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Accelerate Your Career with Our Automation Testing Training!

  • Our automation testing training is intended to give you the fundamental abilities and understanding required to succeed in the software testing industry.
  • Our training program makes sure you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter by covering all the fundamental ideas, instruments, and methods in automation testing.
  • Through practical, hands-on exercises and real-world projects, you'll have the chance to apply theoretical knowledge and develop valuable skills.
  • Learn from our experienced professionals in automation testing, who can offer insightful advice, helpful hints, and best practices gleaned from their practical experience.
  • Our education continues even after the training is finished. We offer career support services to help you launch or grow your automation testing career, such as creating resumes, getting ready for interviews, and helping with job placement.
  • After completing the automation testing training, you will obtain a certification, which will attest to your abilities and raise your stature in the industry as an automation testing expert.
  • Classroom Batch Training
  • One To One Training
  • Online Training
  • Customized Training
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Course Objectives

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency
  • Improved Software Quality
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Skill Development
  • Test Automation Tools
  • Test Frameworks
  • Version Control Systems
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Programming Languages
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
Enrolling in an automation testing course typically requires a basic understanding of software testing concepts, proficiency with at least one programming language, an understanding of web technologies, and a working knowledge of computers and operating systems.
Learning automation testing has many advantages, such as cost savings, improved software quality, quicker time to market, increased efficiency, and better career opportunities. By automating repetitive tasks, automation testing ensures comprehensive and consistent testing, which helps organizations deliver high-quality software products more effectively and efficiently.
  • Creating Test Frameworks
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration with CI/CD Pipelines
  • Automating Test Cases
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • API Testing
Absolutely, there is a significant need for Automation Testing courses since companies are placing a greater emphasis on software efficiency, quality, and speed of delivery. Companies in a variety of industries are looking for people with experience in automation testing to ensure high-quality software products, increase productivity, and streamline testing processes.
  • Security Testing Automation
  • Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing
  • Test Environment Setup and Management
  • Version Control Systems
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Database Testing Automation
  • Test Scripting and Programming Languages
Yes, after finishing the Automation Testing course, you get certified. The legitimacy of the certification is contingent upon the accrediting body's standing in the industry. To ensure the certification has value in the job market, look for courses from respectable providers or those accredited by prominent organizations.
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Test Automation Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer (Automation)
  • Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
  • Test Automation Architect
  • Test Automation Lead/Senior Engineer
Indeed, Automation testing courses are designed for novices, offering a strong foundation in the concepts, methods, and tools of automation testing. Through structured learning modules, practical assignments, and hands-on exercises, novices can gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in automation testing right away.
Learning automation testing requires dedication, practice, and a solid understanding of testing principles and programming concepts. While it may initially present challenges, with the right resources, guidance, and effort, individuals can grasp automation testing effectively. Continuous practice and hands-on experience contribute significantly to mastering automation testing techniques.
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A Comprehensive Overview of Automation Testing

Automation testing entails utilizing specialized software tools and frameworks to automate test case execution and verify software functionality, aiming to enhance efficiency, precision, and testing coverage by eliminating manual involvement in repetitive tasks. It spans various testing types, including functional, regression, performance, and load testing, across diverse application domains such as web, mobile, and desktop. Through automating test scenarios, organizations can expedite testing cycles, minimize human errors, and achieve quicker time-to-market for their software products. Furthermore, automation testing facilitates the adoption of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, ensuring meticulous testing and validation of software releases before deployment. As an integral part of the software development lifecycle, it empowers teams to deliver top-notch, dependable software that aligns with user requirements and expectations.


Additional Info

Future innovations in Automation Testing

  • Integration of AI and Machine Learning: Automation testing tools are likely to integrate AI and ML capabilities to enhance test script creation, adaptability, and execution by identifying patterns and predicting potential issues.
  • Expanded Automation for Emerging Technologies: As new technologies like IoT, AI, blockchain, and AR/VR become more prevalent, automation testing tools will evolve to support testing for these platforms with specialized frameworks.
  • Emphasis on Shifting Testing Left: There will be a continued push to move testing activities earlier in the SDLC, integrating automation testing tools seamlessly with development environments for local testing to detect defects sooner.
  • Comprehensive End-to-End Testing: Automation testing frameworks will likely offer holistic testing capabilities, covering functional, integration, performance, security, and user experience testing to ensure thorough validation of software.
  • Cloud-Based Testing Solutions: Automation testing tools are expected to leverage cloud infrastructure for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, providing on-demand access to testing resources and environments.
  • Low-Code/No-Code Testing: To democratize testing, automation tools may incorporate low-code or no-code features, allowing users to create and execute tests visually or with predefined components without extensive programming knowledge.
  • Self-Correcting Test Automation: Automation frameworks may include self-healing capabilities to automatically detect and rectify test script failures caused by application changes, reducing maintenance efforts and enhancing test reliability.
  • API-First Testing: With the rise of microservices and API-driven architectures, automation testing tools will prioritize API testing capabilities, possibly offering specialized tools for comprehensive API validation.

Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Testing Job

  • Design and Develop Test Scripts: Create and maintain robust, reusable, and maintainable automated test scripts using various tools and frameworks.
  • Test Case Creation and Execution: Develop detailed and comprehensive test cases and plans and execute automated scripts to ensure their correct operation.
  • Bug Identification and Reporting: Detect and document software defects, inconsistencies, and bugs, working closely with the development team to reproduce and resolve issues.
  • Maintain Automation Frameworks: Develop, enhance, and maintain scalable and maintainable automation frameworks to support project automation needs.
  • CI/CD Integration: Integrate automated tests into continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to ensure tests are executed with every build and deployment.
  • Test Data Management: Create and manage accurate, up-to-date, and relevant test data for automated testing.
  • Performance and Load Testing: Design and execute tests to assess application scalability and reliability under various conditions.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Document test results, cases, and scripts and generate detailed reports and metrics on test execution and outcomes for stakeholders.
  • Stay Updated with Industry Trends: To continuously enhance abilities and testing procedures and stay up to date with the most recent tools, trends, and best practices in the automation testing industry.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Work with cross-functional teams, including developers and product managers, to understand requirements, provide feedback, and ensure comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Mentorship and Training: Mentor junior team members and provide training on automation tools, techniques, and best practices.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure automated testing aligns with the overall quality assurance strategy, contributing to high-quality software products.

Some of the Widely Used Automation Testing Frameworks

  • Selenium: A widely-used framework for testing web applications, compatible with multiple browsers and programming languages.
  • Appium: An open-source framework for automating mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • JUnit: A popular framework for unit testing Java applications, often integrated with various automation tools.
  • TestNG: Inspired by JUnit, this framework offers features like parallel test execution and data-driven testing.
  • Cucumber: Supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), enabling tests to be written in plain language for better readability.
  • Robot Framework: An open-source, keyword-driven testing framework suitable for acceptance testing and robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Protractor: An end-to-end testing framework designed explicitly for Angular and AngularJS applications, working well with Selenium.
  • Cypress: Known for its speed and reliability, this framework offers a developer-friendly experience and real-time reloading for web application testing.
  • Postman: A powerful tool for API testing, it facilitates automated API tests, mock servers, and comprehensive test suites.
  • Jest: A JavaScript testing framework maintained by Facebook, commonly used for testing React applications and featuring snapshot testing capabilities.

Benefits of Taking Automation Testing Course

  • Improved Career Opportunities: Mastering automation testing raises your profile and makes you more employable in the software testing industry.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Software products can be produced more quickly and reach the market sooner thanks to automation testing, which helps to execute tests more quickly and accurately than manual testing.
  • Cost savings: Automation testing lowers the time, resources, and expenses related to testing procedures by eliminating the need for manual involvement.
  • Thorough Skill Development: To ensure rigorous skill development, automation testing training courses offer hands-on instruction in the use of scripting languages, best practices, and automation testing tools and frameworks.
  • Quality Assurance: Automated testing makes early defect detection during the development cycle possible, raising software quality and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Adaptability to Agile and DevOps Environments: Continuous testing and integration in quick-paced development environments are made possible by automation testing skills, which are crucial for organizations implementing agile and DevOps techniques.
  • Continuous Learning: The automation testing course supports lifelong learning and professional development by giving students access to up-to-date information, resources, and industry insights.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Attending automation testing courses offers chances for networking, collaboration, and information sharing with peers, industry professionals, and instructors.
  • Career Growth: There is a strong need for automation testing specialists, and obtaining these abilities can result in increased income potential and career progression opportunities.
  • Contribution to Software Quality: By becoming an expert in automation testing methodologies, you can help create dependable, strong software that meets customer needs and expectations.
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Key Features

ACTE offers Selenium Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,

  • 40+ Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of Automation Testing Online Course
Module 1: Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Definition and Importance
  • Manual vs. Automation Testing
  • Tools and Technologies in Automation Testing
  • Planning and Tool Selection
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Test Script Development
  • Test Execution
  • Test Result Analysis and Reporting
  • Maintenance of Test Scripts
Module 2: Basics of Programming for Test Automation
  • Overview of Popular Programming Languages
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Control Structures (Loops, Conditionals)
  • Functions and Methods
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Module 3: Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Selenium IDE vs. WebDriver
  • Installing Selenium WebDriver
  • Setting Up a Test Environment
  • Locating Web Elements
  • Interacting with Web Elements
  • Handling Dynamic Web Elements
  • Handling Pop-ups and Alerts
  • Working with Frames and Windows
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Implicit and Explicit Waits
Module 4: Test Automation Frameworks
  • Types of Test Automation Frameworks
  • Benefits of Using Frameworks
  • Creating a Basic Framework
  • Modularizing Test Scripts
  • Integrating Test Data
  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • PyTest
Module 5: Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing
  • Concepts and Importance of CI/CD
  • Tools for CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI, CircleCI)
  • Setting Up Jenkins for Automation Testing
  • Running Automated Tests as Part of the Build Process
  • Reporting and Analyzing Test Results in CI/CD Pipelines
Module 6: Advanced Topics in Automation Testing
  • Introduction to API Testing
  • Setting Up Postman
  • Writing Test Scripts with RestAssured
  • Introduction to Appium
  • Setting Up Mobile Test Environment
  • Writing Test Scripts for Mobile Applications
  • Introduction to Performance Testing Tools (JMeter)
  • Writing and Executing Performance Test Scripts
Module 7: Best Practices and Industry Standards
  • Writing Maintainable and Reusable Test Scripts
  • Organizing Test Cases and Test Data
  • Code Reviews and Collaboration
  • Understanding Compliance Requirements
  • Implementing Security in Test Automation
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Need customized curriculum?

Acquire Real-World Automation Testing Project Experience

Project 1
API Testing

Create automated tests for social media platform APIs, covering user authentication, posting updates, retrieving profiles, and managing connections.

Project 2
Automated Regression Testing

Develop automated regression tests for a CRM system, focusing on customer data management, sales pipeline, contact interactions, and reporting.

Launch Your Career with Our Automation Testing Job Support Program

  • Securing a job or internship in the software testing industry, where the main emphasis is on developing and managing automated test scripts to guarantee software quality, is usually the goal of our automation testing job support.
  • Our internships offer practical experience and frequently lead to full-time jobs. They frequently entail carrying out practical tasks under the supervision of knowledgeable experts.
  • With backgrounds in prestigious organizations like Cognizant, HCL, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, Amazon, TCS, and Technologies, our faculty members have vast industry experience.
  • To increase your chances of getting hired for an automation testing role, practice coding, learn automation frameworks, and go over common testing scenarios in order to prepare for technical interviews.
  • Our automation testing job support program keeps abreast of the most recent developments in automation testing, ensuring that training materials follow the most recent standards set by the industry and best practices.
  • Professional networks, industry conferences, forums, and online communities can all help place workers by introducing candidates to possible employers.

Get Industry Recognised Automation testing Certification

The Automation Testing Certification is esteemed by prominent multinational corporations around the world. Our certification program is accessible to individuals starting out in the field as well as corporate trainees who successfully finish the theoretical and hands-on training sessions. With global recognition, the Automation Testing Certification carries substantial weight in the job market, enhancing your resume and increasing your chances of landing top positions in reputable MNCs worldwide. Certification is granted exclusively upon the satisfactory completion of our training program and practical assignments.

  • Career Advancement
  • Validation of Skills
  • Competitive Edge
  • Industry Recognition
  • Higher Earning Potential
Yes, getting certified in automation testing dramatically improves your chances of finding employment in the industry. Being certified increases your credibility validates your abilities, and shows you're dedicated to continuing your professional growth. All of which make you a more appealing prospect to companies looking for automation testing experts.
  • Selenium WebDriver Certification
  • Appium Certification
  • Postman Certification
  • SoapUI Certification
  • Cucumber Certification
It is possible to obtain certification in multiple automation testing tools or methodologies. A person's career prospects and versatility can be improved by obtaining expertise and recognition in multiple areas of automation testing through one of the many certification programs available for various tools and techniques.
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Test Automation Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
  • Test Automation Architect
  • Test Manager
  • DevOps Engineer

Complete Your Course

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Get Train With Our Effective Automation Testing Trainers

  • Our automation testing trainers are highly certified experts with over 7 years of industry expertise, having worked for reputable worldwide businesses.
  • Our experienced trainers conduct lectures in a highly practical manner, giving students hands-on experience and real-world insights.
  • Our trainers analyze beginner's present comprehension level and modify training strategies appropriately, resulting in excellent learning outcomes for all participants.
  • With access to cutting-edge resources and training zones, our automation testing trainers use innovative tools and approaches to achieve particular training objectives, boosting students' learning experiences.
  • Begin your automated testing journey with confidence, as our automation testing online course will provide you with practical, marketable skills required for success in today's fast-changing industry.
  • Our teachers have extensive industry expertise, having worked for top firms such as Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, TCS, and Technologies, guaranteeing you receive professional assistance and insights based on real-world circumstances.

Automation Testing Course FAQs

Looking for a better discount price?

Call now +9193833 99991 and know the exciting offers available for you!
  • ACTE is the legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Student list on the website.
  • We have strong relationships with over 700+ Top MNCs like SAP, Oracle, Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM etc.
  • More than 3500+ students placed in last year in India & Globally
  • ACTE conducts development sessions including mock interviews and presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.
  • 85% percent placement record.
  • Our placement cell supports you till you get placed in a better MNC.
  • Please visit your student portal. Here FREE lifetime online Student Portal helps you to access the job openings study materials, Videos, Recorded section, Top MNC interview questions.
Certainly, earning an ACTE certification is advantageous since it attests to your proficiency in particular fields, increasing your employability and credibility. Many employers recognize ACTE certifications, giving candidates a competitive advantage in the job market and more chances to grow in their careers.
Yes, there are lots of opportunities for practical training in the program. In interactive sessions that mimic real-world work environments, participants participate in practical exercises and projects. This practical method guarantees that students can put their theoretical knowledge to use, hone their practical skills, and obtain invaluable experience. Project work and guided labs are also intended to improve problem-solving skills and get participants ready for real-world work situations.
The instructors at ACTE are seasoned experts with a plethora of industry and subject-matter knowledge. These educators are dedicated to providing each student with personalized attention, excellent instruction, and useful guidance to help them succeed in the workplace.
Most programs offer recorded sessions that you can view whenever in our Student Portalit's convenient for you, in case you miss a class. Teachers and support personnel are also on hand to assist with any queries or ideas you might have overlooked. To help you stay on track, some programs might also provide one-on-one sessions or makeup classes.
Several training options are available for our Automation Testing course, such as self-paced online learning modules, instructor-led live classes, and practical hands-on training. A flexible and thorough training experience is ensured by the option for participants to select the format that best suits their schedule and learning preferences.

Why should I enroll in ACTE's Automation Testing course?

Automation testing course in ACTE is designed conducted by Automation testing course experts with 10+ years of experience in the Automation testing course domain only institution in India with the right blend of theory practical sessions in-depth course coverage for 60+ hours more than 50,000+ students trust ACTE affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind course timings designed to suit working professionals and students interview tips and training. Resume building supports real-time projects and case studies.
Yes, a lot of programs let potential students take trial classes or attend orientation sessions. An overview of the course curriculum, teaching style, and learning goals is given during these sessions. They also provide a chance for students to engage with teachers, pose questions, and observe how they are taught. Prior to enrolling in the course, attending an orientation or trial class can assist you in making an informed decision.
Yes, you will obtain a certificate from ACTE upon passing the Automation Testing course, which will attest to your competence and boost your reputation in the Testing industry.
The Advanced Software Training Institute, ACTE has been in business for more than eighteen years. Since its founding, ACTE has made a commitment to offering top-notch instruction and certification courses in a range of IT and professional development subjects, assisting people in developing their abilities and advancing in their careers.
Low student-teacher ratios are maintained by ACTE to guarantee individualized attention and efficient learning. Although they can vary, classes are usually kept small to encourage engaged conversation and personalized attention.
Class schedules are usually determined by participant preferences and the instructors' availability. The majority of programs provide morning, afternoon, and evening sessions in addition to weekend and weekday classes. The timetable that best suits each participant's commitments and availability will be selected. Additionally, in order to accommodate various time zones and guarantee accessibility for students worldwide, classes will be held in batches.
Feel free to reach out to us via our support hotline at +91 93800 99996, utilize the E-commerce payment system on, or visit any of our branches across India.
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