Postman Tutorial for Beginners: API Testing using Postman | A Complete Guide
Postman Tutorial ACTE

Postman Tutorial for Beginners: API Testing using Postman | A Complete Guide

Last updated on 18th Jan 2022, Blog, Tutorials

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Niyati Joshi (Java Software Engineer )

Niyati Joshi is a Java Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience as a Java Specialist. She is an expert in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, Looker ML, DBT, PDT Looker, Looker API, Lightdash, Snowsight, and CARTO's SQL API.

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    • What is Postman?
    • What is API?
    • Why Postman is utilized?
    • Benefits of Postman
    • The most effective method to utilize Postman
    • Testing GET Requests
    • The technique for making POST Request
    • Steps to be followed for making defined get demand
    • Making Postman Tests
    • Capabilities of Postman tool
    • How to Troubleshoot the Requests in Postman?
    • Default work process in Postman
    • Advantages of Collections in Postman
    • Conclusion

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      What is Postman?

      Mailman is a product testing device utilized for API Testing. API(Application Programming Interface) empowers programming applications to cooperate with one another.


      What is API?

      Programming interface is characterized as an assortment of capacities, methods, and other Access Points which a program or a working framework makes open to designers to permit it to speak with the other programming applications.

      Why Postman is utilized?

      Mailman is utilized for API Testing because of the accompanying reasons:

      1. Accessibility : Subsequent to introducing Postman into your framework, you can utilize it anyplace simply by signing into your record.

      2. Utilize assortments : In Postman, clients can make assortments for their comparing API calls. Each assortment will make various and subfolder demands. This helps with orchestrating the test suites.

      3. Joint effort : Conditions and Collections are imported and traded to upgrade document sharing.

      4. Test Creation : Confirmation of effective HTTP reaction status is added to every API for testing designated spots.

      5. Persistent Integration : Mailman can uphold Continuous Integration. Advancement methods are done by that.

      6. Computerization Testing : By utilizing Collection Runner Newman, we can run tests in numerous cycles to lessen the ideal opportunity for iterative tests.

      7. Investigating : To Debug the tests proficiently, the mailman console helps with observing what information has been recovered

      Benefits of Postman :-

    • Mailman empowers us to make joining test suites without any problem.
    • Mailman permits us to save information for different tests.
    • Mailman upholds combination testing.
    • Mailman can without much of a stretch coordinate with other form apparatuses like Jenkins, and so on
    • Mailman facilitates the development of conditions and tests to code stores.

    Capabilities of Postman tool
    Capabilities of Postman tool 

      Automated Testing :

    • Automized keeps an eye on API can be created utilizing Postman prearranging which can be variant controlled and coordinated with CICD.
    • Lovely HTML reports are likewise produced.
    • It makes API advancement and testing quicker.
    • Information driven API testing is conceivable.
    • Newman assumes a crucial part in robotized testing utilizing Postman.
    • It upholds Javascript for computerized checks and scripts and coordinates numerous JS bundles.

    • Design & Mock :

    • Coordination testing is troublesome assuming the reliant module is being worked on or down. Mailman’s fake API servers work on plan and arranging, support split-stack improvement, and assist you with guaranteeing that your API will run the manner in which it should underway.
    • Mailman taunts support split-stack improvement so front-end and back-end engineers can work in equal and view reactions without turning up the back end.
    • Mailman assists you with seeing Exactly How Your API will Run-Even Before It’s in Production.

    • Documentation :

    • Documentation is a significant part and assists anybody with getting things. Documentation should be cleaner and clear.
    • Mailman produces and distributes delightful, machine-discernible documentation to make your API more straightforward to consume.
    • We can make Reliable, Shareable, and Easy-to-follow Documentation With Postman.

    • Monitors :

    • Checking API Response and Performance is Simple with Postman.
    • Mailman API Monitoring permits you to audit your API reactions, accessibility, and execution with each run so you can guarantee that your API is sound all the time.

    • Workspaces :

    • A work spaces is a common setting for building and consuming APIs.
    • Mailman work areas permit continuous cooperation inside and between groups with worked in form control.
    • It is a paid help from Postman and it is worth the effort.

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      How to Troubleshoot the Requests in Postman?

      Building demands is perhaps the main point. For instance, to fabricate solicitations to a customer application, for example, a web application then to execute this you can present one solicitation on get the record of available items. After this, another call to fabricate another request and a different solicitation to log a customer into their record.

    Benefits of Postman
    Benefits of Postman

      The most effective method to utilize Postman :-

      The elements of Postman are as per the following:

    • New: This component is utilized to establish a novel climate or solicitation.
    • Import: This component is utilized for bringing in an assortment or climate.
    • Sprinter: This component is utilized for executing computerization tests.
    • Coordinated effort: This component is utilized for welcoming colleagues for connection.
    • Assortments: Collections are made for orchestrating the test suite.
    • Open New: This element is utilized for opening new tabs.
    • My Workspace: New Workspace is made independently, or collectively.
    • History: This element is utilized for showing past solicitations.
    • Demand Tab: This component is utilized for showing the title of the solicitation.
    • HTTP Request: This component is utilized for showing the dropdown rundown of different solicitations.
    • Params: This element is utilized for composing the necessary boundaries for a solicitation.
    • Approval: To utilize APIs, proper approval is required.
    • Save: This element is utilized to save the progressions made to a solicitation.
    • Headers: You can set headers relying on the necessity of the association.
    • Pre-demand Script: This component is utilized for executing the test scripts before demands.

      HTTP Methods :-

      The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is utilized to permit correspondence among servers and customers. It goes about as a solicitation reaction convention between the customer and the server. The internet browser is considered as a customer, and the application that has the site is seen as a server.

      The most famous HTTP techniques are as per the following:

      1.GET: GET Method is utilized for recovering the information from the server through the URI.

      2.POST: POST solicitation is utilized to send information to the server.

      3.PUT: It is utilized to send information to a server to make/update an asset.

      4.Fix: It is utilized to refresh halfway assets.

      5.HEAD: HEAD is like GET; the main distinction is HEAD doesn’t have a reaction body.

      6.Erase: The DELETE Method erases the referenced asset.

      Testing GET Requests :-

      Allow us to test the APIs and to test the API we need to make a GET demand. The system for the GET demand is as per the following:

      How to Troubleshoot the Requests in Postman
      How to Troubleshoot the Requests in Postman

      In Postman, designers can present solicitations on connection to APIs. These solicitations can recuperate, join, erase, and update the information or data. The designers can fabricate and test their API, or they can likewise incorporate with an outsider API. These solicitations can move boundaries, authorization data, and some other information. At the point when software engineers post a solicitation, Postman will introduce the answer got from the API server in a cycle that permits designers to investigate, reflect, and if necessary investigate it.

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      Default work process in Postman :-

      The accompanying short model will feature the manner in which Postman runs demands

      1.Make another assortment named No Workflow (How to make Collections in Postman)

      2.Enter three solicitations in it, the ones we have utilized till now in past instructional exercises. Name them Google Api, Weather Api and Customer Api .

      3.Run through sprinter (Collection Runner) and see the result.

      Testing GET Requests
      Testing GET Requests 
    • Make an assortment in POSTMAN.
    • Make a solicitation and save it in an assortment.
    • Presently, we need to pass various boundaries to the solicitation to get a reaction.
    • Presently we need to enter the URL required, and afterward we need to tap on the “SEND” button.
    • Presently we will get a reaction in the body area showing that we have tried the API Successfully.

    • Testing POST Requests :

      For instance, to make a client or erase a Gmail client, we will utilize the POST strategy. In the Post solicitation, we will send a few information in the solicitation body and API will send information in light of that.

      The technique for making POST Request :-

    • Make a Request and save it in an assortment.
    • Select POST from the menu.
    • Enter the site URL in the solicitation URL.
    • Select the “Crude” radio button subsequent to tapping on Body Tab.
    • Subsequent to composing the necessary code, click the send button.
    • Subsequent to checking the reaction and the status code, we can say that we have effectively tried this API.

    • Demand Parameterization :

      It is one of the fundamental elements of Postman. Rather than making similar solicitations with various information, we can involve factors for boundaries. Definition helps in keeping away from the reiteration of comparable tests.

      Steps to be followed for making defined get demand :-

    • Set up the HTTP Request as getting.
    • Give any URL as an Input interface. Substitute the initial segment of the URL with any boundary.
    • Click send and Set the climate to utilize the boundary.
    • Press alter to build up the variable in the worldwide climate to use in all assortments.
    • Build up the URL and Save it.
    • At the point when you see the following screen, click close.

      Making Postman Tests :-

      Mailman tests are created utilizing javascript, and they are remembered for tests to check results like fizzled or fruitful status and anticipated outcomes correlation.

      Steps to be followed for making Postman Tests :

      Step 1) First go to Get client demand.

      Step 2) Move to the test tab.

      Step 3) When you go to the scraps area, click on “Status code: Code is 200”.

      Step 4) When you click send, the experimental outcome will be shown.

      Step 5) After getting back to the tests tab, we will add one more test and contrast the normal outcome and the real outcome.

      Step 6) In Postman, we can make various kinds of tests, contingent on the necessity to choose the test.

      Capabilities of Postman tool :-

      API Client :

    • We can send SOAP, REST, and GraphQL demands straightforwardly involving Postman as it goes about as an API customer.
    • We can make execute any REST, SOAP, and GraphQL inquiries from inside Postman.
    • It upholds various sorts of payload for API like crude, paired, multipart, interactive media, and so on
    • View the status code, reaction time, and reaction size. Mailman’s programmed language location, connection and linguistic structure featuring, search, and text arranging make it simple to review the reaction body.
    • Rather than making brings physically to send over the order line, all you want is a Postman Collection. Import an assortment straightforwardly or create one with a single tick from an API outline in the RAML, WADL, OpenAPI, or GraphQL design or an information record containing the cURL orders.

    • Default work process in Postman :
      Default work process in Postman :

      It begins with the principal solicitation and afterward proceeds to second and afterward to third. It is running successively. Yet, consider the possibility that after some time there is no requirement for second solicitation. Allow us to say you have an assortment with thirty significant solicitations. After certain days, we found that demand no. 16 should be pursued solicitation no. 19 any other way we will not get right outcomes. Presently, this makes an issue. You can’t move the solicitations all over on the grounds that there is a possibility some other solicitation may move simultaneously. Dropping solicitations all over turns into a tedious interaction.

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      Advantages of Collections in Postman :-

    • Categorisation of solicitations
    • Building Test Suites
    • Run individual solicitation/envelope/assortments
    • Result vault
    • Running tests in various conditions
    • Passing information among demands
    • Accomplishing information driven testing
    • Programming interface documentation.
    • Sharing APIs as Collections
    • Simple import and commodity of APIs
    • Overseeing APIs. Adding, eliminating or refreshing APIs
    • Revealing utilizing newman
    • Jenkins joining utilizing newman

    Advantages of Collections in Postman
    Advantages of Collections in Postman 

      Conclusion :-

      Mailman is a freeware testing device utilized for testing APIs. As APIs are utilized for programming connection, testing them is fundamental prior to conveying the item. It upholds the nonstop reconciliation of the advancement code. It upholds each strategy for the HTTP demand along these lines, that we can test any URL.

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