How to Create Conditional Formatting in Cognos Report Studio | A Complete Guide

How to Create Conditional Formatting in Cognos Report Studio | A Complete Guide

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Conditional formatting allows you to highlight exceptional data in a report. You can format parts of your report based on one or more string values, a report condition, or data values. For more report formatting information, see the IBM® Cognos® Analytics – Reporting User Guide.

    • Introduction to Cognos Report Studio
    • How to Create a Report in Report Studio?
    • Features of Cognos Report Studio
    • How to Open Report Studio?
    • Different types of reports
    • Component in Cognos
    • How to Download and Install Cognos
    • Other Importance of cognos
    • Advantages of using Cognos
    • Conclusion
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    Introduction to Cognos Report Studio:

  • Bika Studio is a web-based tool used by report developers to build multiple pages, complex reports over multiple data sources. You can create sales reports, launch reports, account statements, balance sheets, etc.
  • Through the Reporting Studio, report writers create, edit, and distribute a wide variety of professional reports. They can also define business-level report templates to be used in Query Studio, and edit and edit reports created in Query Studio or Analytical Studio.
  • Use Report Studio to get reports of that
  • Designed for large audiences
  • It lasts long enough to require adjustment to change requirements and data
  • Detailed appearance control is required
  • Bika Studio provides powerful functionality, such as explosions, information, maps, and advanced charts, and offers many ways to customize reports.

    How to Create a Report in Report Studio?

    In order to create reports in the report studio, you must have a good visual user experience. The Bika Studio user interface is divided into two parts –

  • Check the bar on the left.
  • Workplace design report.
  • Report Studio

  • The screenshot above has three large blocks, the following –

    Input tab – Input window contains items that you can add to the report. These items can be added by dragging them into the workspace. Contains –

    Properties Window – Properties window lists the elements you can set an item in a report for. For help, select a feature and use the F1 keyboard key.

    Workplace – The workplace is known as the place where the report is designed.

    Features of Cognos Report Studio:

    Other Text

    A separate text element has been added to the graphic elements, such as pictures and charts, to allow screen readers to interpret the text (see Figure 1). Another feature of this feature that is used in various aspects is to provide local text without the use of conditional formatting.

    Colorful Districts, Filling of the Building Area, Impact of Highlights

    Color Ranges, Filling the Building Area, and the Impact Impact Buildings Allows the charts to have multiple creative designs to enhance the overall presentation of the charts. Combined with other chart presentation options, these features help report developers to offer a new policy in content presentation. Figure 2 shows the additional integration options currently available, as well as new chart formats.

    New Types of Gradient Filling

    Going beyond simple line credits, some new fillers offer many options for advanced presentations. The background of the selected pages, items, and locations can now show the number of gradient designs. Types of filters include rectangular frames and embedded circular gradients, with many parameters to customize color combinations.

    Chart Combination (Main Ax, Second Ox, Main Bottom, Second Bottom)

    IBM Cognos 8 Business Insight had the power to set up Y1 and Y2 axes. Now the combined charts can be stacked with two other axes to better analyze the related numbers. These options can be integrated into the dashboard design to improve the presentation of related steps.

    Summarize Small Pieces And Cracked Pieces

    For pie charts, the two improvements include summing up small pieces and exploding pieces. These two options greatly enhance the presentation of pie charts to emphasize the most important information (see Figure 6). In my classes, these options have been requested for years, and are now being brought to this release.

    Trend Lines, Basic Categories, and Numerical Basics

    Report Studio tasks are now improved on the ability to predict after charts, without the use of external functions to calculate numbers.

    How to Open Report Studio?

  • On the house Page, visit Report Studio → choose Package or IBM Cognos Welcome page, click Advanced Author Messages to open Report Studio.
  • Open a news Studio
  • Select Package
  • On the Report Studio home screen, you have the choice to make a replacement report or open an associate degree existing report.
  • Report Studio Home Screen
  • You will be asked to pick out the kind of report you would like to create. you have got the choice to pick out totally different report varieties.

    Different types of reports:

    The following reports can be created in Report Studio –

    Report list- This report is used to display data in a detailed format. Data is displayed in rows and columns and each column contains all the data item values.

    • Quarter order number Revenue
    • Q4 101035 105 $ 4,200.00
    • 101037 90 $ 8,470.80
    • 101044 124 $ 11,479.92
    • 101052 193 $ 15,952.42
    • 101064 58 $ 5,458.96
    • 101065 78 $ 7,341.36
    • 101081 145 $ 5,800.00
    • 101092 81 $ 7,623.72
    • 101093 50 $ 4,706.00
    • 101103 139 $ 5,560.00

    Crosstab- You can use the Reporting Studio to create multiple types of charts, including column, bar, location, and line charts. You can also create custom charts that include these types of charts.

    Map- You can also use maps in the Reporting Studio to present region, country or region data.

    The map report has three parts –

  • Regional Background
  • Background point
  • Show Background
  • Map
  • Repeat
  • Duplicates are used to add repetitions to a report during a report. To add a multiplier, drag the multiplier from the toolbox to the workspace.

Course Curriculum

Learn Advanced Cognos Certification Training Course to Build Your Skills

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    Component in Cognos:

    Now in this Cognos analytics study, we will learn about the various components in Cognos:

    Here are the key components of the Cognos software:

    Cognos communication:

    The Cognos connection is a website that allows users to access Cognos 10 and studios. Based on your assigned role, you can use this section to retrieve, view, publish, manage, and edit company reports, result boards, and agents.

    Cognos Query Studio:

    Cognos Query Studio helps business users find quick answers to business-related questions. It helps organizations better understand the product, customer, and organizational needs. It also helps them to react faster and stay ahead of the competition.

    Cognos Analysis Studio:

    Cognos Analysis Studio helps businesses find and focus on business priorities. It also helps to understand the latest trends, compare data, and evaluate business performance for multidimensional analysis.

    Cognos Business Insight Advanced:

    Cognos business insight Advanced is a new module installed in Cognos 10. Includes Cognos questionnaire and Cognos Analysis Studio. It provides a solid place for authorization for business people.

    Cognos Report Studio:

    Using the Cognos reporting tool, you can create pixel-perfect reports for your organization. Allows you to create charts, maps, lists, or any other type of report available using related or multimedia data sources.

    Cognos Event Studio:

    This tool allows you to provide a specific event that sends a notification to participants in your organization. You can create agents that allow you to customize your events and restrictions. Therefore, the event occurs when the limit is reached and the agent sends a notification.

    Cognos Metric Studio:

    Cognos Metric Studio lets you monitor and evaluate your organization’s business metrics by creating a scorecard. It also helps you to establish a decision-making process and monitor your organization to see how it responds as changes are made to the issue.

    How to Download and Install Cognos:

    Now during this Cognos tool tutorial, we’ll find out how to transfer and Install Cognos Software:

    Step 1) Open the Cognos analytics link

    Visit the Cognos analytics link –

    Step 2) Click to begin your free trial

    On the house screen choose the “Start your free trial” button.

    Step 3) sign on

    Sign up by finishing the shape provided below.

    Step 4) Click the Continue button

    Select the “Continue” button on the very cheap screen.

    Step 5) Verification code

    Enter the code you found in your Inbox and click on the Verify button.

    Step 6) The installation of Cognos is finished

    You will see the house Screen, the message “Welcome to IBM Cognos Analytics.”

    Other Importance of cognos:

    Here are the key types of Cognos reporting tool:

    Content Store:

    It is a set of site tables used by the Content Manager to store Cognos application data.

    Content Manager:

    Cognos Manager helps you manage storage and retrieval of report specifications, configuration data, published packages, from the content store website.

    Cognos Content Database:

    The Cognos Content Website is a self-contained site used to host the content store website in demo locations where DBMS for business is not available.

    Some major BI Essential Dealers

  • Business Items (SAP Owner)
  • Information Builders – Focus & WebFocus.
  • Microsoft – SSRS / SSIS / SSAS
  • MicroStrategy
  • OBIEE (Oracle)
  • QlikTech – QlikView
  • SAS

    Advantages of using Cognos:

    Here are the benefits / advantages of using Cognos software:

  • You can also publish Cognos-enabled files in a secure BI portal.
  • Cognos BI provides an unlimited work environment to support the way people think and work.
  • It offers a variety of BI skills such as query and reporting, analysis, and point cards using a single architecture.
  • Easy view – combine and personalize.
  • It helps you analyze facts and anticipate the consequences of tactics and tactics
  • It allows you to interact to set up decision networks to share information and drive straight to integrated intelligence.
  • Provides transparency and accountability to drive alignment and alignment.
  • It helps you connect and coordinate activities to engage the right people at the right time

  • Here are the disadvantages / disadvantages of using Cognos:

  • Cognos Bi was also not received with much enthusiasm for departmental or category submissions.
  • There is no support for any Multi-dimensional analysis.

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  • IBM’s Cognos metallic element may be a web-based coverage and analytics tool
  • The IBM Cognos analytics code was developed in 1969 by Alan Rushforth and Peter Glenister.
  • Cognos metallic element provides time period events, alerts, and notifications.
  • Cognos property may be a data processor that enables users to access Cognos ten and studios
  • Cognos Business Insight permits users to create their own dashboard mistreatment almost about something.
  • Cognos Analysis Studio helps business users realize fast answers to business-related queries.
  • Reporting Studio permits you to produce pixel-perfect reports for your organization.
  • The Cognos event studio permits you to produce a particular event that sends a notification to participants in your organization.
  • Cognos Metric Studio permits you to monitor and judge your organization’s business metrics by making a book.
  • Important forms of Cognos tools 1) Content store 2) Content manager 3) Content website.
  • Other major metallic element vendors necessary Business things, Microsoft – SSRS / SSIS / SSAS, MicroStrategy, OBIEE, QlikView, and SAS.
  • The great advantage of Cognos metallic element is that it offers a spread of metallic element skills like question and coverage, analysis, and purpose cards employing a single design.

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