Outstanding Social Media Campaigns : A Complete Guide For Beginners [ OverView ]

Outstanding Social Media Campaigns : A Complete Guide For Beginners [ OverView ]

Last updated on 25th Dec 2021, Blog, General

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A good social media campaign not only consists of intelligent and compelling content but also requires a strong marketing strategy, effective communication, and the right mix of content and marketing tactics.

    • What is a Social Media Campaign?
    • Apple: Shot on iPhone
    • Dove: Project ShowU
    • MoonPie: Super Bowl Commercial
    • Friskies and BuzzFeed: Dear Kitten
    • Casper: Sleep Channel
    • PwC: Ballot Briefcase
    • Procter & Gamble: DistanceDance
    • List of the Best Social Media Examples 2021
    • Conclusion

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      What is a Social Media Campaign?

      A social media campaign is an organised marketing effort to increase consumer awareness, interest and loyalty to an organisation, brand, product or service through social media channels.

      Social media marketing campaigns are strategically planned, targeted to a specific audience, and have measurable results. Brands use several platforms to run social media campaigns, such as:

    • Facebook
    • instagram
    • youtube
    • Twitter
    • linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • reddit
    • TIC Toc

    • Also, most brands use multiple channels for their social media campaigns. For example, here at Oberlo, we love to connect with entrepreneurs through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Now that we’ve set the scene, let’s jump into seven social media campaign examples and their key takeaways.

      Apple: Shot on iPhone:

    • Tech giant Apple’s “shot on iPhone” is an ongoing social media marketing campaign to promote its line of smartphones. The campaign includes several different strategies, such as online and offline advertising, and creating original content shot on its range of smartphones.
    • Apple Instagram Social Media Campaign. Arguably, the most impressive part of the campaign is the way Apple uses user-generated content on Instagram.
    • User-Generated Content, or UGC, is content that is created and published by unpaid contributors.These contributors are customers, followers or fans who promote the brand with their original content, such as images, videos, blog posts and social media posts.
    • At this point, brands can reach out to get permission to share content on their channels.
    • In this example, Apple created the hashtag #shotoniphone to promote a social media campaign on Instagram.

      • Dove: Project ShowU:

        For over two decades, personal care brand Dove has been creating great social media campaigns built around its values ​​of inclusivity, natural beauty and positive body image.

      • Dove started her #RealBeauty marketing campaign 16 years ago in 2004.
      • Since then, it has generated a storm of interest and has taken many different forms, eventually evolving into a corporate mission.
      • Dove’s latest social media campaign is called Project #ShowUS.
      • After discovering that 70 percent of women don’t feel represented in media and advertising, Dove partnered with Girlgaze, Getty Images, and Women Everywhere to create a photo library to break down beauty stereotypes.

      • Dove #ShowUs Social Media Campaign:

      • Dove, like Apple, harnessed the power of the UGC.
      • With 5,000 images in the photo library and nearly 650,000+ uses of the hashtag on Instagram, the campaign has become an internet sensation.
      • #ShowUs Dove Social Media Campaign
      • Dove’s values overshadowed the campaign so much that it managed to achieve longevity in a frenetic world of innovation and trends.

      • Key Takeaway: Voice Your Values:

      • Social media is all about personal connections.
      • Like Dove, you can build a real relationship with your target market by building relationships on shared values.
      • It’s a powerful strategy – 77 percent of consumers buy from brands that share similar values.
      • So don’t be afraid to create a social media campaign around a topic that is in line with your company’s mission or vision.
      • He said, walk carefully.

      • Political statements and controversial views are not appreciated everywhere. Specifically, 71 percent of consumers find brands engaging in politics on social media annoying.

        Still, shared values provide an effective way to spark connection – and be successful in marketing. Just make sure you really care about the values you promote. Inhumanity will always backfire in the end.

        MoonPie: Super Bowl Commercial:

        Snack brand Moonpie created an ad for the 2020 Super Bowl. Catch? It was published via gas station TV alone.

      • However, this did not stop the brand from promoting the marketing campaign through their social media channels using their distinctive brand voice.
      • MoonPie Tweets Social Media Campaign
      • This social media campaign is just one of many examples of MoonPie’s non-stop, hilarious social antics featuring its signature tone.
      • Moonpie Tweet Social Media Campaign.
      • MoonPee maintains this brand voice throughout all of its social media endeavours, including the feedback from social media users.
      • And it pays off.

      • More than a handful of the brand’s scathing tweets go viral, like this gem from the 2017 eclipse:

      • Key Takeaway: Develop a Unique Brand Voice.
      • A unique brand voice is an essential component of all viral social media campaigns.
      • In other words, your brand needs to have a personality. Why?
      • Because as obvious as it sounds, social media is, well, social – and people don’t want to be social with corporations.

        Friskies and BuzzFeed: Dear Kitten:

      • Frisky teamed up with BuzzFeed and video producer Zee Frank to create a viral social media campaign titled, “Dear Kitten.”
      • The premise was simple: an old cat mentoring a new kitten.
      • Now, cute kittens have long been a staple of viral sensations, and this video is no different. However, the hilarious script-writing is in a league of its own.

      • Dear Kitten has garnered over 31.8 million views and has been shared countless times on social media. Plus, BuzzFeed and Frisky have ridden the wave and created a viral video franchise:

        Dear Kitten Frisky Social Media Campaign. Unlike traditional video commercials, Dear Kitten focused purely on entertaining its audience – Friskies cat food was only shown at the end of the video.

        Well, one study interviewed 2,500 people and found that the main reasons were:

      • Share valuable and entertaining content with your network.
      • Define yourself by reflecting the interests and preferences of others grow and nurture relationships generate a sense of self-fulfilment and feel more involved in the world.
      • Promote causes they care about.
      • Entertaining and entertaining content meets the first three of these reasons.

        Casper: Sleep Channel:

        Mattress store Casper has created a social media campaign to engage their target market via an audio playlist designed to help them sleep better.

        The brand promoted the playlist on its Facebook page as “the magical, internet sleepless land of voices, meditations, and bedtime stories to help you wind down and drift off.”

        cool youtube social media campaign:

        Of course, the brand uses standard social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote its playlists. What makes this campaign unique is that the brand didn’t just post the playlist on YouTube and IGTV – they also shared the playlist on the music streaming service Spotify.

        Cool sleep channel social media campaign:

        Key Solution: Do things differently

      • Like the Friskies’ “Dear Kitten” video, Casper has found a unique way to stand out among the competition.

      • Think about it – Facebook and Instagram are drowning in brands getting their messages across to consumers. Plus, a lot of brands make Spotify playlists or podcasts.

      • However, very few brands create original, exclusive audio content for channels like Spotify. So try to find ways to do things a little differently. Evaluate your competitors’ strategies and see what’s lacking.

      • Is there an under-used online platform in your niche? Is there any content that your competitors are not making? Can you think of a way to freshly connect with your target audience?

      • Really successful social media campaigns are creative and unique.

        PwC: Ballot Briefcase:

      • It is rare to see a B2B company running a social media campaign on Snapchat. But financial accounting firm PwC did the same and took away a reward for their effort.

      • PwC wanted to raise awareness of its role in counting the ballots for the Oscars and appeal to a younger demographic.So the firm came up with a prop – a ballot briefcase – and gave it its Snapchat account.

      • The briefcase travelled across the country for six weeks, featured ‘celebrity appearances’ in various locations, and arrived in time for the live awards ceremony.

      • It was all documented through Snapchat Stories, and PwC allowed Briefcase to react with followers and fans on Snapchat.

      • Also, media personalities such as Neil Patrick Harris joined the campaign, which generated a lot of buzz and interest about the campaign. result? 136x increase in potential impressions on Twitter and strong growth on Instagram and Snapchat.

      • The Key Takeaway: Think Outside the Box

      • Look for ways to use new social media platforms, especially if your main target audience is 18- to 35-year-olds.

      • This applies for B2B companies as well – just because you’re offering a corporate product or service doesn’t mean you have to stick to the likes of LinkedIn to bring exposure to your business.

      • To reach millennials tuning in to the Oscars, Snapchat was the ideal platform for PwC’s campaign. And knowing that audiences might not be interested in hearing directly from the firm, he created a fun prop that ties in well with the younger demographic. Get creative on Snapchat and TikTok, and share your unique campaigns on other social media channels to reach a wider audience.

        Procter & Gamble: DistanceDance:

      • In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, dancing has become a popular activity for individuals and companies to advocate for preventive measures amid the ongoing crisis. Seeing this led consumer-packaged goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G) to come up with its own campaign to promote dancing as a safe way to stay connected and have fun.

      • P&G partnered with TikTok influencer Charlie D’Amelio to launch the #DistanceDance campaign. The goal of the campaign was to encourage people to stay at home and record a short dance video. They will then post the footage on TikTok with the hashtag #DistanceDance.

      • The result was millions of videos, with P&G committing to donating to Matthew25 and Feeding America for each of the first 3 million videos. Unsurprisingly, the campaign was a bit of a hit, garnering over 8 billion views and over 1.9 million videos in its first week. And till date, the hashtag has garnered 17.7 billion views on TikTok.

      • Given its wide range of consumer health products, it was natural for P&G to demonstrate social responsibility during the ongoing health crisis. With the #DistanceDance campaign, the company purposefully combined its CSR strategy with its other marketing and brand awareness activities. And it worked to perfection.

      • So, think about how you can demonstrate social responsibility to increase awareness of your brand. Your best bet is to start small by looking at causes near you and finding a way to support them. Perhaps there is a local school in your area to raise money for stationery for students. Or a support group advocating for the implementation of a remote work policy in your industry. How can you be a partner in these causes?

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        List of the Best Social Media Examples 2021:

        1. Zoom – Virtual Background Contest

      • Why it Works: Zoom leverages the power of a competition and giveaway to drive engagement on its social media channels.
      • The world has gone online in 2020. Virtual meetings with coworkers, family and friends are part of everyday life. Many brands have focused their social media marketing campaigns on addressing this huge virtual shift head-on
      • Video conferencing tool Zoom was driving brand awareness as well as motivating new users to install its product. Both of these goals were achieved by their innovative virtual background competition and giveaway.

      • 2. Planters – The Death of Mr. Peanut (#RIPPeanut)

        Why it Works: Planters took a risk by sabotaging a movie icon’s popularity, using satirical, never-before-seen material to bring the 114-year-old brand forward. In perhaps the most unique social media marketing stunt of 2020, Planters bid farewell to their beloved Mr. Peanut. The #The RIPPeanut campaign was inspired by the internet’s reaction to the death of Iron Man. The aim was to replicate the same level of engagement on social media that Tony Stark’s death had in The Avengers. The video originally aired during the Super Bowl and was an instant success:

        3. Pigeon – #PassTheCrown

        Why it Works: Dove has been creating unforgettable social media marketing campaigns for over 20 years. Each campaign is built around its core values ​​of inclusivity, natural beauty and positive body image. Dove’s latest marketing campaign is called #PassTheCrown. Dove believes that everyone should be able to embrace their natural hair without judgement. Dove has teamed up with the National Urban League, Colour of Change and Western Centre for the U.S. Ended race-based hair discrimination.

        4. Apple – #ShotOniPhone

      • Why it works: Apple found a way to energise its community and showcase its products in a brilliant marketing campaign called #ShotOniPhone.
      • One strategy that has been proven to increase awareness on social media is to use user-generated content, or UGC, to showcase your products.
      • In fact, 75% of people feel that user-generated content makes a brand more authentic. And 90% of consumers reported that UGC has a greater influence on their decision-making process than search engine results.
      • The #ShotOniPhone Apple marketing campaign leverages several different marketing tactics, such as online and offline advertising, and has produced some staggering results.
      • The hashtag has been used over 16 million times on Instagram alone. It’s incredible brand exposure that Apple hasn’t had to pay for directly.
      • UGC is a cost-effective and persuasive source of content that brands will need to help build trust, increase revenue and encourage stronger relationships with customers.

      • 5. Coors Light – #CouldUseABeer

      • Why it Works: Coors Lite deeply understood that their audiences were looking for positive messages during challenging times and created a social media giveaway that was hard to ignore.
      • This year has brought some memorable social campaigns from top brands. Coors Light’s #CouldUseABeer was one bright spot in a challenging April.
      • “Let’s face it – America #CouldUseABeer right now”. This is the direct message behind the Coors Lite’social media campaign. The brand offered a six-pack to anyone using the hashtag #CouldUseABeer in a pinned tweet, as long as they had given away 500,000 beers. cheers to that!.

      • 6. Starbucks – #WhatsYourName

      • Why it Works: People around the world are becoming more and more wary of unprofessional brands and content on social media. Starbucks built a relatable, inclusive campaign that touched the hearts of millions.
      • In February 2020, Starbucks collaborated with Mermaids – an organization that supports gender-diverse and transgender youth – on a campaign called #WhatsYourName.
      • The goal of the campaign was to celebrate and welcome the name of every customer. It was inspired by real-life experiences of people who were transitioning.

      • 7. HelloBC – #ExploreBCLater

      • Why it Works: HelloBC is known for its incredible visual content on social media. The #The ExploreBCLater campaign highlighted that engaging content, while presenting HelloBC as a socially responsible brand.
      • 2020 almost brought the travel industry to a standstill. Several top destinations in British Columbia are asking travellers to put their travel plans on hold until COVID-19 has passed. This marketing idea led to the launch of HelloBC’s top social media campaign named #ExploreBCLater.
      • The HelloBC #The ExploreBCLater campaign was a highly effective way to use the lockdown to your advantage by engaging with your community on a personal level.
      • Through posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter, the tourism organisation took advantage of the wanderlust that comes from being trapped indoors.
      • This cross-channel campaign helped raise awareness of the organisation’s social responsibility, while also giving its fans something to look forward to when life returns to normal. An analysis of our social media monitoring tool showed that #ExploreBCLater received over 500,000 engagements in just a few months.

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        Social media marketing campaigns are a great way to promote your brand, engage your target audience, and ultimately drive sales. Remember, social media campaigns are all about connection.

        In a nutshell, here are five key steps that can help you create great social media campaigns:

      • Encourage user-generated content to engage your target audience and build an online movement.
      • Nurture loyalty and bond with your target audience on shared values.
      • Resonate with your target audience in each social media campaign you run by developing a unique brand voice.
      • Go viral by creating awe-inspiring or funny entertaining videos.
      • Stand out from your competitors by looking for opportunities to connect with your audience in unique ways.
      • Break industry stereotypes by campaigning on platforms that are not popular in your area.
      • Attract customers by supporting a good cause in your community or industry.

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