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RPA Blue Prism Certification Guide

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What is Blue Prism?

  • Blue Prism is an organization which has invented the Robotic Process Automation tool to provide automation solution for organizations. Let’s see how to acquire Blue Prism Certification:
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    Blue Prism Certification

    • In this era of automation, most of the organizations need RPA software to save time, human resources, and money.
    • It makes the work environment fully digital and broad. For the successful implementation of RPA, they need a certified professional employee who is capable of working on RPA.
    • If we look from the employees’ aspect, they will get a good job with the high package if they have a certification in hand. And, if we consider the employer’s point of view, they don’t need to train a certified employee right from scratch and this saves their time and increases productivity.

    List of Blue Prism Certifications

    Examination Code Certification Name Accreditation Award Total Questions Exam Time (Minutes) Passing Mark
    AD01 Blue Prism Developer Certification Developer 60 60 70%
    APD01 Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification Professional Developer 50 60 70%
    ATA01 Designing a Blue Prism (Version 5.0) Environment Technical Architect 45 75 80%
    AIE01 Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 5.0) Environment Installation Engineer 45 60 70%
    ARA01 Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification ROM Architect 60 60 70%
    ASD01 Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions Certification Process Solution Designer 25 60 70% 

    Blue Prism Certification Cost

    The certification cost of AD01 exam is about $65

    Blue Prism Developer Certification Exam

    Before you start Blue prism certification preparation, the importance of blue prism developer must be the first question in your mind. Well, in the world of RPA, Blue prism is the most recognized platform among others like Automation anywhere, Ui Path, Open Span, etc. Most organizations across the globe are investing in it due to its several technological benefits like –

    • Accuracy
    • Operation agility
    • Capacity
    • Process efficiency

    Apart from technology benefits, a Blue prism certified professional can –

    • Easily secure job not even in IT but also in RPA industry in any domain.
    • Earn more than other technology similar experts parallel to Blue prism.

    Course Curriculum

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    The Scope of Blue Prism Developer Certification Exam

    Blue prism has meticulously designed the certification outline that mainly focuses on the below areas.

    • Exception Handling Guide
    • Work Queues Guide
    • Developer Best Practice
    • Lifecycle Orientation
    • Object Layer Design

    Most of the Blue prism certification exam questions for the developer exam (AD01) are based on the above topics.

    However, apart from the above sections, candidates need to have a fair idea on the topics like

    • Process flow and Blue Prism stages
    • Object development and application modeling
    • Correct use of session, data types, and environment variables
    • Session management and control Room resource
    • Internal calculation functions of Blue Prism
    • How to debug process solutions

    It is advised from Blue prism that the candidate must complete Blue prism developer Foundation training along with self-assessment to get the proper idea on Blue prism accreditation questions and answers for successful completion of the certification exam.

    Important Things You Should Remember during Blue Prism Developer Certification Preparation

    It must be considered that career expectations in RPA field like Blue prism are very high.

    Hence, high rated skills and expertise is always that employers expect in a candidate. Following the same principle, the Blue Prism technology leverages the learners the scope to gain more and more knowledge on digital workforce and the robotic deployment through its certification path.

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    As a result, Blue Prism developer certification preparation expects a candidate to understand the below objectives:

    • Good understanding of the core areas of robotic automation
    • Skills in the Java Access Bridge can also be simply enhanced
    • Administrative skills like understanding on the user roles and permissions
    • Excellent level of hands-on knowledge in the field of Microsoft office tools specifically – Excel, Macro, Access, and other general office applications
    • Good understanding of the SOLID principles to develop a quality process related to the layout as well as responsibility delegations.
    • Utilization capability of robotics to derive the favorable outcomes for the organizations.

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