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  • Dot NET course is vital for mastering Microsoft's development framework, enhancing career prospects, and building versatile software skills.
  • Database integration with Entity Framework and ADO.NET is a central component of .NET training.
  • The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Dot NET Framework Class Library form the core of our .NET program.
  • Students learn to create, test, and deploy .NET applications, ensuring proficiency in the software development lifecycle.
  • Dot NET is a dynamic technology, and our course is designed to keep you well-informed about the most recent developments.
  • This comprehensive training encompasses programming in languages like C#, F#, and web and desktop application development.
  • Obtaining Dot NET certification can lead to higher earning potential and job opportunities in software development, web development, and IT.
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Course Objectives

A Dot NET Certification course is a program that teaches students the fundamentals of working with Microsoft's .NET framework, a platform for developing applications for Windows and web-based technologies. The course covers topics such as developing, debugging, and deploying .NET applications, using Visual Studio and C# or Visual Basic language, using components, and creating web services. Upon completion of the course, students are typically awarded a certification that demonstrates their proficiency in the .NET framework.

Online courses can help you learn .NET by providing a wealth of resources and materials that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. These courses include tutorials, hands-on projects and assignments, videos, and more. They also provide the support and guidance of experienced instructors who can answer questions and provide feedback. Additionally, online courses offer the opportunity to interact with other learners and professionals in the .NET community.

The .NET training covers concepts such as object-oriented programming, the Common Language Runtime (CLR), the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic.NET, LINQ, ADO.NET, WCF, WPF, Web Services, Windows Forms, Silverlight, AJAX, Security, Architecture, and Data Structures. It also covers topics like design patterns, unit testing, debugging, deploying applications and scalability.

  • C# Programming
  • .NET Framework
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • SQL Server Database Development
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Visualization Expert
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist Consultant

There are a variety of resources available to help prepare for a .NET Training Interview. You can find online courses on the subject, such as Microsoft's free online training course. You can also find books and guides that provide interview preparation tips and strategies. Additionally, there are many blogs and forums dedicated to .NET Training Interviews filled with advice and support from experienced professionals. Finally, you can also contact experienced trainers and consultants in the field to get personalized advice and assistance.

Yes, there are many job opportunities for .NET Training. Developers with .NET experience can find job openings in many industries, including banking, finance, healthcare, and more. They can also find positions as web developers, software engineers, system architects, and software testers. Additionally, there are many freelance opportunities available for those with .NET training.

What are the Dot NET related Courses that ACTE Offers?

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Microsoft VB.NET
  • Microsoft C#.NET
  • Microsoft ADO.NET
  • .NET Core
  • .NET Web Services

What are the Dot NET Trends that will Lead the Tech Industry in 2023?

The .NET Trends that will Lead the Tech Industry in 2023 include increased cloud-native development, microservices architectures, artificial intelligence, serverless computing, and more powerful data analytics. With these technologies, applications will be more reliable and efficient, enabling developers to create more advanced solutions that offer unprecedented performance. Additionally, .NET will continue to be a key technology for enterprise-level applications, allowing developers to build high-quality, secure, and maintainable solutions.

Is There Demand for Dot NET Training?

Yes, there is demand for .NET training. .NET is a popular Microsoft software development framework used to create web applications and services, and many companies are looking for employees with .NET development skills. There are many resources available to learn .NET, including online courses, books, and in-person training.

What is the Scope of Dot NET in Future?

The scope of .NET in the future is very promising. With the release of .NET 5, it is now a unified platform that supports all the major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. This allows developers to create applications on a single codebase and deploy them across multiple operating systems. Microsoft has also announced plans to make .NET open source and expand its capabilities with more languages and frameworks.

What are the Requisites to Learn Dot NET?

In order to learn .NET, a basic understanding of coding and computer programming fundamentals is necessary. Additionally, knowledge of the C# language and the .NET Framework is helpful. For an in-depth understanding of the .NET platform, familiarity with Visual Studio, Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, and Web Services is also necessary.

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Basics of Dot NET: An Extensive Overview

ACTE Dot NET training in Hyderabad is designed to equip aspiring .NET developers with the skills needed to become successful professionals. This comprehensive training covers all the Basics of Dot NET development, including C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web Services, and more. Students will gain an understanding of the .NET framework, the Visual Studio development environment, and the various tools and techniques used to create .NET applications. The course also covers the use of .NET in mobile development, cloud computing, and web development. In addition, students will learn the best practices for debugging and troubleshooting applications and get hands-on experience building their own applications. By the end of the course, participants will have the skills necessary to become proficient .NET developers.

Additional Info

What Are The Prerequisites For Enrolling In A Dot NET Training Program In Hyderabad?

To enroll in a Dot NET training program in Hyderabad, it is generally expected that candidates have a minimum educational qualification of a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. Candidates with a diploma in computer science or a related field may also be eligible for some courses. Additionally, some institutes may accept candidates with a non-technical background if they have relevant work experience or have completed prerequisite courses.

While prior programming experience is not always required, it can be helpful. Familiarity with programming languages such as C# and ASP.NET can make it easier to understand the concepts covered in a .NET training program. However, many training programs are designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience, from beginners to more advanced programmers. Therefore, it is important to research the specific prerequisites of the training program you are interested in before enrolling.

What Is Dot NET Framework, And What Are Its Key Components?

The Dot NET Framework is a software framework created by Microsoft that provides a runtime environment for running applications on the Windows operating system. It includes a large library of pre-built code and a common language runtime (CLR), which manages the execution of code and provides services such as memory management, security, and exception handling.

The key components of the .NET Framework include:

  • CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  • Class Library
  • Language Interoperability

Overall, the .NET Framework provides a rich set of tools and libraries that make it easier and faster to develop Windows and web applications.

What Are The Best Practices For Writing Clean And Efficient Code in Dot NET?

When writing .NET code, it is essential to follow best practices to ensure that the code is clean, efficient, and maintainable. One of the most important things to do when writing .NET code is to use meaningful and descriptive names for classes, methods, variables, and other elements in your code. It is recommended to follow the naming conventions recommended by Microsoft, such as PascalCase for class names and camelCase for method and variable names. By using consistent naming conventions, you can make your code more readable and easier to understand.

Adding comments to your code can help you and other developers understand the purpose and functionality of each element. Additionally, it is important to provide documentation for your code, such as XML documentation, which can be used to generate API documentation automatically. By providing clear and concise comments and documentation, you can make your code more maintainable and easier to work with.

Proper error handling is critical for creating robust and reliable .NET applications. You should always include try-catch blocks in your code to handle exceptions and errors that may occur during runtime. Additionally, you can use logging frameworks, such as log4net or NLog, to log errors and exceptions, making it easier to diagnose and fix issues.

Design patterns are proven solutions to common programming problems. By using design patterns, you can make your code more structured, maintainable, and easier to understand. Some popular design patterns used in .NET development include the Singleton pattern, Factory pattern, and Dependency Injection pattern.

When working with large datasets or performance-critical applications, it is important to use efficient data structures and algorithms. This can help to reduce the time and resources required to process data and improve the performance of your application. Some popular data structures used in .NET development include Lists, Dictionaries, and Queues.

Overall, by following these best practices, you can ensure that your .NET code is clean, efficient, and maintainable, making it easier to develop and support high-quality applications.

What Are The Industry-Specific Skills That Are Valuable For Dot NET Professionals?

  • Healthcare industry: .NET professionals working in the healthcare industry may need to have knowledge of healthcare regulations, medical terminology, and electronic health records (EHRs). Understanding the complexities of healthcare data, HIPAA compliance, and the interoperability of various healthcare systems is also essential.
  • Finance industry: In the finance industry, .NET professionals may need to have an understanding of financial software, accounting principles, and financial regulations. Experience with financial systems such as trading platforms, portfolio management software, and risk management tools can be useful.
  • Retail industry: .NET professionals working in the retail industry may need to be familiar with inventory management systems, point-of-sale (POS) software, and e-commerce platforms. Understanding how to integrate these systems and develop custom applications to meet the unique needs of retail businesses is valuable.
  • Education industry: In the education industry, .NET professionals may need to be familiar with learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), and online assessment tools. Experience developing custom applications to automate administrative processes or enhance the learning experience for students can be beneficial.
  • Manufacturing industry: .NET professionals working in the manufacturing industry may need to be familiar with manufacturing execution systems (MES), supply chain management software, and quality control tools. Understanding how to integrate these systems and develop custom applications to improve production efficiency can be valuable.
  • In summary, the industry-specific skills that are valuable for .NET professionals may vary depending on the sector in which they work, but a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of each industry can be highly beneficial for success.

    How Can A Dot NET Training Course Help Me Advance My Career As A Software Developer?

    A .NET training course can help advance your career as a software developer in several ways. First, it can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to develop robust and scalable applications using the .NET Framework. This includes understanding the fundamentals of .NET, programming languages such as C# and Visual Basic .NET, and web development tools like ASP.NET. Having these skills can make you a more valuable candidate in the job market, as many companies require developers who are proficient in .NET.

    Additionally, a .NET training course can help you keep up with the latest trends and technologies in software development. The .NET Framework is constantly evolving, with new features and tools being added regularly. By enrolling in a training course, you can stay up to date with these changes and learn new skills that can give you an edge in the job market. Furthermore, completing a .NET training course can demonstrate to employers that you are committed to professional development and can adapt to new technologies and methodologies.

    Overall, a .NET training course can be a valuable investment in your career as a software developer. It can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to develop high-quality applications, keep up with industry trends, and demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

    What Kind Of Hands-On Training Does ACTE Provide For Dot NET Training?

    ACTE provides a variety of hands-on training options for the Dot NET training program. Some examples of hands-on training include:

    • Practical coding exercises and projects to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.
    • Access to a virtual lab environment where students can practice building and deploying .NET applications.
    • Collaboration on real-world .NET projects with other students in the program, giving students the opportunity to work on a team and gain practical experience.
    • Guest lectures and workshops by industry experts, providing insights into real-world .NET development practices.
    • Mock interviews and resume reviews to prepare students for job interviews and help them present themselves as qualified .NET developers.

    Overall, the .NET training program at ACTE is designed to provide students with practical, hands-on experience that will prepare them for a career in .NET development.

    How Will Dot NET Training Prepare Me For Future Job Opportunities?

    .NET training is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a career as a .NET developer. As the demand for .NET developers continues to grow, completing a .NET training program can be an excellent way to prepare for future job opportunities.

    One of the key benefits of .NET training is that it provides students with a deep understanding of the .NET framework and the ability to build and deploy .NET applications. This expertise is in high demand among companies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. By completing a .NET training program, students can position themselves as qualified candidates for a variety of job opportunities.

    Another way that .NET training can prepare students for future job opportunities is by teaching them the latest best practices and industry standards for .NET development. This includes learning about agile development methodologies, unit testing, and version control systems, which are all essential skills for working as a .NET developer. With this knowledge, students can demonstrate to potential employers that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the field.

    In addition to technical skills, .NET training can also help students develop important soft skills that are highly valued by employers. For example, through group projects and collaboration with other students, students can learn how to work effectively in a team setting. This is an important skill for many jobs in the tech industry, as software development often requires close collaboration with other developers, project managers, and stakeholders.

    Overall, completing a .NET training program can prepare students for a wide range of job opportunities in the tech industry. With the knowledge and skills gained through a comprehensive .NET training program, students can position themselves as qualified candidates for jobs in a variety of industries and set themselves up for a successful career as a .NET developer.

    What Are The Positives Of ACTEs Online Classes?

    ACTEs online classes provide a great learning opportunity for students to learn at their own pace and convenience. It provides a flexible platform for students to learn from anywhere and anytime. The online classes are interactive and engaging, providing various multimedia tools and resources to support learning. Furthermore, online classes have proven to be cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to travel to a physical classroom and to purchase expensive learning materials. This also helps to save time and energy. Additionally, online classes are designed to meet the needs of students with different learning styles and goals.

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Key Features

ACTE Hyderabad offers Dot NET Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,

  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of Dot Net Training in Hyderabad


  • Why .NET?
  • The .NET initiative
  • Introduction to .NET framework
  • Advantages of .NET framework
  • System requirements
  • Introduction to Visual Studio .NET

Module 2: C# Fundamentals

  • Enumerations and Arrays
  • Constructors, Destructors, Partial Classes, and Static Classes
  • Introduction to Inheritance, Visibility Modifiers, and Simple Inheritance
  • Hiding methods, Method Overriding, Abstract Classes, and Methods
  • Sealed Classes and Interfaces
  • Delegates, Generics
  • Exceptions, Debugging, Breakpoints, Immediate window, Collections
  • Multi-Threading, LINQ
  • Assemblies
  • Manipulating Files and File Streams

Module 3: SQL Server 2014

  • SQL Basics, History, Query
  • Built-in Functions
  • Joins
  • Views, Indexes
  • Stored procedures, triggers

Module 4: Webservices

  • Web Services Introduction, Creating Web services.
  • Consuming Web services

Module 5: JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic functions Implementation
  • Java script events Handling
  • Java script Validations
  • Attaching an external JavaScript file

Module 6: JQuery

  • What is Jquery?
  • Installation and syntax
  • Selectors and events
  • Jquery animation effects
  • Jquery Ajax calls
  • Jquery Content delivery networks(CDN)
  • Jquery Validations

Module 7: LINQ

  • What is LINQ & Writing LINQ Queries
  • Extension Methods, Aggregate Functions, and Operators
  • Union, Intersect, and Except operators in LINQ
  • Insert Update Delete using LINQ to SQL
  • Using stored procedures with LINQ to SQL
  • Lazy loading and Eager loading

Module 8: Entity Framework

  • What is Entity Framework, CodeFirst, and DB First
  • Using stored procedures, handle model changes and seed database
  • Relationships in Entity Framework

Module 9: MVC

  • Introduction to MVC and MVC Architecture
  • Essential Language Features and Working with Controllers
  • Model Validation and Working with Views
  • Working with URLs and Routing
  • Ajax and Client Scripting
  • Security,Authentication,Authorization,Cross-site scripting ( XSS )

Module 10: Web API

  • What is Web API and why to use it?
  • Web API Routing and Filtering Data
  • Binding, Validation, and Routing

Module 11: WCF

  • Introduction to WCF, Addresses, and Bindings
  • Service Contracts, Data Contracts, Consuming WCF Service
  • Instance Management
  • Hosting a WCF service
  • REST Service
  • Fault contracts and Handling Errors
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Need customized curriculum?

Hands-on Real Time .NET Projects

Project 1
Travel Booking Platform

Create a travel booking platform that allows users to search for flights, hotels, and activities, and make bookings.

Project 2
Issue Tracking System Project

Develop an issue tracking and project management system for software development teams.

Gain Our Inventive Dot NET Job Opportunities

ACTE Dot NET Hyderabad offers With Job guarantee to help individuals acquire dream jobs in renowned organizations where they can essentially advance or demonstrate company development qualities as add-on to every student / professional who completed our classroom or online training.

  • We've partnered with over 1000+ small and large businesses to provide you with opportunities to kick-start and advance your career in Honeywell, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM etc. It make us capable to place our applicants in top MNCs across the world
  • We give unique student placement portal where you will find all of the interview schedules and be notified via email.
  • After successful completion of the training, ACTE provides F2F interaction, interview preparation and Dot NET Job Opportunity to qualifying applicants.
  • Dot NET Trainers assist students in developing their resume matching the current industry needs
  • Dot NET Certification Training is crafted by industry specialists to satisfy industry standards.
  • We will schedule Mock interviews and group discussions were held every week to find out the GAP in Candidate Knowledge

Dot NET Certification: Elevating Your Skills to the Next Level

ACTE Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher's as well as corporate trainees. Our Dot NET Certification at ACTE is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC's of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our .NET online training and practical based projects.

The Dot NET certification course provides an in-depth understanding of the .NET framework and its associated technologies. It helps learners to acquire knowledge and skills to develop and deploy applications using .NET framework. The course also provides essential knowledge and skills to design and develop distributed applications, web services and client/server applications. It also helps people to understand and apply the latest technologies related to .NET such as WCF, WPF and Entity Framework.

  • .NET Developer
  • .NET Software Engineer
  • .NET Web Developer
  • .NET Architect
  • .NET Systems Administrator

The prerequisites for enrolling in a Dot NET certification course include a basic understanding of computer programming, knowledge of the C# language, and experience with the .NET Framework. Additionally, depending on the course, knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and database technologies may also be beneficial.

To prepare for a Dot NET certification exam, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the topics covered by the exam, such as .NET framework, C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, ADO.NET, and LINQ. Additionally, it is important to have a good working knowledge of the principles of object-oriented programming, XML, and SQL. Practicing with sample questions and mock exams can also be beneficial as it provides an opportunity to assess your current level of knowledge and identify any areas that require further study.

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Accenture
  • Capgemini

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Concerning Qualified Dot NET Trainers

  • Our Dot NET Training in Hyderabad have real-time Certified Professionals with 9+ years of programming and coding experience in their respective domain as well as they are currently working with Top MNCs.
  • Our Dot NET Trainers work on real-time projects that will allow you to get valuable experience.
  • Our Tutors have Dot NET domain knowledge and offers a variety of training options for applicants, including Classroom instruction is available, Training on an individual basis, Online training with a live instructor Customized training.
  • All our Trainers are working with companies such as Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, IBM, L&T InfoTech, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc.
  • Trainers are also help candidates increase your chances of being hired by showcasing your real time project experience and Internal Hiring process.
  • Our trainers have strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge expertise and up-to-date knowledge of real-world industrial applications providing Best Dot NET Training to the applicants.
  • We have received several prestigious awards for Dot NET Course in Hyderabad from recognized IT organizations.

ASP.NET Course Reviews

Our ACTE Hyderabad Reviews are listed here. Reviews of our students who completed their training with us and left their reviews in public portals and our primary website of ACTE & Video Reviews.

Athulya kavi


I have been completed AP.NET classes in ACTE at Velachery .All topics are covered step by step and some classes are conduct practical based. So I can learn easily. Especially trainers are good & friendly manner any doubts we can ask at the time he explained with example for all our queries. Definitely, . I specially Thanks my Trainer Ashwin and ACTE for my Career growth. And also ACTE is a best environment and infrastructure to study.

Mohana Priya

Software Engineer

ACTE is very good platform to achieve knowledge in depth and They are providing placement for getting Job my experience and i have completed ASP.NET course in Hyderabad and ACTE was wonderful not only in terms of understanding the technology but also provides hands on practice to work on technology practically and the faculty is Extremely good and they help students in each and every way possible

Jerry Kevin

Software Engineer

I have done a course in ASP .NET .The class was very informative and now I am very confident to do many ASP.NET related projects. Trainer was very friendly and he cleared all our doubts during our training.Thanks for my trainer and thanks to ACTE in Chennai

Shalini Mahendra


I am really happy and I want to say something about ACTE, This is a very good place to learn .NET. And the trainer helped me to understand about .NET. I hope this is the correct place to learn ASP.NET course. I suggest if anyone wants to learn .net course, I recommend ACTE @ Anna nagar.

Selvi Hemnath

Software Testing

It has been completed ASP.NET classes in ACTE . All topics are covered step by step. So I can learn easily. Especially trainers are good & friendly manner any doubts we can ask at the time he explained with example for all our queries. Definitely, everyone gets interested in the First day itself. I specially Thanks my Trainer and ACTE .

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Looking for better Discount Price?

Call now: +91 93833 99991 and know the exciting offers available for you!

  • ACTE is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students List on our website
  • We have strong relationship with over 700+ Top MNCs like SAP, Oracle, Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM etc.
  • More than 3500+ students placed in last year in India & Globally
  • ACTE conducts development sessions including mock interviews, presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.
  • 85% percent placement record
  • Our Placement Cell support you till you get placed in better MNC
  • Please Visit Your Student Portal | Here FREE lifetime Online Student Portal help you to access the Job Openings, Study Materials, Videos, Recorded Section & Top MNC interview Questions
    • Gives
    • For Completing A Course

  • Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies
  • ACTE is the unique Authorized Oracle Partner, Authorized Microsoft Partner, Authorized Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorized PSI Exam Center, Authorized Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore
  • The entire ASP.NET training has been built around Real Time Implementation
  • You Get Hands-on Experience with Industry Projects, Hackathons & lab sessions which will help you to Build your Project Portfolio
  • GitHub repository and Showcase to Recruiters in Interviews & Get Placed

All the instructors at ACTE are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 9-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by ACTE for providing an awesome learning experience.

No worries. ACTE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.

We offer this course in “Class Room, One to One Training, Fast Track, Customized Training & Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule.

Why Should I Learn ASP.NET Course At ACTE?

  • ASP.NET Course in ACTE is designed & conducted by ASP.NET experts with 10+ years of experience in the ASP.NET domain
  • Only institution in India with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
  • More than 50,000+ students trust ACTE
  • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
  • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies

Yes We Provide lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.

You will receive ACTE globally recognized course completion certification Along with National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.

We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2009 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training & we have trained over 50,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

We at ACTE believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each ASP.NET batch to 5 or 6 members

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in ASP.NET. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by's E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the ACTE branches in India

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