Team Foundation Server Tutorial | A Complete Guide
TFS Tutorial ACTE

Team Foundation Server Tutorial | A Complete Guide

Last updated on 11th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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    • Introduction
    • TFS as a Process Improvement Tool
    • TFS as a Multipurpose Tool
    • TFS Benefits
    • Understanding TFS
    • How does TFS Working So Easy?
    • How would you have the option to oversee TFS?
    • Working with TFS
    • Required Skills
    • TFS as Azure DevOps and its Features
    • Branching in TFS – How Does it Work
    • Release Branching in TFS
    • TFS Branching Strategy
    • Branching and Merging in TFS
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction :-

      Team Foundation Server (TFS), presently known as Azure DevOps, is a result of Microsoft. It has been grown exclusively to further develop the product improvement process in organizations. You can involve TFS in the whole life pattern of programming advancement for purposes, for example, project the executives, programming necessity assembling, and testing, and so forth, which brings about process improvement, quality result, and further developed conveyance time. Aside from these, you can involve TFS as a cooperative climate instrument and furthermore can coordinate it effectively with the current advancement environments.

    Team Foundation Server
    Team Foundation Server

      TFS as a Process Improvement Tool :-

      As examined before, the center of TFS is programming advancement process improvement. The course of progress incorporates following the improvement cycles and keeping the task partners informed continually about the undertaking progress. The interaction improvement additionally incorporates gathering every one of the measurements, report age, work processes support, thing following, and warning purposes, and so forth Every one of these lead to the capacity to comprehend the advancement issues, if any, effortlessly and appropriately resolve them.

      TFS as a Multipurpose Tool :-

      Apart from programming process improvement, TFS can likewise be utilized for different purposes. A portion of these incorporate the following:

      • You can involve it as a rendition control tool.
      • You can involve it for ticket maintenance.
      • You can involve it for overseeing records and contacts.
      • You additionally can involve it for refreshing information.

      TFS Benefits :-

      As an interaction improvement device, TFS gives different advantages to the advancement groups. Some of them incorporate the following:


      Support for a considerable length of time TFS upholds a scope of dialects. These incorporate C#, Python, Java, and HTML5, and so forth Since every one of these are upheld on a solitary stage, you needn’t bother with different platforms.

      Express Version: Even little groups can profit from TFS. The Expression form of TFS is free and it upholds a limit of five users.

      Easier to interface with existing apparatuses and services: This is one of the vital benefits of TFS. Utilizing the REST APIs and OAuth 2.0 of TFS, you can without much of a stretch interface it with your current environments.

      Increase being developed pace: TFS contains dexterous apparatuses like adaptable dashboards, kanban sheets, and scrum sheets, and so on Utilizing these light-footed devices, you can focus on undertakings easily and increment the speed of programming improvement. These nimble instruments likewise help in cultivating responsibility among the employees.

      Improved quality: TFS empowers you to identify the bugs in programming improvement in the crude stage itself. This is because of TFS’s proceeded with incorporation, backing, and conveyance capacities to different platforms.

      Streamlined advancement process: With TFS, you will have a smoothed out process as the work process is robotized. Plus, in view of the undertaking history, TFS gathers and gives you continuous information. This aides in dealing with the ventures productively.

      Integrated workforce: Since TFS functions as a stockroom and furthermore connects every one of the partners in the product advancement, there will be a lot of extension for cooperation, responsibility, and straightforwardness across the improvement chain. It likewise works with better asset the executives, scope organization, and hazard examination, etc.

      Easier admittance to Microsoft Project Portal: As TFS is straightforwardly associated with Microsoft Project Portal; the task administrators can get the undertaking related data getting to the actual entryway. This is on the grounds that the entry gets refreshed continually with the undertaking data by TFS. There is no requirement for the venture directors to swim through Visual Studio for the required information.

      Time and cash savings: Since TFS gives dealing with various undertakings from a solitary stage; you can expect a great deal of time and cash reserve funds as well.

      Understanding TFS :-

    • In this section, we will appreciate and see the possible qualification between Visual Studio.
    • It is a worked with variation (planned on Servers), however Visual Studio is an Online (organized on cloud servers).
    • It works just with the premises (kind of cutoff points), however Visual Studio works wherever (all you need is a Microsoft account).
    • This needs server support or even up degree, while there is no such prerequisite for V Studio.
    • Equipment/OS up-degree is expected for this anyway not for the cloud interpretation of V Studio.
    • It doesn’t have SharePoint blend into it, however V Studio has
    • It doesn’t have the SQL declaring organization incorporate, while V Studio has
    • Load Testing is unbelievable with this, but it is possible with V Studio.

      How does TFS Working So Easy?

      It has a shallow assumption to learn and adjust, and that infers the multifaceted nature in understanding its lead and helpfulness. Working with this moreover transforms into verifiably more clear than other interpretation control devices like Git is its OS (for instance Windows). Since windows are a straightforward stage, it makes TFS simple to use as well.

      How does TFS Working So Easy
      How does TFS Working So Easy

      Since TFS is a CVCS (otherwise called Centralized Version Control System), it makes the architect work straightforward in more than one manner, one of which is store nuances information. There is no possibility losing data to have a copy of the storage facility record system worked with halfway. The weight of this is a client can’t submit changes disconnected.

      Branches in this will make one more record while repeating all of the reports nuances with the parent branch’s libraries nuances. This is useful as it saves time for the client in describing the association for as of late made branches constantly.

      How would you have the option to oversee TFS?

    • It is essentially used for Version Control, Workflows support, thing following, and notice purposes.
    • Since the application cost is gigantic, later associations had a go at looking for some substitute decision for it. One such usability for this assist with working region substitution.
    • Help workspace gadgets are fundamentally for bug declaring instrument, bug following gadget, client relationship the leaders device. With this, you can supervise records, keep an eye out for the previous history, direct contacts and updates information, and fill in as a data base.

    • It is similarly used in ticket upkeep.

      Working with TFS :-

      It is a generally speaking used gadget and has a unimaginable client base. The experience people have working with the device is mixed as some might suspect that it is exceptional, and some think that it is a piece complex diverged from various gadgets like Git.

      Working with TFS
      Working with TFS

      It is a unimaginable instrument for cementing work with information. With it, you can find all of the tantamount issues in a solitary spot; moreover, there are customizations open to manage them successfully.

      You can screen code building and association; this is valuable for individuals who are working on various exercises all the while. A kind of detectable quality of what truly occurring.

      Clients say that since it has likeness with different applications like SharePoint, IIS and Visual Studios, it makes there work more direct in a larger number of ways than one.

      Another component supporting TFS clients is that it gives then receptiveness to the mechanical assembly through the workspace client, web program and cloud.

      Required Skills :-

    • There is no extraordinary essential to the extent that reviews to collect your work in TFS. In any case, we have recorded a couple of capacities that might help you with getting some power in your profession.
    • It’s incredible to have a B.Tech degree (CSC or IT enjoyed). A specialist degree in computer programming is also huge on the lookout.
    • You should be aware of servers and frameworks administration.
    • Insightful capacities are incredible to have
    • Programming data is an irrefutable prerequisite to have
    • SQL server capacities and appreciation is moreover pivotal.

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      TFS as Azure DevOps and its Features :-

      Group Foundation Server is by and by different as Azure DevOps, which is available in two designs – on-premises and on the web. The electronic sort of Azure DevOps is in like manner called Azure DevOps Services. It has the back-up of the Microsoft Azure cloud stage. The advantage of the online variation is – it shouldn’t mess around with any course of action and it contains the very code as that of the on-premises variation. You can immediately starting using it to make endeavors and besides to build a gathering by just login in to your Microsoft Account.

      TFS in its new image for instance Sky blue DevOps conveys more benefits to progress gatherings. You can now work in the cloud using Azure’s cloud limits. A part of the features of Azure DevOps join the accompanying:

      1. Sky blue Boards: Using Azure’s organized gadgets, you can plan and track the endeavors and besides recognize code deserts in an easier manner. Purplish blue’s Kanban sheets, bunch dashboards, and excesses help in this explanation. The accompanying features are thorough that you can follow contemplations at all the improvement stages and keep the gatherings agreed with all of the movements in code. Purplish blue furthermore has intrinsic scrum sheets and orchestrating gadgets using which the gatherings can run runs and social occasions, thus forth

      2. Purplish blue Pipelines: The Azure Pipelines offer assistance to relentless blend and transports of the applications as develop and conveyance organizations. Since this part maintains different lingos/stages, you can collect, test, and send with CI/CD, which works with any stage and language. You can moreover send either in the cloud or on? premises.

      3. Sky blue Repos: The Azure Repos feature engages source control of code with its Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). It similarly gives you boundless Git working with and you can relate securely and drive code into the store. Using Azure Repos, you furthermore can use pull requests and advanced record the board, which gives participation achieving quality code. Using the code-careful request part of Azure Repos, you can without a doubt see what you are looking for.

      4. Purplish blue Test Plans: Azure test plans give you various instruments to testing. You can test your application actually or you can use exploratory testing. You furthermore can execute the tests across both web and workspace. Additionally, you can get huge data on the deformations during the real execution.

      5. Sky blue Artifacts: Using Azure Artifacts, with just a solitary tick, you will really need to make, host, and deal packs with your gathering. You moreover can add relics to your CI/CD pipelines. Additionally, your gatherings can share Maven, npm, and NuGet packs from public and private sources. Availability of expansions: Azure DevOps moreover gives you permission to immense number of utilizations and organizations, which are worked by the nearby area.

      Branching in TFS – How Does it Work :-

    • As designers work, they are encouraged to propel coordinate (FI). This solidifications changes from the parent branch – routinely the crucial branch – to young person branches. At the point when changes are attempted, code can be chat consolidated (RI). This suggests changes are raised from child to parent branches.
    • Branching in TFS
      Branching in TFS
    • A index structure is expected to arrange and screen changes and envelopes. This development portrays names for branches taking into account their inspiration: essential, headway, release. Once portrayed, it is essential to confer it to progress and conveyance administrative groups.
    • Be that as it might, as your affiliation and endeavors create, this index development can get puzzled. It might be difficult for everyone to follow. It consistently anticipates that clients should actually notice all of the branches expected to gather and test.

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      How to View Branching in TFS :-

      Perception for spreading in TFS is available as an outline. It can show you how branches have been collected. However, it doesn’t show the strength of different branches or the normal union pathways. This is at this point on architects to sort out.

      For occurrence, there is no sign that a particular conveyance branch would be more consistent than an improvement branch. Likewise using the diagram, it is indistinguishable what hot fixes ought to be applied to a particular delivery.

      Without visual markers that to show mixes, engineers don’t know what is impending between branches. Confined detectable quality can cause costly and inconvenient combination conflicts that retain time and conceivably concede a delivery.

      Release Branching in TFS :-

      With TFS, there are different ways that you can manage releases. You can tag/name every conveyance branch or bug fix. Regardless, the association between release branches and the conveyance isn’t clear without fail. Bunches need to make a naming arrangement and portray a TFS growing system to help with filing the movement of progress. This should be conceivable using an external gadget, and as far as some might be concerned, greater gatherings, may incorporate complex coordinating. Accepting you are keeping a couple of conveyances, this can end up being incredibly difficult, quick.

      TFS Branching Strategy :-

      Expanding approaches change your progression bunch. They pass how code should on to be made, progressed, and finally conveyed. It is fundamental for pick a TFS extending method – or blend of strategies – that works for your gathering and undertaking. This can streamline your association and smooth out merges. With every strategy it is fundamental to constantly join (FI) changes from the parent branch. Switch join (RI) back to the parent exactly when the work has met the actions for your gathering (build, test, thus on).

      TFS Branching Strategy
      TFS Branching Strategy

      1. Progression Isolation:

    • The progression control TFS extending strategy incorporates no less than one improvement branches. These are kept separate from the guideline. Each improvement branch is a completed copy of the rule branch. Improvement branches are built and attempted, then, code is raised to the essential branch. Releases are sent using the essential branch.
    • This framework works on a restricted scale anyway is difficult to manage as you create. If you have an immense mainline, it can put resources into some potential chance to unite changes to progress branches. Similarly, gatherings will likely keep the dev branches around longer. Broad branches can be difficult to stay aware of in TFS because of join issues.

    • 2. 1Highlight Isolation/Feature Toggling:

    • An component isolation TFS extending methodology resembles improvement separation. Regardless, rather than having dev branches that carry on with a long time, work is isolated by incorporate. Exactly when another component should be made, a branch is made. Once more exactly when work is done, features are united into the mainline.
    • To save things essential for your gathering, develop a dependable naming show. Branches should be self-portraying to allow them to be conveniently perceived by your clients. Regardless, it is basic to keep the amount of your part branches to a base. This works on your ability and reduces requested movement discernment clamor.
    • Your heads can in like manner do this procedure using standards and names. Though this can cut down your total number of branches, it furthermore tangles your collect pipeline.

    • 3. Release Isolation:

    • The conveyance separation TFS extending procedure presents lets branches out of the essential. This strategy helps bunches with regulating synchronous conveyances. Rather than releases basically being a copy of the rule branch, bunches make one more branch to help every conveyance. These can be stayed aware of all through a more long timeframe.
    • When using this philosophy, it is fundamental to never propel coordinate (FI) from rule. You moreover need to try to lock your conveyance branches and set up assents. This keeps an originator from accidently modifying a conveyance. If you have any patches or hot fixes, they can be banter facilitated (RI) back to the guideline branch. You can use this conveyance extending framework in blend in with the other fanning procedures.

      Branching and Merging in TFS :-

      In hate of the way that TFVC has added growing helpfulness all through the long haul, consolidating stays slow. Similarly as other legacy VCS systems, TFS improvement and conveyance the chiefs models are worked by show. This got together with lacking naming can make difficulties for groups.

      Dealing With Changesets When Merging :

      It is essential to observe that when code is checked in for a solidification, the movements are taken care of in a changeset. These changesets give information on which records were changed, what changes were made, and by whom. Whenever an association conflict occurs, you can use changesets reign in changes. This can help you with diagnosing what turned out gravely and why a structure or test fizzled.

      Features of TFS :-

      Communication Enhancement:

      TFS redesign the correspondence among partners by ensuring that no information or work is lost when an associate hand over his endeavor to bunch. Undertaking of the gathering is taken care of in the TFS and every partner has its own authorizations to connect with TFS for getting to the assignment. TFS gives a central region to bunch project and every partner coordinate his work at this area.

      Features of TFS
      Features of TFS

      Team Explorer:

      All people from a participation together in the gathering project by including Team Explorer in Visual Studio. Bunch Explorer partners with the TFS and exhibits bunch projects from the server. By using Team Explorer, every partner can get revived work things, projects reports and undertaking to do.


      Roles can be described in bunch project that is on TFS. Each occupation addresses somewhere around one trains that are expected to productive completion of the gathering project.


      TFS moreover gives alerts that are delivered off associates by email when something has changed in the gathering project. We can change alerts on TFS as demonstrated by our need.

      Source Control:

      TFS grant the gathering to manage all source archives for an endeavor. We can similarly add non-source records, for instance, huge endeavor documents, project designs, etc to TFS.


      TFS Build enables the gathering to make and direct thing manufactures regularly. TFS Build moreover gives collect gives insights about the status and nature of each form.

      Tracking Work Status:

      Utilizing TFS project head can follow the given out work status to originators to understand the strength of the venture.

      Work Item History:

      All working things are endorsed on TFS with all changes. Anyone can review the absolute history of activity on a work thing at whatever point. The working thing history can be conveyed into Microsoft Excel.


      Reports associated with track status and information (like as work thing changes, enlistments and status of thing develops, etc) about the endeavor are placed away in an informational collection on the TFS.

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      Conclusion :-

      TFS is an unprecedented instrument for transformation control, process improvement and backing, flexible system and following gadget. New kids on the block ought to believe this to be a work scope as it has enormous potential outcomes.

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