Roles and Responsibilities of A Automation Test Engineer : All you need to know

Roles and Responsibilities of A Automation Test Engineer : All you need to know

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    Test automation (or automation testing) means that a team uses an automation tool to execute the test case suite.

    • Introduction of Automation Test Engineer
    • Skills Required for an Automation Test Engineer
    • Do we really need an Automation Test Engineer?
    • Why become an automation test engineer?
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Test Engineers
    • Automation Test Engineer Job Description
    • Stages of Automation Test Life Cycle
    • Soft Skills Needed to Be Automation Engineer
    • Technical Skills Required to Fulfill Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Tester Efficiently
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction of an Automation Test Engineer

      Automation Test Engineers are none aside from builders who paintings at the designing, programming, simulation, and checking out of recent or current software program. Automation Testing, however, is a way to check software program so as to test and evaluate the output obtained with the output assumed or expected.Testing software program on this way can emerge as redundant, that is why builders create and generate applications in order that this assignment may be achieved mechanically with out a lot human effort.

      Skills Required for an Automation Test Engineer

      The primary and apparent requirement for an Automation Test Engineer is ideal technical expertise and experience. In addition, a terrific Testing Engineer must additionally be tactful, in addition to diplomatic, with a purpose to keep suitable relationships with colleagues withinside the workplace. These are simply the primary abilities which might be required to be able to be a terrific Automation Test Engineer. Some of the opposite abilities include:

      1.You want to have a terrific enterprise method for the software program or the system.

      2.A suitable knowledge of the improvement existence cycle of the software program.

      3.Good analytical abilities.

      4.Good decision-making ability.


      6.Ability to be aware of minute details.

      7.Ability to paintings for my part and additionally in a crew as and while required.

      8.Working properly even below pressure.

      9.Meeting deadlines.

    Skills Required for an Automation Test Engineer
    Skills Required for an Automation Test Engineer

      Do we really need an Automation Test Engineer?

      It is a totally not unusualplace notion that for the reason that software program or the device is automatic already, there’s no requirement for an Automation Test Engineer. It is a fake notion! There are some of roles and obligations of an Automation Test Engineer. For the software program to paintings flawlessly and precisely how it’s miles anticipated to, Automation Test Engineers are required to check and validate it, regularly. Here is a glimpse of the technique of growing software program in which checking out performs a prime role.

      Step 1: Requirement

      In this step, you want to determine out and recognize the diverse desires and needs required to be fulfilled in the long run product.

      Step 2: Design

      The 2nd step withinside the improvement of the product is to satisfy the specified specs as according to the request from the customer.

      Step 3: Implementation

      In this step, builders start writing and executing codes with admire to the software program and its specs.

      Step 4: Testing

      The maximum essential step in growing software program is checking out. In this step, this system is checked again and again to get the quality final results at the same time as enjoyable the needs of the customer. This section acts as the important thing component withinside the software program improvement existence cycle (SDLC) via way of means of the development of quality, reliability, and overall performance of the product.

      Step 5: Maintenance

      Once the specified end result is performed withinside the checking out step, it’s miles maintained frequently publish the product.

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      Why become an automation test engineer?

      With many jobs and duties of an Automation Test Engineer that you may examine approximately further, there also are a few blessings and creativity that come along. It is one of these careers this is developing and excelling at a high-quality rate. It isn’t always turning into famous as it reduces human attempt in a large quantity however as an alternative due to its demands. Here is a listing of some motives and blessings as to why you have to pick out the profession of an Automation Test Engineer:-

    • It could be very innovative and difficult in each step on its way. Results or consequences are by no means the identical in checking out those merchandise earlier than their launch. The mistakes range in each check till it’s far flawlessly operating. You will face distinct troubles each day and you may should resolve them continually. There isn’t anyt any in-between. You want to parent out innovative approaches to recognize the troubles that customers face and paintings on the ones accordingly.
    • Another cause which you have to choose this profession is the reality that you may continually be mastering on this field. With the improvements in technology, you want to preserve your self up to date and study new matters continuously whilst operating on software.
    • A principal cause to study Automation Testing and pick out this profession in spite of the jobs and duties of Automation Test Engineers is that it’s far without a doubt rewarding. By constructing those merchandise efficaciously at a tempo quicker than ever earlier than, you assist now no longer best the commercial enterprise or your organisation however the global at huge with the aid of using supplying merchandise that satisfy the necessities and specs of the customers.

      Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Test Engineers

      As cited earlier, there are numerous roles and obligations of Automation Test Engineers. Some of the main roles and obligations of Automation Test Engineers include:-

    • Identifying and choosing the automation take a look at cases.
    • Applying diverse designs and documenting the automation take a look at strategyConfiguring Selenium Test Environment (STE) with the intention to set it upAutomating the layout of a framework.
    • Implementing it as according to the shape of the project.
    • Creating, enhancing, debugging, and walking the take a look at cases.
    • Collating and tracking the illness control process.
    • Managing the modifications and executing regression tests.
    • Coming up with actual answers for issues associated with item identification and mistakes handling.
    • Interacting with customers/customers to resolve the diverse troubles they face and updating at the situation.

      Automation Test Engineer Job Description

    • Today, there are over 15,000 process possibilities for Automation Test Engineers withinside the US alone. Recruiters for the duration of the sector specifically awareness for your capabilities and revel in withinside the field. They are seeking out experts who can construct and beautify check automation frameworks for numerous software program. Recruiters are who prefer software program check engineers and process seekers who can make certain the shipping of tremendous merchandise via software program trying out principles, check automation, collaboration, framework design, and check execution the usage of Selenium.
    • As referred to above, there are over 15,000 process possibilities presenting about US$80,000/12 months for each person, 10,000 agencies presenting a median of US$100,000/12 months, and round 4,000 agencies who’re inclined to provide over US$120,000 imply yearly withinside the United States alone. The common Automation Test Engineer income withinside the US is set US$59,000 consistent with 12 months whilst that of a QA Analyst tiers as much as US$101,000 consistent with 12 months. Therefore, there’s sizeable increase and set of rewards on this profession field.
    • In order to offer a head begin to your profession, accepting all of the roles and obligations of Automation Test Engineers, you must have a resume constructed in one of these manner that it stands proud amongst different applicants. With the marketplace and the call for for a trying out engineer developing at this rate, you want to construct an Automation Test Engineer resume so one can seize your threat to paintings in main agencies.

      Stages of Automation Test Life Cycle

      The automation take a look at framework revolves especially round the subsequent six stages:-

    • Determining the scope of take a look at automation.
    • Selecting and the usage of the proper device for automation.
    • Documenting take a look at plans, take a look at designs, and take a look at strategies.
    • Setting up a take a look at environment.
    • Automating and executing the improvement of the take a look at script.
    • Analyzing and producing take a look at reports.
    Stages of Automation Test Life Cycle
    Stages of Automation Test Life Cycle

      Roles and Responsibilities of Manual Test Engineers

      As as compared to the jobs and obligations of Automation Test Engineers, Manual Test Engineers should do loads greater work. The roles and obligations of Manual Test Engineers include:-

      1. Requirement analysis.

      2. Creating check plans.

      3. Writing and documenting check cases.

      4. Reviewing check plans and check cases.

      5. Identifying the necessities of the check data.

      6. Testing automation.

      7. Testing execution.

      8. Keeping and retaining a log of defects and follow-ups.

      9. Reporting and Summarizing check results.

      Soft Skills Needed to Be Automation Engineer

      The roles and obligations of an automation tester contain a variety of verbal exchange and collaboration. Possessing sturdy gentle competencies creates possibilities for shifting up the ladder:-

    • Being clean approximately priorities, and developing with what calls for on the spot attention. Not all want to be computerized irrespective of how tempted you’re to do so.
    • Collaborate with inner and outside stakeholders as required. They paintings intently with different group contributors of the engineering group to provide you with the first-rate solution.
    • QA automation engineers are detail-orientated professionals.
    • Creation of worm reports, prioritization of tasks, and lots of such roles and obligations of automation testers require excessive Analytical competencies.
    • QA automation engineers use their problem-fixing competencies to discover insects and fasten them.
    • Communication competencies are a must.To efficaciously paintings with the engineering group, QA automation engineers require sturdy verbal verbal exchange competencies.

      Technical Skills Required to Fulfill Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Tester Efficiently

    • Coding and Scripting – The first bases you need to cowl can be coding and scripting in conjunction with understanding and revel in operating with languages: C and its varieties, Python, Pearl, Java, Ruby, and Shell.
    • Testing Tools – Troubleshooting and checking out diverse answers is likewise going to be certainly considered one among your major capabilities as an automation engineer.
    • Designing Test and Execution – QA automation engineers layout computerized checks for software validation, similarly developing execution plans to put in force those scenarios.
    • Identification of Bugs and Reporting – QA automation engineers examine malicious program reviews and spotlight trouble areas. They then gift the identical to different stakeholders.
    • Identify Quality Issues – QA automation engineers make certain that each one pleasant exams are finished for the powerful functioning of the app.
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        Don’t suppose much, while making plans to release your profession withinside the fine manner Automation Engineer is the field. Handling the jobs and duties of an automation tester will upload great ability units in your profile. But, this needs loads of dedication, and knowledge which you may benefit through enrolling for the fine Test Automation Engineer Course. Make certain you’re making your self equipped for the complicated global of applications, testing, bugs, analysis, and plenty extra. If you would love to analyze extra approximately the way to construct your profession as an automation engineer, maintain a near eye on our blog, additionally kind for your queries.

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