Top 5 CompTIA Certification courses in 2020 [In-Demand]
Top 5 CompTIA Certification courses

Top 5 CompTIA Certification courses in 2020 [In-Demand]

Last updated on 12th Jul 2020, Blog, General

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If you are a computer professional such as network administrator, software developer or systems engineer then there are some lucrative job opportunities that you are ducking all along while you have been working at your job – while being on the IT industry forefront, missing out on key skills that build a great career and greater pay package can be fixed. Simply take up one of the courses outlined in the article which provides security plus certification and CompTIA training. The small number of certifications add value to your resume and make the skill sets and tools in your problem-solving inventory complete.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the most competent and world-class network security certifications there is. According to most market surveys, all companies are looking for agile, competent, and sharp network security officers in its Information Technology department. This means that if you have this certification, then getting a job in the IT Network Admin roles, as network security officers are going to be much easier as the desired qualifications are earmarked by the certification in you.

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    CompTIA A+

    CompTIA A+ is a beginner’s course and requires little knowledge beforehand of computers. This course is meant for greenhorn computer programmers and computer maintenance enthusiasts. The program’s key highlight is the fact that it is neutral towards the technologies being taught and thus does not seek sponsorship from them. Such companies are the major IT players in the market today – Apple, Microsoft, Novell, and IBM among others. The certification is internationally accepted and computer support technicians should ideally go for it too.

    CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

    CompTIA advanced security practitioner certification is one of the most highly prized and highly sought-after courses in the market when it comes to IT certifications. The certification is given on understanding of the underlying logic of the following key areas of Information Technology industry in its advanced stages –

    Managing risk and forecasting Enterprise security risk analysis

    The course like the previously mentioned course is vendor-neutral too and is called advanced security-related because the titleholder will be able to manage small to medium size enterprise systems and computer networks. All the network and system-related issues that have to do with the IT industry are covered under this certification.

    CompTIA Network+ Certification

    CompTIA Network+ certification is ideally, the choice of certification after CompTIA A+ certification. The certification provides one of the most exhaustive beginner-level networking related training and solutions that are derived from networking that the IT industry has to offer.

    Once the CompTIA Network+ certification has been achieved the user will have good knowledge of how to install, re-install, remove, maintain, and regulate the network for a small or medium-sized business enterprise. Troubleshooting of such networks is also part of the certification.

    This certification is definitely not meant for a software engineer but a good, basic background in IT field is mandatory to understand the concepts given. A person with CompTIA A+ certification is well suited for this course.

    CompTIA Server+ Certification

    The server support skill set seekers must seek safe haven in this certification! Under this umbrella course, all this related to system administration such as network, hardware, and troubleshooting methods are taught exhaustively and in relevant detail.

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    A CompTIA A+ certification is the correct path if one is a total greenhorn and is just starting out in his server administration career. Although this is merely a suggestion and if the need is not felt, the course can be approached directly too.

    The Certifications’ Wrap Up

    The whole schemata of certifications have been listed above, choice of the details and depth of study is to be chosen by the end-user. Once the qualification is achieved, CompTIA training will bear fruits and the security plus certifications will receive notice and engagement from potential employers.

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