Top Real World Applications of Cloud Computing | A Complete Guide with Best Practices
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Top Real World Applications of Cloud Computing | A Complete Guide with Best Practices

Last updated on 05th Jan 2022, Blog, General

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Cloud Computing is a technology that uses the internet for storing and managing data on remote servers and then access data via the internet. … They include Google Compute Engine, App engine, google cloud storage, Google container engine.

    • Introduction to cloud computing
    • What is Cloud Computing?
    • Position of Cloud Computing applications in the IT enterprise
    • Why are cloud applications bringing the globe by storm?
    • Data insights: How much are cloud applications growing?
    • The fortune of Cloud Computing – what can we anticipate subsequent?
    • Applications OF Cloud Computing
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to cloud computing:

      Cloud Computing can be described as the delivery of different on-demand computing services like – servers, software, storage, databases, networking, analytics, intelligence, and many better over the internet. Nowadays nearly every enterprise is assuming one or another form of Cloud Computing and this is because of the multiple benefits Cloud Computing has. As we all know, every group consists of extremely few workers in the initial years and hence they only require to keep a small database. But as the business expands with time, their data also grows, and ultimately, they will require centralized warehouse and large databases.

      What is Cloud Computing?

      Cloud Computing guides to the on-demand, pay-per-use diffusion of information technology (IT) services over the internet. It permits you to rent warehouse using cloud storage software and use computing power and databases established on your need.

      There are many kinds of cloud solutions within characteristic cloud conditions, including:

      Public cloud: Positively scalable and can be transferred across numerous organizations over the internet. e.g. Google Cloud

      Private cloud: Single-tenant backgrounds committed to a single organization’s cloud requirements. e.g. Ubuntu

      Hybrid cloud: Uses a variety of private and public cloud infrastructures along with on-premise assistance. e.g. AWS

      Position of Cloud Computing applications in the IT enterprise:

    • Cloud Computing has transformed how IT systems and services are being used. Since Cloud Computing has a service-oriented architecture (SOA), it allows annihilate the IT overhead, i.e., the time, information, and memory needed to complete tasks. This, in turn, drastically lowers the costs incurred on IT hardware and servers.

    • Cloud technology has allowed increase attention covering IT software and hardware the world. It has shaped the design and technological ecosystems for companies and small companies.

    • Cloud Computing applications are also creating strides in the virtualization of methods through web-based applications. Utilizing virtualization, physical servers, files, and applications are increasingly substituted with computerized versions supplied by remote hosts and operated by service providers.

      Why are cloud applications bringing the globe by storm?

      While it has been shown that Cloud Computing is essential to any business working on the internet for more useful accessibility and data management, what are the elements allowing boost its existence in the traditional IT domain?

      Facilitation of DevOps:

      DevOps software refers to the variety of development and operations between the application product team and the more prominent IT services department. Its system is in sync with Agile methodology and software development.

      Extensibility through service-oriented software:

      Cloud Computing is frequently seen as a bridge between software element reusability normally done through service interfaces and extensibility through SOA. Improved extensibility decreases the level of time and effort required to execute application extension. This ability, coupled with reusing or changing common features and functionalities between shared services, allows develop different software systems.

      Reduced cost to entry:

      Cloud applications dramatically decrease the expenditure incurred on creating an infrastructure to help software development and implementation. Long story short, you don’t have to buy costly infrastructure to control software systems and applications.

      Standardization of technology:

      The method of standardizing technologies by keeping a standard for developing, encouraging, and requiring consistent technologies allows secure inter-operational efficiency. Cloud Computing permits for the standardization of key control, configurations, and implementation.


      Microservices form part of the microservices architecture, a variety of service-oriented structure. They’re positively testable, can be deployed separate of other systems, and can have complex applications in single-function, lightweight modules.

      Data insights: How much are cloud applications growing?

    • Cloud Computing is only increasing, and there’s tons of data to back this claim. Here are some information topics from the investigation teams at G2, emphasizing the development of cloud applications.
    • Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Assistance (IaaS) have seen the most heightened traffic in the last five years driving up ~70% of the entire cloud types traffic.
    • Product carriers have seen a constant increase in traffic. In 2021, the overall traffic is predicted to touch ~2x that of 2020.
    • By July 2021, total gridlock to these effects already stood at ~90% of the overall traffic of 2020.
    • The chart below shows the regular and steady rise in the traffic gained by cloud developments in the one-time five years.

      The fortune of Cloud Computing – what can we anticipate subsequent?

      Cloud application services are transforming the technical landscape with their tremendous abilities to keep agility and accessibility and get effective modifications to the way users interact with end-to-end applications and schedules.

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      Applications OF Cloud Computing:

      Due to technology advances, a large numeral of areas are using Applications of Cloud Computing these days for the more useful and fluffy functioning of their business. These applications are completely separate from other applications connected to digital media. These can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and in any aspect of the world.

      Art Applications

      Applications of Cloud Computing supply different kinds of art application assistance for designing goals which allows to make attractive designs for books, cards, and other images. Some samples of Applications of Cloud Computing for art are Moo, Vistaprint, and Adobe inventive cloud.

      File Storage Platform

      There are additional online file repository outlets such as Mediafire, Hotfile, Rapidshare, etc., which are ideal examples of cloud-based applications that enable host files such as documents, images, and videos.

      Image Editing Applications

      These days we see numerous applications that deliver free editing of pictures. These Cloud Computing usefulness have additional features which include image resizing, editing, cropping, special effects, etc including Graphic User Interface (GUI). These applications also produce intelligence and contrast editable elements.

      Data Storage Applications

      Data Warehouse applications of the computer are also one of the possibilities for Applications of Cloud Computing. It is also one of the different cloud applications, which permits you to store data such as data, files, images, etc, on the cloud. It allows access the knowledge utilizing the cloud application. These Applications of Cloud Computing are designed for safety and securing data is supported up securely.

      Antivirus Applications

      Different antivirus applications are also known for support service. These cloud application services supply the smooth functioning of the system. They help the users in numerous ways which allows clean the system, detect and fix threats of malware and other forms of viruses. This antivirus is free of charge and is deemed the best antivirus for your individual computer. The major function of this application is to catch malware by sending the details to the data base of the cloud and fixing the same.

      Entertainment Applications

      There are also amusement applications that use a multi-cloud approach to interact with a targeted audience. The Applications of Cloud Computing services deliver online gaming and entertainment benefits. Many online games are encouraged for an moment and smooth connecting knowledge.

      URL conversion Applications

      There are several social media applications, out of them is a Twitter-related application that allows to convert long-sized URLs in to temporary URLs. The objective of the application such as bitly is to restore the long URL into shorter ones which in turn turns the user to the actual website.

      Meeting Applications

      Applications of Cloud Computing also supply go-to-meeting skills such as video conferencing and other online meeting apps. These are cloud application benefits that permit you to create a meeting for personal and professional conditions.

      Presentation Applications

      Specific software is general for presentation benefits that permit importing PowerPoint Presentations by making slides. ‘Sliderocket’ is one such application allowing the user to make proper presentations.

      Social Media Applications

      Numerous social media applications permit a considerable number of users to connect every minute.

      GPS Application

      Users are enabled with components like GPS which is another promotion of Cloud Computing and its applications.

      Accounting Application

      Accounting software is one of the real-time applications of Cloud Computing that allows managing connected to the accounting segment of the industry.

      Management Application

      One of the famous Cloud Computing applications is ‘Evernote’. This application allows to save and transfer notes for the user in a single place which a user can direct to at any time.

      e-Commerce Application

      Another widespread application is that of e-commerce software. The application areas of Cloud Computing support the e-commerce business users with comfortable access and fluffy functioning of the business.

      Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications

      Additional Cloud Computing Applications which contain Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and others such as FedEx, postal assistance also use cloud platforms for following details and operating the business.

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      On the whole Cloud Computing has been detected for its value amongst all initiatives and is going to play a massive role in the development structure of prospective applications. Applications of Cloud Computing already recreate a significant role in our everyday lives and are here to dwell. The upgrade of the pandemic has accelerated the demand for real-time applications of Cloud Computing as symbols now have to ensure business continuity and bypass growth stagnation. Cloud-based applications have hence become of greatest importance and value for supporting and providing the improvement of the world.

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