What is Netsuite ? : Everything You Need to Know | Expert’s Top Picks | Free Guide Tutorial

What is Netsuite ? : Everything You Need to Know | Expert’s Top Picks | Free Guide Tutorial

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Smita Jhingran (ERP Process Specialist II )

Smita Jhingran leads Sage X3, Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP S/4HANA, and Microsoft D365 ERP processes. She has worked with ERP, CRM, SCM, BPR, NetSuite ERP, Odoo, Sage Intacct, MRP, and BPM for more than 6 years.

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Companies use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This flexible platform can be applied to a range of business applications.

    • Introduction to Netsuite
    • What is included?
    • Features of Netsuite
    • History of NetSuite ERP
    • Why NetSuite?
    • Elements of NetSuite ERP:
    • Capabilities of NetSuite ERP
    • NetSuite TribeHR
    • Benefits of having NetSuite ERP for your business
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to Netsuite:

      NetSuite software is an online service that enables companies to manage all the important business processes in one system. The service does not cover hardware, no pre-license fees, no repair fees associated with hardware or software, and no complex setup.

      Companies use NetSuite for business service planning (ERP) and asset management, track their finances, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This flexible platform can be used for a variety of business applications.

      Many companies are turning to the cloud to bring their business plan to lower their operating costs and boost their competitive profitability.

      What is included?

      # one Cloud ERP, NetSuite provides cloud-based financial / Enterprise Resource development with (ERP) and an omnichannel business coding system that runs the business of over 18,000 customers in more than 200 countries and regions. Its skills include:

      ERP – NetSuite ERP runs all of your key financial business processes inside the cloud: quality placement, offer chain accounting, and order, management.

      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – NetSuite is the exclusively much-needed CRM system that gives you a real 360-degree browse of your customers.

      Professional services automation (PSA) – NetSuite PSA helps you plan, track and execute products.

      One computing machine, one system – fundamental measure, integrated world business management platform for multilateral services, finance, languages ​​and subsidiaries.

      E-commerce – Integrate all the steps of your internet store from sales and order management to advertising, marketing, inventory, finance and support.

      Sales – NetSuite offers a strong, cloud-based coding system answer designed to satisfy your omnichannel customers.

      Production – NetSuite’s production answer permits you to concentrate on delivering merchandise and services whereas gaining the data of such growth.

      Features of Netsuite:

      NetSuite ERP has many integrated features within the system. It helps the business process to run smoothly. We are here to bring you some of you

      Order for Money

      The O2C process compliant with NetSuite integrates the entire order processing process in a highly efficient way. Aligns the results with the payment point from the calculation of the accounting record.

      Audit Trail Appearance

      NetSuite allows for the visibility of an audit trail, which ensures the information needed for retrospective and clear exposure to events related to its initial actions, record building, user activities, data access, login attempts, administrator tasks, or default system functions. This center ensures a better track of system actions and increases accountability.


      The NetSuite ERP pay-per-view feature serves as an important component. It helps to manage the entire business process on a cloud basis with a set of global actions to ensure efficiency and universal visibility throughout the purchase process for payment.

      Tax Administration

      NetSuite has a special feature for initiating actions to understand, track, calculate, and pay various types of taxes depending on the sale or purchase of products and services. NetSuite tax administration has a solid foundation that ensures transparency, transparency, and effective control and tax administration around the world.

      Flexible Depreciation Management

      The NetSuite Fixed Asset Management feature may choose the calculation time to decrease and allow for annual withdrawal fluctuations and declining assets based on user preferences.

      Workflow management

      NetSuite has the ability to effectively manage workflows that can effectively align any particular business processes in the NetSuite system. With these features, businesses can automate business processes automatically and avoid wasting time on personal processes. This feature is able to bring complex business processes into simplified operations. Workflow can handle multiple stages, transitions, and operations automatically and thus save time.

      Fixed Assets move forward

      NetSuite Fixed Assets Management brings a Skilled and Adaptable Parent — Collaborate small parental values ​​and create one journal in advance. So as this feature allows for updates, it only affects future downtime statistics.

      Integrated Financial Reporting

      NetSuite ERP has an effective Financial Reporting Tool; simple and easy to use. The tool helps create financial statements for reporting needs. It also ensures economic data collection, categorizing additional data into a report such as budget details.

      Receiving Flexible Payment

      Accepting flexible payment allows an entity to determine one payment for all including the seller / employee, per bill / cost, or group defined by the user. These features automatically apply by creating payment groups to match within the terms you selected.

      Global Ready

      An international feature ensures that your business plan is ready to manage the activities of your international business regardless of location. The global-ready feature maintains an ERP suite, which includes hosting enhancements. The work is still distributed to all world funds. It will also provide consultation with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Revenue Recognition, Service Delivery Program (SRP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and billing.

      Fraud Prevention

      Netsuite is software that offers the highest data security. Measures are used to prevent fraudulent activities in relation to certain times, prices, addresses, items purchased under certain conditions. There are flexible features for finding fraudulent jobs. The NetSuite Fraud Detection Tool and the Scoring Tool are easy to install with the NetSuite bulk.

      Flexible Payment Processing

      Flexible payment processing allows a person to define payment methods of the seller / real employee by bill / cost. In some cases, this will depend on the user-defined collection. It is useful to automatically create payment categories that are subject to selection terms.

      Demand Planning Engine

      NetSuite’s Demand Planning engine assists in managing and managing processes that are consistent with demand and supply balancing. It works by creating demand styles, and can be tested; hence, a system was created. The supply planning process creates the purchase process, function, and transfer orders on the basis of many settings that are subject to the records of the items.

      History of NetSuite ERP:

    • NetSuite is a newborn in the world of ERP. Launched under the name Netledger in 1998 by Evan Goldberg. In the early days, it was introduced as a web-based accounting software to provide the following requirements that include corporate financial management, other operations, and relationships and customer satisfaction.

    • Provides the needs of small, medium, and large businesses in the cloud space.

    • Oracle later acquired NetSuite and boosted NetSuite growth from a small business to a powerful ERP solution that works with a variety of skills to improve business performance.

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      Why NetSuite?

      Choosing an ERP solution is difficult as several ERP providers provide critical solutions for different businesses. However, all of these ERP solutions may not meet your needs. Therefore, organizations should choose ERP software that can be customized according to their specific needs. NetSuite is one of the most trusted ERP solutions. The implementation of NetSuite is very complex, and our partner partners are paying extra attention to its success. Then the common question people ask is, Why should my company choose NetSuite ERP? Here is the answer.

      NetSuite has unique capabilities to enhance business processes. The key features that highlight the importance of NetSuite ERP compared to other effective ERP applications are the following.

      1. NetSuite can use all financial management systems, such as accounting, stock, delivery chain, and order management, effectively in the cloud.

      2. It is one of the most widely accepted ERP software applications for businesses that is likely to develop a customer management perspective.

      3. NetSuite automatically enables businesses to plan, track, and execute projects accurately.

      4. The platform allows for universal business management. It works well in dealing with a wide range of currencies, countries, subsidiaries, and languages ​​within the business.

      5. The eCommerce capacity of NetSuite ERP makes it easy to operate an E-commerce store, from order management and sales area to sales, sales, stock, support, and finance.

      6. Regardless of the aforementioned activities, NetSuite always helps achieve rapid growth and well-being.

      Elements of NetSuite ERP:

      The following are a number of the promising options of the NetSuite ERP system.

      Financial Management and money Management

      NetSuite ERP has nice capabilities to produce accounting and money management capabilities in an exceedingly single cloud-based atmosphere. there’s a seamless business method flow system, like result in money, pay-per-view, cash-in-order, and so on. Businesses will manage money management activities from one supply of finance, sales, and client knowledge.

      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

      Customer relationship management (CRM) helps to figure with the foremost advanced CRM tools. Businesses will effectively manage relationships and interactions with customers and prospects. NetSuite offers a good client relationship management system. The advantages of NetSuite CRM embody help in rising business relationships with customers, simplifying processes, and improved business profitability with NetSuite CRM tools.

      Goods Store and Production

      NetSuite provides comprehensive services to deal with varied industries like producing and storage. It works by developing jobs in business production moreover as vital money management and sector-specific wants.

      Asset Management

      Netsuite brings strong solutions to manage artistic activities. NetSuite helps to manage business operations, plus coming up with, and assets in an exceedingly cohesive business platform to maximize potential edges.

      Statistics and coverage

      NetSuite ERP uses the most effective tools to drive business intelligence and generate reports to research business performance. Businesses will develop and procure data on sales volumes, client retention, product and repair development, profitableness, higher business choices, client satisfaction, and more.

      Capabilities of NetSuite ERP:

      Let’s add drive to the list of capabilities managed by NetSuite ERP.

    • Proper financial management
    • Enhanced Business Reporting
    • The best report production tools with real-time information
    • Advanced Installation Costs
    • Foster Cash Flow
    • Cost Saving
    • Better data and cloud protection
    • Appropriate Suspension of Process
    • Premium Supply Chain Management

    • CRM

      NetSuite ERP CRM capabilities are listed below.

    • Improved resource organization
    • Improved Communication
    • Improved Customer Service
    • Automation of Daily Activities
    • Managing the team effectively
    • Analysis and reporting data

    • Ecommerce

      The following are some of the outstanding eCommerce capabilities of NetSuite ERP.

    • Highly responsive themes and benefits of full use
    • Affordable source code for design projects
    • Options to design unlimited architecture controller
    • Better UI and faster loading
    • Adapted to customization and updates
    • Adaptable to real development for the highest level of security
    • Advanced features and enhancements
    • Provides advanced marketing features (e.g., retail and wholesale)

    • PSA (Professional Services Automation)

      The NetSuite ERP professional service automation feature has the following features.

    • BUILT on OpenAir acquisition
    • Effective management of service-based services
    • Project-focused businesses.

      NetSuite TribeHR:

      NetSuite TribeHR provides a place to record all digital work files. It also has a HRIS-level business that provides a complete historical record. It helps to provide the following actions, which help to motivate, manage, and retain employees to achieve business goals.

      1. Process efficiency: How to use NetSuite requires a lot of attention as it is an important process. NetSuite provides advanced solutions to ensure process efficiency and visibility. NetSuite works to improve business performance and really provides business experience to create the best environment that provides the process with efficiency.

      2. Improved Business Processes: NetSuite, by all means, offers advanced business solutions. By combining different actions into a single software solution, they utilize the most efficient functions across the organization.

      3. Continuous Growth: With NetSuite, ERP, businesses can achieve continued growth and development. Ensures effective delivery of business processes combined with business prosperity.

      4. Financial planning: NetSuite ERP has flexible business planning and management skills involved in the business. It helps to analyze the trend and helps make informed decisions to create the most important difference in the future business.

      5. Accurate Revenue Management Management: NetSuite ERP has accurate revenue monitoring features that are closely aligned with NetSuite functions to guide business operations. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, NetSuite ERP has unlimited business growth capabilities to achieve maximum business growth.

      Benefits of having NetSuite ERP for your business:

      NetSuite ERP is in a position to run business operations expeditiously. NetSuite offers the subsequent advantages to businesses.

      1. Single Business resolution

      NetSuite ERP is one resolution to business issues. It covers virtually every facet of the business, from monetary processes to providing chain management. among one platform, you’ll lead and run an undefeated company. It integrates a spread of desires into one specific space and helps businesses bring home the bacon competitive business advantages.

      2. creating higher choices

      NetSuite has sensible business intelligence tools that assist businesses in decision-making processes; so, firms will with success bring home the bacon higher results. This may facilitate bringing home the bacon property growth and vocation. It helps to grasp revenue recognition, charts and statistics, and a serious impact on higher decision-making processes.

      3. International, Multilingualism, More Money, a lot of Subsidiary firms

      NetSuite will touch upon trilingual businesses, giant sums of cash, and varied subsidiaries in numerous countries.

      4. Customization

      Another incomparable quality of NetSuite is the high flexibility to customize the system consistent with the expressed desires of the business model. It will be bespoke and integrated with a third-party software package expeditiously and diligently to grow the business.

      5. biennial Development

      NetSuite updates twice a year, creating the system a lot of enticing to adapt to technological and business changes.

      6. knowledge Security

      NetSuite works within the cloud, therefore it’s high knowledge of security. Businesses will do business by standing anyplace within the world and in several places. firms will operate without concern concerning knowledge loss.

      7. Strength

      NetSuite ERP system with high measurability. This might contribute to the expansion of the business in terms of its growth and development. This might additionally produce AN surroundings for businesses to permit NetSuite to accommodate any technical changes.

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      NetSuite is the jack of all markets. With its combination of calculation, CRM, ERP and ecommerce systems, its performance exceeds the QuickBooks hands down, however because NetSuite puts such effort into being able to do everything, other features and functionality have to be offered. NetSuite is ideal for medium-sized companies looking for a system that integrates all business functions. There is no industry customization that makes some of the features irrelevant depending on the company. All in all, NetSuite is an expensive system, but if your company can use all the features, it will be better with NetSuite.

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