SCCM Latest Version | Everything You Need to Know | A Definitive Guide

SCCM Latest Version | Everything You Need to Know | A Definitive Guide

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Madhumeeta (SCCM Administrator )

Madhumeeta is an SCCM Administrator with 5+ years of experience in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and FSP. She has provided design, deploying, configuring, and support of desktop technologies in a distributed environment and her article helpful for SCCM beginners.

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    Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) provides a comprehensive tool for change and configuration management for Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP platforms.

    • Introduction
    • How SCCM Works
    • SCCM Version History
    • Frameworks Management in Enterprise
    • Framework Center group of Products
    • Major and Basic Features of System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM)
    • Business Solutions tended to by SCCM
    • The new-look of SCCM
    • Conclusion
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    Introduction :-

    Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a Windows item that empowers chairmen to oversee security and organization of uses, gadgets that are essential for an Enterprise. Framework Center is the family or set-up of the executives’ apparatuses from Microsoft. Associations would prefer to buy System Center Configuration Manager than buying a part in the System Center for refreshing or fixing their frameworks

    How SCCM Works :-

    SCCM Works
    SCCM Works

    Presently we will know the bit by bit methodology on how System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) works:

  • Step1: To introduce the application, make bundles in the SCCM console which comprises the order line and executed documents.
  • Step2: Configuration supervisor administrator makes virtual application bundling and recreates it to choose Distribution Points.
  • (Appropriation focuses are only record servers, they store the bundles for a specific district)
  • (Step3: If the client needs to download any application, then, at that point, the client can straightforwardly download the application from the dispersion focus rather than associating with the SCCM essential server.
  • (Step4: Now, introduce the SCCM specialist which assists a machine with imparting the SCCM servers.
  • (Step5: In this progression, the SCCM specialist continues to check for the new approaches and organizations. Utilizing the updates SCCM administrator makes sending where an application is designated on a lot of machines.
  • (Step6: Once the strategy arrives at the end machine, the SCCM specialist assesses the approach and contacts its specific provincial circulation focuses for downloading the bundles.
  • (Step7: Once the executed records are downloaded in a temp organizer, clients can introduce those bundles in the nearby framework. Presently the record status is sent back to the SCCM server to refresh in the data set.
  • (These are the fundamental stages to clarify how SCCM functions, and much more extra advances should be considered behind the scenes. In any case, the center parts utilized in the product appropriation (Application bundles, Distribution focuses, SCCM specialists, servers) are something similar for any foundation.

    SCCM Version History :-

      SCCM 2019 Version

      SCCM 1902 – Released March 2019

      SCCM 2018 Version

      SCCM 1810 – Released December 2018

      SCCM 1806 – Released July 2018

      SCCM 1802 – Released March 2018

      SCCM 2017 Version

      SCCM 1710 – Released November 2017

      SCCM 1706 – Released July 2017

      SCCM 1702 – Released March 2017

      SCCM 2016 Version

      SCCM 1610 – Released November 2016

      SCCM 1606 – Released July 22, 2016

      SCCM 1602 – Released March 11, 2016

      SCCM 2015 Version

      SCCM 1511 – Released November 2015

      SCCM 2012 Version

      SCCM 2012 – Released 2012

      SCCM 2007 Version

      SCCM 2007 – Released 2007

      SCCM 2003 Version

      SCCM 2003 – Released 2003

      SCCM 1999 Version

      SCCM 2.0 – Released 1999

      SCCM 1996 Version

      SCCM 1.2 – Released 1996

      SCCM 1995 Version

      SCCM 1.1 – Released 1995

      SCCM 1994 Version

      SCCM 1.0 – Released 1994.

    Frameworks Management in Enterprise

    Prior to the appearance of any Systems Management devices, IT offices battled a great deal with server and customer framework the board. With apparatuses like Microsoft System Center, fixing a PC, imaging workstations, carrying out programming, observing servers, network gadgets, and reinforcements were completely done in a dreary way.

  • As apparatuses developed around the frameworks of the executives, there used to be committed servers for these prerequisites and this needed to be rehashed for one more arrangement of necessities. This was each a cumbersome cycle as there was no correspondence between these different servers.
  • To get this, consider a model where an association monitors resources through one item and has a different one to put pictures onto these frameworks. It has an item to refresh or fix the frameworks when required and another to screen the framework and alarm the heads in any unexpected circumstances.
  • At long last, an alternate item to reinforcement information and an alternate item to give security the board of the framework additionally exist. Having said this, Microsoft was in a circumstance like this for around 5 to 8 years when these were taken care of by means of various items.
  • Later numerous years, Microsoft had placed these items into a solitary set-up of items called the System Center and invested sufficient energy to get these items to cooperate. Presently, an association that needs to purchase another permit can really purchase a suite permit to work with this large number of items under a solitary umbrella and influence benefits out of these items for their own ventures.
  • The segment centers around acquiring an item like System Center which can deal with every one of the exercises of a framework from imaging, sending, fixing, refreshing, upkeep, backing, and retirement under a solitary life-cycle the board device.
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    Framework Center group of Products

    There are numerous items that comprise System Center, and the entire suite supplements each other with their functionalities. In light of the licenses that are bought, associations can work alongside more than one of these items or apparatuses inside their Enterprise. With each effective delivery, an ever increasing number of functionalities and abilities are added which help one another. Allow us now to investigate every one of these items exclusively to see their usefulness set:

    1. Framework Center Configuration Manager

    Framework Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) accompanies the capacity to envision and introduce the base working framework on a framework dependent on the arrangement given. When a working framework is introduced, SCCM kicks in to refresh or fix the framework. It monitors the framework stock and controller capacities. It empowers IT, overseers, to stay aware of the framework design of the relative multitude of machines dependent on a solitary and normal hierarchical setup.

    2. Framework Center Operations Manager

    SCCM is the item that sets out the base arrangement of a framework and keeps it refreshed and fixed. Framework Center Operations Manager then, at that point, assumes control over the obligation of checking the soundness of the framework alongside any remaining applications introduced on that particular framework. There is a particular arrangement of decisions that track down the typical working of the framework, and assuming there are any deviations, the fundamental faculty are informed of the changes.

    3. Framework Center Data Protection Manager

    Information Protection Manager (DPM) proves to be useful when SCOM reports any deficiencies on an actual machine. DPM helps in recuperation from the reinforcements that it holds. DPM takes reinforcements of the server record framework, SharePoint information, trade data sets, SQL data sets on a standard timetable. This aids in recuperating a framework by full information recuperation which is either undermined or harmed.

    4. Framework Center Virtual Machine Manager

    There is a shift of an association’s actual frameworks to virtual frameworks for advancement, upkeep, and creation, and subsequently comes to an apparatus that handles all the existence cycle-related exercises for the virtual machines – System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).

    Assuming there is an occasion where a physical or a virtual framework is going to come up short, SCOM can trigger the programmed formation of another meeting utilizing SCCM and Hyper-V to construct another virtual framework. VMM likewise helps in moving the working framework, application, and information to a virtual machine in a robotized Physical To Virtual (P2V) process.

    5. Framework Center Service Manager

    The majority of the instruments from the System Center set-up of items spin around IT-related undertakings like fixing, imaging, observing, reinforcements – there are other authoritative necessities, for example, overseeing cycles and change control.

    Framework Center Service Manager (SCSM) is an episode of the executives and change control framework that coordinates with SCCM and such flawlessly. It helps in logging every one of the issues related to these apparatuses and accumulates every one of the subtleties around the issue for a one-guide reference toward the Desk work force or the Support staff.

    6. Framework Center Capacity Planner

    With the developing requirements of an association, there is consistently a need to update the framework for an association. Framework Center Capacity Planner helps in recognizing and testing execution requests from the current arrangement and plan for future prerequisites suitably. In view of the current necessity, it helps in recognizing the relative prerequisites on the equipment to satisfy the presentation needs for your association.

    7. Framework Center Mobile Device Manager

    Associations run on Servers and Clients for their connected tasks, however with the appearance of cell phones with equivalent processing power, cell phones additionally have joined the trend for activities done in associations.

    Framework Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) holds hands with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deal with all the existence cycle stages from commencement to finish for every cell phone and in basic words, MDM is to cell phones what SCCM is really going after. Provisioning, checking, refreshing, getting, cleaning the gadgets are on the whole the exercises that should be possible with MDM.

    8. Framework Center Essentials

    Only one out of every odd association may have a committed IT wing to deal with all the framework, server related stuff (associations with under 500 clients or 50 servers). Microsoft gives System Center Essentials which empowers the executives capacities identified with following stock, fixing and refreshing these frameworks, checking, sending more current programming. These should be possible from simply this single apparatus, assisting them with scaling on their framework organization abilities.

    Major and Basic Features of System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM)

    Features of System Center Configuration Manager
    Features of System Center Configuration Manager
  • Working System organization: Establishment of the center Operating System is the absolute initial step that should be done to start the life-cycle for a server out and out. SCCM gives every one of the instruments an association needs for Operating framework organization – either by means of the imaged establishment or as a prearranged technique for establishment.
  • Fixing and Updating: At the point when the establishment of the Operating framework is finished effectively, SCCM starts fixing and refreshing these frameworks. The vast majority of the associations depend on the free help (Windows Server Update Services) to fix and refresh the frameworks yet SCCM influences all that WSUS gives and over that, gives the IT managers dynamic fixing and refreshing notwithstanding WSUS. The dynamic update framework authorizes refreshes, powers frameworks to be fixed or refreshed, and later rebooted observing the IT rules distributed by associations.
  • Resource Tracking:When a framework has been made with the Operating framework that is required and later refreshed, fixed, such frameworks should stay focused on additional ideal updates or fixes. SCCM incorporates the instruments that are needed to monitor the equipment, programming resources of the framework that it is overseeing through and through.
  • Controller: Assuming a client or a framework experiences an issue that may need further help from an IT manager, there is an arrangement to take remote admittance to the framework to investigate the issue. SCCM has a controller cycle that permits an IT director or a help architect to get to the framework from a distance.
  • Programming sending:Introducing the center working framework on a physical/virtual machine is one section and the other part is the extra programming that is needed on a framework. SCCM gives an apparatus that permits the establishment of a basic module or a complicated set-up of utilizations with remarkable application setups. This is an exceptional usefulness that makes it more reasonable for associations where certain IT rules can be executed without ending anything.
  • Wanted Configuration Management:This is the other component that keeps the IT rules outlaid by an association where the standard setup of a framework can’t be modified. This guarantees that the framework has similar programming arrangement, updates, drivers, and setup settings across every one of the frameworks. The Configuration Management (DCM) apparatus inside SCCM guarantees the tough review imperatives are met and consistency is kept up with.
  • Web Client: This is a huge part of the SCCM instrument which empowers gadgets like distant frameworks or cell phones to be gotten to from a distance without explicitly carrying them into the VPN network for any support prerequisites. This would now be able to happen through an Internet Client and a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) testament introduced on the framework. With these essentials, SCCM will actually want to interface with that gadget anyplace on the planet consequently to stock, fix, update, screen the framework.
  • Announcing:SCCM furnishes out-of-the-case joining with a report age apparatus that produces reports dependent on the prerequisites laid out by the IT overseers. These reports might shift dependent on the prerequisite like reports of frameworks that have missed the patches or updates, reports of standard arrangement, stock reports, and so forth.

    Business Solutions tended to by SCCM

    Framework Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) assists an association with keeping up with consistency in the framework setup and the board across every one of the frameworks. Rather than building a workstation or a server physically and separately, SCCM utilizes the formats to fabricate these frameworks before long.

  • IT faculty can make these layouts dependent on the rules outlaid and furthermore to meet the prerequisites of the association. On account of format based establishment, associations can rely upon the consistency in the form arrangement for all the equipment frameworks all through the venture.
  • SCCM related to different parts guarantees accomplishing various functionalities. Perhaps the best illustration of such a part is System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Framework Center Operations Manager (SCOM) alongside System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) helps an association stay ahead and proactive to recognize issues, deficiencies on schedule and helps make fundamental moves to limit the vacation on any issues.
  • These instruments additionally assist with recuperating frameworks that have fizzled for different reasons with the assistance of an apparatus called Data Protection Manager (DPM). It likewise empowers checking of the ordinary activities of the accessible arrangement of servers, workstations, and applications.
  • There are strategies that are set up to refresh frameworks of a particular practical job to be refreshed or fixed simultaneously. This is an element that is given by one of the SCCM parts called the Desired Configuration Management (DCM).
  • It guarantees explicit updates are pushed to frameworks that meet a practical job. This further aids in guaranteeing all the review necessities, and furthermore in keeping up with consistency at an association level. This aids in addressing every one of the inquiries identified with reviews and consistency prerequisites with simple reports and nothing by any means.

    The new-look of SCCM

    Assuming you are very much aware of the SCCM device out and out, then, at that point, you would have the option to see the value in what has been created and delivered in the new deliveries. In the event that you don’t know about the apparatus at any rate, then, at that point, the accompanying not many focuses ought to be sufficient to see the value in what is accessible in the most recent deliveries. Allow us to investigate the accompanying focuses then, at that point:

    1. Client center:

    IT consumerization is the reality of the day and opposition against this won’t permit an association to scale further. With an ever increasing number of gadgets being accessible on the lookout, there is consistently an assumption to help these.

  • As SCCM has forever been about frameworks the executives, considering the evolving scene, the client has been given all the consideration that it requires. This permits them to oversee the product that is introduced. An illustration of this is the meaning of the client’s functioning hours and in view of these timings, the overhauls and fixes are applied to the framework.
  • There can be more than one gadget labeled to a solitary client, implying that there can be more than one essential client for each gadget that is being worked upon. These connections are taken care of utilizing the User Device Affinity (UDA).
  • Clients can deal with their own frameworks utilizing another interface called the Software Center. This is more similar to a shopping basket approach where clients search and observe what they need to demand for establishments. In light of the applications, few may be introduced immediately, and barely any others require managerial endorsements.
  • 2. Job based Access Control:

    In view of the new patterns among the items in the business (overall), there is a developing reception towards job based security. This has now been presented in SCCM 2012 and is constrained by Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) concealing the components that the client doesn’t approach. The errands are assembled into security jobs authoritatively. There are not many jobs given the instrument and, moreover, business-explicit jobs and degrees will be added later.

  • The multi-facet approach assists you with utilizing the force of the cloud, and simultaneously shielding on-premise customers from any conceivable expected dangers from the web. SCCM 2012 accompanies another control center out and out. This no longer depends on Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Investigate the accompanying:
  • 3. Cell phone support:

    Framework Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) 2008 wasn’t by and large a triumph yet its usefulness was remade into SCCM 2012. Support for iPhone, Android, and Windows telephones was covered through the Exchange Active-Sync connector.

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    In this article, we have attempted to comprehend the business issue that the Software Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) attempts to determine. We have perceived the framework of the board in an endeavor and how SCCM settles this issue with the highlights that it gives. We have then talked about the System Center set-up of items and its highlights, alongside it, we have likewise investigated the significant elements given by SCCM. We have additionally seen the business use situations where SCCM tracks down its use We have likewise talked about the new highlights that are given in the most recent arrivals of SCCM. Trust you have observed every one of the subtleties that you were searching for, in this article.

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