What is C Programming? Comprehensive Guide with REAL-TIME Example

What is C Programming? Comprehensive Guide

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    C is a high-level and general-purpose programming language that is ideal for developing firmware or portable applications. Originally intended for writing system software, C was developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie for the Unix Operating System in the early 1970s.

    • Introduction Of C Programming
    • Tools For C Programming
    • Features Of C Programming
    • Advantages Of C Programming
    • Disadvantages Of C Programming
    • Why Should Learn C Programming
    • How C Programming Works?
    • C Programming Examples
    • Where Is ‘c’ Used?
    • Conclusion Of C Programming

    Introduction Of C Programming

    C is a procedural programming language. It turned into first of all evolved via way of means of Dennis Ritchie withinside the yr 1972. It turned into specially evolved as a device programming language to write down an running device. The primary capabilities of the C language encompass low-stage reminiscence access, a easy set of keywords, and a easy style, those capabilities make C language appropriate for device programmings like an running device or compiler development.Many later languages have borrowed syntax/capabilities immediately or in a roundabout way from the C language. Like syntax of Java, PHP, JavaScript, and plenty of different languages are specially primarily based totally at the C language. C++ is sort of a superset of C language (Few applications may also collect in C, however now no longer in C++).

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      Tools For C Programming

      Semantic Designs gives the equipment for the C language in a whole lot of dialects, along with ANSI C, GCC2/3/4, Microsoft Visual C and C99; C11 to observe shortly. The equipment supplied cover:-

    • Test Coverage Tool.
    • Profiler Tool.
    • Smart Differencer.
    • Obfuscator.
    • Formatter.
    • CheckPointer – reminiscence safety (“buffer overruns”) checker.
    Tools For C Programming
    Tools For C Programming

      Features Of C Programming


      In C, you could execute a block of code in distinct environments. Suppose, you create a software in a single platform and you’re strolling or enhancing this system in different platforms. Portability is one of the fine capabilities of the C programming language.

      2. Structured/Modular Programming language:

      In C, you could spoil this system into small blocks of code with the assist of a function. Instead of writing an extended and complicated code, you could divide this system into small blocks of code as capabilities then you could carry out a couple of duties including locating the place of square, rectangle, circle etc. Function is used for code reusability.

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      3. Simple and Efficient:

      The C programming language is simple to implement. The syntax of the C programming language is simple to understand. If you’re stressed approximately which programming language you need to study as a amateur then the C programming language is the satisfactory preference for you. It is green and easy to study and use.

      4. Speed:

      It compiles and executes quicker than Java or Python. Because C is a compiler primarily based totally programming language and Java and Python are an interpreter primarily based totally programming language.

      5. Popular:

      The C programming language is utilized in making working structures and embedded structures. It is one of the maximum broadly used programming languages withinside the world.

    Features of c
    Features of c

      Advantages Of C Programming:-

      C is a totally famous language at some stage in the arena and is good for a programmer to research at the start in their career. There is little vocabulary to research, the syntax is simple, and the modular shape of the language is less difficult to research:-

      It is straightforward to understand:

      One of the primary motives why human beings pick out C over different programming languages is its simplicity. C is a exceedingly transportable language as applications coded in it are a ways extra rapid and efficient. This makes getting to know C less difficult than some other programming language. You can effortlessly hold close the principles at the back of C due to the fact there are not many key phrases or symbols involved. In addition, you do not want to be an professional in pc technological know-how to get commenced with C programming. All you need to do is study thru a few tutorials on-line and begin writing your personal codes. Also, there are system-generated capabilities and user-described capabilities in C Language.

      Presence of many Libraries:

      C Language offers plenty of integrated features which include system-generated features and user-described features. Many fashionable features may be used to broaden a program, at the same time as the programmer also can create a characteristic as in line with their requirements, that is known as a user-generated/described characteristic, in C Compiler.

      Easy to write:

      Another motive why C is so famous as an green language amongst programmers is that it lets in them to create their very own software program while not having to fear approximately syntax errors. If you are now no longer acquainted with coding, then the usage of dependent language C will assist you broaden higher skills. With C, you will locate your self growing extra green and powerful answers in comparison to the ones created via way of means of different programming languages.

      Low cost:

      If you need to construct some thing from scratch, then C is virtually really well worth considering. Because of its easy structure, you might not spend an excessive amount of time looking to parent out whether or not you have made a mistake or now no longer whilst growing your program. And if you make a decision to lease a person else to finish the task, they might best fee you much less money.

      Fast execution speed:

      If you need to execute your software quickly, then C might be the proper preference for you. Since C makes use of fewer instructions, it executes quicker than different programming languages consisting of Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.

      Disadvantages Of C Programming

    • C is a completely enormous and effective language and genuinely follows the procedural programming approach. It does not increase its guide to the idea of OOPs (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Data Hiding). Here, you can not create a category with a couple of inheritances like Java, Python, or C++. In OOP languages like Java, we are able to inherit strategies from the discern class. But there’s not anything comparable withinside the C language. We can not create subclasses for our classes. So it makes it tough to reuse current codes.
    • In C Language you do not want any reminiscence control strategies as it routinely manages all allotted sources for you. But in case you need to apply dynamic allocation you then definately ought to allocate dynamically with the aid of using malloc function. If you do that manually then you’ll get a segmentation fault error. So we have to continually don’t forget approximately Memory Management Techniques.
    • Garbage series is a characteristic that mechanically reclaims reminiscence from gadgets now not wished with the aid of using an software or library. It may be used for each automated and guide rubbish series. Automatic rubbish series takes place whilst there may be inadequate unfastened area at the heap to allocate new gadgets; this can arise due to the fact all to be had bodily RAM become allotted to different methods walking at the pc system. Manual rubbish series entails explicitly releasing unused blocks of reminiscence with calls to capabilities which includes malloc.
    • In the C programming language, the mistakes aren’t detected after every line of code. The compiler suggests all of the mistakes withinside the code best at some point of the run-time of the complete which makes the checking of code (debugging) pretty complicated in considerable projects. Also, the compiler does not take a look at whether or not a variable become declared earlier than its use. The programmer should consider this rule whilst writing programs.
    • C does not perform the concept of namespaces. A namespace is prepared as a series of instructions to allow the reuse of names in diverse settings. Without namespaces, we cannot pronounce elements of a comparable call.However, C programming is with out this feature, and consequently, you cannot represent a variable with the identical call in C.

      Why Should Learn C Programming

      C is a procedural programming language. It turned into to start with evolved via way of means of Dennis Ritchie among 1969 and 1973. It turned into specifically evolved as a machine programming language to jot down working machine. The major functions of C language consist of low-degree get entry to to memory, easy set of keywords, and smooth style, those functions make C language appropriate for machine programming like working machine or compiler development.

      How C Programming Works?

      The C programming language is relatively famous, and it is smooth to look why. Programming in C is green and offers the programmer a exceptional deal of control. Many different programming languages like C++, Java and Python have been evolved the use of C.Chances are growing every day that in case you’re a programmer, you may not use C completely in your paintings. However, there are numerous studying C is tremendously beneficial, even in case you do not use it regularly. Here’s why:-

    • You’ll be capable of examine and write code for software program that may be used on many one of a kind styles of laptop platforms, which includes the entirety from small microcontrollers to desktop, computer and cellular working structures.
    • You’ll higher recognize what high-degree languages are doing at the back of the scenes, including reminiscence control and rubbish collection. This know-how will let you write applications that paintings extra efficiently.
    • If you are an records technology (IT) specialist, you may additionally gain from studying C. IT specialists frequently write, preserve and run scripts as a part of their job. A script is a listing of commands for a laptop’s working machine to follow. To run sure scripts, the laptop units up a managed execution surroundings referred to as a shell. Since maximum working structures run shells primarily based totally on C, C shell is a famous scripting version of C utilized by IT pros.
    • This article covers the records at the back of C, appears at why C is so crucial, indicates examples of a few fundamental C code and explores a few crucial functions of C, which includes records types, operations, functions, tips and reminiscence control. Though this text is not an training guide for programming in C, it does cowl what makes C programming precise in a manner that is going past the ones first few chapters of the common C programming guide.
    How C Programming Works
    How C Programming Works

      C Programming Examples

      The following C programming examples are the primary and easy programs:-

    • C Program to Print Hello World.
    • C Program to Add Two Numbers.
    • C Program for Average of Two Numbers.
    • C application to discover Compound Interest.
    • C application to Calculate Cube of a Number.
    • C Programs to test Number is Even or Odd.
    • C Program to discover Largest of Two Numbers.
    • C Program to discover Largest of Three Numbers.
    • C Program to print Multiplication Table.
    • C application to discover Number is Divisible with the aid of using five and 11.
    • C Programs for nCr Calculation.
    • C Programs for nPr Calculation.
    • C Program to print Odd Numbers from 1 to N.
    • C application to calculate Power of a Number.
    • C application to discover Profit or Loss.
    • C Programs to Print an Integer, Character, and Float Value.
    • C Program to discover the dimensions of int, float, double, and char.
    • Positive or Negative Number.
    • Print 1 to a hundred with out the use of Loop.

      Where Is ‘c’ Used?

    • ‘C’ language is broadly utilized in embedded structures.
    • It is used for growing machine packages.
    • It is broadly used for growing computing device packages.
    • Most of the packages with the aid of using Adobe are advanced using ‘C’ programming language.
    • It is used for growing browsers and their extensions. It is used to broaden databases. MySQL is the maximum famous database software program that is constructed using ‘C’.
    • It is utilized in growing an running machine. Operating structures along with Apple’s OS X, Microsoft’s Windows, and Symbian are advanced using ‘C’ language.
    • It is used for growing computing device in addition to cell phone’s running machine.
    • It is used for compiler production.
    • It is broadly utilized in IOT packages.
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      Conclusion Of C Programming

      Numerous elements of the language has been forgotten, at this degree of the specifications:-

    • Instructions which outline preferred loops (for, whilst training etc…) or jumps (goto, etc…). General loops will now no longer be handled as instructions, however the usage of every other programming mechanism, for the motive we need to manipulate their execution.
    • Some much less beneficial operators &&, ||, aren’t described when you consider that they are able to without difficulty get replaced via way of means of the logical operators. Similarly, shift operators << or>>, which corresponds to a few multiplications with finally different masks manipulation are avoided. Furthermore, complicated affectations, e.g. +=, *=, etc… or incremental x++ operators which may be taken into consideration as compact expression builded from different described operators aren’t introduced.Again, a lot of these operators might have been described, however they’ll now no longer be very beneficial here. From a programmer factor of view, the principle use of those operators are the truth they could result in greater green compilations.
    • This is in recent times now no longer very true, due to the fact typical compilers certainly optimize the code despite the fact that the programmer has now no longer written it in a totally compact form. For instance, x=x+1 will manifestly be implemented, as x+=1 or maybe x++.
    • The oblique operator * and reference operator & isn’t to be described when you consider that we do now no longer manage tips explicitly.

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