Phases of Project Management | Step-By-Step Process | Expert’s Top Picks

Phases of Project Management | Step-By-Step Process | Expert’s Top Picks

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    Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people.

    • Introduction to Project Management
    • Definition
    • Examples of project management
    • Project Phases
    • Project Manager’s Role
    • Project Manager’s Skill Set
    • Barriers, Risks and Issues That Affect Project Success
    • Good project management discipline
    • Project management process
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to Project Management :-

      Project Management
    • In its current form, mission control dates lower back to the early 1950s, despite the fact that its roots move lower back similarly to the latter years of the nineteenth century.
    • A described mission control technique emerged as agencies realised the advantages of establishing paintings round tasks – recognising the crucial want to speak and coordinate paintings throughout departments and professions.
    • Many businesses these days do not appoint full-time mission managers. Indeed, it is not unusualplace to drag collectively a mission crew to satisfy a specific want, one which typically includes generating an cease products or services that advantages the company or consequences change. The preferred end result may be tangible or intangible.
    • Getting to a a success very last end result is what mission control is all about. At its core, then, mission control centres at the making plans and manage of the whole thing concerned in turning in the very last end result – and it is a technique that all people on a mission crew desires to embrace, recognize and execute, irrespective of the enjoy level.
    • Even in case you lack educational competencies in a mission methodology, taking a position in a mission crew offers an fantastic getting to know opportunity, one which could enhance your profession profile.
    • Even in case you’re an skilled supervisor or crew member, a evaluation of the crucial – and maximum fundamental – factors of mission control can tell and enhance how successfully you’re taking tasks from idea to concrete plan and via to completion.
    • With that during mind, here is a top level view of all that mission control encompasses.


      A easy definition of mission control consists of a handful of key premises:-

    • Project control isn’t anyt any small task.
    • Project control has a exact starting and end. It’s now no longer a non-stop process.
    • Project control makes use of numerous gear to degree accomplishments and tune mission tasks. These encompass the Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt chart and PERT chart.
    • Projects often want ad-hoc sources in place of dedicated, full-time positions not unusualplace in organisations.
    • Project control reduces threat and will increase the threat of success.
    • Often, a triangle, typically referred to as the triple constraint, is used to summarise mission control (see Figure 1). The 3 maximum critical elements are cost, time and scope. These shape the vertices with first-rate because the important theme.
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      Examples of project management

      Examples of project management
      Examples of project management

      Often, a triangle, normally known as the triple constraint, is used to summarise mission control (see Figure 1). The 3 maximum vital elements are cost, time and scope. These shape the vertices with first-rate because the crucial theme:

    • Figure 1: The Project Management Triple Constraint.
    • In words, the triple constraint has 4 middle elements:
    • Projects ought to be inside cost.
    • Project groups ought to supply tasks on time.
    • Projects ought to be inside scope.
    • Projects ought to meet consumer first-rate requirements.
    • More recently, the mission control triangle has given manner to a diamond with cost, time, scope and first-rate because the 4 vertices and consumer expectancies as a crucial theme (see Figure 2).
    • Figure 2: The Project Management Quadruple Constraint.
    • No clients have the precise identical expectancies. It is quality to invite explicitly approximately every consumer’s expectancies. If you do not know what the ones expectancies are, you’ve got got little desire of assembly them.

      Project Phases

      A task is going via six stages all through its lifecycle:-

    • Project Definition: Defining the goals, goals and vital fulfillment elements for the task.
    • Project Initiation: Everything this is had to installation the task earlier than paintings can start.
    • Project Planning: Detailed plans of ways the paintings may be carried out, consisting of time, value and aid estimates. There are numerous techniques of putting in the task’s dreams however S.M.A.R.T. and C.L.E.A.R. are the maximum popular.The ‘SMART’ standards make certain that the dreams you place on your task are significantly analyzed. It is a longtime approach that reduces threat and lets in task managers to make genuinely described and doable dreams.

      Project Manager’s Role

      Project Manager's Role
      Project Manager’s Role

      The position of the venture supervisor is one in every of top notch responsibility. The venture supervisor’s activity is to direct, supervise and manage the venture from starting to end. Project managers have to now no longer perform venture work – handling the venture is enough. Here are a number of the sports a venture supervisor undertakes:-

    • The venture supervisor need to outline the venture, lessen it to viable tasks, attain suitable assets and construct a group to carry out the work.
    • The venture supervisor need to set the venture’s very last intention and inspire the venture group to finish the venture on time.
    • The venture supervisor need to tell all stakeholders of development regularly.
    • The venture supervisor need to assess, display and mitigate dangers to the venture.
    • No venture ever progresses pretty as planned. Project managers need to learn how to adapt to and manipulate change.

      Project Manager’s Skill Set

      A undertaking supervisor should have a number of competencies:-

      1. Leadership

      2. People management (customers, suppliers, purposeful managers and undertaking team)

      3. Effective communication (verbal and written)

      4. Influencing

      5. Negotiation

      6. Conflict management

      7. Planning

      8. Contract management

      9. Estimating

      10. Budget management

      11. Problem-solving

      12. Creative thinking

      13. Time management

    Project Manager’s Skill Set

      Barriers, Risks and Issues That Affect Project Success

      Many matters can pass incorrect in mission management. Any barriers, dangers and problems can have an effect on each section and technique of mission management. Here are simply a number of the matters which could pass incorrect:-

    • Poor communication.
    • Disagreement.
    • Misunderstandings.
    • Inclement weather.
    • Union strikes.
    • Personality conflicts.
    • Poor management.
    • Poorly described desires and objectives.

      Good project management discipline :-

      A excellent task control field will now no longer dispose of all risks, troubles and surprises – however it’ll offer widespread approaches and strategies to address them and assist save you the following:

      1. Projects from completing late, exceeding price range and now no longer assembly purchaser expectations.

      2. Inconsistency among the approaches and strategies utilized by task managers, main to the favouring of a few task managers extra than others.

      3. Despite a loss of planning, a hit tasks are completed thru high-pressure levels, goodwill, and vast quantities of overtime.

      4. Project control from being visible as now no longer including price and as a waste of time and money.

      5. Unforeseen inner and outside occasions from impacting the task.

      Project management process :-

    • Nowadays, the usage of cloud-primarily based totally undertaking control software program is a not unusualplace manner of storing all the files associated with the undertaking.
    • Dividing a undertaking into more than one stages offers the undertaking a semblance of predictability. It offers a framework to operate, making it less complicated to plot and execute. While spreadsheets and post-it notes sufficed withinside the past, the requirement of virtual undertaking control is absolutely different.
    • You want the proper gear to plot, organize, and song projects. You want a web undertaking control software program to simplify the undertaking control stages for every undertaking.
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      In this chapter, we’ve illustrated that the commercial enterprise cycle for a brand new mission includes numerous improvement points, in the main beneathneath manage of the entrepreneur. The key takeaways consist of the following:-

    • Project control is the number one device for executing the commercial enterprise plan, putting in the agencies processes, and attaining the strategic objectives of the entrepreneur.
    • Project control facilitates to element what duties might be accomplished, who might be concerned in finishing the duties, and whilst duties must begin and finish.
    • Several gear may be used to control the venture and speak timing and status, consisting of project diaries, WBSs, and Gantt charts.
    • Projects fail for plenty reasons. It is control’s duty to decide whether or not the inherent dangers withinside the venture may be customary and the venture may be launched, or whether or not the venture be delayed.

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