What is Siebel CRM -Tutorial | A Complete Guide for Beginners
Siebel CRM Tutorial ACTE

What is Siebel CRM – Tutorial | A Complete Guide for Beginners

Last updated on 17th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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Pankaj Vidyarthi (Senior Siebel Developer )

Pankaj Vidyarthi is the senior Siebel developer in Siebel CRM Communications, which lets service providers manage, synchronize, and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service. He has 6+ years of experience with SAP, SugarCRM, Zoho, Sage, Zendesk, and CRMNEXT.

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  • What’s the Siebel CRM tutorial?
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • What is Siebel CRM?
  • Why Use Siebel CRM?
  • Advantages of Siebel CRM
  • Siebel CRM Applications
  • Siebel vs SalesForce Comparison
  • Siebel CRM Future Career Scope
  • Siebel Tools
  • Siebel Repository
  • Siebel Overview
  • Conclusion

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      What’s the Siebel CRM tutorial?

    • Siebel CRM delivers transactional, analytical, and meeting segments for all customer-facing functions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may be a broadway in several areas like designing, developing, and keeping a fit and long-lasting relationship with the purchasers using technology.

    • CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the foremost effective ways to speak with present and potential customers. CRM builds the customer relationship strategy that promises the expansion of the customer base and thus the retention of an equivalent.

    • When you own a business, whether small or large, you’ll need to specialize in lead generation and retention of the purchasers. With the web presence of each company, the competition has widely increased, and therefore, you would like to be in-tuned together with your customers to retain them.

    • CRM helps in creating the customer base and also helps in maintaining them. Out of the many CRM applications available within the market, Siebel CRM is taken into account the simplest in terms of managing an outsized customer base and contacting them regularly.

    • The company was first rooted in 1993 in California and was famous for its sales department automation products in its early stage. The company expanded its working into the broader CRM market and was referred to as a dominant CRM vendor in 2002 covering up to 45% of the entire market share. In 2005, it had been owned by the Oracle Corporation and is functioning thereunder since then.

    • Audience:

      This tutorial is especially intended for beginners to know the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management. it’ll be useful for the readers who have good analytical skills and need to pursue their career CRM.


      The learner must have a basic knowledge of business administration, marketing concepts, basic database concepts, and software. Should have Analytical review, strategic thinking, and sound transmission talents are a plus.

      What is Siebel CRM?

    • The Oracle-powered Siebel CRM is essentially an entire package of customer relationship management solutions.
    • It is often easily modified or transformed as per your business requirements, by which it can assist you within the management of all the main aspects like service, sales, marketing, communication base, partner control, and customer loyalty leadership.
    • The Siebel CRM is currently helping out the managers of the many market verticals including commodity, automotive, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, Travel/Transportation, Media/Entertainment, financial services, communications, technology, healthcare, utility, retail, and public sector also.

    • Why Use Siebel CRM?

      There are many reasons to use the Siebel CRM, as managing an organizational structure isn’t a bit of cake.

    • Apart from its surveillance powers, the thing which causes it to be a market leaderins is cloud availability. Oracle is delivering CRM on Demand benefits for the past 4 years and is undeniably performing well.
    • Moreover, Oracle also provides you with the power to maneuver back and forth between its Fusion CRM and CRM on Demand services. you’ll calculate it for the foremost extensive use of the CRM and maintaining the customer base with a far better user experience.
    • You can adopt the newest innovation with the assistance of Siebel CRM. There are quite 4000 companies that are using the Siebel CRM and have gotten effective results.
    • It provides transactional, analytical, and lots of engaging features which will cause you to experience highly simplified management solutions. this is often one of the foremost advanced systems and has been inscribed with the newest features which will help in managing the customer base of your entire company.
    • CRM integration not only helps in maintaining a customer database but also allows you to contact each and each customer of yours. Many purchasers generally lose interest within the middle of the checkout pages.
    • Either they’re not interested to shop for the merchandise anymore or are worried about whether or not they are going to be ready to return the merchandise, or the foremost common reason is the page load time. CRM keeps track of those customers and sends them an alert message to urge the customer.

    • Advantages of Siebel CRM:

      Here are the benefits of Siebel CRM and the way it can assist you to get the utmost benefit!

      Social CRM: Siebel’s Social CRM was released within the year 2006. it’s been designed to reflect the salesperson’s work. It places limited leads and oversees the sales movements of your community. This is often a social CRM that helps in keeping the metrics and statistics of your entire customer base. If you’re getting to acquire the utmost benefit with the assistance of social CRM, you’ll believe Siebel for social activities.

      Course Curriculum

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      Customer data integration: Integration of the customer data is one of the foremost important tasks, which can assist you in saving the customer information for later use. Siebel CRM helps in getting the database of the purchasers and tracks them to form a positive contribution to the corporate.

      Selection and Order Capture: This resolution streamlines the frustrating rotation of tracking thousands of products from numerous catalogs and systems. This leads to more significant income for the businesses and thus makes Siebel CRM the foremost looked upon CRM. It becomes a pain within the head once you need to manually track thousands of consumers. However, if you’ve got Siebel as a companion, you are doing not need to worry about any quiet management task.

      Partner Relationship Management: once you run an enormous company, you’ve got to form sure that you simply create a partnership that counts. to take care of the partnership, Siebel CRM can convince be the simplest result provider. you’ll completely believe this to realize an impossible result.

      Business Intelligence (BI) applications: Siebel CRM has the simplest BI and may assist you to grab more and more targeted customers as per your requirement. The key Business Intelligence applications employed by CRM are dashboard, visualization, reporting, data processing, OLAP, Drill-Down, and tons more.

      Price Management: Managing the worth of the merchandise during the time of sale and discount is one among the foremost important things that require to be taken proper care of. This CRM offers the foremost important price management system that helps you get the one-click solution easily.

      CRM Gadgets: These gadgets are some minor applications wont to manage enterprise data and services. The gadgets are engaging to get a correct solution for your business. Many gadgets will assist you to get the right solution when it involves CRM-related products.

      Self-service and e-billing: This CRM can obtain the self-servicing and e-billing accomplished. While handling an enormous customer base, you’ll need to search for a permanent solution that will assist you to calculate the simplest quality deals. Imagine that you simply don’t need to worry about generating the bill as you’ve got a CRM that’s smart enough to urge it to avoid any manual help. it’s true that you simply have input the info at the initial stage, but once done, you’ll leave it on its own.

      Integration to Siebel CRM: The CRM must be integrated to form things work properly. you would like to remember the very fact that you simply get the simplest quality deals at an efficient rate. Siebel CRM is one of the foremost advanced CRM and may assist you to get the simplest quality solutions for your huge customer base.

      Siebel CRM Applications:

      Several applications are available under the Siebel CRM and you’ll calculate them to urge the utmost revenue. Here is the list of a couple of Siebel Applications that may help:

      Business Analytics Applications: This application helps in getting the analytical study of the business and makes sure that you simply get the business growth analysis.

      Contact Center and Service: This application transforms the decision center of the business into a complete sales, marketing, and repair delivery house. you’ll calculate it to speak with the purchasers and obtain more and more revenue.

      Customer Data Integration: This application stores all the info of the purchasers and helps in creating a solid database for your business.

      Customer Order Management: this is often an integral part of the customer’s relation. If your customers don’t get the ordered product on time, they’re going to turn their back on you. With this application, you manage the order and offer a primary come first serve delivery order.

      Enterprise Marketing: you’ll get the marketing of your business through the assistance of the enterprise management application available with this CRM. you’ll always calculate it for the marketing of your business.

      Partner Relationship Management: This application helps in maintaining a correct relationship together with your partners and makes sure that you simply have the simplest quality result at an efficient rate.

      Sales: Everyone, regardless of how small or large a corporation is, looks for a solid sales base. you’ll always calculate this CRM for top-quality sales and an increased level of sales within the due course of your time.

      Self-Service and eBilling: This CRM is extremely easy to manage and maintain which is the sole reason why many of us have owned this to stay a track of our business and manage the e-Billing service on our own. This CRM generates the bills and manages the business on its own, and can offer you desired results.

      Siebel CRM on Demand: This application helps in outdoing your competitors and makes sure that you simply have the simplest and effective solution. This takes special care of end-to-end customer satisfaction with the right delivery of CRM services.

      Siebel vs SalesForce Comparison:

      There is a continuous comparison between Siebel CRM and SalesForce CRM. there’s no true comparison between the 2 because Siebel may be a multi-faceted CRM and SalesForce may be a multi-tenant CRM. Where SalesForce delivers a risk-free outlet, on the opposite, Siebel CRM delivers a vertical functionality platform. Allow us to check out the fundamental distinctions between the two:

      Siebel CRM Future Career Scope:

    • It is expected that by 2020, the CRM market is predicted to succeed in USD 48.4 billion globally. it’s still in question why does an Oracle user still invest within the Siebel CRM when its turnover isn’t that great.
    • CRM features a vast future during a world where everything has a web presence. Siebel CRM may need to stop selling the CRM to new customers but engaging old and existing customers is the real challenge of this CRM.
    • Seeking a career in Siebel CRM are often an honest opportunity to find out about the changing structures of Customer Relationship Management within the recent future. per annum, the corporate releases upgraded versions of this CRM which will assist you in creating an exquisite career in Customer Relationships.

    • Course Curriculum

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      Siebel Tools:

      Siebel Tools is an integrated environment for configuring the Siebel Application employed by the Siebel developer. it’s a strong application development environment wont to configure to satisfy the business requirements. Siebel Tools isn’t a programming environment like Visual Studio. Rather it’s an interface primarily wont to create or modify object definitions.

      Siebel Repository:

      Siebel Repository refers to a subset of tables during which Siebel objects definitions and scripts are stored. These tables are Siebel database tables and contain all the configuration information that’s shown in Siebel Tools. So Siebel Tools helps as an interface to see the thing definitions stored within the database. All the thing definitions are modified or added using Tools.

      Note that, all the initial Siebel repository definitions that you simply would see in Tools get populated during the installation.

      Just for instance if these object definitions are stored within the database, we will run an easy query on the Siebel database. Notice the way to hook up with Local Database)


      • select * from Siebel.S_BUSCOMP; — This lists all the business components that are defined in Tools.
      • select * from Siebel.S_APPLET; — This details all the applets that are described in Tools.
      • Select * from Siebel.S_PROJECT; –Lists all the Projects defined in Tools.
    • Note that, all the initial Siebel repository definitions that you simply would see in Tools get populated during the installation. Multiple repositories can exist in Siebel but just one is often active at a time. In Siebel Tools, if you decide on the thing type “Repository” on the thing explorer, you’ll see multiple repositories listed but just one of them is going to be active.
    • Tip: If you’re unable to ascertain the thing type “Repository” in Siebel Tools, then attend View => Options => Object explorer and choose the thing type “Repository” to point out up in Siebel Tool’s explorer.
    • Importing and exporting of repositories is completed using the Database Configuration Utility. Considerable repositories are constructed employing this Database Configuration Utility while either supporting up or importing from other conditions. Example: Moving all the repository definitions from the Development environment to Testing Environment. Now that we all know where these object definitions are stored, we’ll next learn where these object definitions are compiled and the way it gets employed by Siebel Application.

    • Siebel SRF (Siebel Repository files):

    • Siebel SRF file also referred to as Siebel Repository File (SRF) may be a compressed, read-only file that contains compiled version of the Siebel repository. So all the thing definitions and scripts that are defined in Siebel Tools are compiled into one file which is are going to be employed by Siebel Application at runtime.
    • This SRF file is generally found under “[install directory]\Siebel\7.7\web client\OBJECTS\ENU” with the file extension of.
    • The active Siebel Repository must be in sync with the SRF otherwise you’ll see weird problems. So we’ll need to recompile whenever an object definition is modified in Tools.
    • To compile, in Siebel Tools attend Tools => Compile. Here you’ll have the choice of choosing individual projects, multiple projects otherwise you could do a full compile by selecting all projects

    • Siebel Overview:

      Hopefully, the previous topics have given you a touching idea about what’s Seibel CRM and the way it can help a corporation to be effective. We also learned the way to install Siebel and what the various entities are that the Siebel application talks about. Below is the summary. picturing of Siebel functions.

      Configuration File: it’s a normal document with a file extension of cfg. It includes all the parameters that Siebel operates during startup. It’s an area holder for parameters.

      Siebel Client: this is often the interface of Siebel to which the worker or the customer access. There are different types of clients

      Siebel Tools: it’s an Interface or development environment wont to configure Siebel Application. this is often employed by Seibel Developers.

      Siebel Repository: this is often a subset of tables within the Siebel Database which stores all the thing definition or configuration details including scripts.

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      Siebel SRF: Also called Siebel Repository File (SRF) may be a file with extension srf and is the compiled version of Siebel Repository. briefly, it’s a compiled file.


      With massive features and advantages, this CRM has won many customers during a very short period of your time. Siebel CRM is one of the foremost unique products of Oracle and has created an area for the customers’ requirements. it’s true that this CRM isn’t heading the list but has numerous customers who are taking advantage of it. we’ll need to wait and keep an eye fixed on the graph coming within the future years to statistically evaluate the success story of the Siebel CRM.

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