Creating Your First C# Program Tutorial | Learn in 1 Day
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Creating Your First C# Program Tutorial | Learn in 1 Day

Last updated on 28th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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Priya Krishnan is a C# developer expert and subject specialist who has experience with Git, WPF, WinForms, C#,.Net, SQL, .NET Development, VB, .NET Framework, .NET Core, SVN, and Mercurial. Her articles help the learners get insights into the domain.

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    • Introduction: First C# Program
    • What Is C#?
    • History and acknowledgment
    • When was C# previously utilized?
    • Structure
    • Scopes
    • What is C# utilized for?
    • Significant Features of C# programming
    • Future Scopes of First C#
    • Ordering and Executing the Program
    • Advantage of first C#
    • Best C# Certifications Online in 2022
    • Pre-requisites
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction: First C# Program:

    • Here, you will figure out how to make a straightforward control center application in C# and comprehend the essential structure squares of a control center application.
    • C# can be utilized in a window-based, electronic, or console application. In the first place, we will make a control center application to work with C#.

    • What Is C#?

    • C# is a cutting-edge, universally useful programming language that can be utilized to play out a wide scope of errands and destinations that range over an assortment of callings. C# is fundamentally utilized on the Windows .NET system, although it very well may be applied to an open-source stage.

    • This exceptionally adaptable programming language is an item arranged programming language (OOP)- which isn’t extremely normal and genuinely new to the game, yet currently a dependable group pleaser.

    • History and acknowledgment:

    • When contrasted with long-standing dialects like Python and PHP, C# is a youthful expansion to the programming family at almost twenty years of age. The language was created in the year 2000 by Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg, a Danish computer programmer with a set of experiences for famous manifestations.

    • Anders has participated in the formation of a small bunch of reliable programming devices and dialects, including Microsoft’s TypeScript and Delphi, a reasonable swap for Turbo Pascal.

    • As of February 2019, C# positioned #4 on the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, right behind Java and JavaScript. The information used to assemble this list depends on how frequently individuals look for an instructional exercise on various programming dialects in Google.

    • As of late, C# has additionally shown up in the best ten programming dialects in the TIOBE Index, a report that pulls its information from an arrangement of famous web crawlers including Google, YouTube, and Bing.

    • When was C# previously utilized?

      When contrasted with long-standing dialects like Python and PHP, C# is a youthful expansion to the programming family at almost twenty years of age. The language was created in the year 2000 by Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg, a Danish programmer with a set of experiences for well-known manifestations.

      C# Hello World – Your First C# Program:

    • In this instructional exercise, we will figure out how to compose a straightforward “Hi World!” program in C#. This will get you acquainted with the essential grammar and necessities of a C# program.
    • The “Hi World!” program is regularly the primary program we see when we plunge into another dialect. It just prints Hello World! on the result screen.
    • The motivation behind this program is to get us acquainted with the essential linguistic structure and prerequisites of a programming language.

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      The “utilizing” watchword:

      Utilizing is utilized to import the namespaces that indicate the sorts referred to in the code.

      For instance:

    • System is a namespace and Console is a class in that imported namespace (utilizing System).
    • These namespaces are given by the .Net Framework so we can reuse them without fail.

    • Namespace My First Program:

    • Now here we are announcing our own or custom namespace with the class named Program.
    • Making our namespace will assist us with controlling the extent of class and strategies it contains. It acts like a holder that holds classes and techniques.

    • Class Program:

    • Class resembles an outline that characterizes the state and conduct of a sort.
    • A class assists with gathering techniques, occasions, etc under one rooftop.

    • Static void Main (string [] args):

      Whenever we say static, then, at that point, just one duplicate of the class Program exists in memory and can straightforwardly access through the actual class, no compelling reason to launch it. void is utilized as a return type for a technique, and it indicates that the strategy Main doesn’t return a worth. Fundamental is the passage point of each program where the program control starts and closures.

      Console. Write:

      Composes the given data to the standard result stream. For our situation it expresses “Hi World !” and “Welcome to C-Sharpcorner”.


      Composes the given data to the standard result stream observed by the current line eliminator. Allude to picture 3.


      Gets the key squeezed by the client or the following person and shown in the result window.

      Incorporate and Run C# Program:

      To see the result of the above C# program, we need to incorporate it and show it by squeezing Ctrl + F5 or tapping the Run button or by tapping the “Troubleshoot” menu and clicking “Start Without Debugging”.


    • Inside the scope of novices and master engineers, C# can be utilized by individuals with a wide and various extent of ability levels. To learn C#, you should have something like an essential comprehension of composing code, regardless of whether you still can’t seem to assemble your first program or application.

    • The expectation to learn and adapt for C# is moderately low when contrasted with more intricate dialects like Java, although it’s not exactly as easy to learn as Python, a definitive programming language for the individuals who are fresh out of the plastic new to the field.

    • C# is an incredible decision for designers with moderate to cutting edge insight with composing code. While specialists recognize the language for being one of the moderate intricacies, they concur that it’s genuinely easy to get a handle on and dominate. Whenever you’re acquainted with C# and you set forth the energy to get its hang, you can hope to progress rapidly from youngster to master.

    • This is because of the way that C# is a significant level language, and that implies it’s somewhat simple to peruse and compose, settling on it a strong decision for fledglings and an advantageous choice for specialists. Notwithstanding coherence, C# can likewise be utilized to computerize complex assignments that require a great deal of time to accomplish minor outcomes.

    • This programming language is likewise genuinely composed, and that implies that blunders are recognized before the application goes live. This makes it significantly simpler to identify little imperfections in your stack that would somehow be practically vague also extraordinarily irritating.

    • While C# can be effectively utilized in the possession of a wide range of developers, a huge lump of the language’s client base has involved the people who are inclined toward the Microsoft stage.

    • What is C# utilized for?

    • Like other universally useful programming dialects, C# can be utilized to make various projects and applications: portable applications, work area applications, cloud-based administrations, sites, endeavor programming, and games.

    • Loads of games. While C# is strikingly adaptable, there are three regions in which it is most ordinarily utilized.

    • Small bunch of projects and applications written in First C# that exhibit the language’s variety and unwavering quality:

    • Windows Installer XML
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Paint.NET
    • Open Dental
    • KeePass
    • FlashDevelop
    • Banshee
    • NMath
    • Pinta
    • OpenRA

    • First C# Code:

      All things considered, you have gotten where to and how to execute your program. In this segment, you will see the itemized clarification of the short C# program. It will assist you with executing your rationale for the program. Thus, cautiously concentrate on the code and get the essential C# programming structure.

      Each program requires three significant stages to take care of business. It is Input, Process, and Output. It is the fundamental idea of practically all programming languages. It is otherwise called the I-P-O cycle. The program requires some contribution from the client. Then, the program processes the contribution with the programming language lastly shows the result.

      Consider the basic C# code, in which you will enter your name and your name will be shown with some instant message in order brief.

    • using System;
    • using System.Collections.Generic;
    • using System.Linq;
    • using System.Text;
    • namespace First_c_sharp_code
    • {
    • class Program
    • {
    • static void Main(string[] args)
    • {
    • string name;//Variable for putting away string esteem
    • //Displaying message for entring esteem
    • Console.WriteLine(“Please Enter Your Good Name”);
    • //Accepting and holding esteems in name factorli>. name = Console.ReadLine();
    • //Displaying Output
    • Console.WriteLine(“Welcome {0} in your first csharp program”, name);
    • //Holding console screen
    • Console.ReadLine();
    • }
    • }
    • }

    • Significant Features of C# programming:

    • Boolean Conditions.
    • Programmed Garbage Collection.
    • Standard Library.
    • Get together Versioning.
    • Properties and Events.
    • Agents and Events Management.
    • Simple to-utilize Generics.
    • Indexers.

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      Future Scopes of First C#:

    • With a developing interest in learning, C#, and an establishment established profound inside the Microsoft stage, the future looks splendid for this specific programming language. In light of its prominence, flexibility, and existing manifestations, it’s almost certainly the case that Microsoft will concentrate entirely on staying up with the latest and significant.

    • As indicated by a new Stack Overflow overview, developers concur that first C# is among the most loveable programming dialects accessible today-right behind Python. Along these lines, assuming that you’re weary of managing more muddled dialects, or you’re uncertain about focusing on a task in programming, think about changing ways to zero in on C# for a seriously fulfilling process.

    • As nonmainstream game improvement proceeds to rise and that’s just the beginning and more sites are based on the ASP.NET system, specialists foresee there will be no deficiency of vocation open doors for C#-smart engineers. Regardless of whether you need to plan sites, fabricate work area applications, or make compelling games, you will not struggle to secure the ideal position that rundowns C# as a necessity for the position.

    • Ordering and Executing the Program:

      If you are involving Visual Studio.Net for aggregating and executing C# programs, make the accompanying strides –

    • Start Visual Studio.
    • On the menu bar, pick File – > New – > Project.
    • Pick Visual C# from formats, and afterward pick Windows.
    • Pick Console Application.
    • Indicate a name for your venture and snap the OK button.
    • This makes another undertaking in Solution Explorer.
    • Compose code in the Code Editor.
    • Click the Run button or press the F5 key to execute the undertaking. A Command Prompt window creates the impression that contains the line Hello World.

    • You can order a C# program by utilizing the order line rather than the Visual Studio IDE −

    • Open a word processor and add the previously mentioned code.
    • Save the document as HelloWorld.cs
    • Open the order brief apparatus and go to the registry where you saved the document.
    • Type CSC HelloWorld.cs and press enter to order your code.
    • Assuming that there are no blunders in your code, the order brief takes you to the following line and creates a helloworld.exe executable document.
    • Type HelloWorld to execute your program.
    • You can see the result Hello World imprinted on the screen.

    • Advantage of first C#:

      C# furnishes both new and prepared developers with an abundance of various benefits. We’ve illustrated our main five most loved advantages beneath.

      C# can save you time:

    • Maybe the best benefit is how long you can save by utilizing C# rather than an alternate programming language. Being that C# is statically composed and simple to peruse, clients can hope to invest less energy scouring their contents for small blunders that upset the capacity of the application.

    • C# likewise accentuates effortlessness and productivity, so developers can invest less energy composing confounded piles of code that are over and over-utilized all through the task. Finish everything off with a broad memory bank and you have a period of compelling language that can undoubtedly lessen work hours and assist you with fulfilling tight time constraints without throwing back that third mug of espresso at 2:00 am.

    • There’s a low expectation to learn and adapt:

    • Notwithstanding the time you can save during project improvement, you’ll likewise invest less energy learning C# rather than the more troublesome programming dialects out there. On account of its effortlessness and simple to-utilize highlights, C# offers a genuinely low expectation to absorb information for novices.

    • This language makes for an extraordinary initial step into the field and furnishes hopeful engineers with an agreeable method for getting comfortable with programming without becoming deterred and overpowered. It’s a versatile language that is not difficult to keep up with

    • C# is a programming language that is amazingly versatile and simple to keep up with. On account of the severe idea of how static codes should be composed, C# programs are dependably steady, which makes them a lot simpler to change and keep up with than programs that are composed utilizing different dialects.

    • Assuming you at any point need to get back to an old undertaking written in C#, you’ll be satisfied to observe that while your cycles might have changed throughout the long term, your C# stack has continued as before in all cases. There is a spot for everything and all things where they ought to be.

    • There’s a huge local area extremely enormous:

    • In the realm of coding and programming, the significance of an accommodating local area on which you can depend couldn’t possibly be more significant. Programming dialects aren’t a stage or administration with a devoted assist line or helpful IT with supporting. Software engineers should depend on the help of others in a similar field who have encountered similar barriers and dissatisfactions.

    • One such local area of supportive programming specialists can be found on Stack Overflow. Since this Q&A site was built in C#, it’s nothing unexpected that C# designers make up an enormous part of the local area where you can go to ask, reply, conceptualize, or vent.

    • Assuming you like to team up with similar people eye to eye, C# likewise has a broad local area on, where individuals can join both on the web and IRL conversations that are booked indiscriminately or on a reliable premise.

    • Best C# Certifications Online in 2022

    • Programming in C# (Exam 70-483)
    • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certification Courses
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    • Pre-requisites:

      The prerequisite is that you understand basic algorithm, computing concepts such as statement, expression, operand, operator etc. and pseudocode. Its better if you get the general idea about Backus Naur form. This will help you understand the programming language in an abstract way thereby helping you to form abstract solutions. It’s never about memorizing the syntax

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      C# is a universally useful article arranged programming language created at Microsoft and delivered in 2002. It is like Java in its grammar. The reason for C# is to exactly characterize a progression of activities that a PC can perform to achieve an errand.

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