What is Azure DNS ? Azure DNS - Azure Domain Name System | REAL-TIME Examples
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What is Azure DNS ? Azure DNS – Azure Domain Name System | REAL-TIME Examples

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    Azure DNS is a hosting service for DNS domains that provides name resolution by using Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

    • Introduction to Azure DNS
    • What is Azure DNS?
    • Azure DNS Features
    • Azure DNS Pricing Info
    • Importance of DNS
    • Creating a DNS Zone in Azure
    • Conclusion

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      Introduction to Azure DNS

    • The DNS, aka Domain Name System is the number one purpose for translation of the internet site or the provider call to IP address. Azure DNS is classed as a web website hosting provider company for lots of DNS domain names throughout the marketplace primarily based totally on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
    • The primary use of DNS in Azure is assisting the person or business enterprise to host their very own DNS domain names into the Azure infrastructure. Hosting your domain names in Azure infrastructure is simple as you may manipulate your very own DNS records. The username and password continue to be similar to the only you typically use to get entry to API’, tools, and billing of Azure services.

      What is Azure DNS?

      Azure DNS
      Azure DNS
    • The Domain Name System (DNS) locates and interprets internet site domains into net protocol (IP). The Azure DNS gives call decision for DNS domain names through the usage of Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It gives web website hosting of your Azure DNS names at the Azure worldwide community of DNS call servers. The Azure DNS machine makes use of Anycast networking for instant overall performance and excessive availability on your domain. Each DNS question is spoke back through the nearest to be had DNS server.
    • You additionally get blessings precise to Azure Resource Manager consisting of role-primarily based totally get admission to control, audit logs, and aid locking. It additionally permits you to control domain names and statistics thru the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell cmdlets, and the cross-platform Azure CLI. You also can combine your Applications that require automated DNS control thru the REST API and SDKs.

      Azure DNS Features

      Azure DNS is a properly maintained and properly-executed Microsoft offering. An organisation or an person can avail the subsequent capabilities primarily based totally on their need:-

      Azure DNS Features
      Azure DNS Features

      Reliability and Performance efficiency:

    • Azure DNS offerings are taken into consideration to be very dependable and overall performance green because it makes use of Anycase Networking. Azure DNS is a resilient answer as its load is mechanically balanced throughout more than one regions.
    • The DNS domain names are hosted in Azure’s worldwide attain community and every question is despatched to the closest to be had DNS server to hold efficiency. This guarantees remarkable overall performance and excessive availability in phrases of the upkeep factor.
    • Seamless Integration:

    • The Azure DNS offerings may be applied to control DNS facts for the Azure offerings. They may be used to offer DNS for any recognised outside reassets if needed.
    • Also, the identical profile may be applied for billing, support, and settlement with different Azure offerings.
    • Ease of Management:

    • Hosting DNS in Azure permits you to without difficulty control all of your Azure Applications and DNS facts the use of the identical login credentials.
    • DNS Security:

    • Azure DNS is primarily based totally on Azure Resource Managers and permits the identical authentication and authorization capabilities as different Azure offerings. There are numerous advantages of Azure Resource Manager and it comes with loads of capabilities. Some of the essential capabilities are:
    • Role-primarily based totally logins.
    • Access controls.
    • Audit logs.
    • Resource Locking.
    • Multi-thing Authentication.
    • The above-cited capabilities cater to the safety factor the of provider.
    • Apart from the capabilities which are enabled with using Azure DNS, there are some boundaries in phrases of area call registration. Such as.
    • Azure DNS platform doesn’t offer an choice to buy or sign up a site call. You might be required to buy a site call via an outside third-celebration provider issuer dealing withinside the registration of area names. You may be required to pay costs month-to-month or annually.
    • Once the area call is registered then Azure DNS (Domain Name System) may be used for web website hosting purposes.
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      Azure DNS Pricing Info

    • Azure Domain Pricing is aggressive and additionally their offerings are efficient. The use of Anycast routing allows them to offer superb overall performance and availability.
    • The Azure DNS Pricing records quoted right here is for the vital USA and may range primarily based totally for your location.
    • For the primary 25 hosted DNS zones, expenses are around $0.50 in keeping with sector in keeping with month. Additional hosted DNS zones, i.e. greater than 25 then expenses are around $0.10 in keeping with sector in keeping with month.
    • First billion DNS queries in keeping with month the expenses are around $0.forty in keeping with million.
    • Additional DNS queries, i.e greater than 1 billion in keeping with month the expenses are around $0.20 in keeping with million.
    • Support

      Their guide crew is to be had spherical the clock to help customers with their queries. They offer steerage and important facts to allow new customers to get used to the platform. The charge related to guide offerings is $29 in line with month. Account, billing, and subscription control associated guide sports are furnished freed from cost.


      Azure DNS does now no longer presently guide DNSSEC. In maximum cases, you may lessen the want for DNSSEC with the aid of using continuously the use of HTTPS/TLS on your applications. If DNSSEC is a important requirement on your DNS zones, you may host those zones with third-celebration DNS web website hosting providers.

      Customizable virtual networks with private domains

    • Azure DNS additionally helps personal DNS domains. This function lets in you to apply your very own custom domains to your personal digital networks in place of the Azure-supplied names to be had today.
    • For extra information, see Use Azure DNS for personal domains.

      Importance of DNS

    • I do not forget again ultimately of 90’s – 2000’s once I turned into analyzing Computer Science withinside the Philippines, I turned into involved studying approximately the World Wide Web. It turned into quite new again then, now it’s far the Internet that could be a everyday issue a part of our lives and every day routine. Without it, it is able to had been different.
    • Back in the ones desirable vintage days, I needed to write HTML-syntax code to create net pages with out an IDE, simply notepads. You had take a look at each line of code to locate in which you neglected a few and wrote a incorrect HTML syntax. In the vintage times, the whole lot turned into easy. Simple websites, perhaps appears boring, however growing one turned into so cool in the ones desirable vintage days. I wrote and posted my first easy HTML net pages to be hosted at Lycos, which turned into quite famous as seek engine and net web website hosting withinside the past due 90’s.
    • The First Website was created in 1992

    • Tim Berners-Lee turned into the person I can’t neglect about studying approximately once I turned into reading laptop science. Who is he? He is the top notch thoughts and guy at the back of the introduction of the WWW or the World Wide Web in March 1989. That turned into like 32 years ago! Can you consider how our international and digitalization could be with out the discovery of the Internet? I turned into individually involved of it that reading and carrying out a nearby network survey approximately it turned into my first thesis in college! I want I nevertheless have the ones papers.
    • In 1992, the primary easy internet site at the net turned into created. It turned into undeniable and easy, however it marked our records and it nevertheless exists.

      Creating a DNS Zone in Azure

    • A DNS region is used to host the DNS information for a selected internet site area.
    • For instance, my internet site “jonahandersson.tech” carries a number of DNS information for my mail server and for my internet site. So, if I have been to host my current area in Azure, I might want to utilize the Azure DNS provider. The provider might permit me to host my DNS region and control my DNS information, and offers call servers. The call offerings are used for DNS queries.
    • To create a DNS Zone in Azure, you’ll want to be an Azure Admin or Azure User with legitimate subscription. Create a brand new aid and look for DNS Zone. Select the proper Azure Subscription, Resource Group and for the Instance Details, you’ll want to select and fill withinside the favored DNS Zone call like my instance underneath and installation your aid location.
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      Azure Domain Name System is a integrated DNS server withinside the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, that’s surely the satisfactory device presently to be had for cloud computing services. It is fantastically scalable, reduces latency in DNS lookups in your area name, and makes coping with DNS information clean for you.

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