[SCENARIO-BASED ] Kofax Interview Questions and Answers

[SCENARIO-BASED ] Kofax Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on 17th Nov 2021, Blog, Interview Questions

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Sunil (KOFAX RPA Developer )

Sunil is an RPA Developer to create robots on the Blue Prism platform which is mainly developing a robotic process through coding. He has 8+ years of experience in Blue Prism VBA, KOFAX, Excel Macros, PDD, and SDD, supporting UAT, Python, Java, .NET, C++, IQ BOT, SQL Server, and SSIS / SSRS.

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    If you’re looking for Kofax Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are in the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Kofax has a market share of about 29.1%. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Kofax Development. ACTE offers Kofax Interview Questions 2021 that help you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as Kofax Developer.

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    1.What do you know about the initial process in the first phase during the system booting?


      There is actually a special process which is termed as Swapper. The same is automatically get created while booting. All the activities and tasks that are handled by the CPU during the booting are managed by the Swapper. When it comes to memory allocation, it’s a swapper that helps the CPU in processing all such needs.

    2.Can you tell a few benefits that data integration and analysis can have?


      There are several advantages that a business scan has and it is not always necessary that all the businesses can have all of them at the same time. Many factors are there which can impact them. The basic pros associated are:-

    • Efficient data usage.
    • Cost-effective approaches for maintaining information and data.
    • Reliable and timely reporting can always be assured.
    • Flexibility can be achieved without bulk investment.
    • Risks can be eliminated.

    3.What are the subparts of the swapper that get created during the memory allocation?


      These are dbflush, vhand, and process adapter. All these three tasks work in parallel and make sure that process goes smoothly and without violation of any of the policies. It is possible for users to manage these subparts with different IDS. This is generally done for authentication and security purposes.

    4.Can you name a few system calls which you can use for managing the process?


      These are fork(), which is used basically for creating a new process. The second is nice() which is used to handle the process with priorities. The third one is getdip() which is used to call the process identifier. Fourth is brk() which has a special use and i.e. to boost or to cut down the size of the data segment.

    5.While managing a process, the user needs to have various IDs. Can you tell me something about these IDs which are related to a process?


      They are generally called Process IDS. The OS identify them with the help of different IDS that user can create and assign to the tasks. The concerned process that the user manages is called the parent process. The user is called as owner and is responsible for directing and controlling the concerning ID.

    6.Can you define data integration in your own words?


      During the different processes, there is always a need to combine the data for generating the desired output. It is not always necessary that the data is having similar sources. The main aim of the user for combining the data is to have a unified or proper view.In organizations, the information or the data which is combined or integrated can be from the different domains. Users need not worry if the data that needs to be combined is based on different technologies.

    7.What is the difference between the parent and the child process?


      A user is free to divide a process into two modules. The one from which the new process is created is called a parent process and the new one is called a child process. It is possible that both of them can be deployed for the same purposes and can have similar properties.

    8.In Kofax process management, is it possible to predict the output?


      Yes, it is possible simply.

    9.What exactly do you know about the fork in Kofax?


      A fork is basically a tool or a command with the help of which it is possible for the users to perform two important tasks. First, it can be used for separating a child’s process from a parent. Second, it helps in the execution of instructions for both of them. some users also consider it for judging the quality of the output before a task is actually executed.

    10.In Kofax, is it possible to create a new process from the one that is existing?


      Yes, it is possible. There is a need for it when a specific process becomes too complex to work with. This is similar to dividing a process into two other more modules.

    11.Is it possible that the child and the parent process can communicate with each other?


      Yes, it is possible. Any inter-process approach for communication can be deployed for this. Also, there are some special methods that can be used. Basically, with some commands, it is possible that the parent can govern the entire control of the child process.

    12.What exactly do you know about Kernel? What is its significance?


      During a program, the kernel used always keeps some of the useful data along with it. This is because there are chances that the parent process may call it. A simple process is executed for this and the entire control on the information is grabbed by the parent.

    13.What exactly do you mean by white box testing?


      When the applications are developed, there is always a need to test the structure internally which provides useful information regarding the working of an application. This is done what could happen when the application is used for performing the other tasks that its specialization.

    14.Name any two sub-sites of data integration you are familiar with?


      These are Master Data Management and Data Warehousing.

    15.What is PDI? Is it possible that the same could be done with a single system?


      PDI stands for Physical Data Integration and it is not always necessary that all the tasks can be managed with a single system. This is because there is always a need to handle the vast volume of data. One of the perfect example is Data Warehousing.

    16.What do you mean by data mapping and what is its significance?


      The simple process of creating the data elements in the models which are completely or partially different from one another is called data mapping.Basically, it is regarded as the first thing towards data integration. It is known to help in data transformation from a source to a destination which can be defined or not.

    17.Give abbreviation of EII?


      SII stands for Enterprise Information Integration.

    Enterprise Information Integration

    18.What exactly do you mean by a business plan?


      It is actually a statement that is generally written to provide useful information related to the goals of an organization. There is also information related to the betterment of the same. The plans also define the paths to achieve the goals and the challenges that the organization can face.Depending on the type of plan and other factors, it can have information on the background of anything that is related to the organization or anything that is related to the final target.

    19.What are the possible problems an organization can face in the proper customer communication process management?


      There can be several problems that can declare their presence and a few of them are:-

      • Lack of communication tools.
      • Lack of skills required.
      • No timely feedback to the customer.
      • No proper information to the customer by the organization.
      • IT-related problems.
      • Unstructured data of the customer in the database.
      • Database management issues.
      • Challenges related to time management.

    20.How well can you understand risk management?


      Well, there are several risks that are associated with the tasks that are accomplished or performed in an organization. The identification of the same before they create the blunder and eliminating them is known as risk management.There are many factors that are considered and a few of them are controlling, analyzing, avoidance as well as assessing the same.

    21.Name a black box testing approach you are familiar with?



    22.Are you familiar with plan baselines? What are they?


      These are basically the different versions of the parallel planes that are represented just before the final execution starts. They make sure of effective communication and quality at all stages. It is not always necessary that they all have similar significance and impact on a business. However, they are considered to understand more about the implementation.

    23.What are the benefits of data scanning?


      Scanning is done for a lot of purposes. First thing is, it makes sure there are no undesired errors in the data that the organization is going to deploy for a project. At the same time, it makes sure that every string is compatible with others and there will be no issues at a later instance due to the same.Also, scanning makes sure whether the information can be trusted for the task or not.

    24.On the text data, how is it possible for the users to consider the matching patterns?


      This is generally done with the help of an approach that is called Regular Expression. Actually, it is one of the very powerful tools that can even find very small data from bulky, structured, or unstructured data.

    25.In which column you can find the pivot data?


      The column in which the same is present is regarded as Pivot Column.

    26.Explain the concept of Push Back?


      Pushbacks are the conditions or unexpected issues that declare their presence during a project and waste the time. It is not always necessary that only technology can be held responsible for this. Sometimes this can be due to users’ negligence. It is because of this reason, a detailed analysis is done by the Business analytics to ensure no time gets wasted and things can be completed on time.

    27.On which document the project authorization is done?


      This document is called Project Charter and is one of the highly significant documents that are related to a project. There is also information about the needs stakeholders can pay close attention to. In addition to this, Project Charter can sometimes give useful information about the final outcome of the project.

    28.Explain the concept of historical preservation?


      It is basically an approach to offer a fresh row for data rather than updating the one which already exists. All the newly created ones are tagged as UPDATES and the same flag can be applied for creating them.During this process, a lot of changes are there that the processes have to go through. The detailed information on the same can be located in the columns associated.

    29.Is it possible to use the objects again and again in the Data integration approach?


      Yes, it is possible and that is why the objects are tagged as reusable objects. However, it is up to the users whether they use them again or assigned a new one for every sub-task.

    30.While handling a project, how can you estimate activity done directly?


      There are a few techniques that can help in this matter. They are three-point estimates and parametric estimates which are useful in this matter.

    31.Explain Data conversion Transformation?


      This component does conversion data type, similar to TSQL function CAST or CONVERT. If you wish to convery the data from one type to another then this is the best bet. But please make sure that you have COMPATABLE data in the column.

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    32.What is Data Flow tab?


      This is the tab where we do all the work related to ETL job. It is the tab in SSIS Designer where we can extract data from sources, transform the data and then load them into destinations.

    33.What is the function of control flow tab in SSIS?


      On the control flow tab, the tasks including dataflow task, containers and precedence constraints that connect containers and tasks can be arranged and configured.

    34.What is the function of Event handlers tab in SSIS?


      On the Event handlers tab, workflows can be configured to respond to package events.For example, we can configure Work Flow when ANY task Failes or Stops or Starts ..

    35.What is the function of Package explorer tab in SSIS?


      This tab provides an explorer view of the package. You can see what is happening in the package. The Package is a container at the top of the hierarchy.

    Package explorer tab in SSIS

    36.What is Solution Explorer?


      It is a place in SSIS Designer where all the projects, Data Sources, Data Source Views and other miscellaneous files can be viewed and accessed for modification.

    37.How do we convert data type in SSIS?


      The Data Conversion Transformation in SSIS converts the data type of an input column to a different data type.

    38.How are variables useful in ssis package?


      Variables can provide communication among objects in the package. Variables can provide communication between parent and child packages. Variables can also be used in expressions and scripts. This helps in providing dynamic values to tasks.

    39.Explain Aggregate Transformation in SSIS?


      It aggregates data, similar you do in applying TSQL functions like Group By, Min, Max, Avg, and Count. For example you get total quantity and Total line item for each product in Aggregate Transformation Editor. First you determine input columns, then output column name in Output Alias table in datagrid, and also operations for each Output Alias in Operation columns of the same datagrid. Some of operation functions listed below :-

    • Group By
    • Average
    • Count
    • Count Distinct : count distinct and non null column value
    • Min, Max, Sum

    40.Explain Data Mining query Transformation?


      This component does prediction on the data or fills gap on it. Some good scenarios uses this component is:-

    • Take some input columns as number of children, domestic income, and marital income to predict whether someone owns a house or not.
    • Take prediction what a customer would buy based analysis buying pattern on their shopping cart.
    • Filling blank data or default values when customer doesn’t fill some items in the questionnaire.

    41.Explain Derived column Transformation?


      Derived column creates new column or put manipulation of several columns into new column. You can directly copy existing or create a new column using more than one column also.

    42.A certain couple tells you that they have two children, at least one of which is a girl. What is the probability that they have two girls?


      In the case of two children, there are 4 equally likely possibilities

      BB, BG, GB and GG; where B = Boy and G = Girl and the first letter denotes the first child.

      From the question, we can exclude the first case of BB. Thus from the remaining 3 possibilities of BG, GB & BB, we have to find the probability of the case with two girls.

    43.What is the advantage of performing dimensionality reduction before fitting an SVM?


      Support Vector Machine Learning Algorithm performs better in the reduced space. It is beneficial to perform dimensionality reduction before fitting an SVM if the number of features is large when compared to the number of observations.

    44.How do data management procedures like missing data handling make selection bias worse?


      Missing value treatment is one of the primary tasks which a data scientist is supposed to do before starting data analysis. There are multiple methods for missing value treatment. If not done properly, it could potentially result into selection bias. Let see few missing value treatment examples and their impact on selection.

    45.Can you cite some examples where a false negative important than a false positive?


      Assume there is an airport ‘A’ which has received high security threats and based on certain characteristics they identify whether a particular passenger can be a threat or not. Due to shortage of staff they decided to scan passenger being predicted as risk positives by their predictive model.

    46.Can you cite some examples where both false positive and false negatives are equally important?


      In the banking industry giving loans is the primary source of making money but at the same time if your repayment rate is not good you will not make any profit, rather you will risk huge losses.Banks don’t want to lose good customers and at the same point of time they don’t want to acquire bad customers. In this scenario both the false positives and false negatives become very important to measure.

    47.Can you explain the difference between a Test Set and a Validation Set?


      Validation set can be considered as a part of the training set as it is used for parameter selection and to avoid Overfitting of the model being built. On the other hand, test set is used for testing or evaluating the performance of a trained machine leaning model.

    48.What do you understand by statistical power of sensitivity and how do you calculate it?


      Sensitivity is commonly used to validate the accuracy of a classifier (Logistic, SVM, RF etc.). Sensitivity is nothing but “Predicted TRUE events/ Total events”. True events here are the events which were true and model also predicted them as true.Calculation of senstivity is pretty straight forward-

      Senstivity = True Positives /Positives in Actual Dependent Variable

    49.What is the importance of having a selection bias?


      Selection Bias occurs when there is no appropriate randomization acheived while selecting individuals, groups or data to be analysed.Selection bias implies that the obtained sample does not exactly represent the population that was actually intended to be analyzed.Selection bias consists of Sampling Bias, Data, Attribute and Time Interval.

    50.Give some situations where you will use an SVM over a RandomForest Machine Learning algorithm and vice-versa.


      SVM and Random Forest are both used in classification problems:-

      If you are sure that your data is outlier free and clean then go for SVM. It is the opposite – if your data might contain outliers then Random forest would be the best choice.
    • Generally, SVM consumes more computational power than Random Forest, so if you are constrained with memory go for Random Forest machine learning algorithm.
    • Random Forest gives you a very good idea of variable importance in your data, so if you want to have variable importance then choose Random Forest machine learning algorithm.

    51.Python or R – Which one would you prefer for text analytics?


      The best possible answer for this would be Python because it has Pandas library that provides easy to use data structures and high performance data analysis tools.

    52.Which technique is used to predict categorical responses?


      Classification technique is used widely in mining for classifying data sets.

    53.What is logistic regression? Or State an example when you have used logistic regression recently.


      Logistic Regression often referred as logit model is a technique to predict the binary outcome from a linear combination of predictor variables. For example, if you want to predict whether a particular political leader will win the election or not. In this case, the outcome of prediction is binary i.e. 0 or 1 (Win/Lose). The predictor variables here would be the amount of money spent for election campaigning of a particular candidate, the amount of time spent in campaigning, etc.

    54.What are Recommender Systems?


      A subclass of information filtering systems that are meant to predict the preferences or ratings that a user would give to a product. Recommender systems are widely used in movies, news, research articles, products, social tags, music, etc.

    Recommender Systems

    55.Why data cleaning plays a vital role in analysis?


      Cleaning data from multiple sources to transform it into a format that data analysts or data scientists can work with is a cumbersome process because – as the number of data sources increases, the time take to clean the data increases exponentially due to the number of sources and the volume of data generated in these sources. It might take up to 80% of the time for just cleaning data making it a critical part of analysis task.

    56.A jar has 1000 coins, of which 999 are fair and 1 is double headed. Pick a coin at random, and toss it 10 times. Given that you see 10 heads, what is the probability that the next toss of that coin is also a head?


      There are two ways of choosing the coin. One is to pick a fair coin and the other is to pick the one with two heads.

    • Probability of selecting fair coin = 999/1000 = 0.999
    • Probability of selecting unfair coin = 1/1000 = 0.001

    57.What are Eigenvalue and Eigenvector?


      Eigenvectors are for understanding linear transformations. In data analysis, we usually calculate the eigenvectors for a correlation or covariance matrix. Eigenvalues are the directions along which a particular linear transformation acts by flipping, compressing or stretching.

    58.Why is resampling done?


      Resampling is done in any of these cases:-

    • Estimating the accuracy of sample statistics by using subsets of accessible data or drawing randomly with replacement from a set of data points.
    • Substituting labels on data points when performing significance tests Validating models by using random subsets (bootstrapping, cross validation).

    59.Define Image sprites with context to CSS ?


      When a set of images is collaborated into one image, it is known as ‘Image Sprites’. As the loading every image on a webpage consumes time, using image sprites lessens the time taken and gives information quickly.

    60.How can the dimension be defined of an element ?


      Dimension properties can be defined by:

    • Height
    • Max-height
    • Max-width
    • Min-height
    • Min-width
    • Width

    61.Define float property of CSS?


      By float property, the image can be moved to the right or the left along with the text to be wrapped around it. Elements before this property is applied do not change their properties.

    62.How does Z index function?


      Overlapping may occur while using CSS for positioning HTML elements. Z index helps in specifying the overlapping element. It is a number which can be positive or negative, the default value being zero.

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    63.Define Attribute Selector ?


      It is defined by a set of elements, value and its parts.

    Attribute Selector

    64.How To Select All Paragraph Elements Whose Lang Attribute Has A Value Of Exactly “fr”?


      p[lang=”fr”] – Selects all paragraph elements whose lang attribute has a value of exactly “fr”.

    65.How To Select All Paragraph Elements Whose Lang Attribute Contains The Word “fr”?


      p[lang~=”fr”] – Selects all paragraph elements whose lang attribute contains the word “fr”.

    66.How To Select All Paragraph Elements Whose Lang Attribute Contains Values That Are Exactly “en”, Or Begin With “en-“?


      p[lang|=”en”] – Selects all paragraph elements whose lang attribute contains values that are exactly “en”, or begin with “en-“.

    67.What Are The Various Ways Of Using Css In An Html Page?


      There are four ways to associate styles with your HTML document. Most commonly used methods are inline CSS and External CSS.

    68.Which Property Is Used To Add Or Subtract Space Between The Letters That Make Up A Word?


      The letter-spacing property is used to add or subtract space between the letters that make up a word.

    69.Which Property Is Used To Add Or Subtract Space Between The Words Of A Sentence?


      The word-spacing property is used to add or subtract space between the words of a sentence.

    70.Which Property Is Used To Indent The Text Of A Paragraph?


      The text-indent property is used to indent the text of a paragraph.

    71.Which Property Is Used To Align The Text Of A Document?


      The text-align property is used to align the text of a document.

    72.What Are The Components Of A Css Style?


      A style rule is made of three parts:-

    • Selector − A selector is an HTML tag at which a style will be applied. This could be any tag like h1 or table etc.
    • Property − A property is a type of attribute of HTML tag. Put simply, all the HTML attributes are converted into CSS properties. They could be color, border etc.
    • Value − Values are assigned to properties. For example, color property can have value either red or #F1F1F1 etc.

    73.What Is Type Selector?


      Type selector quite simply matches the name of an element type. To give a color to all level 1 headings:

      h1 {

      color: #36CFFF;


    74.How to connect a PHP script with the MySQL database?


      PHP script can be connected with MySQL database by using the function called as mysqli_connect() function. You need to provide the information related to your location, username and password to the server to get permission to interact with the MySQL database server. When database name will be asked provide the name and it will connect you to the database.

    75.How important is to list the column names when doing an INSERT?


      It is not important to list the column names when doing using an INSERT command as you can provide the column information and values in the table in the same order in which they appear in the table structure. It is safer and convenient way to specify the column names as it will keep the count of the column you are visiting.

    76.How KOFAX is different from other RPA tools?


      KOFAX has features called Capture, transform and exchange of business critical information from sources like Fax, Paper, Electronic etc. While integrating these 3 major services, KOFAX RPA service enables the clients to achieve end to end automation. Whereas in case of other RPA tools data extraction from various sources of documents can be done by employing third party OCR and data enrichment solutions.

     KOFAX tool

    77.Why to use CHAR instead of VARCHAR in the database?


      CHAR is much more accurate and efficient to use. CHAR doesn’t have to keep a count of the variable length. It is more efficient when you have to use it for a text column which is of an exact length. Char is used for the data which are fixed, but VARCHAR is used for data like password, which are variable.

    78.What Is Mysql Default Port Number?


      MySQL default port number is 3306.

    79.What Is Regexp?


      REGEXP is a pattern match using regular expression. Regular expression is a powerful way of specifying a pattern for a complex search.

    80.How Many Columns Can You Create For An Index?


      You can create maximum of 16 indexed columns for a standard table.

    81.What Is The Difference Between Now() And Current_date()?


      NOW() command is used to show current year, month, date with hours, minutes and seconds while CURRENT_DATE() shows the current year with month and date only.

    82.What Is A Trigger In Mysql?


      A trigger is a set of codes that executes in response to some events.

    83.What Is The Difference Between Float And Double?


      FLOAT stores floating point numbers with accuracy up to 8 places and allocates 4 bytes, on the other hand DOUBLE stores floating point numbers with accuracy up to 18 places and allocates 8 bytes.

    84.What Are The Disadvantages Of Mysql?


      MySQL is not so efficient for large scale databases.It does not support COMMIT and STORED PROCEDURES functions version less than 5.0. Transactions are not handled very efficiently.

    85.Which Command Is Used To View The Content Of The Table In Mysql?


      The SELECT command is used to view the content of the table in MySQL.

    86.What Is The Usage Of I-am-a-dummy Flag In Mysql?


      In MySQL, the i-am-a-dummy flag makes the MySQL engine to deny the UPDATE and DELETE commands unless the WHERE clause is present.

    87.What Are The Advantages Of Mysql In Comparison To Oracle?


      MySQL is a free, fast, reliable, open source relational database while Oracle is expensive, although they have provided Oracle free edition to attract MySQL users.MySQL uses only just under 1 MB of RAM on your laptop while Oracle 9i installation uses 128 MB.MySQL is great for database enabled websites while Oracle is made for enterprises.MySQL is portable.

    88.How would you observe the level of motivation of your subordinates?


      Choosing the right metrics and comparing productivity of everyone on daily basis is a good answer, doesn’t matter in which company you apply for a supervisory role.

    89.What does quality work mean to you?


      Quality work to be is about doing work to the require or set standard, which is very important when it comes to warehouse operations.

    90.What schedule do you hope to work? Are you willing to work extra hours?


      Be honest. If you really want the job and are willing to work any schedule needed, say so. If, however, you have no intention of working late hours or weekends, simply let the interviewer know the hours that you are available to work. The same applies to extra hours. You are more likely to be hired if you are willing to work any time you are needed. However, saying that you are willing and then complaining about the hours once you start working is a recipe for disaster.

    91.What aspect of supervision do you find the most difficult?


      Managing different personalities and keeping them focused on the goal at hand.

    92.Tell me the difference between good and exceptional?


      Good gets the job done on time and is high quality. Exceptional is a game changer – it stands out, it’s creative, it’s above and beyond expectations. Tell the interviewer a story about how you were exceptional.

    93.Our implementation consultants here at Kofax often face conflicts with our customers while onsite during implementations. What interpersonal skills do you use to handle conflicts with clients?


      In the software implementation process for large customers of Kofax, you will be working with top level managers and key decision makers onsite and more often than not, issues can arise. In your role as the implementation consultant, these issues come directly to you and your interviewer will be looking to hear how you will handle these issues to maintain both a great relationship with the customer and honor to the Kofax. In your answer, focus on finding solutions to issues that benefit both parties and talk about the important communication skills that you possess that will make this possible in any situation that you may face.

    94.How do you stay organized and on track when working on multiple projects or duties at the same time?


      In this role with Kofax, you will likely be expected to manage multiple projects at the same time. Your ability to plan, manage deadlines and handle high needs items that come up on a regular basis will be essential to your success in this role and your interviewer is looking to hear how you plan for success. Whether you utilize an electronic tool or a written list, there are no right or wrong answers as long as you can prove in your answer that this method works out great for you.

    95.In a technical support role here at Kofax, we expect that you would be able to bring great customer service skills to the role. Describe your customer service philosophy in the support that you would provide.


      While your interviewer will be able to get great insight into your technical expertise during your interviewer, this one question will allow you the opportunity to describe how you will bring solid interpersonal skills to the role. Your interview knows that customers will rely on you to provide quick and sensible support for their needs, but the expectation to do that in a pleasing manner is of utmost importance. Talk from a high level about your feelings on why providing great service is important and give an example or two of ways that you have done that in the past.

    96.What do you know about our products and how do you think you’ll be able to handle a support role surrounding them?


      This question allows your interviewer to gain insight into both your interest in this position and the skills that you will be able to bring to the table. To show your interest, be sure to do as much research on Kofax as possible and get to know their products. Ensuring that you know the job description from front to back is important as well. Then, talk about how you feel that your skills will apply to working with end users that are contacting about the software.

    97.Where’s database data actually stored? Is there a way to see the files which are stored?


      Database data is usually get stored in the computer hard-disk and you can manage the data by the database program like MySQL and phpAdmin. The files can be seen but database files remain in binary format so it can be opened and read but, you have to put extra effort to understand it. SQL is given for the purpose of interacting with the database and read the database and retrieve the information out of it.

    98.Explain KOFAX Capture.


      Capture simplifies labor intensive data extraction from various sources of documents like email, fax, scanner, MFP, Mobile, increases the accuracy of data, does classification and identifies the type of documents, arrange them into designated folders, can convert the documents from one format to another and also does export of enriched data to enterprise databases through a defined workflow thus saving millions of dollars to the heavy data processing industries like Banking,Healthcare, Government and other domains.

    99.What are workflows in Kofax Capture?


      A workflow in Kofax Capture is defined by batch classes which are at the top of the hierarchy. A batch class uses queues like scan, Recognition servers, validation etc to define a workflow, usually a workflow begins with scan and end with Export. Steps within a workflow are configurable using Kofax Capture queues, custom modules, add-ins like Kofax Transformation and also can be expanded through extensions like Kofax Capture Network Server, Front office server etc.

    workflows in Kofax Capture
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    100.What is Virtual Rescan (VRS) in Kofax Capture?


      VRS provide superior image capture with highest quality and cleanup during the scan time.Examples scanning of checks.

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