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What is Data?

It is a piece of information.
Example: Name of the Person, Age, Employee ID giving the information about a particular person

What is a DataBase?

The Database is a term which is a collection of Data, Database used to Store and Manipulating the Data.
Let’s have an Example WhatsApp when we are taking a backup to our Google Drive it needs to store the data to the drive of all our Message, Videos, Pictures, etc.
We can able to give Infinite Examples for Database usage.

Database Types
  • DBMS
  • NoSQL

A full form of DBMS is Database Management System, this is a set of software program which is used to manipulate, control and store the data. This set of program which is used to handle the manage the database. DBMS manipulate the Data format, Field names, record structure, and file structure.

A DBMS is used to serves between the end-users and the Database. And the DBMS supports retrieving, updating, deleting and modifying the data.
A DBMS needs the Comprehensive database software which is used to handle the rows and columns. We can able to control. Enable the Admin functions with the huge range of operations like Monitoring, Tuning, and Backup Recovery

Benefits of DBMS

we can able to handle the huge amount of Data, We can able chief among them with the features of Data Handling, Data Sharing, Integrity, and Security and it is easy to handle Data Redundancy in the Database System.

DBMS Category

Relational Database Management System is the most famous among the Database, we are calling this as relational Database meaning is there is a relationship between the data stored in the database

A row represents the record and the column represents the Attribute. In RDBMS every individual field represents the data value. To Query or handle the RDBMS we need SQL. The SQL or See- Quel is used to handle the Insert, delete, modify, and update queries in an effective way.

Other hands SQL is used in Development and Data Analytics and to write scripting for Integration.

  • It supports better Data redundancy
  • It allows Easy Integration with the Applications
  • It gives more Secure
  • It having good data Access through the users.
  • Easier to Modify, Access and to Learn

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