Ranorex Tutorial – A Powerful Test Automation you Need to Know
Ranorex Tutorial ACTE

Ranorex Tutorial – A Powerful Test Automation you Need to Know

Last updated on 18th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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Priyanka (Artificial intelligence security specialist )

Priyanka is an Artificial Intelligence Security Specialist with 7+ years of strong experience in using emerging technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and experience in C# and VB.NET to edit recordings or create custom tests.

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    • Introduction to Ranorex
    • Why Ranorex?
    • Outline
    • We should investigate every one of them exhaustively
    • Framework Settings and Ranorex License
    • Ranorex Studio
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to Ranorex:

    • Ranorex Studio is a strong test mechanization instrument for everybody, including non-coders, to record robotization tests bit by bit for work area, web, and portable applications.

    • Keeping up with programming quality is a significant objective for any product framework. In this day and age, everything is relied upon to be quick and adequately proficient. The time crunch is seen all over. In such cases, manual testing doesn’t appear to yield adequate outcomes, this is the place where test mechanization comes into the image.

    • Test mechanization is viewed as a significant arrangement. Also, there are many instruments accessible on the lookout for robotizing the experiments. Contingent upon the necessities of a product item, the instruments should be picked as needs be. Ranorex Studio is one such mechanization instrument.

    • Why Ranorex?

      An ideal start to finish test mechanization instrument

    • Many mechanized tests require a blend of advances and gadgets.
    • This blend might incorporate a mix of a mixture versatile application, a web application, and a work area application with backend information-based administrations. Ranorex can run tests across numerous stages and gadgets.

    • Simple for beginners but strong for specialists

    • Ranorex can record, and playback trials with the least coding. It is not difficult to keep up with great help and broad documentation. It has same-day efficiency and a completely robotized IDE.
    • While it is not difficult to use for amateurs, this test robotization instrument is a genuine article in the possession of specialists. It upholds C# and VB.net dialects alongside Selenium Web Driver incorporation in Ranorex studio 7 and above.
    • Therefore, Ranorex additionally upholds test execution in Selenium upheld programs. It joins information-driven testing, definition, and revealing in a solitary test robotization suite

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      Simple to keep up with test suits

      JUnit viable Reports can without much of a stretch coordinate with the CI interaction (Jenkin) and ALM instruments. Ranorex likewise upholds order line support (CLI) for remote test execution and contains an improved WPF module to perceive objects.


    • Ranorex Studio is an exceptionally incredible asset to computerize tests for web applications, independent and portable applications.
    • It is sufficiently basic to utilize that even non-coders will want to make tests without obstacles.
    • It upholds all innovations (.Net, Java, Flex, HTML) and can be utilized for various programs (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and versatile applications (Android, iOS).
    • Course Curriculum

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    • The principal part of this instrument is Ranorex Studio, which incorporates the Ranorex Recorder, object vault, Ranorex Spy, code manager, and debugger in a solitary climate.
    • In this instructional exercise, we will cover the main points which incorporate Ranorex License, Studio, Recorder, Spy, Repository, Creating the First Project, Creating a Recording Module, and Executing the Test.

    • We should investigate every one of them exhaustively:

      Is apparatus upholds all sort of utilization created utilizing advancements like:

    • Work area Application
    • .Net,Java,Flex,VB6,Delphi,PowerBuilder,\
    • ActiveX,MFC,Win32,SAPguiMS Dynamics AX,Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Online Application
    • HTML,HTML5,JavaScript,ASP.NET, Ajax,Google Toolkit, Silverlight,
    • Flash, FlexJava applet, jQuery
    • Portable Application
    • iOS applications
    • Android applications
    • The test can be composed to help underneath programs,
    • Web Explorer
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari

    • Framework Settings and Ranorex License:

      Before beginning to work with Ranorex, we want to download and introduce the instrument on our machine. A preliminary adaptation of the instrument is dependably accessible on the site. One requirement is to enroll on the authority site with a business email id. The connect to download and introduce the preliminary form will be shipped off the enrolled business email id. At the point when a business email id isn’t free, then, at that point, you should contact the outreach group and they will help you in downloading the preliminary rendition.

      Nonetheless, to utilize every one of the highlights of Ranorex Studio past 30 days, one requirement is to purchase the permit. Ranorex offers two sorts of premium licenses:

      Hub locked


    • Both the licenses have overall the very highlights except that a drifting permit can be shared by more than one client and be utilized on virtual conditions (Virtual machines and terminal servers).
    • There’s likewise an expansion to the Premium permit, called the Runtime permit. It permits a client to run tests on more than each machine in turn utilizing a similar permit.
    • The framework settings for this instrument are extremely basic and the client need not stress a lot over the essential parts because the Ranorex Studio bundle itself introduces the majority of the product needed for its working.
    • The wizard to introduce the device is exceptionally basic and straightforward. One simply needs to adhere to the progression insightful guidance in the wizard.
    • This instrument upholds practically every one of the Windows working frameworks, both 32-cycle, and 64-digit releases.

    • Ranorex Studio:

      At the point when the apparatus is sent off, the device consequently opens the Ranorex Studio. It looks like underneath:

      The studio offers three perspectives:

    • Project View
    • Module View
    • Record View
    • To place it in basic terms:
    • Project view shows every one of the records of a current undertaking.
    • Module view shows every one of the modules of the current Project.
    • We will see them exhaustively while we continue further.

    • Ranorex Recorder

    • Like every other test robotization apparatus, this instrument permits the client to record test ventures as activities on the application under test and afterward play it back later. The recorded advances can likewise be adjusted and tweaked. The accounts can be kept up with the assistance of the Ranorex object archive.
    • The Ranorex manager helps in adjusting the test steps recorded given article acknowledgment.

    • Ranorex Spy

      Each test robotization instrument needs to have an article acknowledgment device. Object acknowledgment is a course of distinguishing the articles (here UI components) on the screen. One of the excellent boundaries that characterize how great a computerization instrument is based on its article acknowledgment property and how well it associates with the item under test.

      Course Curriculum

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    • The covert agent is not difficult to utilize and shows the XPath of the UI component. Ranorex XPath is like articulations. It has numerous boundaries like connectors, qualities, and qualities. The connector expresses what sort of use it is. Characteristic and worth recognize the component type.
    • [@=]
    • /Button[@controlname=’Enter’]
    • It is additionally conceivable to recognize a particular kind of control or component by changing the XPath. “or then again” “and” combination can be utilized in XPath to zero down a specific component.
    • For Example, recognizing every one of the buttons with the text “Enter” should be possible by underneath referenced way.
    • /form[@controlName=’FirstForm’]//Button[@text=’Enter’]
    • The above way will feature every one of the buttons with the text “Enter” in the structure “FirstForm”.

    • Ranorex Repository

    • The Ranorex storehouse makes legitimate planning of the UI components. All the UI components of the application under test can be found in this storehouse. The vault is consequently made for each test project. It is addressed by the .rxrep record.

    • The storehouse has two sections: Item and Path. Thing is the UI component of the application and Path is the consistent planning of the UI component.
    • These storehouse components can be utilized inside the code document and account too. Since every storehouse consequently produces a .Net source code document, the items can be utilized effectively for test computerization code.

    • Making the First Project

      As we have seen with regards to the various elements that this instrument offers, how about we begin making a test project. When we introduce and send off Ranorex, the landing page looks something like the under one. All most recent updates regarding this apparatus and other data will be accessible there. We can begin the new arrangement by either tapping on the “New Test Solution” under Start in the page displayed above or “New test arrangement utilizing the wizard.” It is strongly suggested that first-time clients pick the “wizard” choice.

    • New Solution Steps:
    • Click on “New test arrangement utilizing wizard… “
    • Pick Desktop, Web, or Mobile relying upon your application. Pick “Clear” for a cross-stage application.
    • Enter a name for the test arrangement and pick a suitable way to save the arrangement documents.
    • Click the bolt to show extra choices. The task name defaults to the arrangement name.
    • Pick C# or VB.Net relying on the test automation language that you like.
    • Click Create a registry for an answer for making a catalog in the organizer that you entered previously.
    • Click Add answer for source control assuming you wish to utilize a source control instrument like Git, Subversion, or TFS.
    • Click Continue.

    • Pick your application under test from the rundown of running applications. Or then again, if your AUT isn’t running, pick “Peruse for application” to see as the executable. Notice the checkbox to send off the AUT naturally after the wizard wraps up.

      Presently you can design process whitelisting. Pick “center around single application” on the off chance that you need Ranorex Studio to interface with simply your AUT. Pick “center around numerous applications” to interface with the AUT and extra cycles that you select. Pick “no center applied” Ranorex Studio to connect with all running interactions.

      Click proceed. When the arrangement is made, the undertaking view, module view, and record view (test suite) windows are shown.

      Barely any perceptions from the above depiction:

    • Assuming that you notice the venture view, many records are as of now made of course.
    • A Ranorex project is recognized by the augmentation .rxtst.
    • “Recording1.rxrec” is the recording document in which every one of the activities can be added.
    • “FirstProjectRepository.rxrep” is the Ranorex storehouse records which are a coherent portrayal of all the UI components of an article under test.
    • The recording document will typically have two records under it, the .cs document and.UserCode.cs record.
    • Client code document is typically utilized when the highlights given by the recording module sufficiently aren’t.
    • .cs document can’t be adjusted by the client, regardless of whether did, it will be changed by Ranorex in the following run
    • The test suite view as of now has a Recording1 module. So we can begin recording by basically tapping on that module.

    • Making a Recording Module:

    • Given underneath are the means engaged with making a recording module:
    • Ensure that your AUT is running!
    • Double-tap on the Recording1 module document
    • Another tab opens in the test suite in the test suite view.
    • Click on the Record button to begin recording. Ranorex Studio limits to the errand bar and the Recorder Controls show up.
    • Play out the test activities by tapping on the UI components. When every one of the activities is performed, click on the Stop button in the recorder.
    • Presently the recording module will be populated by the activities performed.
    • A scope of choices is accessible to adjust each progression. It tends to be done just by right tapping on that specific advance.
    • Each progression is addressed in the Action table and every one of them is associated with a vault thing. The archive thing addresses a novel UI component.
    • There is likewise a Comment Column in the recording module. Any remarks that we need to add can be composed here and that will be reflected in the Report.
    • In the recording module, there is an entire scope of menu choices like Cut, Copy, Delete, Undo, Redo, and so forth Likewise, reordering the means, tends to be done effectively by choosing that specific advance and tapping on Move up or Move down buttons in the Menu.

    • Executing the Test

    • To play the test, simply click on the Run button in the test suite view. In the wake of tapping on Run, the device will begin fabricating every one of the gatherings and the test arrangement. It is trailed by the consecutive execution of the relative multitude of recorded advances.

    • Note: Turbo Mode: There is a button called Turbo Mode in the test suite view. At the point when this is empowered, it skirts every one of the postponements between test steps except if a deferral is been unequivocally added. This mode is there to accelerate the test execution. However, there are downsides to this mode.

    • Some of the time, the skipping of postponements can create issues, for example when a test needs to delay until a window is opened or then again assuming that a window requires some investment to spring up. In those cases, the manual passage of deferrals might be required.

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      In this instructional exercise, every one of the fundamental parts of Ranorex has been clarified exhaustively. When these regions are clear, then, at that point, robotizing experiments turn out to be simple. To Summarize, given beneath are a couple of focuses:

    • Ranorex Studio is an authorized instrument for computerizing experiments for web applications, independent and versatile applications.
    • This device upholds all advancements like .Net, Java, HTML, and so forth
    • The Ranorex Studio work area incorporates a wide range of various parts.
    • Ranorex Spy is an article acknowledgment apparatus that distinguishes the pecking order of UI components.
    • Ranorex Recorder permits the recording of test steps and replaying something very similar.
    • The store will have all the UI components and their remarkable consistent way.

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