Microsoft Dynamics AX Tutorial | The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
Microsoft Dynamics AX Tutorial ACTE

Microsoft Dynamics AX Tutorial | The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Abdul Gani (Microsoft Dynamics Technical Expert )

Abdul Gani has 5+ years of experience with coding in X++, SQL Server, .NET, SSRS, and SSIS. His role in succession planning is that of BI/Power BI with all stages of AX Development.

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      Introduction :-

      Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for medium to large enterprises and for people. Supports effective work. Respond to change and compete globally. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a solution that works like familiar Microsoft software and automates and streamlines financial, business intelligence, and supply chain processes in a way that is useful to your business.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Microsoft Dynamics AX

      History :-

      History of Microsoft Dynamics AX was originally developed as IBM Axapta in collaboration with IBM and Danish Damgaard Data. Axapta was originally launched in the Danish and US markets in March 1998. Immediately after the release of version 1.5, IBM returned all rights to the product to Damgaard Data. Damgaard Data was integrated with Navision Software A / S in 2000 to become Navision Damgaard, later called Navision A / S. Microsoft acquired the merged company in July 2002. [4] In September 2011, Microsoft released version AX2012. [5] Available and supported in more than 30 countries and 25 languages. Dynamics AX is used by over 20,000 organizations of all sizes around the world. [6] The latest version [7], released in February 2016, abolished the year and version nomenclature and was widely known as AX7, but was simply called AX.

      About :-

    • This update was a major overhaul with a brand new user interface, delivered via a browser-based HTML5 client and initially available only as a cloud-hosted application. However, this version only existed for a few months, as Dynamics AX was renamed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations in October 2016 and renamed to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in July 2017. An additional retail-focused version of the brand Dynamics 365 is available for retail. This is a slightly different license price than Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

    • Development Center MDCC or Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen was once the main development center for Dynamics AX. [8] MDCC is now located in Kongens Lyngby and also houses Microsoft Dynamics NAV and several other products in the Microsoft Dynamics family. Microsoft Denmark is also in the same building. Microsoft employs about 900 people from about 40 different nationalities in Denmark.

      Features :-

    • In addition to MDCC, Microsoft is developing AX in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Hyderabad, India; Moscow, Russia; China, Shanghai; and Pakistan. The topics in this section include information about the Microsoft Dynamics AX workspace, common tasks that all users can perform, information about enterprise portals for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and information about Microsoft accessibility products and services.

    • Future Microsoft has published a “Statement of Direction” on its Partner Sources website that describes Dynamics AX’s future development plans. Future versions of AX say it will include enhanced vertical market capabilities, cloud computing, and HTML5. However, in reality, Microsoft will discontinue what is called AX.

    • Microsoft Dynamics AX Features
      Microsoft Dynamics AX Features
    • The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based on a completely modified setup in every respect, so there are no upgrade options like between Axapta 2.5> 3.0 or from AX2009> AX2012. Existence of on the Internet One of the most notable sources of information about Axapta (before Microsoft bought it) was This is a unique web-based newsgroup that has grown into a significant number of members and posts before Microsoft purchased it in 2002.

    • After incorporating Microsoft Axapta into the Business Solutions Suite, we migrated newsgroup content to Microsoft Business Solutions newsgroups. [14] The oldest Axapta Technet post you can find today dates back to August 2000. [15] In the era of Axapta 3.0, this newsgroup, along with a trusted official Microsoft website (Partnersource for Microsoft partners and Axapta resellers and Customersource for licensed Axapta customers), along with official Axapta documentation.

    • It occupied most of the source. During this time, few documents were freely accessible. After Microsoft released Dynamics AX 4.0, Axapta’s presence on the World Wide Web has grown significantly, increased interest from professional blogs, and continued to improve its presence on MSDN.

    • MSDN was mostly placeholders right after its release, but now contains more detailed information, from the complete SDK to white papers and code samples. community The AX community is primarily made up of Dynamics partners, end users, and MS MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) employees. Many organizations are dedicated to extending the information provided by Microsoft.

    • The Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG) is a community for software users. Dynamics User Group (DUG) is an online community for users, partners and freelancers. Mibuso (Mibuso) is an online community for users, partners and freelancers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations (Dynamic netsoft Software Services) is a community for software users. In addition, Microsoft hosts an extended community forum..

    • Microsoft Dynamics AX was one of Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning software products. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family. In 2018, the ThickClient interface was removed and the web product was renamed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite.

    • Today, Microsoft Dynamics AX is extremely popular in the software testing industry and is a major contributor to business improvement. This is considered one of the best ERP products available on the market. Microsoft Dynamics AX is extremely powerful and has been developed to adequately meet the needs of both medium and large enterprises. One-time investments in these are rewarding in the long run. Each organization has different departments such as accounting, human resources, marketing, production and sales. Each of these departments has its own capabilities.

    • For example, Human Resources handles salaries, benefits, recruitment, training, evaluations, and more. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrates the core functions of different departments into one product. ERP usually consists of various “modules” that include some common functions such as manufacturing modules, HR modules, supply chain management modules, sales modules, and so on.

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      Functions :-

      Each module interacts with another module for functionality. The data is stored in a shared database and can be accessed by various other modules depending on its functionality. For example, the sales module can access the accounting module to see the annual sales amount. Features can be customized according to the processes and business needs of each organization and the areas in which they operate. For example, if you are a dealer company, you can create a new module for your dealer management system, but this is not integrated into many ERPs.

      Advantages :-

      1. Various ERP products such as SAP, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards are on the market. Microsoft has its own ERP products under the Dynamics line, including Dynamics Axapta, Dynamics Navision, and Dynamics Great Plains.

      2. The AX is designed for medium to large organizations with 200-7500 users. AX is a very powerful, agile pre-built solution that can be deployed globally. Each country has its own currency / language / features such as various tax settings, banking features, etc.

      3. AX covers this localization with a single instance of the product.Therefore, it provides the flexibility to expand to different industries / countries / currencies and languages.

      4. The latest version of AX 2012 is supported in more than 36 countries and 25 languages. AX can be integrated with a variety of other Microsoft products, including: Examples: MS Office, MS SharePoint, MS SQL Server, etc.

      5. Integration of third party products is also possible with AX. There are off-the-shelf solutions for almost five industries.

      6. Dynamics AX includes industry modules for the public sector, distribution, retail, manufacturing, and even professional services industries. These modules are ready to use and easy to implement as they are ready to use in Dynamics AX.

      7. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for medium and large enterprises that helps people work effectively, manage changes. Microsoft Dynamics AX was one of Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning software products.

      8. In 2018, the ThickClient interface was removed and the web product was renamed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as part of Microsoft’s Dynamics. As the name “AX” indicates, this is a WiFi 6 router. This means that it supports major WiFi 6 upgrades such as OFDM, allowing data to be sent to multiple devices simultaneously on a single channel, not just 1024QAM.

      9. This allows you to pack about 25% more data into each of these transfers than before.Finance and Operations is just the new name for Dynamics AX. Since Dynamics AX Monica has been officially discontinued, this FAQ refers to this product as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations unless there is a clear distinction between old and new versions.gen, 256QAM.Is it difficult to learn Microsoft Dynamics AX? The time required depends on what you want to learn about AX.

      Certification :-

    • Financial Management: This module provides the functionality for reliable & fast accounting, ledger management, bank management and also the financial reports that are required for the organization.
    • Procurement and Sourcing: This module deals with the functionality of vendor management, purchase from vendors, and the processes done during purchase, such as creating a purchase order, invoicing, purchase requisition etc. It also involves product management.
    • Human Capital Management: This module is mainly for employee management, which includes their benefits, payroll, rewards, absence management, questionnaire etc.
    • Travel and Expense Management: This module encompasses expense reports, travel requisition, payment methods for travel, reimburse the expenses and so on.
    • Service Management: This module handles reporting of service orders, service contracts, service subscriptions, and service charge transactions. The main purpose of this module is to manage the types of services / repairs, the technicians responsible for them, the fees for the services, etc.
    • Supply Chain Management: This is one of the most important and comprehensive modules. Used in AX. This links the overall control of the transfer of raw materials from the supplier to the manufacturer, later as a finished product to the retailer and ultimately to the end customer. This includes sales order and ordering process, inventory and warehouse management, quality control and more.
    • Sales and Marketing: This module tracks leads, contacts, activities to track customer interactions, marketing campaigns, and more.
    • Project Management and Accounting: This module helps organizations effectively manage their projects, manage project costs incurred, and obtain project cash flow reports to validate their profits. Project skills and experience can be associated with workers. This module can also be integrated with MS Project Server.
    • Production: This module deals with the process of converting raw materials into finished products. This includes managing jobs, planning, and tracking manufacturing costs. Prerequisites for learning Microsoft Dynamics AX There are certain prerequisites for learning Microsoft Dynamics AX. This is discussed in more detail in this section. Each ERP has two areas, which include: Technical Areas-Includes architecture, installation, setup / configuration, product customization, and learning basic functional knowledge

      Functional Area:-

      The functional area contains knowledge of the basic domain knowledge of each module. B. Trade and logistics, finance, etc.

      Functional Area
      Functional Area

      1) Technical fields: Basic coding and object-oriented programming skills can be very helpful in learning the technical aspects of AX. The basics of SQL queries are also very useful because you need to retrieve the data from the database. The AX uses a language called X ++ for development. The language uses object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. X ++ is similar to C and Java with interactive queries to retrieve from the database. Also, basic functional knowledge of the most commonly used terms such as general ledger, sales order, purchase order, inventory, etc. is very helpful.

      2) Functional area: Domain knowledge is very important to know the functional aspects of AX. For example, in the case of the Treasury module, you need to know the basics such as bookkeeping, accounting rules, and general ledger adjustments. For trade and logistics, you need to know how the trade process works in real-world organizations. After learning the basics, you can start learning AX. Functional consultants can learn it by correlating it with real-world scenarios of how an organization operates. AX coding consists primarily of extensions to off-the-shelf solutions. B. Customize forms and reports and add new forms, fields, reports and more. After learning the basics, a technical consultant can learn AIF (Application Integration Framework).

      Business Applications-Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification :-

    • Integrate your business from data to people to processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest intelligent business application to adapt to changing needs. Microsoft’s new role-based certification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 demonstrates your ability to improve business decisions, foster customer relationships, streamline operations, and improve business outcomes.
    • As a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, Learning Tree is useful at every stage. Training and expert insights needed to prepare and pass Microsoft Dynamics 365 role-based certification exams during the certification process. Check out the exams required for each qualification and the new Learning Tree course to prepare for those exams.
    • Dynamics AX supports 95% of production management features. Other ERP systems on the market account for an average of 82% in this module, which means that Microsoft’s software solution has a significant advantage here.
    • Dynamics AX provides 95% of the scope of inventory management functionality. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful ERP solution that helps international companies organize, automate, and optimize their processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy and intuitive to use and quickly demonstrates a return on investment after deployment.
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution that has enabled businesses of all shapes and sizes to optimize and automate processes and other workflow systems. together. The powerful ERP solution comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to get ROI quickly after implementation.
    • Dynamics AX is part of the Dynamics 365 product suite and is intended to provide businesses with a complete ERP solution along with other Microsoft Dynamics modules.

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      What is AX ERP system?

      The AX ERP system is an enterprise software developed by Microsoft as part of the Dynamics 365 suite. It is an enterprise resource planning solution to help enterprises efficiently and effectively manage back-end activities, track routine tasks.

      Some of the areas covered by the AX ERP system include; financial management, business intelligence, e-commerce, retail, inventory management, project management, manufacturing and distribution, service management, business intelligence and human resource management . In addition to providing comprehensive CRM functionality, the AX ERP system also provides various sales and marketing tools, to enable better business operations.

      What is AX ERP system ?
      What is AX ERP system ?

      The Microsoft Dynamics suite was originally launched in 2003 and consisted of five different modules including; Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM software. What is Microsoft Dynamics AX used for? Microsoft Dynamics AX is the perfect fit for startups, helping them discover new business opportunities and reach global audiences with unified financial management intelligence and advanced analytics.

      The system also offers country-specific localization options to help startups meet compliance regulations in their countries. Some of the countries where localization options are available include; China, India, Russia and Brazil.

      Here are some benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AZ for startups: Increased customer satisfaction By implementing the Dynamics AX system, startups can optimize the flow of their goods; by leveraging advanced logistics management thus enabling startups to capture more markets and deliver their products faster to customers. Furthermore, by leveraging the powerful analytical characteristics of the market, startups can optimize product quality and solve problems early.

      Increased visibility Dynamics AX enables startups to efficiently track assets and automate processes as needed to minimize reporting errors. The system collects all relevant business data and provides predictive analytics to startups to help them gain insight into business performance in every area of ​​business activity. Reduced operating costs By automating their company’s financial management process, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables startups to minimize operational costs. Some of the financial management features offered include; footprint, 3-way matching, planning and budget control.

      The system also allows startups to optimize procurement costs by automating all processes in the supply chain, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors. Increase productivity By providing startups with insights into business health and performance, the Dynamics AX system empowers employees and leaders to make smart, informed decisions.

        Scope :-

      • The System-powered RoleTailored tool can collect and consolidate information and insights from specific business functions and present them as insightful reports to the team, allowing the team to work efficiently More efficient and smarter to increase productivity. Fine scale Dynamics AX delivers a model-driven, layered architecture to help businesses grow their operations without worrying about the backend support needed to support scaling. The system’s unique layered architecture ensures that businesses can improve and scale their operations without any technical problems and can meet ever-changing business requirements. change.

      • The AXE system comes with a flexible architecture with reduced execution time and can be scaled up as the business grows. What is Microsoft Dynamics AX used for SMBs and Enterprises? For businesses and SMBs, implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX means optimizing workflows, minimizing training required, and maximizing return on investment for the organization.

      • The AXE system enables SMBs and businesses to discover new opportunities, as well as effectively manage growth and changing business needs. By providing businesses with centralized and unified communication and collaboration tools for all business functions, Microsoft AX provides high-value-added solutions for building tight connectivity between employees and customers. Some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for SMBs and businesses include: Faster, smarter decisions In today’s competitive business world, the key to success lies in the company’s ability to innovate and deliver customized solutions to its customers.

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        Conclusion :-

        The Microsoft AX2009DMT tool helps you find and close the gap between the AX2009 table schema and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

        It can take a long time to learn everything about AX, but it’s not too difficult to understand a particular module as a user because the interface is comparable to Microsoft US Gas & Power, a US-based professional services company with 17,000 employees and $ 100 billion in revenue, based in France with 321383 employees. Includes the retailer Carrefour SA. $ 95.72 billion,

        The new Microsoft Dynamics AX (called AX7 for brevity) is Microsoft because its prestigious ERP software is not only cloud-enabled, but also cloud-first for the first time. This is an important release for.

        As a Microsoft Dynamics AX developer, your responsibilities include building customized software based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX framework, writing code in different programming languages, and managing the Dynamics AX system for your customers, companies, or organizations. included. The AX Data Tool helps you migrate your AX2009 data to Dynamics 365

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