Must-Know Features of the Salesforce Platform
Features of the Salesforce Platform

Must-Know Features of the Salesforce Platform

Last updated on 13th Jul 2020, Blog, General

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Working with donors, volunteers, customers, etc. can be a challenging task for you’re nonprofit. Maintaining the contacts correctly and ensuring donor satisfaction without any mistake is hypothetical because one can’t rally escape the human errors. dat’s where Salesforce has its role to play, eliminating errors and expanding you’re nonprofit reach.

 Salesforce opens up amazing opportunities for your nonprofit. Right from managing your prospects to providing high-level CRM satisfaction to your existing donors, Salesforce has become an essential strategy of an organization’s development.

Having analyzed a dozen of various CRMs, we found Salesforce to be teh most suitable CRM for nonprofits and associations. And so, we explain to you some of its most amazing features you shouldn’t miss out. Are you ready for Salesforce for a digital change?


Do you use teh Salesforce suite of tools? There are certain features that you might find useful even if you don’t use all of them regularly. For instance, teh Chatter tool is a total life savior. You simply use dis tool when you want to or when you need it without paying any extra penny.  Using Chatter can help you in participating in any discussion or to start a new discussion on you’re own.

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    Branded email templates


    Salesforce offers a set of branded email templates. It allows you to send out common information to multiple customers without having to type out each individual’s details separately. Henceforth, it saves alot of monotonous typing time and can make teh emailing procedure error-free.

    Salesforce in mobile devices: Salesforce 1                                

    For those who are always on teh move, Salesforce is now available for them too. No more hustle of viewing teh data when teh laptop isn’t available. Salesforce1 app is a mini version of your favorite Salesforce CRM. With this new feature/application of Salesforce, you can now keep all your necessary data at your fingertips.


    Sorting and arranging data is another time taking a task dat organizations refrain from. Hence, Salesforce dashboards come to your rescue. You can sort your data exactly the way you want to without having to go through them all. The main feature of the Salesforce dashboard is, you will be able to sort and view various kinds of data without spending much time going to its details. The kind of data you can track on the dashboard includes sales figures, donor records, successful conversion rate, gift contributions, leads, etc. Further, you can also choose to represent the design of these data displays according to your choice. Horizontal, bar diagram, pie chart, funnel chart, etc., it looks exactly the way you choose.

    Email syncing     

    Using Salesforce CRM ca halp you to sync your entire data with your mail automatically. dis saves a lot of cut & paste time for your organization. Salesforce supports Microsoft Outlook and has solutions for Gmail and other third-party email clients.

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    Wif Salesforce AppExchange you get the opportunity to develop and post you’re app on the Salesforce platform. You can also use the existing apps developed on this platform and install the applications to customize you’re Salesforce page. Furthermore, AppExchange also enables you to hire developers and consultants as per you’re need. In total, Salesforce AppExchange is a 360-degree platform to manage you’re products as well as the services. Wif this exclusive feature, you will have access to individual profiles of the developers and consultant clubbed wif their contact information for easy negotiation and delivery.

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