have an easy learning curve and also allow u to learn the Juniper Contrail in a better way.
  • Immediate job opportunities after Completion of Juniper Contrail Course.
  • Active Coordination with students from the stage of preparing a professional CV/Resume to attend Interviews and securing a Job.
  • The preliminary test ensures that our students can perform confidently in Interviews even it was their First Interview.

Is the Juniper Contrail certification course worth it?

  • Juniper Contrail Certification is a good starting point in your journey of career.
  • It would give you a good knowledge about the functionality of the system.
  • Particularly, if you are fresher in the Juniper Contrail area, it would take some years to understand complete end-to-end business processes.
  • By this time, you might have completed few projects.

Who will get benefited from this Juniper Contrail online course?

Juniper Contrail is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to work with the Juniper Networks Open Contrail and Contrail Cloud software-defined networking (SDN) solutions.

Students will gain in-depth knowledge of how to use the OpenStack, OpenContrail, and Contrail Web UIs, APIs, and CLI to perform the required tasks.

Will I get sufficient practical training through this Juniper Contrail training?

This course is specifically designed to assist you in clear the certification communication with success. The great content of the course alongside an illustration of sensible eventualities & examples can make you understand each topic in great depth.

Since the course structure includes a special concentrate on certification, you'll bear several real-time case studies and study material throughout the training that may help you to crack the certification communication.

What is the future scope of the Juniper Contrail course?

The fact is Juniper networks is having a tough time in the market for the last several years. None of the new products is doing well in the market. After several years of development and many million dollars of investment, they scrapped the product.

Does it worth enrolling in Juniper Contrail online training?

Juniper Contrail covers all the concepts to gain real-time proficiency in how to use the OpenStack, OpenContrail, and Contrail Web UIs, APIs, and CLI to perform the required tasks, problem formulation, rules validating, security controls, etc. Moreover with comprehensive training helps to gain expertise in this comprehensive field to accomplish your daily tasks for ease.
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Overview of Juniper Contrail Training

Juniper Contrail Course is designed to enable students to work with the Open Contrail and Contrail Cloud (SDN) solutions. The training program will equip students with the essential expertise. Students learn in-depth how to use OpenStack, OpenContrail, and Contrail web user interfaces, APIs, and CLI to carry out the activities they want. This Juniper Contrail Online course includes cloud computing, virtual network problem formulation, automation in cloud technology, validation regulations, and security control. Our Juniper Contrail Online Training curriculum includes all concepts to acquire real-time skills in using the OpenStack, OpenContrail, Contrail Web UIs, APIs, and CLI to carry out necessary activities, problem formulae, validation criteria, security checks, etc. In addition, extensive training helps build knowledge in this extensive subject to easily fulfill your everyday activities. Our skilled trainers provide the professors with more practical experience.

Additional Info

About Juniper Contrail Training :

  • This five-day course is designed to teach students, the skills they will need to work with Juniper Contrail's software-defined networking (SDN) solution. Students will obtain a thorough understanding of how to conduct the essential activities using the OpenStack and Contrail Web UIs, APIs, and CLI. Students will get familiarity with Contrail's features through demonstrations and hands-on experiments. Contrail Release 3.2.0 is used in this course.
  • You will future-proof yourself for the cloud era with Juniper Networks Contrail Networking, the premier open SDN solution for cloud and NFV that boosts business agility with predictable security, high availability, high performance, automation, and flexibility. Contrail Networking is a software-defined cloud networking and service orchestration solution that is easy, smart, agile, and open. It's been meticulously built as scale-out cloud-native software, to orchestrate virtualized networking in the most demanding elastic hybrid and public clouds of the cloud construction age, as well as service providers' virtual network operations.
  • Contrail Networking integrates with key cloud orchestration platforms such as OpenStack and is based on proven open networking standards, open APIs, and was created directly in the OpenContrail open-source initiative. The Contrail cloud networking platform will enhance and future-proof your investment in developing IT as a service with DevOps automation and moving your apps to the cloud by delivering predictable business agility and a low cost of ownership.
  • The Juniper Networks Contrail Controller is an open cloud network automation tool that orchestrates the building of high-scalability virtual networks using software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. To enable workload mobility in a hybrid environment, it assembles a scale-out system and physical routers and moves infrastructure beyond the cloud-bound data center. The Juniper Contrail Controller's goal is to automate network virtualization with service chaining and implement cloud, public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud capabilities. the most up-to-date, industry-focused Juniper Contrail training course that will help you pass your certification examinations. Our course covers all of the important ideas, such as juniper contrail's principles, modules, virtual network creation, problem formulation, automation, cloud data handling management, and so on. You can get complete support and real-time project assistance from qualified specialists during the training term.
  • The Network Service Designer is a user-friendly point-and-click interface for configuring Juniper and third-party virtualized network functions (VNFs). The Administration interface, which includes a health and status monitoring and troubleshooting solution for customers' on-premise and hybrid cloud-based services. The end-user Customer Portal is a unified portal with access to functions controlled by a role-based access control (RBAC) system that assigns a Tenant Admin and Tenant Operator role to each tenant.
  • The Network Service Controller automates the whole CPE management process, including remote device activation, overlay VPN topology enablement, and device maintenance and monitoring across all sites. From the time a client creates, publishes, and selects a new network service throughout the whole network, the Network Service Orchestrator automates and orchestrates the entire service creation process. Through the customer portal, the SD-WAN Controller enables end-customers management and visibility of WAN traffic. Security Management allows controlled security services to be orchestrated.

Roles and Responsibilities :

  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and configuration templates automate network orchestration and control.
  • The cloud provides complete visibility of traffic flow, security events, and policies.
  • Application SLA policy management and routing for automated application and resource provisioning across different network connections and pathways (over 4500 application signatures).
  • Next-generation firewall, content security, security intelligence, and advanced threat prevention are all part of the integrated advanced Layer 1 to 7 security.
  • Fully redundant platform with multihoming, incorporating spoke redundancy and hub site redundancy.
  • Multitenant support and rich role-based access control (RBAC) make serving and managing many customers a breeze.
  • Data Acquisition : Using standards-based collecting methods, custom user-defined ingest, or ingest from your data lake, collect and normalize data in real-time.
  • Eliminate operational complexity by consolidating telemetry data into a single dashboard.
  • Provide insights regarding network and service health status, outliers and abnormalities, and predictive analysis for future behavior using network visualization and machine learning methods.
  • Customizable YANG-based playbooks, user-defined functions, and an open API enable connection with existing data intake and alerting systems such as Kafka, Webhook, Slack, and HBEZ/HBEZGo, among others.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and configuration templates automate network orchestration and control.
  • The cloud provides complete visibility of traffic flow, security events, and policies.
  • Application SLA policy management and routing for automated application and resource provisioning across different network connections and pathways (over 4500 application signatures).
  • Next-generation firewall, content security, security intelligence, and advanced threat prevention are all part of the integrated advanced Layer 1 to 7 security.
  • Fully redundant platform with multihoming, incorporating spoke redundancy and hub site redundancy.
  • Multitenant support and rich role-based access control (RBAC) make serving and managing many customers a breeze.

Required Skills For Juniper Contrail :

  • Basic TCP/IP abilities
  • Basic knowledge of data center virtualization
  • Basic knowledge of the Junos operating system
  • Completion of the Junos Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) course prior to attending this session
  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming and Python scripting are recommended.

Tools For Juniper Contrail :

1. Contrail HealthBot is a software-based solution for network installations that Juniper Networks announced in late. It is one of the most recent additions to the Contrail product family. The Contrail HealthBot integrates numerous data gathering methods such as Junos Telemetry Interface (JTI), NETCONF, Syslog, and SNMP to provide network health and diagnostic capabilities.

2. The tool combines and analyses time-sensitive telemetry data at the device level to provide a multidimensional and predictive view of the network. Contrail HealthBot creates efficient ways to translate analytics data into meaningful information by combining telemetry, programmability, powerful algorithms, and machine learning capabilities information to optimize network operations.

  • Storage : 30 GB Serial Advanced Technology Advancement (SATA), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), or solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Volume storage : 2 discs with 2 TB SATA
  • Network : 1 GB interface card (1)
  • OS : Linux OS (CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu)
  • Hardware : 64-bit dual x86 processor, minimum memory 12GB RAM.

Frameworks For Juniper Contrail :

The Juniper Contrail Online course Certification track's only objective is to examine the fundamental concepts of cloud technology, what it performs, and the various technologies that assist it, which are the focus points. Three network frameworks that augment the cloud are particularly compelling: software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and software-defined networking(SDN).

Integration Module :

The Contrail Networking management Web GUI and plug-ins interact with orchestration platforms including Kubernetes, OpenShift, Mesos, OpenStack, and VMware vSphere, as well as service provider operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS).

Many of these integrations are created, certified, and tested in collaboration with technology partners such as Red Hat, Mirantis, Canonical, NEC, and others. Contrail Networking lies beneath these orchestration systems and integrates northbound via REST API's that are publicly available. It can be controlled automatically via APIs and integrations or manually using the Web GUI.

Certification For Juniper Contrail :

Network Certified Engineers gain an understanding of networking concepts and basic Internet routing through certifications. These credentials include topics including operational monitoring and maintenance, routing fundamentals, routing policy and firewall filters, Class of Service, and networking principles, and include the following:

The Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-JunOS) certification is designed specifically for experienced network engineers. Candidates should be familiar with Juniper Networks Junos operating system, networking principles, and basic internet routing. Junos OS basics, user interface options, Junos basic setup, operational monitoring and maintenance, routing fundamentals, routing policy and firewall filters, Class of Service, and networking fundamentals are the key areas of emphasis.

Recertification :

Certifications from Juniper are good for three years and will expire unless they are renewed. Recertification can be done by an examination or by attending a class. To renew their certification, holders must pass either an exam at the same level or an exam at a higher level within the same track.

Those who choose to recertify through course attendance should enroll in an appropriate course in the same track that Juniper recommends on their website's Certificate Recertification page. When you pass an advanced exam or complete a higher-level course, all lower-level certificates in the same track are automatically renewed for another three years.

Benefits For Juniper Contrail :

  • Individuals who deal with software-defined networking solutions in the data center, service provider, and enterprise network environments will benefit from this course.
  • WAN and Security Management from a Single Location Manage software-defined WAN and security from a single location.
  • Self-Managed Option Self-manage the software or go controllers with cloud-managed Contrail Solution Orchestration or a Juniper partner-managed service; reduce deployment hurdles and software complexity.
  • Create dynamic full- and partial-mesh topologies with flexible topologies; in routing hub-and-spoke architectures, both hubs and spokes can be physical or virtual cloud devices.
  • Lower-Cost Reliability With dynamic SD-WAN management, take advantage of active-passive hybrid WAN connection types; increase branch reliability with up to two clustered active-active CPEs and associated uplinks.
  • Through a straightforward console, analytics, and APIs, you can maximize your experience—from creating workflows to understanding data to coding automation.
  • Analyze, appraise, adjust, and automate traffic through the multitenant portal and APIs, optimizing the experience and economics down to the application and user level.
  • Customizable Portals Customize service onboarding and tenant profiles for a more personalized user experience.
  • Fast Service Cataloging Quickly catalog new services to suit tenant expectations.
  • This technology provides excellent job opportunities all across the world.
  • Certified Professionals' salaries are very high, and a growing number of people have begun to study this course.
  • It has a broad learning scope and a streamlined work process that makes it simple to complete all complex tasks.
  • With the Juniper Contrail Training Certification Course, you can accelerate your career growth.

Pay Scale For Juniper Contrail :

Holding a median US salary of 105K, people with a JNCIA-Junos certification might make more than 110K in the United States. Outside of the United States, the average yearly pay is roughly 600K, however, this varies by nation. Network engineers in the United Kingdom can make around 340K, with senior engineers earning over 550K0.

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Key Features

ACTE offers Juniper Contrail Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,
  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of Juniper Contrail Training
Module 1: Introduction to Juniper Contrail
Module 2: Important modules to handle
Module 3: What is cloud-computing
Module 4: Virtual Networking creating and controlling
Module 5: Problem Formulation in the virtual networks
Module 6: Automation usefulness in Cloud technology
Module 7: Cloud data handling management
Module 8: Rules validating and security control
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Need customized curriculum?

Hands-on Knowledge Juniper Contrail Projects

Project 1
Canduma Project

GraphQL API, Diesel, PostgreSQL, session authentication, and JWT are all included in this Rust Boilerplate server.

Project 2
Ixgen Project

Ixgen is configured through an INI- or JSON-style format, generating custom template-pushed or regular JSON-fashion configurations.

Project 3
Mlxsh Project

This project allows you to go into configuration adjustments or run instructions concurrently to organizations of Brocade.

Project 4
Spfcomputation Project

This project is set constructing the unicast routing desk with the aid of using acting the Shortest direction tree computation.

Our Esteemed Partner for Placements

As an energy boost, every student or professional who completes our classroom or online training in ACTE is eligible for a placement opportunity. Some of our students are employed by the companies mentioned below.
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd., Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM, and others are among our clients. It facilitates us to place our students in top international corporations throughout the world.
  • Our organization has a full-fledged placement unit that assists candidates in preparing for recruitment within or outside the institution.
  • We will start organizing interview calls with students when they have completed 70% of the Juniper Contrail training course content and prepare them for face-to-face engagement.
  • We teach students life skills such as effective communication, interpersonal connections, self-awareness, critical thinking, and problem-solving, among others.
  • We will communicate with past recruiters as well as potential recruiters for our students on a regular basis.
  • We will prepare students for professional interviews by conducting mock interviews.

Get Certified By Juniper Contrail & Industry Recognized ACTE Certificate

Acte Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher's as well as corporate trainees. Our certification at Acte is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC's of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Complete Your Course

a downloadable Certificate in PDF format, immediately available to you when you complete your Course

Get Certified

a physical version of your officially branded and security-marked Certificate.

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About Proficient Juniper Contrail Training Instructors

  • Our Juniper Contrail Training Mentors are certified professionals who work for top MNCs and have 9+ years of experience in their respective domains.
  • Our trainers locate job opportunities and facilitate the recruitment process for all qualified students.
  • All of our trainers are employed by companies such as Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd., Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, TCS, HCL Technologies, and others.
  • We have excellent trainers who can recognize their students' difficulties and find ways to encourage and support them.
  • OurTrainer boosts the motivation of good performers and improves their performance.
  • Juniper Contrail Training has garnered several prestigious awards from well-known IT organisations.

Juniper Contrail Course Reviews

Our ACTE Reviews are listed here. Reviews of our students who completed their training with us and left their reviews in public portals and our primary website of ACTE & Video Reviews.



I underwent Juniper Contrail training in ACTE, Porur. The training session was good. My tutor Mr.Anbu have been outstanding. I liked the sessions taught by him who is an experienced faculty. Each and every topic is explained very clearly. Materials provided by him were useful. He is really good with his training and has the best content with him for the training which is really useful for a fresher like me to learn.

Dinesh Karthik


Good Institute for getting your basics right in any course, Thanks to Prabhu sir for training me for Juniper Contrail has around 10+ years of experience in Juniper Contrail and covers all the real time scenario's in the classes



I have enrolled for Juniper Contrail course in ACTE, Chennai It is a very nice experience. Trainer is very good and talented. All the concepts are thoroughly explained by the time you don't understand. Facilities are good. There is the provision of paying fees in instalment. Hence overall it's nice to choose



It was a great learning experience in ACTE, Banglore. The entire course structure designed for its students, the teaching methodology, as well as placement assistance, is really good. ACTE helped me a lot to get my first job. Had a wonderful opportunity to learn under the guidance of dedicated faculty team headed and gain knowledge in the field of Juniper Contrail . I would recommend ACTE to people who are interested to learn Juniper Contrail .



Very motivational environment. Best way to teach. Really appreciate the efforts they put from there side to increase the knowledge and development of students. Thanks, ACTE

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Juniper Contrail Course FAQs

Looking for better Discount Price?

Call now: +91 93833 99991 and know the exciting offers available for you!
  • ACTE is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students List on our website
  • We have strong relationship with over 700+ Top MNCs like SAP, Oracle, Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM etc.
  • More than 3500+ students placed in last year in India & Globally
  • ACTE conducts development sessions including mock interviews, presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.
  • 85% percent placement record
  • Our Placement Cell support you till you get placed in better MNC
  • Please Visit Your Student Portal | Here FREE Lifetime Online Student Portal help you to access the Job Openings, Study Materials, Videos, Recorded Section & Top MNC interview Questions
    ACTE Gives Certificate For Completing A Course
  • Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies
  • ACTE is the unique Authorized Oracle Partner, Authorized Microsoft Partner, Authorized Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorized PSI Exam Center, Authorized Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore
  • The entire Juniper Contrail training has been built around Real Time Implementation
  • You Get Hands-on Experience with Industry Projects, Hackathons & lab sessions which will help you to Build your Project Portfolio
  • GitHub repository and Showcase to Recruiters in Interviews & Get Placed
All the instructors at ACTE are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 9-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by ACTE for providing an awesome learning experience.
No worries. ACTE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.
We offer this course in “Class Room, One to One Training, Fast Track, Customized Training & Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule.

Why Should I Learn Juniper Contrail Course At ACTE?

  • Juniper Contrail Course in ACTE is designed & conducted by Juniper Contrail experts with 10+ years of experience in the Juniper Contrail domain
  • Only institution in India with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
  • More than 50,000+ students trust ACTE
  • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
  • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies
Yes We Provide Lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.
You will receive ACTE globally recognized course completion certification Along with National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2009 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training & we have trained over 50,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.
We at ACTE believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Juniper Contrail batch to 5 or 6 members
Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Juniper Contrail . The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.
You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by's E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the ACTE branches in India
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