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  • CCNA Certification is the foundation of Networking skills which includes basics of OSI reference model, Networking Protocols, WAN, and Routing Concepts.
  • CCNA Professionals can apply for Multiple Job Roles like network technicians, help desk engineers, network support engineers, service desk technicians, or engineers.
  • We provide well Organized and structured courses and allow them to train with the up-to-date technologies and standards of their operating environment.
  • Get to Learn the trending updates and Network Fundamentals, IP Addressing, IP Subnetting, and TCP/IP model in the CCNA Program from the Experts.
  • Experience with Hands-on-Live Projects, and Implementing Cisco Solutions (CCNA), Troubleshooting issues, and integrating new trending technologies to design an end-to-end application.
  • Our Skillful instructors will guide the learners to understand every Section of the CCNA Program, from Beginning to Advanced.
  • The CCNA Certification is Globally-Recognized and well appreciated.
  • Concepts: Networking concepts, LAN, MAN, WAN, VPN, PAN & Content Network, OSI – Model, TCP/IP Model & Ipv4, Sub netting, IPV6, IP Routing, EIGRP & OSPF, WAN Technologies.
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Course Objectives

The future of CCNA certification is helpful if you've got a strong interest in networking. It's the essential level certification that enables you to enter the networking world. And if you would like to succeed in the consequent level of career in networking then when CCNA choose CCNP and CCIE conjointly. The scope of CCNA in India can grow immense as a result of Network automation and programming can take around seventieth of focus in any IT organization and anyone with the CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Certifications training are the one obtaining employed. CCNA might never reduce its importance because the scope of CCNA in India is evergreen.

    Networking is one of all the booming careers within the IT trade. Anyone who opts for this career path will explore the way of wider career opportunities together with a secure future. It's as a result of additional and additional companies are reworking themselves into the digital platform they have a correct network that may alter them to perform expeditiously with no delay. So, to own a network and security system that's fully protected they need Networking professionals who have in-depth data on the Networking systems and Protocols. This mandated the expansion of recruiting Networking professionals in organizations. Also, one will assuredly tell that this trade can sustain to grow despite any changes within the IT trade. Since no alternative technology will perform while not correct networks and affiliation systems. In a way, we tend to might say this is often the inspiration for all the technologies to perform expeditiously.

    On average in India a networking skilled earns around Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 each year. Network Engineers with 3-5 years of expertise will earn around Rs. 3,70,000 to Rs.4,30,000 each year. Globally. A Networking skilled will earn around Rs. 5,00,000 yearly. Also, the pay Package could vary in line with the expertise gained and certification role you've got completed. CCNA Training in Noida at ACTE imparts needed|the necessary skilled ability sets that are required for an expert Networking Engineer underneath the guidance of real-time professionals.

  • The placements tie-ups with many little, medium, and enormous scale corporations, and these corporations have job openings for Networking professionals and job roles associated with it.
  • The Academy contains a Dedicated Placement Officer to support the students with Placement help.
  • The Placement cell helps the students with numerous mock interviews and cluster discussion training sessions for them to face the interview confidently.

As such, there are not any conditions for gaining CCNA certification. However, having basic data of data science and a practical understanding of network fundamentals is one more advantage. Knowledge in the implementation of Cisco solutions provides innovation.

After finishing the CCNA Certification in Noida, the participants can:
  • Build and troubleshoot skilled grade Cisco Networks
  • Perceive the operations of IPv6
  • Troubleshoot IPv6 network property
  • Implement basic safety features
  • Work well in Switches
  • Configure, Operate and Troubleshoot Routers
  • Turn together LAN
  • Manage LAN & WA
Some Entry-Level Cyber Security Jobs:
  • IT Technicians
  • Network Specialists
  • Network directors
  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Network Support Specialists

Why is it necessary to make CCNA Training?

    For every technology learned by students on their own, a company demands a valid certificate as proof to believe that they're well versed with all the ideas involved with the particular course. Get the whole data concerning CCNA Course. This is often the validation for the person’s capability working together with configuration and troubleshooting of the varied networks. It makes the student understand direct network generation. Students collect data on the development of network addresses. It communicates on the various routing protocols for establishing the affiliation among networks. Explains the affiliation institution with various remote networks. The certified candidates can install together with the different configurations and operation over each LAN together with WAN networks.

What will a CCNA include?

    The CCNA networking area includes web fundamentals: install, manage, configure, and support basic IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces. The CCNA networking course also includes network access, data science property, data science services, network security fundamentals, automation, and programmability.

What tools are utilized in the CCNA?

  • Real Hardware.
  • Switches.
  • Cisco Catalyst 2950T.
  • Cisco Catalyst 3550
  • Routers.
  • Cisco 1800 series.
  • Cisco 2800 series.
  • Non-volatile storage and RAM.
  • Cables
  • Emulator/machine
  • GNS3. Cisco VIRL. Packet Tracer.
  • Topology.
  • Conclusion

What type of jobs can I get with a CCNA Course?

  • Network Administrator.
  • Systems Administrator.
  • Network Analyst.
  • Network Design Engineer.
  • Infrastructure Engineer.
  • Unified Communications Engineer.

Is that the Cisco CCNA sensible for beginners?

    The Cisco CCNA may be a practical certification for beginners that wish to pursue a career in IT, pc networking, or cybersecurity.

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Overview of CCNA Course in Noida

CUENTA (Certified Cisco Networking Associate) is a globally recognized networking certification. This test verifies your ability to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network equipment.It's also one of the most sought-after skills by employers in a variety of networking positions. Cisco will issue you a CCNA certificate if you pass the exam.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Routing and switching technologies were pioneered by these individuals, who held a variety of CCNA certifications.It is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in IT and Networking. If you're a first- or second-line infrastructure technician or engineer in IT and want to move into networking or a third-line support role, this course is for you as well.

Additional Info

Introduction of CCNA:

As you progress through the CCNA Switching Routing and Wireless Essentials curriculum, you'll learn about a wide range of networking topics, from the fundamentals to more advanced services and applications. It also allows you to gain practical experience and develop soft skills. A technology-based approach is used to teach you network concepts in a top-down, theoretical and integrated way. Among them are network applications, protocols, and services provided by the lower layers of the network to those applications.

If you have advanced problem-solving and analytical skills, this course may be right for you. Moreover, the curriculum provides a comprehensive and theoretical learning experience for analytical students, and it uses language that is aligned with engineering concepts and terminology. The curriculum includes both interactive activities and detailed theoretical content. It is possible to develop your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities by exploring and researching in our advanced labs.

Certification in the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) opens the door to a network-related career. If you have this certification, you have the skills to manage a small branch network for an enterprise. If you're looking for entry-level work, the CCNA7 will help you stand out among your peers. Course Description: This comprehensive and exciting course will provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand and set up small/medium-sized routed networks using Cisco devices. Students who wish to enter the IT industry and work in networking or IT support will benefit from this course, which prepares them for the CCNA exam.Our CISCO Academy has provided support for this course, so please take note. If you meet certain criteria or have prior experience, you may be able to start late.

Who can Learn CCNA Course:

In this course, you will learn about the following topics:

Cisco Networking Academy curricula and Packet Tracer network simulation software will be available to you. You will work through the e-learning material, completing the relevant practical and theoretical exercises. In addition to video tutorials, the course includes remote access to real networking equipment and 24/7 access to the material.

An exam and practical test are held at the University for each module. You will receive a certificate of completion for each module. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK!An accredited vendor certification center, the University allows students to sit vendor certification exams required to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate. To help you prepare for the 200-301 certification exam, Cisco Networking Academy offers practice certification exams that can be taken remotely. The cost of one attempt is included in the price of each module.There's a lot to learn.

Any network administrator preparing for the Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam will benefit from our CCNA course, which covers topics such as: EIGRP for IPv4 and EIGRP for IPv6 VLANs, STP, EtherChannel (static, PAGP, and LACP), and GRE WAN technologies such as PPPoE and MLPPP Quality of service (QoS) including marking and shaping of voice and video, and prioritization of data, are all examples of QoS.TACACS+ and RADIUS for AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) Device monitoring protocols, including SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.

Who Should Attend CCNA Training 200-301?

If you're a junior network administrator, this CCNA training is a good fit. For new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with networks, and for experienced network administrators looking to validate their Cisco skills, this 200-301 CCNA course is a valuable resource. Network administrators who are new to the field or are in the process of learning. It can be intimidating to learn about networking for the first time. You can learn about many things, from subnetting to tree spanning, by doing some research. It's all laid out in our CCNA training for the new networking professional. In addition to covering a wide range of topics, the course also prepares you for the CCNA exams.

Administrators of networks with extensive experience. It has been a long time since Cisco's routing and switching technologies were developed. To compensate for this industry's rapid evolution, much of its technology is updated every year. Cisco requires CCNA professionals to recertify regularly. Refreshing skills and preparing for recertification are two of the benefits of CCNA training.

Why Should You Get the CCNA?

CCNA certification has no prerequisites, but many candidates begin by having at least one year of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions. Basic IP addressing and network fundamentals are also well-understood.

Skills of CCNA:

  • Good knowledge of the fundamentals of networking.
  • Know how to send packets from one host to another and the role of the OSI and the TCP/IP model.
  • Achieving the required IP address structure.
  • implementing Cisco Routers and Switches for Network Solutions.
  • Identifying network problems and resolving them.
  • DHCP, ACL, and NAT are some of the IP services that can be implemented.
  • How to Use LAN Technology.
  • Cisco Routers with WAN technologies such as PPP, HDLC, and Frame relay.

Training in Cisco from CBT Nuggets covers the skills that networking professionals of all levels need to succeed. The embedded quizzes in every Cisco training video helps to keep learners engaged and ensure that they remember important Cisco topics. As part of a CBT Nuggets subscription, you'll have unlimited access to IT practice exams, many of which are for highly sought-after Cisco certifications.

1. This guide explains how the Internet and other computer networks are built and how they work in terms of their architecture. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of IP addressing and Ethernet concepts, media, and operations to lay a solid foundation for the course material. Upon completion, students will be able to set up simple LANs, configure basic routers and switches, and implement IP address schemes.

2. describe a small network's routers and switches, including their architecture and components. For basic functionality, students learn how to set up routers and switches. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to set up routers, switches, and virtual LANs, as well as troubleshoot and resolve common issues with RIPv1, RIPv2, single-area OSPF as well as multi-area OSPF.

3. An explanation of the architecture of routers and switches in a large and complex network. Routers and switches are configured for advanced functionality, and students learn how to do this. As a result of completing this course, students will be able to configure routers and switches, troubleshoot OSPF and EIGRP issues in IPv4 networks as well as common issues with STP, VTP, and STP in IPv6 networks. This course teaches students about DHCP and DNS, as well as how to implement them in a computer network.

4. For example, convergent applications require complex network services, which can be provided by wide area networks (WANs). If you're interested in a career in network administration, this course will help you get there. There is also a focus on data link protocols, including how to set up a network device, troubleshoot it, and fix common problems that arise. Students will also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to implement IPSec and VPN operations in a complex network.CCNA Routing and Switching and Cisco CCENT certification exams can be prepared for after you have completed the first two modules.

Tools of CCNA Certification Course:

  • Cisco Packet Tracer (Tracer Cisco).
  • A new version of GNS3 has been released.
  • Three. Cisco VIRL Four.
  • NetSim by Boson.
  • It's called Mininet.
  • Open Research Emulator (CORE) (CORE).
  • image.
  • There's also Cloonix.
  • Multi-Server Simulator by Paessler.
  • Modeling Labs for Cisco.
  • The Virtual Reality Network Laboratory.
  • Opnet is another example.
  • It's called QualNet Network Simulator.
  • EVE-NG Network Simulator Putty Secure CRT Microsoft Visio PRTG Network Monitor WIRESHARK EVE-NG Network Simulator.

Certification of CCNA:

To prepare you for today's associate-level positions in IT technologies, the new CCNA program has been designed specifically for you. In addition to security, automation is now included in the CCNA. To help you get ready for the exam, the program offers one certification that covers a wide range of fundamentals for IT careers.

The CCNA training course and exam have been updated to reflect the latest technologies and job roles, giving you the foundation you need to pursue any career path. Certification in CCNA encompasses a wide range of topics, including

  • Fundamentals of the Internet.
  • Access to the Internet via the network.
  • Connection to the internet via IP.
  • We provide IP-based services.
  • Basics of safety.
  • It is also possible to automate and program.

Every tool you need to maximize your study time and ace your exam is provided by the INE. In our CCNA Learning Path, you'll find all of the courses and topics covered on the exam in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place. There is no need to worry about accidentally skipping an important category because you can work your way through the content step-by-step at your own pace.

There are experts in the field who create and lead each course, sharing information that gives you the upper hand. Learning by doing is made easier with hands-on exercises and practice quizzes. There's no better way to stay organized and feel good about your accomplishments and goals than with the Learning Path.

Career Growth of CCNA:

  • Ideal for network engineers who are just starting in their careers, including network specialists and administrators as well as network support engineers or information security professionals.
  • A global leader in IT and networking CISCO states that "it works to translate how people connect, communicate, and collaborate." CISCO's own words. Product and networking solutions offered by the company have been widely adopted by businesses. Wikipedia has it that.
  • For example, the focus of the CCNA is on the following topics: cloud computing and wireless networking; collaboration; routing; industrial plants; data centers; and design.
  • CCNA job experts are needed to make the most of the various technological solutions that the company is constantly improving or introducing. IT certifications are divided into the entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect levels.
  • Cisco Systems' CCNA is an entry-level networking course. It opens up a variety of possibilities in the field of networked technologies. You can work as an engineer in the field of networking, or as a system administrator after passing the CCNA exam. There are several certifications you can pursue after getting some networking experience, including the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).
  • Computer network engineers should be knowledgeable in both hardware and software.
  • Also covered are operating systems, microprocessors, and the assembly and disassembling of computer networks as well as troubleshooting techniques.

Industry Trends of CCNA Course:

1. The digital divide must be closed:

For those who had access to the internet, society and economic activity could continue. Although only half of the world's population has access to health care due to a recent pandemic. However, compared to advanced economies where 80 percent of people have internet access, developing countries have only 35 percent of that.

This will improve bandwidth, speed, and latency in areas where fiber is prohibitively expensive and will allow for the introduction and expansion of 5G and WiFi 6. A wide range of industries will benefit from the new technology including frontline mobile workers as well as telehealth as well as manufacturing and education. As a result, the digital divide will be bridged as these new technologies spur growth and innovation for millions of people. This would increase by $6.7 trillion in global GDP and the lifting of another 500 million people out of poverty.

2. Using sensors to improve driving experience and safety:

Health, safety, and well-being sensors will be a major focus in 2021, for both individuals and the workforce. Health and well-being will be tracked by patch-like devices, with sports sensors monitoring concussions and fatigue sensors tracking alertness in rugged environments. As a result of data-driven insights provided by sensors, the workplace will be safer, healthier, and more productive. WiFi 6, 5G, location technologies, and collaboration solutions such as Webex will help identify underutilized or overcrowded spaces, while monitoring room temperature, humidity, air quality, and light. With smart workplace technology, 96 percent of companies can improve employee productivity, according to Cisco's Global Workforce Study.

3. Applications enable agility and resilience in the future:

Early on in the pandemic, organizations were able to quickly adapt thanks to the Cloud. Applications at the core of many businesses have been widely distributed after ten months of development and testing. There is a greater demand for systems because workers are more mobile than they have ever been. Future IT teams will require even more agility. While monitoring data and insights, teams can benefit from observability solutions. To ensure future growth, competitiveness, and resiliency, they will need insights and automation as they scale their ongoing transformations.Business insights are a top priority for 75 percent of IT decision-makers and CIOs according to the Cisco 2021 CIO and ITDM Trend Pulse.

4. Involving the customer in the process of creating a brand:

As a result, mobile and smart devices have revolutionized daily life, and mobile apps are available for everything from shopping to banking to education and more. To track contacts, apps became indispensable during the pandemic. Both public and private sector organizations can connect with users in new ways thanks to mobile apps. Most business processes are also carried out via these mobile apps.

As technology advances, more personal relationships and instantaneous responses become possible. As a result, it is necessary to be able to quickly transform massive amounts of real-time information from the network into actionable insights. Companies with such capabilities can respond to a customer's concerns even before the customer reports the problem to a company's customer service department. When combined with intelligent personalization and experience, baseline customer satisfaction can be transformed into a high level of engagement and loyalty for the customers.Customer experience is more than just satisfaction, according to 71% of CIOs and IT decision-makers surveyed.

5: Identity and the future of password-less access to information:

Because of the increased use of cloud computing solutions, scalability and cost have improved dramatically, but there has also been an increase in cyber-threats. These problems can be solved by using a zero-trust approach. Most security breaches are caused by stolen or lost credentials, a situation that has become even more problematic with the massive shift to remote work.

As platforms, industry groups, and security providers work towards a password-free future for consumers and enterprises, the use of technologies such as biometrics will become much more widespread. It's time for organizations to start preparing for this inevitable shift, where users will no longer use a traditional password as their primary method of identification.

6. Usefulness models for the tech you need:

Digital solutions that fit all users have been a staple of organizations for a long time, with users paying for features they did not need. Companies can now pay for the features they need by using the software as a service (SaaS). As a result, they can quickly scale up or down other services as they see fit.

Especially as more features and capabilities are available via software, whether on-site or in the cloud, consumption models will continue to shift. Because these models are so flexible and cost-effective, it would be a mistake to ignore them.

Roles and Responsibilities of CCNA:

Every CCIE job role listed above has a unique set of duties and responsibilities. Even with all of the options available, it can be difficult to decide on the most appropriate CCIE track for your career aspirations. So, here are the top 5 job roles after CCIE certification, along with their job responsibilities, to help you decide which CCIE track and job roles are best for you to shape your career in the most effective way possible.

1. Network Support Specialist - Senior:

Senior Network Support Specialists are responsible for developing and maintaining functional and secure networks. This credential's daily task is to guide and mentor an engineering team in troubleshooting and optimizing networks at the end user's end. Communication and problem-solving skills are essential in this role. You should also have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of network administration.

2. Security Engineer (Sr.):

Senior Network Security Engineer is a position available to CCIE certified Security track personnel. To maintain an efficient networking environment, the Security Engineers should be able to select, deploy, support, and troubleshoot Cisco firewalls, VPNs, and IDS/IPS solutions. Additionally, they are responsible for providing 2nd level network security support, network security monitoring, analysis, and recommending network upgrades and security improvements, as well as implementing and testing security measures (such as access authentication and disaster recovery).

3. Director of Information Technology (IT):

To achieve this, a Principal Network Architect must create networks that meet the needs of the clients they are working with. It is their responsibility to design and implement functional network infrastructure, as well as to resolve issues that have been escalated by other network support engineersThey also serve as a resource for team members and respond to user concerns.

4 Network Administrator:

Normal job duties include designing and deploying functional networks (LAN, WLAN, WAN). In addition to automating tasks, they also monitor their efficiency.Staff mentoring on technical mattersBe able to communicate with clients when necessary. Network Administrators are responsible for maintaining accurate technical documentation.They can also suggest ways to improve the network's performance, capacity, and scalability, as well as suggest ways to reduce costs.

5. Senior Network Engineer:

Wireless Engineers and Senior Network Technicians are similar to Senior Network Engineers in that they are both senior engineers. These professionals configure and install software, routers, and other network devices with the help of Network Engineers at the user end or remotely.Senior Network Engineers are responsible for monitoring the network's performance and integrity.What follows are five common career paths for CCIE credential holders. In other words, there are no prerequisites for taking the CCIE certification exam; anyone can take the exam and become certified.For this certification, one must have the proper CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE training and practical knowledge.

Advantages of CCNA:

  • Learning Curve Enhancement En cours de route, Vous enrichissez Vos reconnaissance our Cisco networking and develop an effective method of grasping the fundamentals of this technology. For the best results, it is important to improve your skillsets despite your years of experience in the field of networking. Certifications are also very important to keep a candidate up-to-date with the latest technological developments taking place in the IT industry, according to an old saying.
  • Recognition Achieving the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) credential gives you the perfect entitlement and recognition that you can use when applying for a Cisco networking job. There are three years of validity, so you can continue to benefit from your CCNA certification for years.
  • Boost Your Professional Career It is based on certifications that determine the weight of the. By becoming a CCNA certified expert, you will be able to move up the ladder faster than your colleagues.
  • A Step of Mediation The CCNA exam is required for many other Cisco certifications before you can complete the entire Cisco program. You can enroll in other Cisco training courses with a valid CCNA certificate.
  • There is mutual respect among the staff If you have earned the CCNA credential, you can rest assured that you are well-respected by your colleagues. This allows you to move up the career ladder faster.
  • A Shorter Summary When it comes to choosing between Microsoft and Cisco, networking professionals are often in the dark. As a result, it is easier for a qualified candidate to complete the Cisco certification program because it does not have a lengthy outline. Parallel to CCNA training, you can continue to work on Microsoft certifications if that interests you. Following your Cisco CCNA certification, you'll be well on your way to obtaining other professional-level Cisco networking credentials. The first certification is always a difficult and time-consuming process, but as soon as you take the first step forward, you gain the ability to manage expectations.
  • Acceptance on a worldwide scale Different countries around the world accept the CCNA certification as a global standard. In contrast to those without the CCNA certification, networking experts with the certification can negotiate for a higher salary scale. In recent years, there have been more CCNA jobs available on the market. The candidate must have CCNA certification to be considered for one.

Key Features of CCNA:

In the new CCNA, there will be only one exam and it will last for 120 minutes. It will begin on February 24, 2020, and will be more comprehensive than the previous system. If you want to move up the certification ladder, the new CCNA gives you a solid foundation on which to build. The following topics are covered in the book.

VPN, OSPFv2, and IP Routing.Internet Protocol Services (IP Services): NTP, SNMP, DCHP, QoS.Virtual private networks (VPNs), wireless security, and port security are some of the most important security concepts.VLANs and trunking are two methods of network access. It is possible to automate EtherChannel using REST APIs and other tools such as Puppet and Chef.Internet Protocol (IP) v4 and v6 (TCP/UDP), routers, switches, cabling.

ICN 1 and II are the two 90-minute exams that make up the Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-125 certification. Ideally, they should be scheduled at different times. In the CCNA 200-125 exam, you will learn about:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Switching.
  • Routing technologies IPv4 and IPv6.
  • WAN Technologies is a leading provider of information technology.
  • Construction and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Protection of the Infrastructure.
  • Understanding the Basics of Infrastructure Management.

Benefits of CCNA Training:

  • Ensures the budget for training.
  • Eradicating inefficiencies while increasing efficiency.
  • By working with a Cisco Learning Solution Partner, you can be assured of the highest level of training.
  • Less a need to open multiple POs, which reduces administrative costs.
  • Credit Management Tool - allows you to manage and track all your credits in one place.
  • Candidates can choose from a variety of Cisco training modules, as previously mentioned. CCNA, on the other hand, is an associate-level certification that serves as a stepping stone to more advanced certification programs.
  • Networking professionals can benefit from professional Cisco training in several other areas as well.

Pay Scale of CCNA Certification Training:

Any outstanding fees must be paid before you begin the second module, or when asked to do so, even if you choose to pay in installments. You must read our terms and conditions before making a payment with us. Ten percent off for current and former London Metropolitan University degree students and staff. Attention: The 10% discount is only valid once.

It costs 2,670k to complete the three modules in a full-time program. Those who pay in full will receive a discount of 2,400k for all three modules if they pay in full. Add two items to your basket in the discounted shop before you pay to receive the discount. There is an option to pay for two modules in the eShop by installments of 1,335k if that option is available to you. It's important that you carefully review our terms and conditions before making a purchase.

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Key Features

ACTE Noida offers CCNA Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,
  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Authorized Partners

ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.


Syllabus of CCNA Course in Noida
Module 1: Networking concepts
  • Components of network – router, switch, hub, bridge etc
  • Types of Network – LAN, MAN, WAN, VPN, PAN & Content Network
  • Defining Network requirements – NIC- Ethernet (CSMA/CD)
  • 10/100/1000 mbps DUPLEX (Half/Full/Auto) – Connecting Media – Coax.
  • 10 base 2T – UTP/STP – CAT 1/2/3..
  • Straight through/cross crimping (only details no practical)
  • Fiber optics – Single/Multimedia
  • 100 Base TX/FX etc – wireless communication.
  • Ethernet cabling Standard.
  • Connecting Devices
  • Repeater – Hub – Switch – Bridge – Topology – Bus/Star/Ring
Module 2: OSI – Model
  • 7 Layers – Communication between the Layers (Encapsulation & De-encapsulation) – PDU.
  • Layer 2 – MAC/LLC – 802.3/802.2 (SAP/SNAP) /Ethernet II – Frames
  • Broadcast/Collision domain – point of -Hub/Switch/Router
  • L4 – 3way handshake – windowing – and about – Connectionless
  • Packet size [64B (mini) to 1518B (Max)]
Module 3: TCP/IP Model & Ipv4 Addressing
  • All Layers of TCP/IP Compound with – OS
  • Application Layer – TFTP/FTP/SMTP/TELNET/SNMP/DNS
  • Transport Layer – TCP/UDP – TCP Segment Format
  • 3 way handshake/windowing – UDP segment Format
  • Internet Layer
  • IP datagram format – Protocol No. – TCP 6 – UDP 17
  • Introduction to IP addressing – Class A/B/C/D/E
  • Private IP address – First OCTET range etc.
Module 4: Subnetting
  • Default Subnet Mask
  • Class C Subnetting & Practice no. given
  • Class B Subnetting & problems
  • Class A Subnetting & problems
Module 5: Introduction to IPV6
  • Introduction
  • Host Address Assignment
  • Unicast, Multicast and other Special ipV6 Addresses
  • Configuring ipV6 Routing and Routing Protocols
  • Translations between ipV4 and ipV6
  • Summary
Module 6: Basic of Router & Configuration
  • When Router used – LAN with WAN connect – to connect networks of different IP
  • Different interface of Router – AUI /S0/S1/AUX – console / BRI etc.
  • Cables used in different interfaces/purpose of interfaces
  • WAN interface cable – EIA/TIA – 232/449/530 – V.35 – X.21
  • Different CISCO series – modular/fixed – 10mbps/100 etc
  • Straight through between DTE & DCE
Module 7: Different modes of operation & basic commands
  • Different interface of Router – AUI /S0/S1/AUX – console / BRI etc.
  • DRAM -Running Config
  • NVRAM – Startup Config
  • Flash MEM – IOS
Module 8: IP Routing
  • IP Routing, Static Routing & Default Routing
  • Static Routing & Default Routing
  • Dynamic Routing and RIP
Module 9: Dynamic Routing EIGRP & OSPF
  • Limitations of distance vector algorithm
  • Features of EIGRP and its operations
  • Configuring EIGRP – “Auto-redistribution”
  • Verify and troubleshooting EIGRP
  • Features of OSPF and its operation
  • Configuring single area OSPF
  • Verify and troubleshoot OSPF
Module 10: Access List
  • Purpose/advantage of Access-list
  • IP [-for a host – for a network/sub network].
  • Std IP access-list – wild card calculation
  • Extd IP access list
  • Switch port ACL
  • Step involved in creating access list
  • Applying access list at the interface – (inbound/outbound)
  • Named access-list for IP
  • Access-list in Telnet session
Module 11: WAN Technologies
  • Leased line
  • P to P communication
  • HDLC & PPP protocol-features
  • Enabling HDLC & PPP
  • PPP Link
  • PPP layer & its explanation/role
  • PAP/CHAP role
  • Configuring PAP/CHAP using commands
  • VPN
  • Describe VPN technology
  • Importance Of VPN
  • Benefits & Role
  • Impact & Components
  • Frame-Relay
  • Packet Switched Network
  • Virtual circuit – DLCI – Access-link – CRI – FECN – BECN – LMI
  • Enabling Frame-relay
  • Inverse ARP
  • Configuring frame-relay for
  • Mesh Network
  • Star Network
  • Combination of above two
  • Switching
  • Switching Operation and Configuration
  • Function –add-learning / Forward-filters the Frame / loop avoidance
  • Redundant path and its problems
  • Spanning Tree Protocol – purpose – its different state (blocking/listening/learning/forwarding)
  • Modes of operation of switch/Bridge
  • Port duplexing
  • Switch & hub – half duplex
  • Switch & Server – full duplex
  • CISCO catalyst switch 1912 & 1924 interface details
  • M/K/I modes
  • Basic and advanced commands
  • Enabling & configuring MAC address table
  • VLAN Configuration
  • VLAN – ISL – Trunking
  • Enabling Trunking
  • Assigning VLAN No. & name
  • Configuring ports to a specific VLAN
  • VTP purpose
  • VTP domain
  • VTP modes of operation
  • Switching Technologies (including VTP , RSTP , PVSTP, 802.1q)
  • Implement Basic Switch Security (including Port Security , Trunk access .etc )
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless Intro & Operation
  • Standards associated with Wireless Media (including WI-FI Alliance, ITU/FCC)
  • Ad-hoc mode, infrastructure mode
  • Basic Parameters to configure on a Wireless Network
  • Wireless Security Feature’s (WEP, WPA 1 / 2 )
  • Implementing Wireless Networks
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Hands-on Real Time CCNA Projects

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This project is used to connect different broadcast domains in Layer 3 switches and VLANs divide broadcast domains in a LAN environment.

Project 2
CCNA Building DM Project.

This project building up a completely independent multicast routing and LAN design principles Provides proven design choices to build various.

Project 3
Global Communication Networking Project.

Global Communication Network is a platform which enables a text based conversation medium between working members and provides a powerful tool for those industries.

Project 4
LAN Connectivity Networking Project.

The purpose of LAN is to interconnect more than one computer to form a network in the same building or premises to communicate and transfer data.

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