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Take on project roles and play A Role In IT companies.

  • It provides intermediate and beginning software developers with knowledge and skill about implementing and using testing techniques and tools in their projects.
  • The course covers the basics of testing, especially the terminology used throughout the course, as well as the principles, models, and strategies of systematic testing.
  • This course will allow you to perform the following:
  • Verify and validate are two different things.
  • Test-first and testing-last strategies can be compared and contrasted and examples of black-box and white-box testing can be provided.
  • Examine different testing approaches, describing their benefits and limitations.
  • To achieve this, students will implement test doubles that include test stubs (for state validation) and mocks (for behavioral validation).
  • Course participants include aspiring software engineers, coders, software engineers working in tests, test automation engineers, DevOps engineers, programmers, and computer enthusiasts.
  • The training will include a combination of practical sessions and deep concepts taught by well-trained and experienced trainers in similar fields.
  • We provide access to real-time projects, training, and assistance in preparing for interviews and finding jobs at the top recruiting firms.
  • Concepts: Basic Testing Vocabulary, Levels of Testing, The “V” Concept of Testing, Structural versus Functional Technique Categories, Customization of the Test Process, Budgeting, Scheduling, Software Configuration Management, An overview for the major functional testing tools, Overview of Test management and bug tracking tools.
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Course Objectives

The fundamentals of software testing and associated program analysis methods will be covered in this Software Testing Certification Training course. Test creation, Test oracles, Test coverage, Regression, Mutation testing, Program Analysis, and other topics will be covered in this course.
You will be able to:
  • Understand essential ideas in software testing, such as software testing objectives, procedures, criteria, strategies, and techniques after completing the Manual Testing course.
  • Understand software testing procedures such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and regression testing.
  • Learn how to organize a test project, create test cases and data, run tests, handle problems, and write a test report.
  • Learn how to develop software testing documentation and interact with engineers in a variety of ways.
  • For a testing project, plan and perform software testing tasks.
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders to interact and collaborate.
This is a foundation course for professionals, such as Software Testing Engineers, Software Test Managers, QA Engineers, QA Leads and Managers, Fresh Graduates, and Students, who wish to study and acquire insights into software testing.
Manual testing is a critical step in the software development process that ensures the program is useable. Manual testing provides possibilities to be introduced to new development methodologies, platform technologies, and product developments regularly.
The following subjects are covered in this course:
  • What is the point of testing?
  • Course on manual testing (analysis, design, execution)
  • A list of all the testing tools you'll need
  • Various stages of testing (unit, integration, system, non-functional)
  • Testing in a black box and a white box
  • Setup for a test
  • Creating test data
  • Management of test cases
  • Reporting a bug (Jira)
  • DevOps & Testing
The following are the requirements for enrolling in this class: SDLC is well-known.
  • Java knowledge is essential.
  • You will receive the Java Essentials self-paced videos as a bonus to help you brush up on these skills.
You will obtain an understanding of the following software testing principles after this training:
  • Basics of Software Testing
  • General testing principles
  • Maintenance testing
  • Test process
  • Static techniques
  • Software development models
  • Configuration Management

What are the tools covered in this Software Testing Training?

Software Testing Tools
  • Test management tool.
  • Bug tracking tool.
  • Automated testing tool.
  • Performance testing tool.
  • Cross-browser testing tool.
  • Integration testing tool.
  • Unit testing tool.
  • Mobile/android testing tool.

Is it worth getting a software testing certification?

In their first review of resumes, the majority of hiring managers place a high value on certification. Even if the applicant has no prior experience in testing, certification assures that he or she has a fundamental comprehension of testing principles and knowledge of standard testing vocabulary.

Is Software Testing a good career?

Once you've mastered testing, you'll be able to find work in a variety of organizations all around the world. There are various opportunities available in a variety of sectors that are looking to recruit these people. Furthermore, Software Testers are among the highest-paid professions on the planet, making testing an excellent career option.

What are the skills needed to learn Software Testing?

Before learning to test, you don't need any prior experience. All testing courses are created by specialists who make sure to include both basic and advanced topics so that both beginners and professionals may benefit from these testing tools courses.

What are the various job opportunities available after doing Software Testing courses?

Several career possibilities will be accessible after finishing any of these testing courses.
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • ETL Test Engineer
  • Electrical Testing Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Database Test Engineer
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Overview of Software Testing Training in Trivandrum

This course is for novices who are interested in taking their career in software testing. This course covers all principles utilized in software testing so that the student obtains the know-how and understanding required from the perspective of the testing of specific software. Software Testing Training in Trivandrum ensures that a software system is defective and that the current results are consistent with the expected outcomes. To discover mistakes, gaps, and/or missing demands and to provide high-quality software for the end-user, a software or System component is reviewed. Quality assurance approaches may also apply to software testing. Software testing may be equally interesting and adventurous with ethical hacking and testing courses as the best choice for vulnerability discovery enthusiasts. You can uncover protective opportunities, optimize security checks and justify testing operations in a variety of working situations by completing a software testing course.

Additional Info

Introduction of Software testing :

    Software testing is that the method of evaluating and substantiating that a merchandise or application will what it's speculated to do. the advantages of testing embrace preventing bugs, reducing development prices, and rising performance. it's a method of evaluating the practicality of a code application to search out any code bugs. It checks whether or not the developed code met the desired needs and identifies any defect within the code to provide a high-quality product. Its primary execution is a system to spot any gaps, errors, or missing needs that are contrary to the particular needs. It is additionally explicit because of the method of substantiating and verifying merchandise. It checks whether or not the code product :

  • Meets the business and technical needs that guided its style and development
  • Works as per the need
  • Can be enforced with identical characteristics
  • A method of analyzing a software system item to discover the variations between existing and needed conditions (i.e., defects) and to judge the options of the software system item. There square measure many various kinds of code tests, every with specific objectives and strategies :

  • Acceptance testing : confirmatory whether or not the entire system works as supposed.
  • Integration testing : guaranteeing that code parts or functions operate along.
  • Unit testing : confirmative that every code unit performs of course. A unit is that the smallest testable part of an associate degree application.
  • Functional testing : Checking functions by emulating business situations, supported practical necessities. Black-box testing may be a common thanks to verifying functions.
  • Performance testing : Testing however the code performs underneath completely different workloads. Load testing, for instance, is employed to gauge performance underneath real-life load conditions.

Why do we use Software testing ?

The computer code application’s success rate controls the expansion of our business. It plays a vital role in the event of computer code applications and merchandise. We need computer code testing for the subsequent reasons :

1. Cost Effective :

Testing has several advantages and one in every of the foremost vital ones is cost-effectiveness. Testing our project on time will save cash by the end of the day. computer code development consists of many stages and if bugs are caught within the earlier stages it prices abundant less to mend them.

2. Product Quality :

to form your product vision return to life, it's to figure as planned. it's vital to follow the merchandise needs as a result of it helps you get the specified finish results.

3. Customer Satisfaction :

The last word goal for a product owner is to provide the simplest client satisfaction. computer code ought to be tested to bring the simplest user expertise potential. Being the simplest product during this saturated market can assist you to gain trustworthy purchasers which can have nice long effects.

Roles and Responsibilities of Software testing :

Software Tester Role :

A software system take a look at (software take a look at engineer) ought to be capable of coming up with test suites and may have the flexibility to know usability problems. Such a take a look at is predicted to own sound information of software system take a look at style and test execution methodologies. a software system tester needs to own nice communication skills so he will act with the event team expeditiously.

The software takes a look at Manager Role :

Managing or leading a take a look at the team isn't a simple job. the corporate expects the take a look at the manager to understand testing methodologies well. A take a look manager must take important choices concerning the testing atmosphere that's needed, however, info flow would be managed and the way testing procedure would go hand in hand with development. He ought to have sound information regarding each manual likewise as machine-driven testing so he will decide however each the methodologies are often placed along to check the software system. A take a look manager ought to have sound information regarding the business space and also the client’s demand, supported that he ought to be ready to style a take a look at strategy, take a look at goal and objectives.

He ought to be sensible at project coming up with, task and folks coordination, and he ought to be acquainted with varied sorts of testing tools. many folks get confused between the roles and responsibilities of a take a look at the manager and take a look at lead. For clarification, a take a look at lead is meant to own fashionable technical expertise which has, programming, handling info technologies and varied in operation systems, whereas he might not be as robust as software system take a look at Manager concerning take a look at project management and coordination.

Software take a look at Automator Role :

Software takes a look at Automator or an automatic to take a look at engineer ought to have a superb understanding of what he must test- GUI styles, load or stress testing. He ought to be skilled in automation of software system testing, and he ought to be ready to style take a look at suites consequently. A software system that takes a look at Automator ought to be comfy victimization varying sorts of automation tools and may be capable of upgrading their skills with dynamical trends. He ought to even have programming skills so he's ready to write take a look at scripts with no problems.

Test lead/manager :
  • Defining the take a look activities for subordinates – testers or test engineers.
  • All responsibilities of take a look at coming up with.
  • To check if the team has all the required resources to execute the testing activities.
  • To check if testing goes hand in hand with the software system development all told phases.
  • Prepare the standing report of testing activities.
  • Required Interactions with customers.

  • Required skills for Software testing :

    1. Analytical and reasoning :

    Analytical thinking could be a foundation of software package testing. You discover bugs once you apply logic to the testing method. the first objective of testing is to search out the hidden errors, not just verify that the software package works. Having superb analytical and logical skills assists in confirmatory applications against the varied state of affairs and analyze its parts, workflows against pre-defined standards. If a software package tester desires to be effective in his role, he should be capable of analyzing the given business state of affairs and judgment all the potential situations. He ought to have the flexibility to spot and tackle strange issues and may build a technique to validate them. Building things and authorizing the appliance beneath check, before delivering it to the purchasers, may be created expeditiously solely by someone United Nations agency has wonderful analytical skills.

    2. the flexibility to Utilize basic data :

    The basic data within the context of testing may be related to the fluid mixture of values, experience, professional insight, and discourse info. Those things can provide a framework for assessing the system beneath check. a wise tester ought to be able to use the data gained across years of expertise within the domain, product, customers, process, delusions, and successes in his testing. He ought to be able to build use of essential communication, mathematical, and software package application skills. Besides, he ought to be ready to use the abilities he has gained to sensible things effectively.

    3. the flexibility to check Business things :

    Software tester ought to be ready to visualize period business things through mind mapping, and extracting the concept gathered from the specifications. The period business situations ought to crystallize during a software package tester’s mind. Besides, he ought to be able to build an entire system simulation speedily and accurately. within the gift software package development environments, it's tough to believe that teams/individuals can get longer to try to to a series of standard group action sessions to conclude the constructed mapping.

    4. strong Communication Skills :

    Every software package tester should have wonderful communication skills. A tester ought to be able to communicate his thoughts and ideas effectively, exploiting different tools and media. By nice communication, we tend to intend that they must be a speaker, smart author, reader, and beholder to expeditiously communicate with stakeholders. This powerful talent helps to update the standing of the project to the purchasers, translate demand documents to check cases, inform concerning needs to the team, and prepare reports for management. Hence, having superb communication & social skills assists in confirming a high degree of comprehension that aids in conveying insights and providing feedback to each technical and non-technical folks by logically and showing intelligence.

    5. still Learn :

    Learning ought to be a long habit. The organizations and business environments square measure dynamic speedily, which suggests the strategies and processes that employment well these days are going to be superannuated tomorrow. Therefore, a software package tester must offer priority on work, adapting, and learning from modification and evolution that's happening around him. If he has gained basic data, then the remainder may be achieved by self-learning.

    Frameworks of Software testing :

    • Module primarily {based} testing framework :

      Module-based testing framework is predicated on the conception of abstraction one amongst the popular OOPS conception. Here the appliance is split into a variety of logical and isolated modules. associate degree freelance check script is made for every module. The modules square measure separated by associate degree abstraction layer so any modification within the section doesn’t affect the module.

    • Library design Testing Framework :

      This testing framework is truly designed on the module primarily-based testing framework. However, this has some adscititious edges. Here, the appliance is split into functions, instead of making check scripts. The common functions may be utilized by alternative parts; thence, a standard library is made with common functions for testing. The essence of the framework is to see the similar steps and cluster them into functions, so they'll be known whenever needed.

    • Data Driven Testing Framework :

      It's usually needed to check practicality multiple times with a completely different set of the input file. Here, rather than put the check information within the check script, it's suggested to stay the info in associate degree external information. this may facilitate in segregating the check script logic and check information from one another. this can be specifically what check information-driven framework will. The external information might be something like XML, CSV, or ODBC repository. the info is mostly unbroken in ‘Key-Value’ try.

    • Keyword Driven Testing Framework :

      The keyword-driven testing framework is constructed on the info-driven testing framework, or we will say it's associate degree extension of constant. It segregates the check information from scripts additionally as bound code or keyword that's unbroken in associate degree external file. These keywords square measure typically within the tabular type and square measure popularly called a table-driven framework additionally.

    Tools of Software testing :

    1. Automation Testing Tools :

    Automated testing tools area unit designed to gauge the expected outcome and compare it to the particular outcome. Automation testing depends on scripts or computer code that perform repetitive, mundane actions, and report the results. machine-controlled computer code testing will be accustomed perform actions that area unit tough to duplicate manually.

    2. Agile Testing Tools :

    Agile development may be a methodology that designed a product in organized, progressive steps. Therefore, agile testing may be a computer code testing answer that then tests in similar progressive steps, testing options as they're developed.

    3. Functional Testing Tools :

    Functional testing will be any softened into subcategories like unit testing, integration testing, interface testing, beta/acceptance testing, et cetera. Software testing tools during this class are going to be liable for distinctive defects before market unharness, aiding purchasers in testing their new delivered computer code, and/or testing for backward compatibility with older computer code and compatibility with totally different internet browsers and operational systems.

    4. Non-Functional Testing Tools :

    Non-functional testing will be any softened into subcategories like performance testing tools, load testing, security testing, install testing, et cetera. Software testing tools during this class is also liable for testing the installation method across totally different hardware and OS, checking the computer code for any security problems or potential weak points, and/or testing the load capability for given computer code to check if it will handle a given volume of users playing a given volume of actions.

    Benefits of Software testing :

  • It helps in distinctive and fixing bugs before the software system becomes operational, the chance of failure is often reduced significantly.
  • Any software system doesn't essentially work alone. generally, it's to integrate and perform with alternative existing gift systems, as need be. In such cases, software system testing offers a much-needed assurance that it'll work befittingly and its performance won’t get affected because of the combination.
  • It's a neighborhood of the software system development method. It performs a root cause analysis that helps in creating it a lot of economical.
  • It's meted out keeping the top user in mind. With a foresight for the eventualities that the top user can probably face, tests area unit meted out and their accuracy and potency area unit punctually noted for any discrepancies.
  • Responsibility of software systems is often measured by certification or its conformation with any set technical customary. This helps in making confidence and a healthy relationship.

  • Certification of Software testing :

    The software package testing certification will assert and guarantee an exact individual’s specific information of software package testing. software package testing certifications guarantee the talent for testing software packages and facilitate the testers to be a lot of economical and effective in their several works. This gives certification on their ability within the space of software package testing.

    One will progress in their career by taking the next levels of software package testing associate degreed bit by bit to become skilled during this space. Software package checking certification may be typically a web test or examination that's aimed toward differentiating an authorized software package tester. These certified testers are given the impression to have superior information of software package testing than their peers. Such software package checking coaching courses improve the employability of a test engineer.

    Payscale for Software testing :

    The average earnings for a software package Tester is 303K. Visit PayScale to analyze software package tester salaries by town, experience, skill, leader, and a lot of.

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    Key Features

    ACTE Trivandrum offers Software Testing Training in more than 27+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features,
    • 40+ Hours Course Duration
    • 100% Job Oriented Training
    • Industry Expert Faculties
    • Free Demo Class Available
    • Completed 500+ Batches
    • Certification Guidance

    Authorized Partners

    ACTE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT LTD is the unique Authorised Oracle Partner, Authorised Microsoft Partner, Authorised Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorised PSI Exam Center, Authorised Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore.

    Pure Practical & Job Oriented Software Testing Course Details

    Syllabus of Software Testing Course in Trivandrum
    Module 1: Introduction to Software Testing
    • Features of Software Testing
    • Simple
    • Secure
    • Portable
    • Robust
    • Multithreading
    • Platform-Independent
    • Distributed.
    • Dynamic
    • New Features of Software Testing 8
    • Introducing Software Testing Environment
    • Software Testing Development Kit
    • Software Testing Platforms
    • Software Testing Virtual Machine
    • Software Testing API
    • Software Testing Programs
    • Installing Software Testing
    • What about CLASSPATH?
    • Software Testing’s Reserve Words
    • Starting a Software Testing program
    • Line 1—public class App
    • Line 2—public static void main(String[] args)
    • Line 3—System.out.println(“Hello from Software Testing!”);
    • Compiling Code 15
    • Compiling Code: Using Command-Line Options
    • Cross-Compilation Options
    • Compiling Code: Checking for Deprecated Methods
    • Running Code
    • Running Code: Using Command-Line Options
    • Commenting Your Code
    • Importing Software Testing Packages and Classes
    • Finding Software Testing Class with CLASSPATH
    • Summary
    Module 2: Variables, Arrays and Strings
    • Variables
    • Data Typing
    • Arrays
    • Strings
    • What Data Types are Available?
    • Creating Integer Literals
    • Creating Floating-Point Literals
    • Creating Boolean Literals
    • Creating Character Literals
    • Creating String Literals
    • Creating Binary Literals
    • Using Underscores in Numeric Literals
    • Declaring Integer Variables
    • Declaring Floating-Point Variables
    • Declaring Character Variables
    • Declaring Boolean Variables
    • Initializing Variables Dynamically
    • Conversion between Data Types
    • Automatic Conversions
    • Casting to New Data Types
    • Declaring One-Dimensional
    • Creating One-Dimensional Arrays
    • Initializing One-Dimensional Arrays
    • Declaring Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Creating Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Initializing Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Creating Irregular Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Getting an the Length of an Array
    • Understanding General Form of Static Import
    • Importing Static Members
    • The String Class
    • Getting String Length
    • Concatenating Strings
    • Getting Characters and Substrings
    • Searching For and Replacing Strings
    • Changing Case in Strings
    • Checking for Empty String
    • Formatting Numbers in Strings
    • The StringBuffer Class
    • Creating StringBuffers
    • Getting and Setting StringBuffer Lengths and Capacities
    • Setting Characters in String Buffers
    • Appending and Inserting Using StringBuffers
    • Deleting Text in StringBuffers
    • Replacing Text in String Buffer
    • Using the Wrapper Class
    • Autoboxing and Unboxing of Primitive Types
    • Learning the Fundamentals of Varargs Methods
    • Overloading Varargs Methods
    • Learning the Ambiguity in Varargs Methods
    • Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters
    Module 3: Operators, Conditionals and Loops
    • Variables
    • Data Typing
    • Arrays
    • Strings
    • What Data Types are Available?
    • Creating Integer Literals
    • Creating Floating-Point Literals
    • Creating Boolean Literals
    • Creating Character Literals
    • Creating String Literals
    • Creating Binary Literals
    • Using Underscores in Numeric Literals
    • Declaring Integer Variables
    • Declaring Floating-Point Variables
    • Declaring Character Variables
    • Declaring Boolean Variables
    • Initializing Variables Dynamically
    • Conversion between Data Types
    • Automatic Conversions
    • Casting to New Data Types
    • Declaring One-Dimensional
    • Creating One-Dimensional Arrays
    • Initializing One-Dimensional Arrays
    • Declaring Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Creating Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Initializing Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Creating Irregular Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Getting an the Length of an Array
    • Understanding General Form of Static Import
    • Importing Static Members
    • The String Class
    • Getting String Length
    • Concatenating Strings
    • Getting Characters and Substrings
    • Searching For and Replacing Strings
    • Changing Case in Strings
    • Checking for Empty String
    • Formatting Numbers in Strings
    • The StringBuffer Class
    • Creating StringBuffers
    • Getting and Setting StringBuffer Lengths and Capacities
    • Setting Characters in String Buffers
    • Appending and Inserting Using StringBuffers
    • Deleting Text in StringBuffers
    • Replacing Text in String Buffer
    • Using the Wrapper Class
    • Autoboxing and Unboxing of Primitive Types
    • Learning the Fundamentals of Varargs Methods
    • Overloading Varargs Methods
    • Learning the Ambiguity in Varargs Methods
    • Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters
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    Hands-on Real Time Software Testing Projects

    Project 1
    Data Leakage Detection System Project

    The objective of this project is to improve the probability of identifying leakages using Data allocation strategies across the agents and also to identify the guilty party.

    Project 2
    Credit Card Fraud Detection Project

    The objectives of credit card fraud detection are to reduce losses due to payment fraud for both merchants and issuing banks and increase revenue opportunities for merchants.

    Project 3
    AI Shopping System Project

    The system allows user to register and enter his details about a particular product and records all the details provided by user and checks for various items matching his search.

    Project 4
    Camera Motion Sensor System Project

    Main Objective of this Project is to provide to investigate if motion detection is possible for web camera and to develop a low cost security system using web camera.

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    Software Testing Course Reviews

    Our ACTE Trivandrum Reviews are listed here. Reviews of our students who completed their training with us and left their reviews in public portals and our primary website of ACTE & Video Reviews.

    Ranjini Murugesan


    I've Joined for Testing classes in ACTE Velachery. All topics are covered step by step fully practical based. So we can learn easily. Especially trainers are good friendly manner any doubts we can ask at the time he will practically explain all our queries. Definitely everyone get interest on First day itself.


    ACTE training Institute of Trivandrum is really one of those who are looking for Software Testing training i suggest please go for it. At the classroom session each and every topic is covered in detail, Aravindh sir who took our classes really have each and every detail and hands on experience while learning. Definitely go for it.

    Anandh Samy

    Had great experience in ACTE Tambaram Attended training. Very good faculty. Got good knowledge conceptually and practically

    Sangeetha Ravi

    I have taken a course on Database Testing . I really had a very good experience. Classes was fully practical based. Trainer ranjith was so friendly and supportive. ACTE provides very good learning atmosphere. It made me strong in the field of Database Testing. If you want to learn Database Testing try ACTE.

    Manisha Begam

    Learning Software Testing in ACTE @ Bangalore was a very good experience. The staff is very good and interactive. Both practical and theory classes are conducted in parllel. Also real time assignments/use cases are given so that we get thorough understanding of the concept.

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    All the instructors at ACTE are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 9-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by ACTE for providing an awesome learning experience.
    No worries. ACTE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.
    We offer this course in “Class Room, One to One Training, Fast Track, Customized Training & Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule.

    Why Should I Learn Software Testing Course At ACTE?

    • Software Testing Course in ACTE is designed & conducted by Software Testing experts with 10+ years of experience in the Software Testing domain
    • Only institution in India with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
    • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
    • More than 50,000+ students trust ACTE
    • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
    • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
    • Interview tips and training
    • Resume building support
    • Real-time projects and case studies
    Yes We Provide Lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.
    You will receive ACTE globally recognized course completion certification Along with National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
    We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2009 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training & we have trained over 50,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.
    We at ACTE believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Software Testing batch to 5 or 6 members
    Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Software Testing. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.
    You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by's E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the ACTE branches in India
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