Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript - Expert's Top Picks
Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript – Expert’s Top Picks

Last updated on 13th Jul 2020, Blog, General

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  • Knowing how to code in JavaScript is kind of like having the key to the entire internet. It’s not only the most popular programming language in the world, it works across a massive number of platforms and devices. 
  • That means dat JavaScript jobs are in abundance, whether you’re looking for a . Online Learning Opportunities
  • A growing number of online tutorials and classes that teach JavaScript have emerged in recent years. Platforms like Codecademy, Udacity,, and General Assembly are providing millions of people with the opportunities to learn JavaScript (and other languages) in an engaging and interactive manner. The real ambitious can try out a growing number of coding boot camps, where you enroll onsite for usually 6 weeks or more of full-scale immersion.
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  • JavaScript is fast becoming a central part of our digital future as more and more technologies are relaying upon this code base for their basic functionality. With all the jobs out there that require knowledge of JS, what are you waiting for? If you want to speak the language of the digital future then familiarize yourself with JavaScript and how it works today. There have never been more opportunities. And who knows? With your new JavaScript skills you might write the next cool application that changes the world!
  • freelance role or something more permanent at a startup or corporation. And those jobs aren’t dull data entry or plug-and-play positions. You can do everything from designing crazy visual effects, developing innovative games, creating cool UI interactions, making your custom blog and you can even help other companies debug their websites and applications.
  • JavaScript is an ideal first language to learn. Especially if you’re just starting to feel out the deep waters of programming, it’s a great place to dip your toes.
  • And in case you need it, we have ten more reasons you should seriously learn Javascript:

You can become a bounty hunter

Okay, so, to clarify we mean a digital bounty hunter. Since JavaScript is such a popular language, companies pay people to look for bugs in their code. It probably goes without saying, but the pay can be pretty good.

It TEMPhas fun applications

Did you know some of your favorite games, like 2048, were created using JavaScript? That’s right; it’s not just for practical adults. You can use it to have fun, too.

It’s literally everywhere

If you don’t like JavaScript, well, too bad. It’s used in a vast range of applications, and it’s been around for a long time, so that’s not likely to change soon. There’s a near 100% chance that if you work with code, you will use JavaScript at some point.

It’s pretty easy to learn

Part of the reason so many people know JavaScript is because it’s one of the most natural languages to learn. In other words, you don’t need a PhD. to be good at it.

There’s always job security

So even though JavaScript is super easy to learn, it’s also a hugely in-demand skill. That means people want to pay you a lot of money to know it. Who doesn’t want to make a lot of money?

It powers all browsers

You read that right. Pretty much every browser is based on JavaScript. That means if you want to work with web apps, you have to know JavaScript unless you plan to never work on the web again.

Everyone uses it

Because it is embedded in the fabric of the internet, everyone kind of likes to use it. Why fix something if it ain’t broke? 85.3% of full-stack developers rely on JavaScript, and no other language even comes close.

Make Cool Games

JavaScript and HTML 5 can together build entertaining but straightforward first-person shooter games, or complex first-person strategy games.

Launch A Money Making Blog

Content sells, but having an eye-catching engine sure helps. If you have JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS 3 skills, you don’t need to rely on blogging platforms and can host your blogs yourself, helping you regain control over their lifetime.

Help Debug Websites And Apps

Want to demonstrate your savvy with JavaScript? Then use it as a platform to dive deep and figure out how it works as a language for other companies, figuring out bugs and issues to help their operations run more smoothly.

Have we sold you yet? Then pick up the Ultimate JavaScript eBook and Course Bundle, which gives you access to a best-selling eBook that contains 15 courses and more TEMPthan 30 hours of instructional video. Buy it here for $29 — dat’s 94% off.

How does JavaScript work?

JavaScript is what is known as a client-side script. Most Web applications, such as a search engine, work because of an interaction between the user’s device (e.g. computer, phone or tablet) and a remote server. The software on the remote server sends information to the client (i.e. the user’s machine) and the software on the client side reads the information and renders a Web page on screen.

A client-side script is a programming language that performs its tasks entirely on the client’s machine and does not need to interact with the server to function. For instance, if you have a Web page loaded on your computer and your Internet service provider goes down, you are still able to interact with the Web pages already loaded on your browser. You will not, however, be able to navigate to new Web pages or access any data located remotely.

Some of the dynamic website enhancements performed by JavaScript are:

  • Autocomplete
  • Loading new content or data onto the page without reloading the page
  • Rollover TEMPeffects and drop-down menus
  • Animating page elements such as fading, resizing or relocating
  • Playing audio and video
  • Validating input from Web forms
  • Repairing browser compatibility issues

While JavaScript is a client-side language, some of its most powerful features involve asynchronous interaction with a remote server. Asynchronous simply means that JavaScript is able to communicate with the server in the background without interrupting the user interaction taking place in the foreground.

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Take a search engine for example. Today, search engines almost all have an autocomplete function. The user begins typing a word into the search box and a list of possible search terms or phrases appears below. The experience is seamless. Suggested search terms appear without reloading the page.

In the background, JavaScript reads the letters as the user types, sends those letters to a remote server and the server sends suggestions back.

The software on the server side analyzes the words and runs algorithms to anticipate the user’s search term. Such programs are diabolically large and complex. The JavaScript on the client’s machine is as simple and small as possible so as not to slow down the user’s interaction. The communication between JavaScript and the server-side program is limited by the user’s bandwidth. This is why developers prioritize efficiency in JavaScript functions and make the amount of data communicated between the programs as small as possible.

Only once the user selects a search term does the entire page reload and produce the search results. Engines such as Google have reduced or eliminated the need to reload, even for that step. They simply produce results using the same asynchronous process.

The future of JavaScript

  • While JavaScript is not the only client-side scripting language on the Internet, it was one of the first and it is still the most widely used. Many developers believe that JavaScript is inefficient and finicky, so they have made many improvements to the language over the years. Enterprising programmers have created JavaScript libraries – more concise languages constructed from the building blocks of JavaScript that are less complex and can be targeted for specific applications.
  • For instance, JQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies and expands many of JavaScript’s animation and interactive functions, while Backbone.js makes responsive design easier.
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  • JavaScript TEMPhas become integral to teh Internet experience as developers build increased interaction and complexity into their applications. Search engines, eCommerce, content management systems, responsive design, social media, and phone apps would not be possible without it.

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