What is Selenium and Why Should You Learn Selenium | Everything You Need to Know
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What is Selenium and Why Should You Learn Selenium | Everything You Need to Know

Last updated on 07th Jan 2022, Blog, General

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Kavita Srinivas (Senior Test Lead )

Kavita Srinivas is a Senior Test Lead, who guides and monitors the analysis, design, implementation, and execution of the test cases, test procedures, and test suites. She has 9+ years of experience with Selenium-Java, Test NG, Junit and Cucumber, HCM, Payroll, Comp, Absence, and Recruiting, JIRA & PoVs, Selenium, and JUnit/TestNG.

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    Introduction :-

    The odds are you either need to launch your vocation in the IT field or you need to develop from being a manual analyzer to turning into a computerization analyzer. In any case, you are at the perfect locations since YOU really want to learn Selenium. I’m saying this since mechanization testing has surprised the world and the business is searching for affirmed experts. Learn more with the Selenium Online Training.


    You may likewise need to know, how to begin a vocation in testing, and assuming Selenium is the right track to get everything rolling. Assuming such inquiries persevere, then, at that point, don’t stress on the grounds that in this blog, I will give you 10 persuading motivations behind why you ought to learn Selenium.

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      Importance Of Selenium :-

      Contraptions around as are becoming more brilliant at an extremely quick rate. One of the significant credits for this goes to the product and web application improvement area. It is a lot of a fact that the vast majority of the errands that were once performed physically are currently broadly performed through programming. Another driving explanation is expanding number of clients of the web. All things considered, we before long have 6 billion or more clients on the web in 2019. With such a wide range of clients, something that generally matters is the exactness of the product or the web application playing out a concerned errand. You may have no clue except for the truth of the matter is programming trying is turning into an incredible vocation choices and stages like Selenium have broadly contributed in this. Obviously, it would be great for you to get familiar with this structure to acquire outstanding potential in your vocation. There are really sure purposes behind this. Look at the best 10 motivations behind why you ought to learn Selenium in underneath passages.

    Importance Of Selenium
    Importance Of Selenium

      Top 10 reasons to learn Selenium are:

    • Selenium is an Open Source or Free Tool
    • Selenium has No Special OS / Browser or Hardware Demands
    • Selenium supports multiple programming languages
    • Availability of Frameworks
    • Selenium has a strong presence in the DevOps Lifecycle
    • Selenium can be easily integrated with other tools
    • Selenium has Parallel & Distributed Testing
    • Selenium has zero dependency on GUI based systems
    • Selenium has flexibility while designing test cases
    • Demand for Selenium Certified Testers

      1. Selenium is an Open Source or Free Tool :-

      Being an open source apparatus implies that Selenium can be utilized by anyone liberated from cost. The device can be utilized by an association to test their site or web application and with the assistance of Selenium WebDriver, free developers can even learn and practice robotization testing.

       Selenium is an Open Source or Free Tool
      Selenium is an Open Source or Free Tool

      Contrasted with Selenium, other comparative testing devices are either authorized apparatuses or their usefulness isn’t comparable to Selenium. For instance, Test Complete, IBM’s RFT, HP’s QTP, Ranorexcase. Selenium is the reasonable champ as far as elements in examination with other testing instruments.

      2. Selenium has No Special OS/Browser or Hardware Demands :-

      Another incredible benefit that Selenium offers is the client doesn’t need any unique OS or program or equipment to run Selenium apparatus. A client neither require a framework with 16GB RAM or high HDD nor a Mac OS or Windows OS or Linux OS. A client can test any site on any program, be it Firefox, or Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, or Safari or even Opera. Working with Selenium instrument is as simple to utilize.

      3. Selenium Supports Multiple Programming Languages :-

      The main variable for any developer to get into the Automation Testing world is that it upholds various programming dialects. Greatest devices are accessible in the market which requires the students to be well versed in one specific programming language. The most well-known prearranging dialects being Java C#, VBScript, and so forth which are needed by different devices.

       Selenium Supports Multiple Programming Languages
      Selenium Supports Multiple Programming Languages

      However, if there should be an occurrence of Selenium, regardless of whether its client is talented in just one of these dialects, he/she can begin their profession with some other language, for example, PHP or Pearl or Python or Java and so forth

      4. Accessibility of Frameworks :-

      Structures are basically the same as formats, which permits the clients to make slight alteration to the code per their prerequisite for various conditions, rather than changing the entire code. The most well known systems are-

      • Information driven testing
      • Module driven testing
      • Mixture testing
      • Catchphrase driven testing

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      5. Selenium has a Strong Presence in the DevOps Lifecycle :-

      As most organizations are currently supplanting Agile or Waterfall approaches with the DevOps approach, this has made Selenium a fundamental piece of DevOps lifecycle

      6. Selenium can be Easily Integrated with different Tools :-

      Selenium can be Easily Integrated with different Tools
      Selenium can be Easily Integrated with different Tools

      Selenium is viable with other open source devices and can be handily coordinated with them. Since the majority of the devices that are utilized in DevOps or in any case are extremely valuable and open source, those apparatuses have a great deal of clients. Furthermore when these instruments are coordinated with Selenium, computerization (Continuous testing in DevOps) can be accomplished without any problem. A portion of those other open source instruments are JUnit, Jenkins, TestNG, Maven, AutoIT and Sikuli.

      7. Selenium has Parallel and Distributed Testing :-

      Selenium has an element of executing different Selenium experiments on a similar machine or on remote machines. By utilizing Selenium Grid experiments are executed on remote machines. Assuming a client performs equal and disseminated testing, he saves time to run tests, execute the tests in a similar machine, or can execute the tests on web servers too.

      In the event that a client isn’t intrigued to set Selenium Grid in his framework, then, at that point, he can utilize online Selenium Grids, as LambdaTest which gives admittance to beyond what 2000 program conditions over which he can run his tests and really computerize cross-program testing. In the business, executing the tests rapidly and proficiently is totally fundamental, which is beyond the realm of possibilities with different instruments.

      8. Selenium has Zero Dependency on GUI Based Systems :-

      On account of Selenium’s no reliance on GUI based frameworks, Selenium tests can be done on web servers and mechanization is attainable by booking it’s execution by coordinating it with different apparatuses. No reliance on GUI likewise brings about extraordinary improvement in client’s machines.

      9. Selenium has Flexibility while Designing Test Cases :-

      A Selenium client have the adaptability of planning the experiments either utilizing programming rationale or by playback and record strategy. Assuming a client doesn’t have the essential specialized information to prearrange WebDriver code, he can utilize IDE to record his sending out and testing the programming rationale to a comparable programming language of his decision for executing it as a webDriver test. More often than not clients use Selenium WebDriver to compose their rationale utilizing programming language

      10. Interest for Selenium Certified Testers :-

      This explanation doesn’t need any clarification as we as a whole realize that Selenium instrument is one of the most sought after auto-testing apparatus in the market with parcel of scouts looking for Certified Selenium analyzers. With steady development being used of Selenium, the interest for Selenium analyzers is likewise developing proportionately. The beneath appended diagram will assist you with understanding their interest and how much are they getting compensated on a normal.

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      Conclcusion :-

      These are the main 10 justifications for why you ought to learn Selenium in right now. You can basically change your vocation to a higher level and can have generally fulfilling and most generously compensated positions with you in the wake of obtaining the right abilities. The Selenium preparing is accessible essentially and the beneficial thing is you can get the equivalent whenever you need.

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