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  • Our comprehensive SAP Fieldglass course curriculum covers all areas of the profession, from platform automation to data analytics, and provides students with the necessary skills to succeed in the sector.
  • Students will dig thoroughly into numerous SAP Fieldglass disciplines, including configuration management, performance optimization, and integration, allowing them to specialize in their favorite areas.
  • Learn advanced tactics, such as platform customization, data visualization, and vendor management, to keep up with changing industry standards.
  • Hands-on activities, real-world projects, and industry case studies give students important practical experience while also preparing them for the needs of the labor market.
  • Our specialized Placement Support Team holds interview preparation sessions to ensure that our students are well-prepared to demonstrate their talents and pursue new career possibilities.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass course program, built in partnership with industry experts, is continually updated and linked with current trends, ensuring that students learn practical skills that are in great demand in the field.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass course graduates have the opportunity to pursue diverse career paths such as consultant, vendor manager, and analytics expert, presenting exciting industry prospects.
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Course Objectives

Obtaining a SAP Fieldglass certification attests to one's ability to use the platform effectively for managing contingent labor. It exhibits proficiency in data analysis, vendor management, compliance, and procurement optimization. Acquiring certification improves employment opportunities and reputation in positions pertaining to procurement and contingent labor management.
  • Efficient Workforce Management
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Competitive Edge
  • Industry Recognition

Prerequisites for our SAP Fieldglass training are usually not demanding. Nonetheless, it can be helpful to be familiar with vendor management, HR procedures, or procurement processes. Gaining a basic understanding of cloud-based applications and ERP systems helps with better concept retention.

Taking SAP Fieldglass training enhances career prospects by providing specialized skills in high demand across industries. This training offers comprehensive training in vendor management, enabling individuals to develop proficiency in SAP Fieldglass functionalities.

  • Vendor Management
  • System Configuration
  • Data Analysis
  • Procurement Optimization
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Stakeholder Communication

Because SAP Fieldglass positions require specialized skills in vendor relationship management, contingent workforce management, and procurement optimization, they can pay attractive salaries. Pay varies according to experience, geography, and job duties, yet in some sectors and areas, salaries can be quite profitable.

Absolutely, as contingent labor management becomes more and more important in a dynamic company environment, SAP Fieldglass training will be beneficial in the future. Platforms like SAP Fieldglass, which provide great job opportunities, will be relied upon by organizations to improve procurement, manage expenses, and maintain compliance with changing regulations.

What is the use case for SAP Fieldglass?

  • Centralize and automate vendor management processes
  • Streamline procurement operations and improve efficiency
  • Gain visibility into vendor performance and compliance
  • Ensure governance and risk mitigation in vendor relationships

Is SAP Fieldglass easy to learn?

Learning SAP Fieldglass can vary in difficulty depending on an individual's background and experience with vendor management systems and enterprise software. While the platform offers intuitive user interfaces and comprehensive documentation, mastering its functionalities may require dedication and hands-on practice.

What job chances are offered by the SAP Fieldglass Training?

  • Contingent Workforce Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Vendor Management Analyst
  • HR Operations Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • System Administrator

Which tool does SAP Fieldglass use?

SAP Fieldglass utilizes a range of tools to facilitate comprehensive vendor management solutions. At its core, SAP Fieldglass leverages cloud-based technology to offer intuitive tools for various aspects of vendor management. These tools include vendor onboarding and registration features, vendor performance evaluation and scorecard, contract management and compliance tracking, and reporting and analytics on vendor spend and performance.

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Overview of SAP Fieldglass VMS

The cloud-based SAP Fieldglass VMS (Vendor Management System) platform is intended to simplify and enhance the administration of independent contractors and outside service providers. With its end-to-end visibility into the contingent workforce, it helps businesses find, hire, manage, and release contingent workers effectively and in accordance with both internal and external regulations. Features for managing requisitions, choosing vendors, managing contracts, tracking time and expenses, invoicing, and reporting are all included in the platform. SAP Fieldglass VMS's intuitive interface and powerful analytics tools enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, manage expenses, reduce risks, and improve supplier collaboration. These actions ultimately lead to increased operational efficiency and the accomplishment of strategic workforce goals.


Additional Info

The Future Purpose of SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass's long-term goals are to keep developing into the top platform for managing contingent labor and streamlining procurement.

  • Enhanced Analytics and Insights: SAP Fieldglass is leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance its analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights into supplier performance, workforce trends, and purchasing habits, thereby aiding strategic workforce planning and enabling informed decision-making.
  • Integration and Interoperability: The integration of SAP products and external platforms will be prioritized for seamless finance, HR, and procurement activities, enabling end-to-end process automation and data utilization across enterprise systems.
  • Agility and Flexibility: SAP Fieldglass is set to evolve to accommodate flexible work arrangements like contract labor, freelance labor, and remote personnel, offering adaptable tools and workflows to accommodate talent acquisition tactics and shift workforce dynamics.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: SAP Fieldglass plans to enhance its risk management and compliance features, including automated inspections, real-time regulatory change monitoring, and risk reduction instruments for complex regulations.
  • Total Workforce Management: SAP Fieldglass offers a comprehensive approach to workforce management, covering all personnel, including contractors, permanent employees, and contingent labor, enabling organizations to enhance their talent strategy and boost staff productivity.
  • Innovation in Technology: SAP Fieldglass is leveraging advanced technologies like blockchain, IoT, and predictive analytics to enhance contingent labor management, focusing on worker safety monitoring, secure contract management, and workforce planning.
  • User Experience and Mobility: SAP Fieldglass, a mobile application, aims to enhance user experience and mobility by providing user-friendly interfaces and mobile applications, enabling remote access and control of workforce activities, leading to increased productivity and adoption.

Tools used in SAP Fieldglass

  • SAP ERP Integration: Many businesses combine SAP Fieldglass with their SAP ERP systems to improve operations like procurement, invoicing, and vendor management.
  • SAP Ariba: SAP Ariba is a procurement solution that enhances SAP Fieldglass by offering strategic sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management capabilities.
  • SAP SuccessFactors: SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HCM system. Integration with SAP Fieldglass enables firms to manage contingent workers alongside regular staff.
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solutions: Organizations may use SRM solutions to manage their relationships with vendors and suppliers. Integration with SAP Fieldglass ensures consistency and efficiency in vendor management activities.
  • Financial Systems: Integrating with financial systems such as SAP Financials or other enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms enables continuous invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting for contingent labor management.
  • Contract Management Systems: Some businesses utilize contract management systems to generate, store, and manage agreements with third-party suppliers and service providers.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions: IAM solutions enable enterprises to manage user identities and access privileges. Integration with SAP Fieldglass provides secure access for those managing contingent labor operations.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: Data from SAP Fieldglass may be analyzed using BI tools like SAP BusinessObjects or Tableau, offering insights into contingent labor performance, spending, and compliance.
  • APIs and Custom Integrations: Based on unique business requirements, organizations may create custom integrations with SAP Fieldglass APIs to link the platform to other internal systems and third-party apps.
  • Security and Compliance Tools: Security and compliance tools are critical for maintaining data privacy, ensuring regulatory compliance, and safeguarding against cybersecurity risks.

Benefits of SAP Fieldglass Course

  • Improved Skills: Gain extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with SAP Fieldglass, allowing you to efficiently manage vendor relationships and enhance workforce management operations.
  • Practical Experience: Participate in hands-on activities, real-world projects, and industry case studies to get practical knowledge and insight into SAP Fieldglass deployment and operation.
  • Career possibilities: Explore a variety of career paths in vendor management, analytics, and workforce optimization, which offer lucrative job opportunities.
  • Expert Placement Support: Receive assistance from expert placement teams, including interview preparation workshops, to help you improve your job search and find career possibilities inside the SAP Fieldglass ecosystem.
  • Advanced techniques: Discover advanced techniques, including platform customization, data analytics, and vendor management strategies, which will enable you to remain ahead of market trends and promote innovation in vendor management practices.
  • Specialization Opportunities: Delve deeper into several SAP Fieldglass disciplines, allowing you to specialize in areas like configuration management, performance optimization, and integration. This will align your talents with your professional goals.
  • Updated Curriculum: Benefit from a curriculum created in conjunction with industry experts. The training content is guaranteed to be current with the newest trends and improvements in SAP Fieldglass, keeping you relevant and competitive in the job market.
  • Vendor-Neutral Knowledge: Many SecOps courses offer vendor-neutral training, allowing students to develop a comprehensive grasp of security operations principles that can be applied to a variety of technological platforms and contexts.
  • Continuous Learning: Cybersecurity is a continually developing industry, and SecOps workers must keep up with the newest threats, technology, and best practices.

Trends and techniques used in SAP Fieldglass

A number of techniques and trends are reshaping SAP Fieldglass and contingent labor management. Among the noteworthy ones are:

  • AI and Machine Learning: SAP Fieldglass's integration of AI and machine learning algorithms makes enhancing risk management, workforce planning, and vendor selection with predictive analytics possible.
  • Data Analytics: Large volumes of workforce data are analyzed using advanced data analytics techniques to provide insights that support enterprises' data-driven decision-making, spending optimization, and trend identification.
  • Mobile Solutions: Users can access SAP Fieldglass functionalities on several devices using mobile applications and responsive design approaches, which improves user experience and facilitates workforce management while on the road.
  • Integration with Ecosystem: In order to build a single ecosystem for finance, HR, and procurement, SAP Fieldglass is rapidly connecting with other SAP products and external platforms. This ensures smooth data flow and process automation.
  • Vendor Management Strategies: In order to maximize vendor relationships and generate value, organizations are implementing complex vendor management methods within SAP Fieldglass, such as strategic sourcing, supplier collaboration portals, and performance-based contracting.
  • Compliance Automation: Automation tools reduce manual effort and mitigate compliance risks associated with contingent workforce management by ensuring compliance with changing labor laws, regulations, and corporate rules.
  • Agile Implementation Methodologies: Agile methodologies are becoming more and more popular for SAP Fieldglass installation because they enable rapid feature implementation, iterative development, and flexibility in response to shifting business needs.
  • Total Workforce Management: In order to help businesses better manage their whole workforce, SAP Fieldglass is expanding to include not only contingent workers but also other workforce segments like permanent employees, freelancers, and gig workers.
  • Blockchain Technology: Using blockchain technology in SAP Fieldglass can improve transaction security, transparency, and trust, especially in contract administration, payment processing, and identity verification in contingent labor management.
  • Predictive Workforce Planning: Advanced workforce planning solutions make use of predictive analytics and historical data to forecast future labor needs, enhance talent acquisition tactics, and guarantee workforce resilience and agility.
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Key Features

ACTE offers SAP Hana Admin Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,

  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of SAP Fieldglass Online Training
Module 1: Introduction to SAP Fieldglass
  • Evolution and history of the platform
  • Key features and benefits of SAP Fieldglass
  • The architecture of SAP Fieldglass
  • Cloud deployment models
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
Module 2: Configuration and Administration
  • User and role management
  • Role-based access control
  • Audit and compliance management
  • Vendor and worker profile management
  • Configuring and customizing workflows
  • Data privacy and protection
  • Security best practices for SAP Fieldglass
Module 3: SAP Fieldglass Architecture
  • System architecture
  • Core Configuration
  • Job Posting and Procurement
  • Configuration settings
  • Integration enterprise system
  • Security and Compliance
  • User management and permissions
  • Vendor management and onboarding
Module 4: Integration And API’s
  • ERP Integration
  • HR Integration
  • APIs and data integration
  • Integration with other SAP solutions
  • Integration with external systems
  • Data exchange and synchronization
  • Vendor Management Integration
Module 5: Implementation and Project Management
  • SAP Fieldglass implementation methodology
  • Project Management and configuration
  • Project planning and management
  • Change management and user adoption
Module 6: SAP Fieldglass Requisition Management
  • Overview of requisition management
  • Creating and submitting requisitions
  • Managing requisitions through approval process
  • Best practices for requisition management
  • Posting job openings to vendors and talent pools
  • Managing responses and candidate profiles
  • Shortlisting and selecting candidates
  • Managing the hiring process
  • Onboarding and offboarding workers
  • Document management and compliance
  • Managing worker profiles and qualifications
  • Creating custom reports and dashboards
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Data integration and data quality
Module 7: Worker Management
  • Worker Management Overview
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Document Management and Compliance
  • Worker Profiles and Qualifications
  • Performance Tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Contract Management
Module 8: Time and Expense Management
  • Managing time and expenses for workers
  • Overview of time management in SAP Fieldglass
  • Time entry and approval workflows
  • Managing time entry for different worker types
  • Integration with payroll systems
  • Creating and submitting expense reports
  • Managing expense approvals and reimbursements
  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Approval workflows for timesheets and expenses
  • Integrating with financial systems
  • Configuring billing rates and rules
  • Generating invoices and managing payments
  • Integration with accounting systems
Module 9: Reporting and Analytics
  • Overview of reporting and analytics in SAP Fieldglass
  • Creating custom reports and dashboards
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Data integration and data quality
  • Advanced analytics techniques
  • Different report types and formats available
  • Designing and configuring dashboards for real-time visualization
  • Understanding data visualization tools
  • Analyzing trends and identifying areas for improvement
  • Integrating SAP Fieldglass data with external sources
  • Ensuring data quality and consistency
Module 10: Statement of Work (SOW) Management
  • SOW Creation and Management
  • Resource Management
  • Budget Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Analyzing SOW data
  • Identifying areas for improvement
Module 11: Invoice Management
  • Invoice Creation and Management
  • Invoice Approval Workflow
  • Managing the payment schedule
  • Integration with Accounts Payable
Module 12: Supplier & Resource Enablement
  • Supplier Management
  • Creating and managing supplier profiles
  • Monitoring supplier performance
  • Managing supplier relationships
  • Resource Management
  • Tracking resource availability
  • Managing resource assignments
  • Onboarding and Compliance
  • Collecting and verifying supplier and resource data
  • Onboarding process
  • Integration with Third-Party Systems
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Need customized curriculum?

Get Hands-on Knowledge about Real-Time SAP Fieldglass Projects

Project 1
Vendor Onboarding

Set up new vendors in SAP Fieldglass, including creating vendor profiles, entering contract details, and configuring vendor qualifications and certifications.

Project 2
Requisition Management

Manage requisitions for contingent workforce needs, define job requirements, specify resource qualifications, and manage approval workflows within SAP Fieldglass.

Acquire Our Inventive SAP Fieldglass Job Program

  • Our personalized training programs prepare you for SAP Fieldglass interviews by tackling typical scenarios and industry-specific questions, ensuring you're prepared to face a wide range of interview problems.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass job training program offers internships led by industry professionals, providing hands-on experience with real-world projects and enhancing your abilities.
  • Access great placement chances with top organizations like IBM, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, and others, assuring our applicant's long-term career prospects.
  • Benefit from career counseling sessions suited to your professional objectives and SAP Fieldglass prospects, which will assist them in identifying feasible career routes and techniques for success in the industry.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass job support services include resume writing and presenting your SAP Fieldglass training and projects to prospective employers, therefore increasing your exposure and job options in the field.
  • Participate in SAP Fieldglass-focused networking events and job fairs, which provide excellent opportunities to connect with potential companies and display your skills and expertise for lucrative career possibilities.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass program graduates have the opportunity to pursue diverse career paths such as consultant, vendor manager, and analytics expert, presenting exciting industry prospects.

Obtain Our Exclusive SAP Fieldglass Certification

Our SAP Fieldglass certification validates professional expertise in vendor management and the SAP Fieldglass platform. These certifications demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of SAP Fieldglass, including vendor lifecycle management, system configuration, and contract management. With SAP Fieldglass certification, individuals can enhance their credibility, differentiate themselves in the job market, and unlock career advancement opportunities.

The time required to obtain SAP Fieldglass certification varies based on several factors, including learning style, experience level, and certification track selected. However, a few weeks to several months is enough time to finish the certification coursework and test.
  • SAP Certified Application Associate
  • SAP Certified Technology Associate
  • SAP Certified Development Associate
  • SAP Certified Application Professional
Obtaining an SAP Fieldglass certification improves employment opportunities by showcasing your proficiency with contingent workforce management. Although certification does not ensure employment, it greatly enhances one's candidacy and raises the possibility of landing positions in SAP Fieldglass deployment and vendor management.
  • Enhanced Credibility
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Expanded Skill Set
  • Professional Development
  • Career Opportunities
  • Salary Potential
SAP Fieldglass certification is essential as it validates professionals' proficiency in vendor management and the SAP Fieldglass platform. Certification ensures that individuals possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement, administer, and optimize SAP Fieldglass solutions, contributing to organizational success and efficiency in vendor management processes.

Complete Your Course

a downloadable Certificate in PDF format, immediately available to you when you complete your Course

Get Certified

a physical version of your officially branded and security-marked Certificate.

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Enhance Your Career With Our SAP Fieldglass Trainers

  • Our SAP Fieldglass trainers provide comprehensive training ranging from fundamental ideas to advanced methods, delivering a well-rounded learning experience.
  • To improve the learning experience, our trainers actively include real-world case studies and practical exercises, giving students hands-on Learning experience and important insights into industry best practices.
  • Our faculty has considerable experience in prestigious IT firms such as IBM Security, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, and others, bringing unique industry insights to the classroom.
  • SAP Fieldglass Online Training ensures that students learn from our qualified trainers and gain a great education and practical insight.
  • We encourage inquiries to foster an open and pleasant learning environment in which students feel free to express any difficulties they may find.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass Trainers keep current on major SAP Fieldglass advancements, ensuring that our curriculum contains the most recent approaches to present students with relevant, up-to-date information.
  • Our SAP Fieldglass Trainers prioritize student comprehension by providing customized help, explaining complicated ideas, and delivering exciting course content to aid learning.

SAP Fieldglass Course FAQs

Looking for a better Discount Price?

Call now: +91 93833 99991 and know the exciting offers available for you!
  • ACTE excels in providing placement opportunities for students. Explore our website to view Placed Students List
  • We boast strong relationships with over 700+ top MNCs such as SAP, Oracle, Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, TCS, IBM, and more
  • In the past year, we've placed more than 3500 students in India and across the globe
  • ACTE conducts development sessions, including mock interviews and presentation skills, to prepare students for challenging interview situations
  • With an 85% placement record, our Placement Cell is dedicated to supporting you until you secure a position in a reputable MNC
  • Access your Student Portal for free lifetime online support. Gain access to job openings, study materials, videos, recorded sections, and top MNC interview questions
ACTE certification is recognized and respected in the industry. It validates expertise and enhances career prospects. With comprehensive training and assessment, it ensures proficiency in relevant skills, making it a valuable credential for individuals seeking to advance in their careers in various fields.
Our SAP Fieldglass course often offers students the opportunity to work on simulations or real-world projects related to contingent workforce management. These projects allow students to apply their knowledge and gain a hands-on experience with the platform. It's crucial to check if the training program includes actual projects or practical exercises from the course provider.
All the instructors at ACTE are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by ACTE for providing an awesome learning experience.
No worries. ACTE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.
Our course is available in Classroom, OnetoOne Training, Fast Track, Customised Training & Online Training modes, providing you with flexibility to manage it alongside your real life commitments seamlessly.

Why Should I Learn SAP Fieldglass Course At ACTE?

  • ACTE offers courses taught by industry experts with extensive experience in SAP Fieldglass and contingent workforce management
  • ACTE's curriculum comprehensively teaches students about SAP Fieldglass, covering topics like vendor management, procurement optimization, compliance, and analytics
  • ACTE emphasizes experiential learning through projects, case studies, and practical exercises, enhancing students' skill competency by applying theoretical knowledge to real-world situations
  • ACTE students acquire industry-specific skills, preparing them for careers in procurement and contingent workforce management
  • ACTE offers placement services, networking opportunities, interview preparation, and resume development to help students find employment post-course, advance their careers, and prepare for interviews
Yes We Provide Lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.
You will receive ACTE globally recognized course completion certification Along with National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2009 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training & we have trained over 50,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.
At ACTE, SAP Fieldglass batches are typically small-sized to ensure personalized attention and effective interaction among students.
Yes, ACTE emphasizes practical instruction to provide students with hands-on learning experience using SAP Fieldglass. Through practical exercises, case studies, and real-world projects, students apply academic principles in simulated business scenarios. Our knowledgeable trainers offer tailored advice to help students gain confidence in using SAP Fieldglass effectively. The goal is to equip students with the necessary skills for professional settings and real-world challenges.
You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by's E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the ACTE branches in India
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