25+ Must-Know [ MS ] Project Interview Questions & Answers | 2020
MS Project Interview Questions and Answers

25+ Must-Know [ MS ] Project Interview Questions & Answers

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These MS Project Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of MS Project . As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during your interview, normally questions start with some basic concept of the subject and later they continue based on further discussion and what you answer.we are going to cover top 100 MS Project  Interview questions along with their detailed answers. We will be covering MS Project  scenario based interview questions, MS Project  interview questions for freshers as well as MS Project  interview questions and answers for experienced.

Q1. Explain what is link task in MS project used for?


As the name suggests, link task in MS project is used for linking any two tasks in a project.

Q2. Mention where is summary taskin MS project?


Summary task is helpful in estimating the task period and the length in project, and organizing the task in order. You can find summary taskunder main menu ->Insert ->Summary.

Q3. List out the categories of tasks used in MS project?


There are major four types of tasks:

  • Summary tasks: It consists of subtasks and their related properties
  • Subtasks: It is a smaller task that are part of a summary task
  • Recurring tasks: These are the tasks that falls at regular intervals
  • Milestones: These are the prime priority task that are adjusted to zero duration and are like short-term goals in the project.

Q4. Mention what are the new features available in MS project 2013?


Improved reporting tools:

  • MS project 2013 offers advanced reporting tools and easy accountability for organizations
  • Office 365 Integration: Easy integration of office 365 to the MS project data
  • New Project Templates: The new MS project provides project templates that can be compliance to your requirement like marketing, construction, business, software development plan, etc.
  • Better Presentation Tools: The timeline view gives better view of the progress of your project and helps to schedule your project accordingly
  • Task Path: This feature can be ghandy for a project manager handling large and complex schedules. It allows the user to see the path for a specific task including Successors, Driven successors, Predecessors and Driving Predecessors.

Q5. Explain what is a constraint in MS project? What are the types of constraint available in MS project 2013?


In MS project, constraint is used for scheduling the task and setting a due date for the task. The types of constraint available in MS project are:

  • As soon as possible
  • As late as possible
  • Must start on
  • Must finish on
  • Finish no later than
  • Start no later than
  • Start no earlier than
  • Finish no earlier than.

Q6. Mention how to set a deadline in MS project?


To set a deadline in MS project

Double-click a task ->it will open a task information dialog box

Now, click on the advanced tab

Then click on the arrow in the deadline field to show the calendar and then choose a date

Now save this by clicking on the save button.

Q7. Explain how you can move tasks in project 2013?


You can move tasks in MS project 2013 by two techniques

Move the task with drag and drop method

Move the task with the cut and paste method.

Q8. Explain how you can remove resource from your project?


To remove the resource from your project, first filter the task list to view only the tasks to which the resource is allocated, and then you can edit or change each task to replace that resource.

Choose a task-oriented view like Gantt chart and hide the summary tasks, this list will show only work tasks and milestones

Under View tabs data section, click on the filter drop-down list and then select Using Resource.

In the show tasks usingdrop-down list, select the resource and delete it that you dont want and then click ok

To replace the resource, select Assign Resourcesunder resource tabs assignment section. Select the task from the table you want to re-assign, and then, in the Assign resource dialog box, choose the resource you want to replace and click replace

Click the format tab, and turn the checkbox back on for Show Summary Tasks.

Click resource sheet in the view tabs resource view section and now you can delete the resource.

Q9. Mention what is the characteristics of Gantt Chart Basics?


In Gantt chart, each task is displayed by one row

Dates are displayed in incremental order like days, weeks or months as per the total length of the project

For each task expected, time is displayed by a horizontal bar whose left end indicates the estimated beginning of the task and right end indicates the estimated completion date

Task may run parallel, sequentially or overlapping

The chart is represented in the bar formation to a length proportional to the fraction of the work that has been completed

On the left of the line, you will see the completed tasks

Future tasks line lies to the right of the line

Current task are cross the line and are behind schedule when filled in section is on the left of the line and ahead of schedule when it is right of the line.

Q10. Explain what is the use of work contour in MS project? What are the different types of contour you use in MS project?


In MS project work, contour displays the distribution of working hours over the duration of the task. The graph will show the peak according the work distribution over the week.

  • Flat: Such contour signifies an even distribution of work
  • Back-loaded: It will show the peak activity at the end of the project
  • Front-loaded: It will show the peak working activity at the opening of the project
  • Double peak: It will show two major periods of peak activity
  • Early peak: It is same as the front loaded but with the rise to peak activity
  • Late peak: It is same as a back loaded contour with a ramp
  • Bell: It shows a single peak in the central of the project
  • Turtle: A bell with a ramp up and down.

Q11. Explain how you can format a Gantt chart on MS project?


To format a Gantt chart on MS project

First you have to click on Format icon from main menu bar

Click customize quick access toolbar, which is last on the corner above menu bar

->click on more components -> select on, comments not in pattern

->click on Gantt Chart Wizard and then click add and ok

Once Gantt chart wizard setup, it will open a window that displays various setting like standard, critical path, baseline and other for your Gantt chart. You can select option according to requirement and click next

Likewise, you can also set information like resources and dates, resources or dates alone

Once you exit wizard, basic formatting like color, font size and appearance can be changed from the main menu ( FORMAT) itself.

Q12. Explain how you can link tasks in MS project 2013?


You can link or connect any two tasks in a project to manifest their relationship, also referred as dependency. Dependency drives the project schedule and once you change the tasks, every change you make to one alter the task of other, which affects the next and so on. To link the task, you have to

Click View ->Gantt Chart

Hold down Cntrl and click the two tasks you want to link

Click on Task ->Linked the selected tasks.

Q13. Mention the types of task links in MS project 2013?


There are four types of task links in MS project

Finish to start link: In this link the second task cannot be initiated until the first task is completed

Start to start link: In this link, the second task can begin at any time after first task is initiated

Finish to finish link: In this link, two task does not have to end at the same time, the second task can end anytime after first task is ended

Start to finish link: In this link, the second task cant finish until the first task begins.

Q14. Explain what is resource levelling?


Resource levelling is the coolest feature given by MS project; these tool schedules work without over allocating work to the employees, especially for those who are indulged in multi-task activities. For example, there is a project A and B and allotted time for this project is 3 and 2 days. When an individual use resource levelling, it schedule the work as first 2 days for the project A and later two days for project B and again on the last day it will return to project A.

Q15. Explain how you can create and code a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in MS project?


Inserting Tasks: If you forgot to insert task in the list you can add by clicking the place whee you want to add a task and go to Insert>Newtask or press insert.

Outlining Structure: You will be creating an outline of the project by assigning the project name. In respect to do that you have to select all deliverables underneath the heading and then click the Indent button. They will all line up, and the deliverable will appear in bold

Assign numerical code to tasks: Once you have created a work breakdown, you can assign a numerical code to it. In respect to do that go to toolsin the task bar. Under options, you will see outline options, under this you have to click on check box with the option show outline number. You will see that the task list will have a numerical code in front of it.

Q16. What should you be aware of before importing excel file to MS project?


Before you import excel file, you should be aware of following things

Make sure which excel file fields will be mapped to which MS project

Not necessary that all fields in the excel should be imported to MS project, you have the opportunity to choose the field you wanted to import

Make sure that your import file has a column header

Blank fields in the excel will be imported as a blank field the project

Start and finish date in excel will be imported in the MS project start and finish field as start no earlier than constraints for the tasks

If the map has to imported then, it should in Global.mpt file format on your machine, if it is not in that format then import wizard will nod show the map as selection choice.

Q17. Explain the path for importing excel into the MS project 2013?


Path for importing the file into MS project:

File ->Open ->Files of type ->Excel workbook ->browse the file and select the file ->Now click on Open ->Wizard will start ->Click Next

At the end of the run wizard, it will ask how you want to import the file

As a new project

Append the data to the active project

Merge the data into the active project

After selecting any of the above options, you can click next to finish importing excel file to MS  project.

Q18. Explain how you can compare budget resource values in MS project?


Go to Resource Usage view ( View ->Resource Usage)

Add budget cost, Work, budget work and Cost columns to the table if they are not there already

Tap on the drop down arrow to the right of the Resource Name column heading and then choose Group by->Custom group, in order to group the resource by custom resource test field

Tap on the down arrow in the Field Name cell in the Group By row section, after that in the drop down list of resource fields, select the name of the custom text field for your budget categories and then click apply

Now in the group summary rows, compare the budget get cost or budget work values to the cost or work values simultaneously

To dismantle the group, you can choose NO groups by clicking down arrow to the right of the Resource Name column heading.

Q19. Explain what are the setting you have to insert while entering Project Information into Project 2013?


To enter project information into project 2013, it includes information like

Start and Finish Date: For a project that is scheduled forward from the start date, enter only the start date, while enter the finish date if you like to schedule backward from finish date

Schedule From: You can select the finish date or start date whichever way you want to schedule your task

Current Date: By default this setting matches the computer clock settings; however it can be configured according to your requirement

Status Date: To track the progress on the project you can the current date status. This will show the status of the project as of the current moment

Calendar: From this drop-down list you can choose the base calendar template to use for the project calendar

Priority: By using this field you can prioritize your work and decide which work has to be delayed and which has to be done immediately.

Q20. Explain how to set work time exception in Project 2013?


To alter the available working hours in Project 2013 for a particular day, you have to change the work time exception settings. In order to do that

Select the project and change the working time

On the calendar choose the day you want to change

Click the exception tab to display it, it will show a column with the name cell in a blank row, type a name for the exception and press enter

Tap the exception name you entered in step 3 and then click the details button. It will open a detail dialog box for this exception. Where you will make the setting according to your requirement like working time, recurrent pattern and range of recurrence.

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    Q21. listing out the types of responsibilities utilized in MS challenge?


    There are foremost four kinds of obligations:

    • Precis duties: It includes subtasks and their associated houses
    • Subtasks: it is a smaller mission that is part of a precise task
    • Routine obligations: these are the tasks that fall within normal durations
    • Milestones: these are the top precedence mission which might be adjusted to 0 lengths and are like quick-term goals in the venture

    Mention the sorts of task links in MS mission 2013?

    There are four forms of task links in MS mission

    Finish to begin link: in this link, the second venture cannot be initiated till the first task is finished.

    Begin to begin hyperlink: in this hyperlink, the second task can start at any time after the first assignment is initiated.

    End to complete hyperlink: in this link, the mission does no longer should stop at the same time, the second challenge can quit every time after the first venture is ended.

    Start to finish link: on this hyperlink, the second mission cant finish until the first task begins.

    Q22. Explain a way to set work time exception in undertaking 2013?


    To adjust them to be had working hours in undertaking 2013 for a particular day, you need to change the work time exception settings. for you to do that

    Choose the task and trade the running time.

    At the calendar pick the day you want to alternate.

    Click the exception tab to display it, it’ll show a column with the call cell in a blank row, kinda name for the exception and press enter.

    Tap the exception call you entered in step three after which click on the info button. it’s going to open an element dialog box for this exception. where you’ll make the setting consistent with your requirement like running time, recurrent sample and range of recurrence.

    Give an explanation for how you can evaluate budget useful resource values in MS mission?

    Go to aid utilization view ( View ->aid usage).

    Upload finances value, work, finances paintings and price columns to the desk if they may be not there already.

    Faucet on the drop-down arrow to the proper of the resource call column heading and then pick out institution with the aid of->custom organization, in order to group the aid by custom resource check field.

    Tap on the down arrow in the field call cellular in the organization through row section, after that within the drop-down list of resource fields, pick out the name of the custom textual content subject to your budget categories and then click observe.

    Now inside the group precise rows, examine the budget get price or budget paintings values to the cost or work values concurrently.

    To dismantle the organization, you could select NO groups by clicking down arrow to the proper of the useful resource call column heading.

    Q23. What are your favorite MS task books/internet sites?


    Mission making plans, estimating, tracking, and conversation is possibly the most complex, nuanced region that Microsofts circle of relatives of workplace-related applications hopes to aid. experienced, professional PMs have to be actively looking to enlarge their ability sets with a ramification of sources.

    Q24. Have you ever completed any VBA automation with MS Project?


    This isn’t as commonplace as Excel programming, however, it’d deliver some perception into their depth of expertise of the assignment database. a few oldsters automate look/feel troubles, so printouts always appearance the same (consistency breeds familiarity). different uses macros for mainly intricate utilization or cost calculations. The candidate ought to be able to glibly describe the benefits and challenges of automation with this tool.

    Q25. How do you add or delete a standard or custom column/field?


    A bit of a trick question: there are many ways to add (or insert) a column/field, typically they will brute force Insert or use a macro. You should never delete a column/field that contains data; the recommended approach is to hide the column.An interviewer could drill into the candidates use of custom tables, views, fields, and filters. Have they set up templates? How do they manage consistency among multiple projects? Do they use automation or templates to develop standards and make incremental improvements for each project they work on?

    Q26. How do you model meetings and non-working time on a project plan?


    There are a number of different methods – including …

    Model all resource participation at 80% available time

    Change the default calendar to 6 hour work days

    Create weekly, 5-day (duration) tasks, for 1-4 (effort) hours per week, and assign everybody to this task

    Candidate should be able to talk about the pros and cons of whatever method they select.

    Q27. Can MS Project be used to track an agile development project, and if so, how?


    There is no right answer to this question, Ive heard opinions on both sides. However, if someone can give a cogent, detailed answer, either way, they are demonstrating their knowledge of agile and/or Project.

    Cross-company management, matrix management

    A project manager has to liaise with other departments in the company, like the procurement, the R&D, as well as the Logistics department. Other than that, the project manager may also have to interact with customers and companys partners. Sometimes, the project manager may also be responsible for the invoicing and financial issues of his projects. Do you have that project management experience?

    Q28.Tell me about a time when your stakeholders didnt agree on a project. How did you proceed?


    Interviewers asking this question are looking for stories that will prove you have these necessary soft skills for the job. Make sure to brainstorm stories about your former project management roles in anticipation of this question and use them as a confirmation that you have the mediation skills that these hiring managers are looking for.

    Q29. What projects do you not want to work on?


    Everyone wants to believe they can handle every project, but the reality is that most project managers are best suited for a narrow project management role.

    If you tell your future employer that you love working on everything, that communicates that:

    You might not know what youre talking about OR

    Youre unwilling to communicate weaknesses.

    Neither of these traits reflects well on you.

    Instead, be honest. Are you more of a software development person? Do you do well with creative media campaigns? Would you rather lie down and die than work on a construction project? Let your interviewer know; both they and your future self will thank you for it.

    Q30. How do you deal with difficult team members?


    Project management flows a lot smoother when everyone is meeting deadlines with quality results. Unfortunately, youre likely to work with some individuals who have trouble delivering. Your interviewer wants to know how you deal with these interpersonal and personnel issues.

    First, look up proper approaches to dealing with difficult team members so that youre ready to respond with the best possible answers. Provide examples of how you helped improve work processes of team members at your previous jobs. You can always ask your interviewer to give a for instance; they might also have someone specific in mind.


    In Gantt chart, each task is displayed by one row

    Dates are displayed in incremental order like days, weeks or months as per the total length of the project

    For each task expected, time is displayed by a horizontal bar whose left end indicates the estimated beginning of the task and right end indicates the estimated completion date

    Task may run parallel, sequentially or overlapping

    The chart is represented in the bar formation to a length proportional to the fraction of the work that has been completed

    On the left of the line, you will see the completed tasks

    Future tasks line lies to the right of the line

    Current task are cross the line and are behind schedule when filled in section is on the left of the line and ahead of schedule when it is right of the line.

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    Q31. How does MS Project determine a task is on the critical path?


    If total slack is <= 0 it’s on the critical path. Depending on the version this can be configured.

    Q32. What do you think about the term project management?


    It is definitely the main project management interview question that you will face. You can define project management as a combination of several operations including skills, tools, knowledge, and techniques that are required for the success of any project. In the project management, it is also essential to manage time, success rate, and cost of the project.

    Q33. According to you, what are the important skills for project managers?


    It is right that there cant be a single skill that is enough for the project manager. So while answering this project manager interview question, you can include leadership skills, time management skills, and communication skills that will be very important for the success of any project. Keep the justification ready to support your answer because the interviewer will definitely ask for it.

    A project manager is a person who is responsible for leading the project. Read whatre the Project Manager responsibilities.

    Q34. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?


    It is the most common project management interview question that the interviewer will ask for the post of project manager. With this question, he wants to know about your future goals with the company. It will be better to describe what you want to give your best performance for the success of every project and you want to contribute to taking the company forward with your position.

    Q35. How will you explain the project life cycle?


    A project will go through several phases before completion by the team. From the beginning to completion, a project need to go through the stages or phases that form the complete project life cycle. As per PMBOK, every project goes through 5 phases namely:

    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Monitoring &Control
    • Closing
    • phases of project management

    It is very important to go through every phase in a proper way for the success of the project on the basis of the project life cycle.

    Q36. Can you tell about the projects that you have handled with the previous company?


    If you have experience as a project manager, you may face this question during the project manager interview process. Keep in mind that the interviewer wont be interested to know about the entire list. Therefore, pick some of the best projects of your work and always pick the successful one. Make sure that you are telling about the projects that are relevant to your new job.

    Project Management Scenario-based Interview Questions and Answers

    The interviewer asks project manager scenario based questions to test the decision-making skills of the candidate. The way you answer these questions represent how you may respond in various situations. Scenario-based latest project management interview question list generally includes the steps you may take to solve the problem or deal with the situation.

    Q37. What are the main qualities required for a successful project manager?


    It is one of the latest project management interview question that you will need to face during the interview. There are many skills, a project manager should go for apart from technical skills in the answer to this question during the interview. You can include leadership skills, decision-making skills, risk management skills, time management skills, and prioritization skills If the interviewer asks you about the qualities of the successful project manager, here are the 10 qualities that are expected to be in a project manager to become successful.

    • Vision
    • Integrity
    • Communication
    • Compassion/Empathy
    • Delegation
    • Competency
    • Enthusiasm/Passion
    • Team Building
    • Composure
    • Problem Solving

    Q38. How will you start a new project as a manager?


    With this question, the interviewer is trying to check your thoughts about any new project. As a good project manager, you will take the proper steps to understand the project and make the proper strategy to start it. You will first understand the objective and purpose of the project for starting it with your team. If you are a beginner at the project manager job, you may find this question in the list of best project management interview question. So, make sure you have prepared yourself to handle such questions.

    Q39. How will you deal with any of the changes in the project?


    You should know that there may be several situations when you will need to make changes and modifications in the project. With this question, the employer wants to know about your flexibility and adaptability to the certain changes in the project. In this answer, you can tell that how will you react when the changes will occur and how will you manage the time deadline and cost for the certain changes with your team on the project.

    Q40. You are working on a major project as project manager and going halfway through the project you realize that youve made a mistake due to which you will have to rework on the project from the very beginning. How will you handle this situation meeting the deadline of the project?


    This is completely a scenario-based project management interview question, this type of questions is asked to check your skills to handle different situations. You can answer this question in the following manner. 

    Ill first stop whatever Im doing to find out the mistake. Ill investigate if the mistake is small to correct it instantly; if so Ill try to rectify the issue immediately. In case the mistake requires the complete rework on the project and it may even delay the delivery beyond the deadline, Ill inform the supervisors immediately and will let them know the complete scenario.

    According to the situation, Ill have to discuss with my team and make a plan, if needed, well decide to give extra time to meet the deadline without affecting the project. Although it will be painful and time-consuming Ill learn from the situation and make a note of the scenario so it could help us in the future.

    Project Manager Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers:

    During the project management interview, the interviewer assesses the candidate on various perspectives to know if he is the right candidate. behavioral project management interview questions give the interviewer insight of the skills you have to deal with certain situations. If you possess the required skills, it makes them stand out of the crowd.

    Q41. Did any of the employees or managers challenge your decisions in your previous job?


    Many candidates think that it will be good to go for Noin the answer to this question but it is very common to face the situation of disagreement in any of the projects. It will be better to say Yesin the answer and you can describe the situation in a proper way so that you can make a positive impression on the interviewer.

    Q42. How will you ensure that your team will stay on the right track to complete the project on deadline?


    In the answer to this project management question, you can say I will communicate on the basis of expectations from the project before starting it with the team. I will take the regular updates of the progress and I will discuss every phase of the project with the team. With appreciation and feedback from the team members, I will make sure that they will complete it on the given time.

    Q43. If any of the customers are not happy with the quality or results of the product, what will you do as a project manager?


    This question also lies under the category of scenario based project management interview questions and answers, so the answer should also be scenario based. Customer satisfaction is always one of the priorities for any company. It is important that you can show that you value your customers with your answer. If the customer is unhappy with the results or quality of the product, you will see which kind of modifications they expect from the company in the product. Then, you will try to do that by discussing with your team so that the project can meet the requirements of the customer with perfection.

    Q44. How should project managers communicate on the failure of any project with the team?


    As a project manager, you must have the quality to handle the failures in a proper way as a leader with your team. When your team works on any project and it fails, you should make sure that the failure doesnt affect the focus and morality of the team members. You can tell that instead of charging any of the team members, you will discuss the reasons for failure with the collective responsibility.

    Top 10 Reasons for Project Failure

    Techniques to Avoid Project Failure

    Senior Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

    In this section, we have covered senior project manager interview questions with the detailed answers. As the heading suggests, these questions are asked to the candidates who have some significant experiment in the project management domain. With these questions, interviewer tests your advanced knowledge on various aspects of project management. Lets go through some common senior project manager interview questions.

    Q45. Do you know about Pareto analysis/principle?


    This is a knowledge-based most popular project management interview question that you may face in the interview if you have considerable experience in project management.

    According to Pareto principal, 80% of results will come from 20% of your actions in the project.

    This analysis is used to prioritize the work by the project managers. If you have experience as the project manager, you must have information about this principle to use it for the projects.

    Q46. Do you think that integrity is an essential quality of any project manager?


    The obvious answer to this question is Yes and you have to describe it properly to the interviewer. Any of the companies want the employees who will share principles and values of the company. If you are at a responsible position of project manager, you have to show the proper way to other team members for the project. It is essential to earning the trust of your boss and the respect of your team members to become a successful project manager.

    Q47. What was the biggest challenge you faced during any of the projects in past?


    Most of the candidates will say that I didn’t get the right time or I didn’t get the supportive boss. You should never go for these kinds of answers to a new employer. You can describe the answer on the basis of an example situation and make sure that you are describing the way you handled the situation and you faced the challenge. You can also describe what you learned from this situation.

    Q48. Which type of project you want according to your interest and why?


    You may face this question because it is considered the most common project management interview question. Make sure to make a research about the company and types of projects that they deal with. In your answer, you should tell about the projects that the company will offer commonly to you as a project manager.

    Q49. What are the tools for project management that you have used in the past?


    Today, several tools are available to make the work perfect for the project management. You can make research to know about the particular project management software used by the company. You can also know about some of the top and advanced project management tools available for it if you are able to work on it with your new company.

    Q50. How will you keep your team members motivated?


    It is definitely the main project management interview question that you will face if you are a senior project manager. One of the important responsibility of a project manager is to be a good leader and keep motivating his team members to raise their morale. The interviewer may ask this type of questions to know how well you act as a team leader and team player.

    So, to answer this question you can tell the interviewer that you will have time to time meet up with the team and ask about the issues if they are facing any. You will act like a leader instead of the manager so that the team could feel free to share their suggestions and ideas with you. You will inspire your team members to make an individual contribution and collective effort instead of imposing your decisions on them. 

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    Q51. What will be involved in Project Scope Management?


    The project scope management is referred to as a set of processes to ensure that the scope of the project is defined and mapped accurately. The techniques involved in scope management help project managers to plan the amount of work required to complete the project successfully.

    In the scope management, there will be involvement of the information of requirements, creating WBS, controlling the scope and verifying the scope. In this term, WBS will define the baseline of scope for the project. The planning, controlling, and closing is the three processes of project scope management.

    Project Scope Management is the process that involves a number of steps, the steps involved to define the project scope management are –

    • Plan scope management
    • Collect requirements
    • Define scope
    • Create Work Breakdown Structure
    • Validate Scope
    • Control Scope

    Technical Project Management Interview Questions and Answers:

    Technical project manager interview questions basically assess the candidates for their technical aptitude and experience. If you are an experienced candidate, you may come across technical project manager interview questions on how to deal with the complexity of projects on the basis of your experience. These questions are somewhat tough but interviewer includes these questions to increase the success rate of the projects.

    Q52. What do you think about CSF in software project management?


    CSF is a critical success factor that is a very important skill for the success of any software project. There will be skills like:

    • Ability to make changes in management
    • Motivating the employees for the right direction
    • Creating the right work environment for the team members
    • Evaluation of cost and risk for the project
    • Proper management and implementation of the strategies for the project.

    Q53. Describe CMM (Capability Maturity Model)?


    Every company has a proper process for the development of software. If you are going to apply for a job of software project management, you will definitely find it as the latest project management interview question. This model has been developed by software engineering institute that provides information on different levels of the process maturity. Here are the five levels of the CMM model:

    • Initial Level – It defines the starting point of a new process.
    • Repeatable Level – It specifies that the process is used repeatedly.
    • Defined Level – It defines or confirms process as a standard business process.
    • Managed Level – It involves the measurement and management of the process.
    • Optimizing Level – It includes optimization and improvement of the process.

    Q54. What do you understand by RAID?


    While applying for a project manager job, you may find it in the list of most popular project management interview question. RAID stands for:

    • Risks
    • Assumptions
    • Issues
    • Dependencies

    These are some of the important terms for any of the project manager. There is always a risk during any project and you will need to work on the right strategies with proper backup for any of the risks during the project. Dependencies and issues may limit the choice of the actions and assumptions are about estimation for the actions.

    Q55. How will you estimate by using the three-point estimating method?


    You may definitely face this question in all technical project management interview question category. There will be two formulas for three-point estimation that you can check below:

    • Triangular Distribution E = (P+M+O)/3
    • Beta or PERT Distribution E = (P+4M+O)/6
    • Here P will stand for the pessimist, O for Optimist and M = most likely and
    • PERT = Program Evaluation and Review Techniques
    • 12 PMP Formulas to Pass the PMP Certification Exam.

    Q56. What do you understand by quality control?


    As a project manager, you must know about the term quality control. Quality-based questions are mainly included in the technical project management interview question. Completing any of the projects is one thing and maintaining the quality as per the requirements of market and customers is another. You have to understand the complete process of inspection so that you can ensure proper quality according to the requirements of the customer.

    Additional Project Management Interview Questions and Answers:

    In this last section, we have covered some additional but latest project management interview question you may come across during the interview. The interviewer asks these questions to check your knowledge as an expert to handle the responsibilities of a project manager. You need to answer these questions in a direct way, lets get prepared with these most popular project management interview questions.

    Q57. What do you know about risk register?


    Risk Register is a document that is used to store the information of all the identified risk in any project. Also known as Risk Log, it is created during the initial stages of the project. In this document/register, the information of all the potential actions is also stored. It is an important part of the Risk Management Plan that helps the managers to track and address the problems when they arise.

    The Risk Register is shared between the project stakeholders to let them be aware of the issues and taking actions to resolve those issues. The Risk Register performs risk management in the four steps –

    • Identification of the risk
    • Evaluation of the severity of the identified risks
    • Finding possible solutions to the evaluated risks
    • Analyzing and monitoring the effectiveness of the steps.

    Q58. What is time &material contract?


    Time and Material Contract is basically an arrangement in which the contractor is paid on the basis of several factors, such as 

    The actual cost of the direct labor, basically at the specified hourly rates

    The actual cost of equipment and materials usage

    Agreed on the fixed add-on to cover the profit and overheads

    So, in the time and material contract, the contractor will get paid according to the used time on the project as well as all the expenses of the used material. The contractor will also get paid for all additional expenses during the contract.

    Q59. What is probability and risk impact in the project?


    In the project, the team will try to determine the probability of the actual risk happening in the project as well as the impact of risk on the project. The questions based on risk are considered as the best project management interview question in a project manager interview, so you need to prepare yourself well to answer these questions.

    Q60. What are different kinds of risk that you may face during the project?


    During the project, there will be a possibility of several internal, external, technical risk and it will depend on the type of project as well as many other factors related to the organization and project.

    Q61. What do you know about the triple constraint triangle in project management?


    In project management, every project is performed under three constraints i.e. time, cost, and scope. These three factors or constraints are known as the triple constraints. Using these three constraints as vertices around the quality as a central theme, a triangle is formed which is called the triple constraint triangle. The triple constraint triangle specifies –

    • Projects must be delivered on time
    • Projects must be delivered within cost
    • Projects must meet the agreed scope, neither more nor less
    • Projects must meet the quality requirements of the customer.

    Q62. Define Planned Value, Actual Cost and Earned Value?


    Planned Value is the value of the project that has been estimated and approved before the project starts. Actual Cost is the total cost or the amount of money spent during the project. Earned Value is the value earned in the completion of the project. These three elements together form Earned Value Management (EVM).

    Q63. What is a Fishbone diagram and when to use it?


    Fishbone Diagram or Ishikawa Diagram is a visualisation tool to understand the potential causes of a problem to identify its root causes. It is used usually in brainstorming sessions so that the teams conversation is focussed on the actual problem and not stray away towards only the symptoms.

    Q64. What values do you think a project manager should have?


    Everybody has their own idea of values. However, it should focus on the job profile and associated with project management.

    Q65. Tell me about your career path and what brought you to project management?


    This question is easy; you just need to provide a brief description of your previous work experiences and tell how you ended up being a project manager. However, you should understand that project management is the main focus here and most of it should converge towards proving that it was through the right skills and experience that you are here now.

    Q66. What performance metrics do you use to determine if a project is going as expected?


    The ability to understand if a project is going in the right direction is a core skill of a project manager and performance metrics will help in that matter. Some of the useful performance metrics are Cost Variance, Resource Utilisation, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Gross Margin.

    Q67. What strategy do you follow to mitigate the risks involved in a project?


    There will always be risks involved in a project; sometimes even before you start it. You must be able to give the interviewer enough points on different areas where you can work so that there are effects of risks.

    Q68. Did you ever face any challenges while managing projects? How did you handle those challenges?


    With the responsibilities of a project manager, comes a lot of challenges. So pick out one which you have been successful in handling. Give the various ways how you have handled and the strategy you came up with.

    Q69. Which of the methodologies have you used in your projects? Why do you prefer it over others?


    There are various methodologies — Agile, Waterfall, etc. — which are used in project management. Be well-prepared about the various pros and cons of each methodology that you have used. Never mention the ones that you havent used.

    Also Read>>PMP vs. Scrum.

    Q70. What do you know about the critical path of a project? What steps will you take if you find that one of your tasks is going to take more time than expected?


    To put simply, the critical path of a project is all the key tasks that are required to complete a project. There are ways to shorten task time. E.g. adding an extra person to the project on the contract or from a different team to complete the particular tasks.

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    Q71. Name the ten key knowledge areas as mentioned in the PMBOK Guide?


    Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, and Stakeholder Management.

    Q72. What is the number of child tables that can be created out from a single parent table?


    The number of child tables that can be created out of the single parent table is equal to the number of fields/columns in the parent table that are non-keys.

    Q73. Employee health details are hidden from his employer by the health care provider. Which level of data hiding is this? Conceptual, physical or external?


    This is the scenario of an external level of data hiding.

    Q74. What is the form of fact table &dimension table?


    Generally, the fact table is in normalized form and the dimension table is in de-normalized form.

    Q75. What particulars you would need to come up with a conceptual model in a health care domain project?


    For a health care project, below details would suffice the requirement to design a basic conceptual model

    Q76.Different categories of health care plans and products?


    Type of subscription (group or individual).Set of health care providers.Claim and billing process overview.

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