How To Get IT Service Management Certification – Learning Guide
How To Get IT Service Management Certification

How To Get IT Service Management Certification – Learning Guide

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Hands-on Experience to Successfully Implement ITSM

which has a broader focus on the platform and concentrates on understanding basic capabilities, the ITSM Implementation course puts those basic capabilities to use. Over 3 days, implementers will learn practical skills that may be applied immediately to accelerate ITSM implementations.  

Upon completion of this course, for each ITSM application, students will be able to:

  • Understand baseline application functionality, security, and architecture
  • Design solutions to meet requirements that maximize system quality attributes, such as upgradability, maintainability, and scalability
  • Implement configurations common to 80% of customer deployments

Attendees participate in real world, relevant lab exercises. The class features lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands‑on practice, delivered in a wide variety of labs, tech talks, and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real‑world example. For more information, see full course outline.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for customers, partners, and employees in technical roles (i.e. technical consultant, architect, and system administrator) who need to implement ITSM applications.

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    • ServiceNow Fundamentals
    • ITSM Fundamentals
    • Familiarity with basic ServiceNow platform features, such as:
    • ServiceNow user interface (UI), iconography, and user settings
    • UI navigation
    • List management
    • Platform security model that explains how roles determine what a user can access, create, update, and delete.

    Eligibility Requirements

    There are no formal qualifications required to take up the IT Service Management Foundation course or examination apart from experience and knowledge in IT service providing organizations or departments of any firm or business organization. Candidates need to possess knowledge for IT service or have proven working experience with an organization or organizations that deal with IT services. You may also take up a course with a certified BCS training provider and take an exam online or at an exam centre.

    Since there are no formal requirements to attain the ITSM certification, all candidates need to do is ensure they get the proper course to enable them to handle the examination. Nevertheless, candidates need to prove their knowledge of the aims and content of ISO/IEC 20000. A candidate should also have experience with an IT managing organization or with IT auditing. The main process to get certified is to take the certification examination. Candidates who wish to take the Foundation Bridge Examination in IT service Management must hold a V2 or V3 certification from ITIL.

    ITIL works on a credit based system based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. ITIL foundation is at Bloom’s level 1&2 and provides the candidate with 2 credits. ITIL intermediate is at Bloom’s taxonomy level 3&4 and provides the candidate with 3 credits each if they choose the Life-cycle stream and 4 credits each if they choose the Capability Stream. Life-cycle Stream has 5 papers and the Capability Stream has 4 papers.

    The MALC provides the candidate with 5 Credits and is at Bloom’s Taxonomy level 5&6.

    In all, 20 credits are required to be certified as an ITIL expert.

    Accredited Training Partner

    The ITSM certification is a credential recognized by all business organizations that deal with day to day IT organization, delivery, and control for better customer service. Therefore, it is an excellent credential for anyone looking to be employed in renowned business organizations or just looking to improve the quality of their work in IT service and management. It is therefore viable for anyone who is yet to receive the knowledge or certification to choose the right training partner. Simplilearn is one such partner that is recognized for this certification training. The ITSM examination may be taken online and the certification can be acquired online or in a physical classroom. Simplilearn offers a number of benefits that can be enjoyed by any candidate. Some of these benefits include free 90 days e-learning access, 2 ITSM simulation exams, and a course completion certificate. The $572 fee is inclusive of the examination fee.

    After the examination is done and successful candidates are awarded their certifications, they are then recognized as IT service managers. They can then practice their profession to the fullest. The certification requires one to commit to a high level of professionalism and improvement in the services they offer. There is no post training requirement to be performed by any IT Service Management certification holder.

    Exam Format

    After the training is done or a candidate has all the required qualifications to sit for an exam, they may either choose to take their test online or at an examination centre. Registration is done with either Pearson Vue or through your training provider. There is an examination fee which varies by training provider. Some training providers include the exam fee in the course fee while others charge it separately. Candidates who seek the certification need to take the ITSM-ISO 20000 exam. This is an invigilated 1-hour closed-book examination. It includes 40 multiple-choice questions. The bridge examination consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. A candidate needs to clear 26 out of the 40 questions (65%) to get certified.

    Retaking the Exam

    The ITSM examination is fairly easy to pass. But one can never completely rule out the possibility of failing one or two questions or simply not attain the minimum percentage. It’s important to be aware that most training providers do not offer a refund of your examination fee. You may be forced to retake the examination at your training centre or online by paying the same fee as before. Alternatively, a candidate can choose to undergo fresh training and read training material to help them pass the examination in the second attempt.

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    Career growth and roles post-certification

    The ITSM certification is an internationally-recognized certification and has helped many people enhance their IT related careers. With this certification one can take up a variety of roles from development engineers, consultants, product developers, service assurance managers, application support managers, and many more. The pay scale for holders of this certification is pretty high – $80,000 to $90,000 per annum. Most entries to IT jobs now require this important certification.

    Post-examination requirement

    After the examination is completed, holders of the certification need to protect their credentials by practicing their professionalism to the fullest and adhere to high standards. There is no expiration of the certification and holders are highly regarded in the IT job market. There is also much more to learn by following and reading books on IT Service Management. There are other advanced certifications that can be taken by holders of this credential. Maintaining the credential is the most important aspect to be performed by credential holders.

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