What is DevOps? : A Complete Guide with Best Practices

What is DevOps? : A Complete Guide with Best Practices

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    DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity

    • Introduction of devops
    • Why is DevOps Needed?
    • Why is DevOps used?
    • When to adopt DevOps?
    • When not to adopt DevOps?
    • DevOps Lifecycle
    • DevOps Work Flow
    • How is DevOps different from Agile? DevOps Vs Agile
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer
    • Conclusion

    Introduction of Devops :-

  • DevOps is a collaboration among Development and IT Operations to make software program manufacturing and deployment in an automated & repeatable way. DevOps allows to growth the organization’s pace to supply software program programs and services. The word ‘DevOps’ is a mixture of words, ‘Development’ and ‘Operations.’
  • It permits corporations to serve their clients higher and compete extra strongly withinside the market. In easy words, DevOps may be described as an alignment of improvement and IT operations with higher communique and collaboration.
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    Why is DevOps Needed?

  • Before DevOps, the improvement and operation group labored in entire isolation.
  • Testing and Deployment had been remoted sports accomplished after design-construct. Hence they ate up greater time than real construct cycles.
  • Without the use of DevOps, group participants are spending a big quantity in their time in testing, deploying, and designing in place of constructing the project.
  • Manual code deployment results in human mistakes in production.
  • Coding & operation groups have their separate timelines and aren’t in synch inflicting similarly delays.
  • There is a call for to boom the price of software program transport via way of means of enterprise stakeholders. As consistent with Forrester Consulting Study, Only 17% of groups can use transport software program rapid enough. This proves the ache point.

    Why is DevOps used?

    DevOps permits Agile Development Teams to put in force Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. This facilitates them to release merchandise quicker into the marketplace. Other Important motives are:-

  • Predictability: DevOps gives substantially decrease failure charge of recent releases.
  • Reproducibility: Version the entirety in order that in advance model may be restored anytime.
  • Maintainability: Effortless method of restoration withinside the occasion of a brand new launch crashing or disabling the modern machine.
  • Time to marketplace: DevOps reduces the time to marketplace as much as 50% via streamlined software program transport. This is specially the case for virtual and cellular applications.
  • Greater Quality: DevOps facilitates the crew to offer stepped forward first-class of software improvement because it consists of infrastructure issues.
  • Reduced Risk: DevOps consists of safety factors withinside the software program transport lifecycle. It facilitates in discount of defects throughout the lifecycle.
  • Resiliency: The Operational country of the software program machine is greater stable, secure, and adjustments are auditable.
  • Cost Efficiency: DevOps gives fee performance withinside the software program improvement method that’s usually an aspiration of IT companies’ management.
  • Breaks large code base into small pieces: DevOps is primarily based totally at the agile programming method. Therefore, it permits breaking large code bases into smaller and plausible chunks.
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    When to adopt DevOps?

    DevOps need to be used for huge disbursed packages together with eCommerce webweb sites or packages hosted on a cloud platform.

    When not to adopt DevOps?

    It ought to now no longer be utilized in a mission-essential software like bank, energy and different touchy statistics sites. Such programs want strict get entry to controls at the manufacturing environment, an in depth alternate control coverage, get entry to manipulate coverage to the statistics centers.

    DevOps Lifecycle :-

    DevOps is deep integration among improvement and operations. Understanding DevOps Concepts isn’t always feasible with out understanding DevOps lifecycle.Here is a short statistics approximately the Continuous DevOps life-cycle:-

    DevOps Lifecycle
    DevOps Lifecycle


    In this DevOps degree the improvement of software program takes location constantly. In this phase, the complete improvement procedure is separated into small improvement cycles. This advantages DevOps crew to hurry up software program improvement and shipping procedure.


    QA crew use equipment like Selenium to discover and fasten insects withinside the new piece of code.


    In this degree, new capability is included with the triumphing code, and checking out takes location. Continuous improvement is best feasible because of non-stop integration and checking out.


    In this phase, the deployment procedure takes location continuously. It is done in any such way that any modifications made any time withinside the code, need to now no longer have an effect on the functioning of excessive visitors website.


    In this phase, operation crew will contend with the beside the point gadget conduct or insects which can be discovered in production.

    DevOps Work Flow :-

    1. Workflows offer a visible evaluate of the collection wherein enter is provided. It additionally tells approximately movements are performed, and output is generated for an operations procedure.

    2. Workflow permits the capacity to split and set up jobs which can be top-asked with the aid of using the users. It additionally offers the capacity to reflect their best procedure withinside the configuration jobs.

DevOps Work Flow
DevOps Work Flow

    How is DevOps different from Agile? DevOps Vs Agile ?

  • Stakeholders and verbal exchange chain a standard IT process.
  • Agile addresses gaps in Customer and Developer verbal exchange.

    Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer :-

    DevOps engineers paintings full-time. They are accountable for the manufacturing and ongoing upkeep of a software program application’s platform. Following are a few anticipated Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills this is anticipated from DevOps engineer:-

  • Able to carry out device troubleshooting and problem-fixing throughout platform and alertness domains.
  • Manage undertaking successfully thru open, standards-primarily based totally platforms.
  • Increase undertaking visibility concept traceability.
  • Improve first-rate and decrease improvement price with collaboration.
  • Analyse, layout and compare automation scripts & systems.
  • Ensuring essential decision of device troubles with the aid of using the usage of the quality cloud safety answers services.
  • DevOps engineer have to have the smooth ability of problem-solver and quick-learner.
Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer
Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer
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    Conclusion :-

    DevOps is assisting organizations in a terrific way. It’s bridging the distance among developers’ want for extrade and operations’ face up to to extrade and for that reason creates a easy course for Continuous Development and Continuous Integration.

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