Why Do Scrum Masters Get Paid so Much?

Why Do Scrum Masters Get Paid so Much? [For Freshers and Experience]

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The national average salary for a Scrum Master is ₹13,00,000 per year in India. Filter by location to see a Scrum Master salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 775 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Scrum Master employees. This said, according to salary.com the average salary for a scrum master in the United States is around $113,000, with the 90th percentile earning an average of almost $137,000.

    • Introduction to Scrum Master
    • Tasks of the Certified Scrum Master
    • Six Attributes Of a Great Scrum Master
    • Why do scrum masters get paid so much?
    • Job Profile of a Certified ScrumMaster
    • Why Scrum Master?
    • Required Skills / Experience
    • Benefits of Scrum Master Certification
    • Conclusion

    Introduction to Scrum Master:

    While the epidemic has put the global economy in a precarious position, there are employment opportunities that have seen unprecedented growth. Although job insecurity is a new trend in the post Covid space, the job of being a Scrum Master has never been much sought after. Scrum Masters need their ability to navigate the waters of a volatile economy that brings daily emergency needs. And the Scrum Masters who can prove their expertise are paid high dollars by leading organizations around the world.

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      Companies around the world hire Certified ScrumMasters as they are proven to deliver challenging tasks for Agile teams. They have consistently demonstrated that they can deal with complex issues that may arise during the Agile project, and they are able to direct tasks to be completed on time and within budget. CSMs have shown, over and over again, that they deserve higher salaries.

      Tasks of the Certified Scrum Master:

      Helping the event Team produce prime quality product:

    • Development coaching
    • Team during a sort of collaborations and activities
    • Removing barriers to the event of the event Team
    • Promote start events as requested or needed
    • Training the event Team in structure areas wherever start isn’t nonetheless totally accepted and totally understood
    • Ensuring that goals, scope, and merchandise background area unit understood by everybody within the start cluster the maximum amount as attainable
    • Acquiring Product Background Management ways
    • Helping the start Team perceive the requirement for clear and elliptical Backlog content.
    • Understanding product style during a proved surroundings.

      Six Attributes Of a Great Scrum Master:

      You have a responsibility

      In several organizations, someone who is given a task at an equivalent time is given the required authority to succeed. ScrumMasters is in an exceedingly completely different state. whereas beginningMaster doesn’t take responsibility for the success of the project — the remainder of the team — ScrumMaster takes responsibility for the Scrum team’s acceptance and implementation. ScrumMaster assumes this obligation while not taking any preventative measures against it.

      The role of ScrumMaster associate degree analogous|is comparable} thereto of an orchestra conductor. each ought to give time period steerage and leadership in an exceedingly competent cluster of people WHO move to {create|to make} one thing that nobody else will create on their own. Beantown Pops director Keith Lockhart, aforementioned of his role, “People suppose that after you become a director you’re a part of the Napoleonic factor — you wish to face this massive box and use your strength. I am not a have-not, I’m accountable.


      The good ScrumMaster doesn’t have the boldness. a decent ScrumMaster is going to be proud (often terribly proud) of his achievements however the sensation is going to be “Look what I actually have achieved” instead of focusing an excessive amount on “Look at what I actually have achieved.” The common-or-garden ScrumMaster is that the one WHO realizes that the task doesn’t go with an organization automobile or a parking zone close to the building door. Instead of putting his own interests 1st, the common-or-garden ScrumMaster is willing to try and do no matter it takes to assist the team reach its goal. Humble ScrumMasters acknowledges the importance of all team members and as an example leads others to an equivalent vision.

      A good ScrumMaster can work to confirm a cooperative culture exists within the team. ScrumMaster has to make certain that team members feel able to raise problems in order that they will be mentioned brazenly which they feel compelled to try and do thus. ScrumMaster ought to facilitate producing a concord for words and actions. However, additionally to modeling a cooperative angle, a decent ScrumMaster can establish collaboration as a team routine and can incorporate unethical behavior (if not done by alternative team members).


      While the role of ScrumMaster doesn’t continually need full commitment, eight hours daily, it needs somebody in an exceedingly absolutely dedicated role. ScrumMaster should expertise an equivalent high level of commitment to the project and current sprint goals as do team members.

      ScrumMaster shouldn’t flee for many days with team-raised obstacles that stay unheeded. The list of obstacles cannot be swept clean at the top of every day as a result of some obstacles taking time to clear. As an example, convincing a manager to supply a full-time resource to a team could take a series of discussions with one another.

      Although ScrumMaster might not be a full-time job, ScrumMaster ought to organize for a ScrumMaster full-time project. It’s terribly frustrating for a team to alter ScrumMasters throughout streaming.


      To achieve success ScrumMaster can ought to influence others each on and off the team. Initially, team members may have to be influenced to present a good trial or to behave additionally cooperatively; later ScrumMaster is also influencing the team to do new technologies like development-driven experiments or pairing. ScrumMaster ought to have skills to use influence while not victimizing command and management “because I say so” vogue.

      Most ScrumMasters will be known as upon to influence those outside the cluster. The standard team may have to take care to produce a partial implementation of the beginning team, the QA director may have to be influenced to supply full-time inspectors to the project, or the vice chairman may have to take care to do the beginning in the least.

      While all ScrumMasters ought to have skills to exercise their own influence, the best ScrumMaster can return up with a degree in political business ability. Business politics is commonly utilized in a disparaging way; but, a ScrumMaster WHO is aware of however choices square measure created within the organization, WHO makes them, what organizations square measure out there, and additional will be helpful to the team.

      Course Curriculum

      Develop Your Skills with Advanced Scrum Master Certification Training

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      Leading ScrumMasters have technical, market, or specific data to help the team in following its goal. LaFasto and Larson have studied victorious groups with their leaders and over that “in-depth data and elaborated data of however one thing works will increase a leader’s ability to assist the team cope with hidden technical issues that require to be resolved.”

      Why do scrum masters get paid so much?

      According to Glassdoor, Scrum Masters is one of the 25 most paid professionals in America, and for good reason too! In an era where the world of software development is constantly evolving, the ability to keep everyone connected and face-to-face communication is essential. Deterioration of communication leads to software cracks. And software crashes lead to business disintegration.

      As companies move forward in Agile operating systems, they have realized that Scrum Master is a key role in enabling the team to produce and organize and ensure that Agile practices are followed diligently.

      Survey Result

      The payroll survey conducted by the ‘Product Years’ (Stephen Wolpers and Sumit Mehta) in 2017, included Scrum Masters from 13 countries around the world. Certified ScrumMaster earnings vary from country to country.

      Listed below are the annual salary categories of the three key countries:

      • US: $ 100,001 – $ 125,000
      • UK: $ 60,001 – $ 70,000
      • India: $ 20,001 – $ 30,000

      The Certified Scrum Master’s monthly income can be listed as-

      • US: $ 8333 – $ 10416
      • UK: $ 5000 – $ 5833
      • India: $ 1667 – $ 2500

      The weekly ScrumMaster Guaranteed revenue, which lasts 52 weeks a year, is provided below:

      • US: $ 1923 – $ 2403
      • UK: $ 1154 – $ 1346
      • India: $ 384 – $ 577

      The hourly wage of the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) states:

      • US: $ 48 – $ 60
      • UK: $ 29 – $ 34
      • India: $ 9.6 – $ 14
      • Additional compensation for this work

      A certified scrum scribe can receive additional compensation if he or she takes community training or re-obtains a professional certificate. Company-wise Salary Listing

      Here are some of the mid-sized companies paid to top Scrum Masters certified companies:

      • TCS: 11,11,500 / year
      • IBM: 16,07,000 / year
      • Amdocs: 14,00,000 / year
      • JP Morgan: 16,52,000 / year

      Job Profile of a Certified ScrumMaster:

      Below are the job responsibilities of Certified Scrum Master (CSM):

      Key Activities:

    • Guide the team and organization on how to use Agile / Scrum practices and values ​​to please customers
    • Guide the team in organizing to fill the remaining gaps in the Agile / Scrum framework
    • Scrum Maturity and team and Scrum Maturity and team training at high levels of maturity, at a consistent and comfortable pace for the team and organization.
    • Removing obstacles or directing a team to remove obstacles by finding the right person to remove obstacles
    • Creating a reliable and safe environment in which problems can be raised without fear of punishment, or judgment, with emphasis on treatment and problem solving.
    • Facilitate the execution of a task without coercion, sharing, or summoning
    • Facilitate dialogue, decision-making, and conflict resolution
    • Assist with internal and external communication, improve transparency, and dissemination of information
    • Supporting and educating the Product Owner, especially on repairing and maintaining product backlogs
    • Provide all group support using the servant leadership style whenever possible, and lead by example.

      Why Scrum Master?

      The scrum master helps to make the scrum a great team by making sure that the scrum frame is followed.Apply best practices in project management Scrum Master takes care of construction and riding project teams so they can work well together on a specific project. It helps the Product Owner to get a clear idea of ​​the product and link it to the development team to make that idea a reality. Scrum Master uses advanced agile processes in the development process to develop high quality software effectively. One of the roles of Scrum Master is to provide feedback to the team and drive a culture of speed and learning. This has a positive impact on the continued development of the Scrum team.

      Keep all teams informed and on track

      As a Scrum Specialist, I host and promote scrum meetings, especially daily scrum meetings, to receive updates on project progress. Such meetings help to identify potential obstacles and find appropriate solutions. In addition, our role includes ensuring that the project remains in good condition and that the team meets deadlines for the desired outcome.

      Introduces Agile engineering practices

      The use of continuous integration (CI) and testing environment are Agile Scrum Master engineering processes that will encourage the development team to implement it. He also ensures that code quality and redesign processes are considered in the development team. Another Agile Scrum Master advocate is a paired editing session, where two engineers work together to solve a problem in real time or use a new feature. Overall, these engineering processes reduce development time and improve product quality.

      Make the Scrum team work better

      Scrum Master is about building an environment where the team can work effectively by conducting daily scrum meetings (standups), setting up retrospectives, sprint reviews and a running planning session. We help the team keep track of the hottest charts that show if the sprint is progressing according to schedule. This process helps to identify any problems as soon as they arise so that they can be discussed during the day-to-day routine and focus on solving them early to keep up with the pace. Scrum Master also protects the team from any interruptions during the sprint and removes obstacles and distractions which means higher efficiency for the development team.

      Work with Product Owner

      Working with Product Owners is also an important role of Scrum Master. Although the Product Owner is responsible for product development using Scrum, the Scrum Master is the “process owner” that keeps the team moving in the process. Working closely with the product owner, Scrum Master helps ensure that the product backlog is in good condition for each sprint. Scrum Master helps keep the Product Owner with more user issues while promoting collaboration with the Scrum team. Scrum Masters maintain good relations between the team and the Product Owner and others outside the team.

      Required Skills / Experience:

    • The expertise of taking part in the role of scrummage Master for a minimum of one year in an exceedingly computer code development team that actively applied scrummage principles, procedures, and theory. (Adjust consistent with your need).
    • Good skills and data of servant leadership, motivation, discourse awareness, conflict resolution, continuous improvement, authorisation, and hyperbolic transparency.
    • Knowledge of the assorted literate patterns and techniques to fill the deliberate areas left within the scrummage path (example: multi-Burndown technology, numerous Retrospective formats, bug management, etc.)
    • Optional Skills / expertise (Any of those square measure a combination)
    • The expertise vie the role of a scrummage Master for a minimum of 2 years in an exceedingly computer code development team that diligently applied scrummage principles, procedures, and theory. (Adjust consistent with your need)
    • Information on alternative Agile alternatives: XP, Kanban, Crystal, FDD, etc.
    • Awareness and data of the foremost effective Agile strategies: User News, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Matching, Automatic Testing, Fast Games.
    • Practical technical data utilized by the team most
    • Excellent communication and management skills.

      Benefits of Scrum Master Certification:

      Earn and Use Scrum Effectively: Whether you are a Scrum student, or an expert who has used Scrum before, a certificate increases your knowledge and can help you overcome obstacles. It is an added benefit if you manage large teams in multiple departments using the same framework.

      Improve Team Management and Collaboration: As a Certified ScrumMaster, you can encourage and lead your team partners. You will guide and help the team work together smoothly. Certified Scrum Master certification shows your employees that you have the knowledge and skills to lead a fast-moving team. It also serves as a distinction that shows potential employers that you have more limitations than your counterpart.

      Take Your Career: Being a Certified Scrum Master can greatly increase your career prospects. This certificate will make you more related and a better competitor in your field, and, in turn, give you a higher salary compared to your unqualified peers. It also equips you with the necessary skills needed to contribute to organizational transformation and achieve business goals. It also proves that you have a quick, profitable mind in your organization.

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      Given the volatile economic situation in the world, it is not surprising that Scrum Master salaries are rising. Organizations are always willing to hire experienced Scrum Masters who can help complete projects on time without compromising quality. Leadership, communication and simplification skills help Scrum Master become an integral part of any organization’s software development team. If you are looking to take the first step in your Scrum Master journey, KnowledgeHut is your go-to training organization that will equip you with the skills you need to get the certification.

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