What is Confluence? : Tutorial For Beginners | A Complete Guide
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What is Confluence? : Tutorial For Beginners | A Complete Guide

Last updated on 11th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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Ranjan Binny (Senior Scrum Master and Agile Coach )

Ranjan Binny is a Senior Scrum Master and Agile Coach with 7+ years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum, XP, Kanban) and experience in prioritizing, risk, and conflict management.

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    • Introduction to confluence
    • What is Confluence?
    • Getting to know the utilization of Confluence
    • Comparison of JIRA and Confluence
    • Benefits of Confluence
    • 7 Steps to Get you Started with Refined for Confluence
    • For what reason do we really want Confluence?
    • Conclusion of Confluence
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to confluence

    • The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), each snippet of data connected with building an application at any stage is extremely critical.
    • Missing out on some piece of basic data can lead engineers and analyzers to revamp or change the application necessities as indicated.
    • For building best-performing applications, there is a need to have an unmistakable arrangement and great coordination among every one of the groups chipping away at the undertaking.
    • Assuming that there is any miscommunication at any phase of the SDLC, it might make the end result contrast from the ideal one as far as necessities.
    • All the fundamental data may not be accessible on a solitary stage which might pass on certain individuals to pass up some data.
    • To tackle this issue, it is fundamental to have a solitary stage for updates and informing with the goal that each and every individual who is chipping away at a task can have similar comprehension all through every one of the stages (like undertaking the executives, content administration, and so forth) of the Software Development Life Cycle.

    • What is Confluence?

    • To stay away from any miscommunication and advance a decent and clear comprehension among all individuals working in various phases of the SDLC, a joint effort device is required which can effectively provide a stage for all to get associated, share data, get refreshes, speak with one another, and so on A product organization, Atlassian, thought of an application called Confluence that can fill all the above needs.

    • Conversion is fundamentally a group coordinated effort application or programming that gives a stage for all groups dealing with a task to cooperate and share refreshes and data viably.

    • This can decrease a ton of correspondence holes on different issues connected with the SDLC. It helps all offices/groups to arrange, share, and talk about their work.

    • Conversion is a one-stop answer for have all content or data open to everybody, share significant data and information, post updates, and speak with others.

    • The Confluence programming is accessible in two sorts:

      Membership based: This sort of hardware is facilitated on the Cloud and accessible on a membership premise. There will be an expense charged to purchase and restore a membership plan.

      Self-facilitated: This sort of hardware is facilitated in-house servers or Confluence Data Centers.

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      Getting to know the utilization of Confluence

      A few significant perspectives and highlights of Confluence are examined underneath.


      When a client signs in to Confluence, the dashboard is the primary thing they see. It shows every one of the updates from different groups and the updates completed by the client. It additionally shows Spaces that the client is an individual from.


    • When we use Confluence, we want to have channels for each group or project to have a smooth progression of work.
    • These channels are called Spaces. As such, Spaces can be characterized as compartments that hold significant stuff that groups or gatherings need
    • For each venture, a committed space can be made and used to share and arrange work productively.
    • Assuming Space’s status is public, it very well may be gotten to by all Confluence clients however can be limited to certain gatherings of clients.
    • On the off chance that Space’s status is private, just expected clients can get to it as characterized by the maker of the space.
    • It is viewed as an individual space and it isn’t recorded in the Space registry yet the public spaces are recorded in the Space catalog.
    • A wide range of content can be shared through Spaces like recordings, joins, archives, and so on It assists clients with having a channelized work process, subsequently, making them more useful and less drained.
    • There is no drawn line for making various Spaces. Any client can make various Spaces as and when required.
    • At the point when clients sign in to the Confluence application, they see the Dashboard.
    • The Dashboard contains different Spaces that can be utilized for any reason like sharing data, channelizing the work process, and teaming up with other colleagues as displayed in the above figure.
    • Spaces contain Pages that have different kinds of content or data. The Space index has a rundown of Spaces accessible and made by Confluence. The Spaces that are made by a client are apparent to him/her regardless of the kind of Spaces (both Personal or Public Spaces are noticeable to their maker).

    • Making a Space:

      To make another Space, a client needs to go to the Space dropdown menu and select “Make space” then, at that point, select “Group space” After this, the client can make another group space.


    • Pages should be visible inside a Space.
    • Pages contain data connected with cooperation, project plans, project prerequisites, blog entries, and so on which we store on them subsequent to making them.
    • Clients can store or keep their fundamental data on Pages and access it when required.
    • Intersection offers a ton of adaptability as far as making and keeping up with Pages. Clients need to find out about the elements of Pages to get greatest advantages by using all highlights according to their necessities.
    • They can monitor their reports, diagrams of their arrangements, daily agendas, and so forth

    • Making a Page:

      To make another Page in a Space, a client needs to tap the “Make” button >Select a space for the page > Select the “Meeting notes” format shown. The gathering notes layout is simply utilized as an illustration however the client can make any page according to their necessities as there are diff.

      Comparison of JIRA and Confluence

      Both JIRA and Confluence are made and created by Atlassian Corp. what’s more they are utilized as group cooperation devices for project the executives and issue following. There are a few perspectives recorded underneath in the examination of the two instruments.

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      Benefits of Confluence

      Content administration: We can make, store, and offer substance by utilizing Confluence. It has simple to-utilize content creation instruments that have different elements including fundamental messaging, making tables and connecting archives.

      Wiki search: Confluence clients can look for watchwords to track down any matching words from the primary substance of text or remarks.

      Pre-designed layouts: It is something to be thankful for that clients can make various formats for various activities or utilizations in the Confluence apparatus.

      Coordination with JIRA: As both Confluence and JIRA are created by a similar Australian association, Atlassian, the two of them can be incorporated with one another to get most extreme advantages.

      Client the board: It is feasible for clients to give authorizations like to add or adjust Spaces like altering, seeing, and so on

      Additional items and modules: Confluence has a choice of additional items and modules that can be introduced to upgrade and attach the work process.

      7 Steps to Get you Started with Refined for Confluence

      Modifying a whole Confluence may appear to be an overwhelming undertaking, yet have confidence, we’re keeping things basic so you can upgrade your Confluence effortlessly. Refined is planned and made so that both specialized and non-specialized clients can utilize it. Here we make you through 7 basic strides to setting up Refined for your Confluence case: Introduce Refined in the Confluence organization area.

      Activate Refined as the Global subject

      Go to Refined Administration > and click “Enact Refined as the Global Theme”

      Set up your Site and Category Structure

      Go to the Site Builder tab to set up your site, class, and space structure just as the route menus. For a more top to bottom manual for how to set up your site and class structure, visit our instructional exercise: How to Set up Site Navigation and Structure

      Create and apply your subject or topics

    • The following stage is to apply your topic to match your group or organization brand and style.
    • Go to the Themes tab (or Settings machine gear-piece > Refined Administration), and select a topic from our heap of all set subjects or on the other hand then again make a topic without any preparation by clicking Create Theme.

    • At the point when you have a vibe for your topic, alter it to meet your requirements. Would rather avoid that white menu? Make it straightforward or dim. Need to utilize your own picture? Transfer a picture as the foundation. Watch this video for an illustration of a topic creation. For cautious direction see our bit by bit manual for making a topic utilizing the Theme Editor.

    • Build your site and class content and design

    • Start by adding content to your worldwide site home utilizing the inbuilt format manager. The worldwide site home is the beginning site and primary mark of passage for Confluence clients (except if you physically pick a site underneath the worldwide site as the beginning site for that client).
    • Click the three speck button to open up the substance design editorial manager.
    • Add segments to develop your design and afterward add significant modules to that segment.

    • Course Curriculum

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      • Real-life Case Studies
      • Assignments
      Explore Curriculum

      Customize Spaces and Space Layouts

      Assuming you as of now have spaces in your site, or on the other hand in the event that they are uncategorized, try to add them to a class. This should be possible in the Site Builder. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have spaces in your site (if beginning without any preparation with Refined and Confluence) visit our documentation on Space Layouts.

      We propose ticking off the accompanying regions when utilizing the drawn out Space includes that accompany Refined:

      Space design – Decide what you need to show/stow away

      Space format – Set the design for your worldwide, default and custom layouts

      Space clients – Set the authorizations on your space

    • Go to a space and snap the drop down close to the Space Title to see the Space Menu.
    • Click the Space Layout to control what you show/stow away on the space including: Likes/Comments, Edit menu (Watch, Star, Edit), Header, Footer.
    • Click the Space Layout to control the format of your space and to make custom layouts for various sorts of spaces.
    • To wrap things up, redo the Footer area by altering it straightforwardly at the lower part of your case, or by means of Refined Adminstration > Navigation > Footer. Add joins, news, brand logo, html modules from there, the sky is the limit.

    • For what reason do we really want Confluence?

    • How regularly does it happen that we analyzers raise bugs, just to discover that the necessities were changed after improvement began and because of absence of correspondence about the change analyzers were not made mindful of this change prior to testing began?

    • Therefore, the announced bug is then shut as Invalid. This can be disappointing for analyzers as their respectability is impacted alongside disarray and vulnerability regarding what other uncommunicated changes might be available in the application being tried.

    • Another normal disturbance is when significant data is covered under chains of messages more than a few mail strings and is hard to recover.

    • Cooperation devices are a decent answer for these situations on the grounds that:

    • All data is put away in one focal area, which makes it effectively open to all clients, so no more checking of email fastens or meeting notes to search for the necessary data

    • Any updates made to the data triggers a notice to different clients, which makes it simple for clients to stay state-of-the-art about the most recent conversations

    • This instrument has a simple expectation to absorb information so doesn’t need any extraordinary preparation or accreditation to begin utilizing this device

    • #1. Content administration

    • Content administration incorporates the creation, support, association, and cancellation of content.
    • The substance creation devices are not difficult to utilize and incorporate an assortment of capacities from essential message arranging, making tables the entire way to connecting records and implanting macros.
    • The substance can be coordinated into independent spaces, arranged and organized in progressive request as required.

    • #2. Search

    • This instrument upholds a full-text look for all the substance.
    • The query items will remember any matching outcomes for the text for the pages primary substance and remarks. This outcomes in an extremely nitty gritty hunt.

    • #3. Conversion Templates

      This instrument accompanies a few accepted procedures layouts that can be utilized to make pre-arranged pages.

      #4. Incorporation with JIRA

      JIRA and Confluence are both created by Atlassian and have consistent joining with one another. The advancement work can be followed in JIRA and the relating reports can be produced via programmed connecting.

      #5. Page and File forming

    • As this is a cooperation device, obviously, it would be utilized by different cross-practical groups at all levels on numerous occasions. To monitor the progressions made since the last alter, Confluence saves the more seasoned variant of pages and documents naturally.
    • This more seasoned form can be utilized to analyze the distinction or even return the last alter whenever required.

    • #6. Criticism

      Group criticism in type of remarks can be placed on the pages and alluded all of the time to or even looked for when required.

      #7. Client Management

      Client and gathering based authorizations can be set up. It is even conceivable to set up isolated survey, altering and administrator authorizations for each space. We will examine the idea of spaces in the following area.

      #8. Additional items and modules

      This device has a wide scope of accessible extra modules that can be utilized to fill role far in excess of what standard the apparatus brings to the table. Some famous additional items are Draw.io Diagrams, Balsamiq Mockups, Scroll PDF exporter, and so on

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      Conclusion of Confluence

    • Juncture is an exceptionally powerful group coordinated effort apparatus and can be utilized for Knowledge the board, documentation reason, as an intranet for inner data sharing and conceivably kill correspondence of changes through messages.
    • The data entered in Confluence can be dealt effortlessly and the whole substance is accessible.
    • Utilizing juncture, organizations can dispose of the requirement for actual extra room or shared drive.
    • Different groups can utilize this device to give most refreshed organization approaches, motivating force, declarations and so on, specialized venture groups can utilize it to oversee necessities, plan an undertaking, share process information, share best practices, and so forth
    • It is by all accounts an extraordinary instrument for sharing information, however how does that help our analyzer local area?
    • Well to begin with, information on this instrument adds to our ranges of abilities. It can go about as a fast reference guide at whatever point we have any inquiry or need the most refreshed data.
    • For QA Managers, Confluence gives an incredible stage to impart data to the group about testing best practices, how to test reports, investigating guides, robotization project arranging, updates, and declarations, and so for this article article

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